So this is gonna be a doozy.

I've been wanting to start up a proper YouTube channel for a while now and figured why not now with all the free time I currently have on my hands. I've had several topics in mind and honestly picked LazyTown first on a whim.

Point is, I just finished my first draft of this monster script that goes over the complete history of LazyTown, from Latibær to memes, while also providing a comedic analysis. My goal is to create something interesting for everyone, no matter the level of LazyTown knowledge they have. I'm just under 12k words so given average speaking rate and allotting time for me to include clips, this video will end up being between 1h30 - 1h45. Ridiculous I know, but I love this kind of long-form stuff and am excited to make my own. Best examples of what I'm trying to go for is the documentary presentation of Defunctland, especially seen in his DefunctTV series on the history of the muppets, combined with the kind of comedic review style seen in something like hbomberguy's 2 hr video on Pathologic. Or just... imagine a longer version of NICKtendo's Phineas and Ferb retrospective.

I'm not quite sure what I'm hoping for in telling you about this now. A GetLazy seal of approval perhaps? Obviously GetLazy will be getting a lot of credit. It quickly became apparent while researching just how much this place has contributed to LazyTown's history, from interviews to translations. It would be really cool if part of this could be some type of a collaborative effort but... I don't have any ideas as to how. I guess this is just sort of a heads up.

Here's a link to the outline of the video's structure and the topics I'll be mentioning. Let me know if there's something really important you think I've missed.

It would be nice to be fact-checked, but at the same time I don't really want to share my entire script, as a lot of information will be presented through visuals so it doesn't make much sense on its own. What I'll probably end up doing is make the video, post it here first unlisted, and if there are any mistakes they are hopefully minor enough that I can just edit them real quick and publish the fixed version.

I don't know!!! There you go! Would love any sort of feedback or suggestions before I start recording my voice over. Comments, questions, concerns???