I Can Move

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"I Can Move"
"I Can Move"
Vocals: Stephanie
Backing: -
Music: Máni Svavarsson
Lyrics: Mark Valenti
"I Can Move", also known as "I Can Dance", is the song featured in the episode Dancing Duel, sung by Stephanie.

It is a variation on the Icelandic song "Solla Stirða" which was Solla's theme from the original 1996 stage show Áfram Latibær.

"I Can Move" has been released on The New album CD.


Woke up this morning
Got out of bed
Couldn't move at all
I heard a warning
Ringing in my head
You better stop
Or you are gonna fall.

I love to dance, but I can't move now
Splits are giving me the fits.

[Instrumental Break]

My legs are heavy
They must weigh a ton
How did this happen so quick?
I'm one stiff Stephy
And it's no fun
'Cause I can't run
or jump or dance or kick.

I'll practice longer
I'm never gonna stop
Then I might have a chance
I'm feeling stronger
I'll make it to the top
Here I come, I'm really gonna dance!

I love to dance and I can move now
And even turn and do the splits...

Other languages

"I can Move" has been released under a number of different titles in a number of different languages. These include...