Robbie's Dream Team

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Robbie's Dream Team
Robbie's Dream Team
Image from the song We Are Number One
Episode no. 12
Original airdate October 22, 2014
Story by: Adam Peltzman
Magnús Scheving
Written by: Noah Zachary
Cole Louie
Magnús Scheving
Directed by: Steve Feldman
Magnús Scheving
Featured song(s) "We Are Number One"
Robbie's Disguise(s)
Guest character(s) -
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Robbie Rotten teaches his dream team of Rottens how to become villains so that they can capture Sportacus and use a cannon to expel him from LazyTown.

Plot synopsis


Inside his airship, Sportacus plays with two basketballs by spinning them on his fingers and doing handstands on them. He says, "If you believe in yourself, anything is possible."

Main episode

Mayor Meanswell is serving Bessie Busybody drinks as she reclines on a lawn chair with lemon slices on her face.

Sportacus flies into LazyTown on his hang glider. Robbie Rotten has just dug a pit and covered it with leaves to trap Sportacus. He ineffectually hides behind a trash can. Sportacus does a flip over the pit. He says, "Hi, Robbie!" Robbie wonders how he always manages to evade his traps.

Ms. Busybody asks the Mayor for an apple. Stephanie and Stingy are spying on them as part of the LazyTown Spy Club. They pop out, surprising the Mayor, and offer him their services to get him an apple.

Stephanie doesn't see any apples, but she does see Robbie suspending a giant cage from a tree and digging a pit underneath it. Stephanie and Stingy think this is suspicious and investigate. Robbie monologues about his plan to make Sportacus fall into the pit and trap him with the cage, then plays music on the rope holding the cage up. He hides behind a tree when he sees the Spy Club coming. He attempts to convince them that he's not here, then tells them that he's trying to catch a giant invisible bird. When Stephanie offers their help, he refuses and sends them away. Robbie grumbles condescendingly about help and working together, then falls into the pit and is caught by the cage. He escapes and wonders how he can catch Sportacus. He realizes he needs help, and goes to his lair through a manhole.

Robbie picks up the phone and orders a villain, specifying that he wants one like himself. He orders one, but remembers Stephanie telling him that three are better than one and orders three villains, with extra-speedy delivery. Bobby, Tobby, and Flobby fall out of a pipe and introduce themselves, saying that they do weddings, birthday parties, conferences, mall openings, carnivals, and bar mitzvahs. They do a little dance. Robbie introduces himself as Robbie Rotten, the greatest villain in the whole world. Bobby, Tobby and Flobby are impressed.

The three non-Robbies line up and Robbie tells them that they have to get rid of Sportafloppityflip and his flippity floppity. He calls Sportacus a "blue jumping kangaroo". Bobby, Tobby and Flobby take this literally. Robbie corrects them by saying that he's "a real man, in a costume". The three misinterpret this as Sportacus being in a kangaroo costume. One of them says he's confused.

Robbie asks them if they're real villains. They respond in the negative. Robbie asks them if they've ever caught a good guy, like a real superhero. They say no again. Robbie asks them if they've ever tried to disguise. The answer is negatory. Robbie sees that he has to tech them how to be villains. The four sing We Are Number One.

Stephanie and Stingy are still looking for apples. They see some on a high tree branch. Stingy goes to get his car to carry them back to the Mayor, and Stephanie leaves for a ladder.

Robbie tells his team that he needs a sugar apple, and summons his Sugar Processor. He turns some sugar into an apple. He gets annoyed when Bobby, Tobby and Flobby keep passing the sugar apple around to look at it. Robbie tells them that it will put Sportacus into a sugar meltdown. He disguises as an old lady and asks Sportacus to help him cross the street. They cross the street in front of Stingy and his car. Robbie offers Sportacus the sugar apple. Sportacus bites it and falls over unconscious. Robbie tells the three others to get the big cage from earlier.

Stingy drives to the apple tree with his car, but Stephanie still isn't back with the ladder.

Bobby, Tobby and Flobby bring the cage over to Sportacus. They put him in the cage and bring him back to the lair. Robbie tells them to watch Sportacus so he doesn't escape.

Stingy tries to climb up the tree to get the apple, but gets tired and is trapped on the high branch. Stephanie returns with the ladder. Stingy calls out for Sportacus, but he doesn't come. Stephanie catches Stingy, and the two wonder why Sportacus didn't come. They reason that Robbie must have done something to him, and decide to investigate. Stingy kicks the tree, and the apple falls into his hand.

The Mayor is wearing a lei and playing a ukulele. Ms. Busybody is annoyed and wants her apple. The Mayor performs a smooth, seductive saxophone solo. Ms. Busybody is impressed.

Stephanie and Stingy watch Robbie pace about and wonder how to get rid of Sportacus. Meanwhile, the three Rottens carry Sportacus into the lair. Flobby watches him intently. Tobby reports back to Robbie with the Periscope. Robbie tells him to watch Sportacus very carefully and not to fall asleep. Stephanie realizes that Sportacus is in Robbie's lair. Bobby, Tobby and Flobby tell each other not to fall asleep.

Robbie is thinking of a master plan to get rid of Sportacus. He wishes that he could just shoot him out of LazyTown, and then says that's a great idea. He leaves, not realizing that the LazyTown Spy Club is watching.

Bobby, Tobby and Flobby try not to fall asleep and fail miserably.

Robbie pushes a giant cannon to where he was before. Stephanie and Stingy do not know what a cannon is. Robbie announces that he's going to put Sportacus in the cannon and shoot him away. To get some sports candy to Sportacus, Stephanie opens the Periscope and puts the apple from earlier inside. It goes through some pipes and into Robbie's lair, where it rolls past the three sleeping Rottens and wakes up Sportacus. Sportacus grabs the apple and eats it, regaining his strength.

Tobby falls over, knocking Bobby and Flobby awake. Bobby, Tobby and Flobby complain about how boring watching Sportacus is. Sportacus asks them if they've ever played sports. They have never heard of sports before, but want to play. Sportacus hits the lock of the cage, opening it. He takes a ball out of his belt and kicks it around. One of the Rottens exclaims how fun it is. Sportacus says that playing outside is even more fun, and the four go outside.

Robbie Rotten decides to test the cannon with a big rock. He sets the cannon's timer for fifteen seconds, and then sees his team playing soccer with Sportacus. He angrily walks in their direction and gets his foot stuck on a bucket. He kicks the bucket and it hits the cannon's timer, activating it. He steps up on a fence in front of the cannon and yells at Bobby, Tobby and Flobby. The timer runs out, firing the rock out of the cannon and sending Robbie flying. Stephanie and Sportacus, followed by the three Rottens, rush to help him.

The Mayor is playing the bongos and Ms. Busybody is still relaxing. Sportacus runs over to them and grabs a towel off their clothesline. He tells Stephanie to grab the other end and catches Robbie with the towel. Robbie storms off. Bobby, Tobby and Flobby sya that they don't want to be villains anymore because sports is more fun. Stingy arrives with a car full of apples.

Stephanie sings Bing Bang. Sportacus, Stephanie, Bobby, Tobby and Flobby dance. A montage of the episode shows.


Robbie is sitting on his orange chair in the lair, griping about how he'll never catch Sportacus. He hears ticking and realizes that his chair has a timer on it. It ejects him out of a pipe and onto the Moon.


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  • In 2016, this episode's song "We Are Number One" became a viral Internet meme. Unlike older LazyTown memes "Cooking by the Book" and "You are a Pirate", the surge in popularity for "We Are Number One" was boosted by nostalgia and popular YouTubers.
  • An instrumental, jazz version of Stína Símalína can be heard as background music
  • This is the only episode in which Ziggy does not appear in some form, as well as the last episode Pixel and Trixie do not appear either.
  • This episode marks the final appearances of Mayor Meanswell and Bessie Busybody.