The Mine Song

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"The Mine Song"
"The Mine Song"
Vocals: Stingy
Backing: -
Music: Máni Svavarsson
Lyrics: Mark Valenti
"The Mine Song" is one of the songs featured in the episode Dear Diary, sung by Stingy.

It is a variation on the Icelandic song "Nenni Níski" which was Nenni's theme from the original 1996 stage show Áfram Latibær.

"The Mine Song" was later featured in the episodes PixelsPix and LazyTown's Greatest Hits.

It Was Released On The New album CD


This mailbox is mine
And this triagonal sign
That blue balloon, the month of June
They're mine mine mine mine mine

Ziggy's sweets are mine
That birdie's tweets are mine
The city street, both of your feet
They're all emphatically mine.

It all belongs to me
Everything that I see
North, South, East and West
I caress it, 'cause I possess it
I'm Stingy, and it's mine.

And this instrumental break is also mine.

The floor and ceiling are mine
All your feelings are mine
You always knew it
That's all there is to it
It's mine mine mine mine mine

That's what I said, it's mine.

Other languages

"The Mine Song" has been released under a number of different titles in a number of different languages. These include...


  • This is Stingy's favorite song, according to LazyTown's Greatest Hits.
  • This song became an Internet meme in November 2016 after various YouTubers such as MrMrMangoHead created edited versions of the song. Some examples include "The Mine Song but every 'mine' speeds up the video" or "The Mine Song but Google Translated".