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The Opening Credits are the sequence of shots displayed immediately after the Prologue and before the episode delves into the main story line.

Several different versions of the opening credits exist distinguished by Season or by Broadcaster.

Season 1 and 2

The opening credits for the first two seasons are approximately 50 seconds long. They feature the following shots in order of appearance:

  • Sportacus' airship flies in from behind a cloud. As it flies from side to side it brushes the cloud aside revealing the LazyTown Logo and Main Title Image.
  • The opening song plays "Welcome to LazyTown".
  • The airship flies straight into the Camera and we then see inside it.
  • Sportacus is flying the air ship, seated inside the pedal control pod.
  • We then go right through the airship and out the back and we see it from behind flying down towards LazyTown.
  • As the air ship reaches the town, we are then shown a clip of Robbie digging one of his notorious traps, a hole in the ground which he plans to cover with leaves.
  • Sportacus comes flying over a large wall, evidently on his way to rescue someone, or perhaps he is exercising again.
  • Robbie then covers the hole trap with leaves to disguise it. We hear the words "Rotten Plan" warning us that Robbie will have a new diabolical plan each episode.
  • Sportacus lands on the ground upright on his feet, poses for us and then leaps away again to "save the day". He does a pirouette as he jumps.
  • We then see Stephanie arriving in town for the first time with her red suitcases having just traveled on the train to stay with her uncle, Mayor Meanswell.
  • She puts the suitcases down on the ground to greet Ziggy who comes running in from the left with a lollipop in his hand.
  • Ziggy offers the lollipop to Stephanie and she gestures as if to say "For me? Thank you!" then reaches out to take the lollipop.
  • The shot switches to inside Pixel's house as he is furiously typing on his computer.
  • We also see Stingy stroking his Piggy bank and Trixie defacing an election poster of Milford.
  • Finally we see all the friends dancing together around Stephanie who is dancing and high kicking in the middle.
  • Stephanie gets a close up shot as she jumps and then Sportacus comes flying into the shot as well doing twisting somersaults as he flies overhead.
  • Sportacus lands next to Stephanie among the friends and they do a little dance routine together (which reminds us of the Bing Bang Song).
  • Stephanie does some fist pumps in the air and Sportacus does some back flips in front of them.
  • Stephanie cheers and then the shots switches back to Robbie, who is laughing diabolically as he waits for Sportacus to fall into his trap.
  • Sportacus again lands on his feet in front of Robbie, but then an amazing pirouette kick jump right over Robbie's trap missing it completely.
  • Robbie who is busy shaking his hands with glee, suddenly realizes he has failed again his smile turns to a grimace of frustration.
  • Robbie runs after Sportacus with his right hand in the air, but he stupidly runs right into his own trap and falls into the hole in the ground.
  • Sportacus does one final splits jump and we are taking back to the overhead aerial shot of LazyTown.
  • The LazyTown logo comes spinning back into center view and the words "Created by Magnús Scheving" appear in white below.
  • Sometimes a flag with the word "Go!" will appear above the Logo.
  • Stephanie then announces the Title of the episode and the title appears.
  • Below that appears the story writers and the directors of the episode.
  • We then zoom back into LazyTown to begin the Main Story of the episode.

LazyTown Extra

The opening credits for LazyTown Extra are approximately 40 seconds long.

Season 3 and 4

The opening credits for the third seasons are approximately 30 seconds long.


  • The LazyTown Logo has changed over the years and different versions can be seen over the successive seasons.
  • The airship is controlled by pedal power which drives several large fans (wind power) behind the it, very green!
  • The shot of Robbie digging a hole in the ground reminds us of the first episode "Welcome to LazyTown" in which he also dug a hole.
  • Robbie's "Rotten Plan" is a key feature of almost each and every episode of LazyTown.
  • Ziggy meeting Stephanie in the opening credits presents a conundrum for us as we will later find out that he meets Stephanie for the first time on a park bench during "Welcome to LazyTown"
  • Ziggy almost always has a lollipop with him and often uses it as a tool. He is seen playing it like a guitar, using it on drums, and even as a weapon.
  • The opening credits present the major characteristics of each child to us. Ziggy = Candy; Pixel = Technology; Stingy = Avarice/Greed; and Trixie = Pranks/Jokes.
  • The flag which appears above the LazyTown Logo sometimes also indicates which Network or Broadcaster the show is currently featuring on.

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