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Trixie Name.png
Icelandic Name: Halla Hrekkjusvín
Actor/Puppeter: Sarah Burgess (season 1, 2, and Extra)
Aymee Garcia (season 3 and 4)

The troublemaker, the rule-breaker and free spirit, Trixie likes to play pranks and definitely thinks outside the box. If there’s a traditional way to do something, she’ll never find it. She is opinionated, strong headed, and extremely lacking in patience. Sometimes the other kids just want to tell her to “chill out”. She’s very “in your face”, but always in a fun, comedic way.

She is also very smart. She reads lots of books and has lots of trivia at her fingertips (“Did you know that the biggest glacier in the world is in Iceland?”). She is reluctant to admit that she knows so much because she thinks she will look uncool in the eyes of the others if she acts too smart. Honest to the point of pain, she doesn't pull any punches and will say what others are thinking, lacking all diplomacy. She isn't mean spirited, but she can be brutal. Her greatest fear is not being part of the group.