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This is a list of LazyTown CDs that have been released.

North America

Cover Release Date Title
Soundtrack US.png 2005-08-16 LazyTown
13845124 800 800.jpg 2005-11-01 Nick Holiday
Music sample.png 2006 Nick Jr. Music Sampler
USgodance.png 2014-03-04 Go Dance! Music To Move To

United Kingdom

Cover Release Date Title
UKTheAlbum.png 2006-11-06 LazyTown - The Album
BingBangSingle.png 2006-11-27 "Bing Bang (Time To Dance)"
Sportacusmovescd.png 2006 Sportacus' Moves
LazyTown - The New Album.jpg 2007-10-08 LazyTown - The New Album
Superheromoves.png 2009 Superhero Moves
Greatesthits.jpg 2010-03-15 The Greatest Hits


Cover Release Date Title
Bing Bang (German).jpg 2006-09-22 "Bing Bang"
Los geht's.jpg 2006-10-06 LazyTown - Los geht's
Los geht's 2.jpg 2007-10-12 LazyTown - Los geht's Vol. 2
Das Beste.jpg 2008 LazyTown - Los geht's Das Beste
Losgehtsneuesaus.jpg 2014 LazyTown - Los geht's Neues aus LazyTown


Cover Release Date Title
Áfram CD cover.jpg 1996 Áfram Latibær
Latador.jpg 1998 Latador Hvert í Hoppandi!
Glanni CD cover.jpg 1999 Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ
Jól CD cover.jpg 2001 Jól í Latabæ
Littu.jpg 2006 Líttu inn í Latabæ
Lífið er Ljúft í Latabæ cd cover.jpg 2007 Lífið er Ljúft í Latabæ
Jolrerelease.jpg 2009 Jól í Latabæ (Re-Release)
Latabaejarhatid.jpg 2010 Latabæjarhátíð í Höllinni

Latin America

Cover Release Date Title
Spanish CD.jpg 2007 Bienvenidos a LazyTown
La Musica de LazyTown.jpg 2011-11-21 La Musica de LazyTown


Cover Release Date Title
Welcome AUS.png 2009 Welcome to LazyTown
Tealbum AUS.jpg 2013-03-01 The album Australia
Newalbum AUS.jpg 2013-04-19 The New album CD Australia
AUSoundtrackS3.png 2013-10-25 Here We Go


Cover Release Date Title
LT Portuguese.jpeg 2009 LazyTown


Cover Release Date Title
Избрани песни от МързелГрад.jpg 2011 Избрани песни от Мързелград

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