The Trash Man

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The Trash Man
The Trash Man
The Trash Man in his garbage truck.
Featured in: Trash Trouble

The Trash Man is Robbie Rotten's disguise in the episode Trash Trouble.

With this character, Robbie plans to use the garbage truck to cover the whole town in junk and stop the kids from playing outdoors.

Selection process

In the Trash Trouble episode, as with most episodes, Robbie goes through the normal selection process - starting at the right-hand side of the screen and moving left past the disguise machine's chambers.

Chamber Description Robbie's comment
# 1 A floral dress "Too fifties."
# 2 A business suit "Too sixties."
# 3 A hippie costume "Too seventies."
# 4 Robbie's normal outfit "...Meh."
# 5 The Trash Man "A-ha! Perfect!"

Outfit Parts=

Robbie wore: A billed Trash cap, Stephanie's hair only blond, A blond mustache similar to The Scoutmaster disguise's mustache, an orange jumpsuit (only a darker orange than the carrot's orange), a yellow-and-orange vest, white socks, and normal shoes.