The LazyTown Snow Monster

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Snow Monster
Snow Monster
They won't be able to stop me until spring!
Episode no. 40
Original airdate December 15, 2006
Story by: Magnús Scheving
Written by: Magnús Scheving
Noah Zachary
Máni Svavarsson
Directed by: Magnús Scheving
Featured song(s) "Snow, Give Me Snow"
Robbie's Disguise(s) The Snow Monster
Guest character(s) -
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The Mayor has informed the kids that they can play outside, but they must read and pay attention to the signs - such as the one telling them to be cautious on the frozen lake. Robbie disguises himself as a snow monster in order to frighten the kids and stop them from playing outside in the snow. The kids, however, have some tricks up their sleeves, and in the end Robbie has to flee. In his rush, he ignores the signs near the frozen lake and falls into the icy water. It then becomes up to Sportacus to rescue Robbie from the lake.

Plot synopsis


Sportacus is practicing using a rapier when he decides to have a snack. He goes over to his bench and throws different kinds of fruit in the air stabbing them with his rapier. When he is satisfied he opens the door to reveal a snow storm, he throws the rapier down causing it to land in the ice. He lowers a grappling hook picking up the rapier and pulling it back up to the airship. The fruit has frozen in ice cubes and Sportacus pours them into a glass saying "Sports candy ice cubes, now that's cool!"

Main episode


Robbie is down in his lair trying to get warm. He is wrapped in warm blanket with his feet in a hot water bath. He sniff in the air and reaches under his vest to find a fish stuck there, he shows a face of disgust and throws it aside "EWWCHH!"


  • In the opening the picture of LazyTown is covered in snow to show it's winter.
  • Also in the opening Stephanie addresses the show as "The LazyTown Snow Monster" but the title show on screen is just "Snow Monster"
  • In Welcome to LazyTown Stephanie states she will be staying in LazyTown for the summer but this is clearly not the case as it is obviously winter in this episode and LazyTown's Surprise Santa.