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    Bing Bang (Time To Dance) official Instrumental on CD?

    I recall reading a post from a major user about them getting into contact with the Bing Bang single mix's producer just to get the official instrumental, but it never happened. Then I saw this compilation: https://www.amazon.co.uk/My-Favourit.../dp/B0017VSCFG

    It has two LazyTown songs (No One's Lazy and Bing Bang, presembly the remixed versions) a bonus sing-along CD with some vocals retained through many tracks. Maybe the instrumental to "Bing Bang (Time To Dance Single Mix)" is there? And I know we already have the No One's Lazy Get Up and Go remix instrumental due to being commercially released, but just wait and see...

    P.S: Was "No One's Lazy in Lazytown (Get Up and Go Mix)" ever proposed for single release?

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    Re: Bing Bang (Time To Dance) official Instrumental on CD?

    That CD doesn't have the Bing Bang Time To Dance instrumental on it unfortunately. It has the Time To Dance Remix with Vocals and both No One's Lazy in LazyTown 2007 Remix with Vocals and Instrumental but nothing else LazyTown. The remix is the same one on the UK Second Album.
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