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    Open discussion of "Life is Now" [SPOILERS]

    Lets create a thread discussing what's mentioned in the book.

    Ofc - this will contain spoilers so don't read if you want to remain a spoiler free experience.


    I want to start off that there was plans to change the name "LazyTown" to "Sunshine town"... im like... wot.

    Also... Icelandic media is weird in the past. They turned it all off in the summer and in certain days just so families would bond more... okay. I can understand that.

    So far, this is still part 1 of the book and i'm like now in Chapter 4.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Fave quote atm

    People always ask about the show, Why are the kids stupid? Why don't they recognize him? I used to say, well that's because they only eat vegetables. This is what happens when you become a vegetarian
    - - - Updated - - -


    So in chapter 4, they talk about stefan's career and how viacom/nick promised him big things but it was utter bs... I felt the same way in the world of journalism.

    Basically... these managers and producers promise me stuff like "once you graduate, you can work with us, tackle bigger projects, and if lucky, we can help get you with the main broadcaster or other big names like Buzzfeed" but ended up giving up on me that I needed to find a new job or work harder for nothing. Same with stefan when Viacom was like "we can help you get big" but was utter bullshit.

    People will always take advantage of gullible artists

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    Re: Open discussion of "Life is Now" [SPOILERS]

    The Sunshinetown thing came from the original books. Latibær (Lazytown) was a nickname that the town gained due to their reputation for laziness. When they stopped being lazy, everyone remembered that the town was supposed to be called Sólskinbær (Sunshinetown). The next two books had Lazytown in the titles, but the characters and narrator called the town Sunshinetown in the story. In the play Áfram Latibær the town changes its name to Leikbær (Gametown or Playtown), keeping with the book it was based on, but the idea was dropped shortly after, because the different names was pretty confusing.

    GGiL Basically opens with a song that's like We're Dropping the Name Change Thing. No One's Lazy in Lazytown made the whole thing official.

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