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Thread: Is Robbie Lazy?

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    Is Robbie Lazy?

    Do you think Robbie is lazy?

    He spends all his time professing how much he hates sports and movement but actually he is quite active as he does do a lot of dances and some of his plans require quite a lot of energy so I don't think he is actually that lazy.

    I think he just lacks the self awareness to see that he actually enjoys some activity.

    And for example in The Laziest Town, it was his dances that stopped LazyTown becoming the laziest town so he isn't actually completely lazy.
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    Re: Is Robbie Lazy?

    Honestly I wonder the same thing.

    I dont actually think he's that lazy, he's just very introverted and likes his own space. I mean he cares about his appearance and his lair is usually tidy, and he does a lot of inventing? So he doesn't seem lazy in the traditional sense to me.

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    Re: Is Robbie Lazy?

    I personally think that Robbie enjoys being active more than he would admit. Another possible theory i had recently is that he used to loathe being active, but eventually grew to like it, but refused to admit it because of stubbiness and pride, and as a result possible comes up with active plans on purpose to be active without anyone figuring out that he likes it. A third possible theory is that he at least tolerated active people before Number 9 arrived in town, but then grew to hate it (and later Sportacus as well) due to a unknown incident between him and Number 9.

    So i think he wants to be more lazy than he actually are.

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