School Scam

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School Scam
School Scam
Episode no. 42
Original airdate February 13, 2007 (UK)
Story by: Magnús Scheving
Written by: Magnús Scheving
Noah Zachary
Mani Svavarsson
Directed by: Magnús Scheving
Jonathan Judge
Featured song(s) "I Like Learning"
Robbie's Disguise(s) Prof. H.R. Rottennen
Guest character(s) -
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It's time for school. As Stephanie and the others go to class, Robbie Rotten comes up with a plan to prevent the kids from learning: Disguising himself as a teacher, and not teaching them lessons. During science class he makes a major mistake, and almost blows up the school. Sportacus arrives to save the day.

Plot synopsis


Sportacus awakens suddenly and jumps over into the flying pod that he used to control the airship. He pulls a lever making it fall out of the airship, and then spins the peddle to make it take off. He spins around in the air until flying away revealing he had made the letters A, B and C in the clouds. "Now that's how you do your ABC's!" he shouts.

Main episode

Stephanie is at the kitchen table doing some homework for school. Mayor Meanswell walks past with his feather duster and Stephanie asks him why he isn't at school as he is the principle and its about to start. Upon hearing this the Mayor runs to the school and rings the bell signaling the school has started. Robbie, who is fast asleep hears this sound and awakes suddenly. He gets up and walks over to his telescope to see what it is. "School what a terrible way to start the day."

Back in LazyTown the kids are getting ready to go to school, but Ziggy gets into trouble causing Sportacus' crystal to go off. Sportacus races off and lands on the ground in no time at all. He spies Ziggy in the distance and asks for a pencil and paper. Stingy rips off a tiny piece of paper, and they all laugh and Stingy says "what you want a WHOLE piece of paper?" When Sportacus gets the paper he starts to write down calculations when he is happy with them, he sends his yo-yo over the tree stopping Ziggy from being hurt.

Robbie looks back in the telescope after being amused by Ziggy being in danger to see that he is safe again,"How did that happen?" Sportacus is making sure Ziggy is all right when he finds his bad is full of junk food. He tells him that wont give him the right energy he needs to learn and fills his backpack with sports candy. Robbie declares that he must stop the kids form learning or they will end up like Sportacus. He decides to become a teacher to make sure they don't learn anything and switches into the costume of Prof. H.R. Rottennen "Ill turn that school upside down" he says with an evil laugh.

The kids are inside the school sitting at their desks ready for school, they decide they will take the time to sing "I Like Learning." After it finishes Prof. H.R. Rottennen walks into the room and says he is the new teacher to the surprise of the mayor. Robbie goes and sits in the student chair until he is told by Stephanie that the teacher sits in the front. Trixie yells out that its reading time, and when Robbie goes to teach them he says "Open your book. Turn it around, lean forward and go to sleep." He then falls asleep on the book. the kids are confused but follow Robbie's lead by going to sleep. After getting bored Stingy uses a megaphone to wake Robbie up telling him its maths time. Robbie opens the book to say again "Open your book. Turn it around, lean forward and go to sleep."

Stephanie decides it is gym time and they all run outside to play. Sportacus shows up and tells the teacher to jump the balance beam that they refer to as the horse. Robbie runs back and attempts to jump over it but gets stuck on the top. Sportacus then shows the kids how it is meant to be done. Out of jealousy Robbie cuts a hole in the ground to make a trap for Sportacus. He tells the kids to go have a snack and asks Sportacus to do the trick again, but before landing on the ground he pulls a lever causing Sportacus to get trapped underground. Robbie puts the horse on top of the hole to make sure he cant get out and walks back to class.

When he arrives back at the class he goes to the window and throws the books out. Stingy tells him that its science class to which he replies again "Open your book. Turn it around, lean forward and go to sleep." Robbie then wakes back up and starts mixing the chemicals without knowing what he is doing but accidentally creates what could potentially make a deadly explosion. The kids get scared and run out leaving Robbie trapped inside as the doorbell falls off. Stephanie runs off to find Sportacus, while Robbie grabs the blinds and attempts to climb out the side of the building.

Stephanie finds Sportacus in the hole but cant move the horse on top. She jumps off the horse grabbing a apple from a nearby tree eating it to give her the energy she needs to move the horse out of the way. Sportacus jumps out and they run back to save the teacher. When they arrive back at the school Sportacus spies and opening above the door he can jump through. When he does he scare Robbie who falls out the window grabbing onto the blind. Sportacus, from the instructions of the kids stops the explosion and lifts Robbie back into the class room. The kids come running back in to see that Robbie wig has fallen off. Robbie says "I think i have some homework to do" and quickly escapes. The kids look at each other and say "Open your book. Turn it around, stand up and dance!" They all sing Bing Bang while it shows the episode recap.


Robbie is trying to do the experiment again but mixes the wrong chemicals causing it to blow up in his face.


  • When doing gym class Robbie wears a sweatshirt that has "Lazy U"(Lazy University) written on it. The Mayor wears the same sweatshirt in the episode "The Laziest Town".
  • This is the first time we get to see inside the LazyTown school, it was later shown in season 4 in the episodes "Time To Learn" and "Ghost Stoppers".