The mail tube

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Stephanie clears the opening of the mail tube, whilst carrying a message capsule in her bag.

The mail tube is a method of communicating with Sportacus installed in LazyTown with the mailbox.

It seems to work using a pneumatic tube-like system, which the residents of LazyTown can use by inserting a message capsule, then pulling the attached lever to release a burst of compressed air that carries their message skyward towards Sportacus' airship.

The mail tube was first introduced in the episode Welcome to LazyTown where it had been clogged with a cork, supposedly by Robbie Rotten.


  • The mail tube and accompanying message capsules are decorated with red, white and blue stripes, the colour-scheme and pattern denoting Airmail in many countries.
  • In the episode Defeeted, the mail tube is painted matt blue instead of its familiar stripes, and Mayor Meanswell uses a clear, unmarked message capsule.