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    Cosplay question

    Hi there. I have a question. How would I convince my mom to let me cosplay as steph for somehting liek comic con? I have autism and alreqady get stared at for it and half the time she doesnt want me doing things liek tha tbc shes afira dof me getting stared at frther but after reading these other cosplay threads Ive decided that next time I have something to dcosplay for I want to go as stephinie cuase itd be pretty easy to do i think.if not her which would be the easiest to cosplay as/ least expensive? also any tips to convince her to le tme?

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    Re: Cosplay question

    Quote Originally Posted by LazyAspie1994 View Post
    Hi there
    How would I convince my mom to let me cosplay as steph
    This might help you
    Autism Odysseys

    Where the Convention is taking place, is it near you? I'm guessing it's not free either?
    If your Mom is saying no, it might be for one of those reasons.

    Regarding being stared at, I would say surely the people at Conventions who aren't dressed up get stared at more than those who are.

    I went to my first ever Convention this year.
    I'm glad I went, and I learned two things
    1. I was sad I didn't dress up, no one knew me there, and if you "walk around like it's OK" then you'd be surprised how little people care.
    If people do stare, they're probably curious who you came as, and are simply enjoying the hard work you put into your costume!
    If you wore a costume to go and buy Bananas then yes that's unusual, but it's expected for people to Cosplay at conventions, those and costume parties are surely the safest places to dress up.
    I watch D PIDDYS videos, and if I got to be in one of his videos because I was dressed as a LazyTowner, that would make my day!
    2. I found it overwhelming and I don't have Autism. Lining up to meet my 6 heroes went fine, but it was loud, I was on my feet all day and the photo oppertunity was poorly organised.
    If you can cope with things like that, then you'll be fine.

    I think the easiest LazyTown cosplay would be the Ghost in Season 2

    But seriously, it depends how much time you have, your resources and your skills.
    If you can't sew, you can always pay someone to make a costume for you. It won't be cheap, but at least it will fit you perfectly.

    Best of luck to you
    Getur einhver annar veriš Glanni ? žaš bara passar ekki
    Stefan Karl Stefansson, žaš er enginn eins og žś!

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    Re: Cosplay question

    thanks it isnt time sooon jsut wanting ot know fo rnow so i can plan

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