Mayor Meanswell

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Milford Meanswell
Milford Meanswell
Icelandic Name: Bæjarstjórinn
Actor/Puppeter: David Matthew Feldman

Mayor Meanswell is a passionate advocate of LazyTown, loving everything about it. He loves that it’s the laziest place on Earth. He loves that the town has its very own health hero who is the sworn enemy of laziness. And he loves that the hero has a nemesis! How can one man be in favor of all these contradictory things? Well, he is a politician, after all.

The Mayor often doubles as the town librarian, postmaster, banker, shopkeeper and any other role for which he’s needed. Frantically overwhelmed by his various duties, he figures if he doesn't do it, who else in LazyTown will? He has a “secret” passion for Bessie, but his efforts are always futile and met with semi-disastrous results. He can make mistakes, but the kids look up to and respect him in a kindly Uncle way – after all he is their only mayor.