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Stingy logo.png
Icelandic Name: Nenni Níski
Actor/Puppeter: Jodi Eichelberger


Stingy, as his name implies, is the stingiest and greediest person in LazyTown. His catchphrase is "It's Mine!", which he says about almost everything, going as far as to having a song, The Mine Song, where he claims that everything is LazyTown belongs to him. Most of the time, this is played for laughs or to the slight exasperation of his friends except in the episode The Great Crystal Caper where, after causing Sportacus to lose his crystal, Stingy finds and keeps it. He eventually gives it back and is deeply sorry and vows to try and do better at returning things that don't belong to him. His most prized possessions are his pink piggy-bank, simply called Piggy, and his yellow toy-car, in which he can often be seen driving, or parked next to the Sports Field. Despite his greedy manner, he is a good friend who generally cares about them, and wouldn't let them down. He enjoys playing especially with his friends, but becomes hurt and angry, when he is excluded, or they don't want to play with him, as seen in My Treehouse when his friends exclude him from their "Friends Forever" club, on the basis that he can't work in a team (Later in the episode this is shown to be true, but he does immensely improve) he ties up the clubhouse with rope (While they are still inside!) and attempts to drag it away, he is stopped by Sportacus, who after asking him why, convinces the kids to let him join. He is very musical, with him shown on the Saxophone, Harmonica, Bass, and Recorder. He is great on roller-blades (Of which he owns many), and is quite good at soccer. He is very clean and hygienic (Owning many toothbrushes, and he even taught Ziggy how to brush his teeth!) As well as teaching the kids how important it is to clean up, and to keep everything tidy (Trash Trouble). His best friend is shown to be Ziggy. At the end of The Great Crystal Caper, Trixie kisses him.

Character Development


Of all the characters, Stingy's outfits, are the most similar to each other. In the first play, Stingy's outfit, consists of a yellow suit, a large black bow-tie, and black shoes. When he is next seen again, in Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ, his outfit is almost identical to his current one, except his shirt is short-sleeved, he has short socks, and black Oxford Shoes. His current outfit is, a long-sleeved button-up shirt, with small pale blue/grey lines, a daffodil yellow waistcoat, knee-length shorts in the same yellow, long white socks, dark brown loafers, a red bow-tie, with a polka-dot pattern, and cuff links. He is the only person in LazyTown besides Sportacus (Whose hair is always hidden) who has brown hair. He wears it short, with some of it being swept over to the other side.

He has a round build, a circle-shaped face, with dark brown eyes, and heavy eyelids.