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Episode no. 02
Original airdate August 16, 2004
Story by: Scott Gray
Written by: Noah Zachary
Magnús Scheving
Máni Svavarsson
Scott Gray
Directed by: Magnús Scheving
Featured song(s) "Always A Way"
Robbie's Disguise(s) Rob U. Blind
Guest character(s) -
Episode chronology
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Welcome to LazyTown Sports Day
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On Spectacular Sports Day, Robbie tricks Sportacus into putting on a pair of radio-controlled boots, ruining our hero’s spectacular soccer kick and making it all but impossible for him to function as a superhero. Robbie later shows up as Lazycus to become the new town hero. Can Sportacus defeat his own feet? “There’s always a way!”

Plot synopsis


Sunrise, the rooster crows.

Main episode

Stephanie is in her room writing in her diary when Uncle Milford comes in and asks why Stephanie isn't playing outside with all the other kids. Apparently, Stingy is not sharing his soccer ball, Pixel is playing "soccer" on his computer and Ziggy is sleeping till lunch. The Mayor feels terrible since the kids are being lazy. Uncle Milford suggests that he knows someone who can help. Milford urges Stephanie to wait for this person. Mayor Meanswell runs out with a glass tube and a letter. He inserts the letter into the mailbox cannon and sends it off into the sky, adding, "I can always count on Sportacus!"

The airship is flying in the sky near Lazytown. Sportacus jumps out of his seat to receive his letter from the Mayor. The letter that Sportacus received is saying that the Mayor needs help in Lazytown. Sportacus has the feeling that this is something important. Sportacus heads towards his seat to fly over to Lazytown. But he first lands in the wrong way. Correcting his mistake, he continues on. Sportacus arrives in town and he asks the Mayor, "What's the trouble?" Milford is startled to respond, meanwhile Sportacus is listing off many possible reasons, like blood, fires and or earthquakes. The Mayor finally says that nobody wants to play in Lazytown!

Sportacus is surprised by this fact. The Mayor reflects on last year's Sportacular Day Stunt. He suggests to Sportacus to do a soccer stunt. Mayor Meanswell brings Sportacus over to the main stage where he announces the event. Sportacus in a nervous and surprised voice suggests that he should go practice for the kids.

Robbie Interferes

Robbie spies on Sportacus doing various super-moves, and comments that if he wasn't here - everyone would be lazy! Robbie goes to spy again but he soon sees the Sportacular Sign. Robbie tries to spell it out as he can't really read that well. When finished, Robbie comments saying that "it's that day." He then talks about how there were pie eating contests and syrup diving, and Robbie finishes by saying that Sportacus will be a town-zero! Not a town-hero.

Robbie shows off his new invention which can remote control a special pair of shoes. He tries to make fun of Sportcaus, but accidentally kicks himself with his own shoes. Then, he gets into his disguise: Mr. Rob U. Blind.

The scene cuts to the kids in Pixel's house. Pixel is playing while Stephanie and Ziggy are waiting for the stunt. Pixel gets annoyed and says that it's only been 10 seconds since the last time Ziggy asked. Ziggy asks again and Pixel responds with a bold "NO!". Stephanie asks Pixel and Ziggy about the stunt and what it's about. Ziggy responds by talking about last year's stunt. On Pixel's computers, a Jingle goes off saying that it's time for the stunt.

Meanwhile, Sportacus is attempting to practice his stunt. He grabs another ball and tries it one more time. Mr. Rob U. Blind walks by and he just misses the ball that Sportacus kicked. Luckily, the ball lands in the goal. Mr. Rob U. Blind attempts to talk to Sportacus, but he says that he's in a hurry to get to his stunt. But Mr. Blind tries to show off his new shoes. Sportacus disagrees but to prove a point, Mr. Blind pours some purple slime onto Sportacus's boots. Mr Blind encourages Sportacus to remove his shoes so he can clean them. Sportacus tries to see what is going on behind-the-scenes.

Mr. Blind makes the swap for the rigged shoes and Sportacus's shoes and gives him the rigged shoes. Sportacus then jumps and flips away to his event. Robbie takes Sportacus's old shoes and puts them in a trash bin to hide them. At the event, Stephanie comes over to Sportacus and she says that she's really excited. She also asks if Sportacus is nervous. He then gives a little talk to Stephanie about being nervous, but Stephanie says that he'll do great. Sportacus goes onto the stage while Pixel plays a "funky" beak on his computer. Mayor Meanswell corrects his mistake and asks for a drum "roll".


As he shuffles away in the fake shoes, Robbie does a little bit of a dance to the Bing Bang Song.



  • This episode uses a totally different backstory and sequence of events to the rest of the series. Apparently Sportacus was in the town before Stephanie arrived, and the Sportacular Spectacle Day is a show always presented when the kids get lazy.
  • A continuity mistake exists between this episode and Sleepless in LazyTown: In this episode the Mayor references the last year's Sportacular Spectacle Day when Sportacus did a baseball trick, but in Sleepless in LazyTown Sportacus doesn't know how play softball and Stephanie is teaching it to him.
    • It is possible that Sportacus knew how to play all along and was merely humoring Stephanie by letting her explain the game to him in Sleepless in LazyTown.
  • Continuity: The mayor uses a glass tube to contact Sportacus. It’s not the same tube we will see later in the show (this one is just a clear plastic tube). Since this episode was made before “Welcome to LazyTown” (in which the Tube is actually introduced to the viewers), we must assume that the Production Team had not yet decided on the look of the Tube or had not had chance to decorate it in Sportacus’ color scheme. The clear tube is also used in the next chronologically produced episode "Lazy Scouts".
  • Continuity: Likewise, when Sportacus receives the tube mail from the Mayor he says “This must be important!” and does his signature arm movements to indicate he is “on his way!” But the arm movements he does are not the correct 12-8-2 pattern. He only does left and right.
  • Science: There no visible rudders on the airship (only stabilizer fins), but Sportacus is able to move from left to right and change altitude fairly quickly.
  • We see Sportacus face fairly close up when he goes to meet the Mayor, and his cheeks are noticeably more rosy than later in the show. His make-up also seems to be finding it’s place.
  • Pixel’s computer screen displays the question “What is 42?” – The answer to which of course is “The Answer to life, the universe, and everything” – This comes from Douglas Adam’s series of books “ The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. The animation on the screen at the same time shows a planet being destroyed, then the words “Error, Error!”.
  • The Mayor immediately recognizes that Lazycus is Robbie Rotten. One of the few times that he recognizes him in a disguise.
  • Mistake: Pixel recognizes the device as a “Feet Crazer Maker 6000” but earlier in the show Robbie told us it was one of his “Newest inventions”.
  • This episode uses a longer version of Bing Bang which has a second chorus.