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    Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    Hello everyone!
    I've posted in threads before, but this is the first one I've actually started.
    So as I've mentioned several times before, I am working on a LazyTown fanfiction called Ástin Opnar Augun Skær. (Love Opens Up The Bright Eyes in Icelandic)(sorry, the way I work, I have to finish the whole thing, in case I think of twists later that would need hints at the beginning or something, so I haven't got any links for you yet.) Now it had been over a decade since I last watched the show, and so as "research" for this fanfic, I decided I couldn't release it until I've seen every episode, so I can get a better idea of the characters and their world. It later came to me that I should note down some of the things that happen for future reference. The slightest detail may be important. For example, I could write a character being allergic to nuts, but they eat peanut butter sandwiches in an episode.
    I have a Google Sheets page where I'm planning this. One of the sheets is called "Episode Notes". And in this thread I will post what I've found and have noted down on that sheet.
    By the way, this is a "Sportarobbie" fanfiction, so a main function of this is to look for moments where it looks like Sportacus and Robbie Rotten don't actually hate each other at all. There may be points where you will be like "Take your Shipping Goggles off!"
    The notes for each episode will be posted in a random order.
    Also, there will be talk of headcanons and theories I've come up with. For example, the name Rin will come up a lot. She is Responsive Intelligent Network; Sportacus's airship A.I. She is basically in all of Sportacus's gadgets, and monitors people's danger and distress detected by the crystal. When the crystal goes is off, she calls it "sounding an alert". Sportacus has ADHD. I've called Stephanie's mask the Placebo Mask.

    In a nutshell, this thread will be my notes on LazyTown episodes, and you can read them if you want.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Welcome to Lazy Town

    Here's a headcanon I need to work out; why is Stephanie staying with the mayor, and for how long?! And why does Bessie think she knows so much about raising kids, when it doesn't look like she has any of her own?

    Now one YouTuber made a theory that Robbie killed Sportacus 9 because the disguise tubes have disguises in them, among other things. Or he likes making costumes and is too lazy to put them on manually or something.

    Why is the ice cream stand closed when ice cream isn't healthy?!

    "This is exactly how I, Robbie Rotten, planned it. Lazy Town is the laziest town on Earth." What do you mean, planned it?!

    The pink house is by the Mayor's house as usual. "[The journey here] was okay. I like riding in trains." Stephanie. So she took the train. Her parents didn't supervise her to the Mayor's house, at least. "Well, this could mean trouble!" Robbie, after seeing her. "I'm so happy you've come to visit!" Mayor "Have a nice summer!" Mayor, after giving her the playing cards.

    When Ziggy goes "Kids, playing in Lazy Town?!" an alarm on Robbie's periscope goes off. "She's talking to Ziggy." Robbie knows Ziggy's name.

    Pixel falls in love with Stephanie at first sight. Need to acknowledge this in Ástin.

    "That's what we're playing, Pinky!" Trixie comes up with this nickname within a minute of meeting Stephanie. Judging a book by its cover, I think.

    Robbie seems to look scary enough to take Stephanie aback. "Just the laziest, grumpiest, won't-do-anythingest person in all of Lazy Town!" Trixie "Why thank you! Took years of practicing!" Robbie

    "A ball! We were playing!" Stephanie doesn't sound very scared. Where did Robbie get the videogame Super Power Lizards from? Robbie knows exactly what will turn the kids back to laziness. There is a small sound effect-Trixie managed to break a window with a rubber ball. Stephanie's first impressions of Robbie are very low, but this is totally understandable.

    "Dear Diary... It's really weird here." Stephanie

    The Mayor suggests he cleans the town up when his niece says the town is messy.

    "You know [the local children] used to [play] but then they stopped!" Mayor "I remember a story, about a hero who came from an island in the North Sea!... there was a big number 9 on his chest!" Mayor. This is Sportacus 10's dad.

    "Don't do it, little girl! No! It will only cause trouble!" Robbie knows what that tube does. If he were more evil, he'd actively leave his hiding place and force Stephanie to stay away somehow. Why does he just stay back and watch it happen? This scene is used as evidence by fans for the "Nine abused Robbie" theory.

    Stephanie keeps changing her mind about which way round the letter "N" goes. "I've heard of Lazy Town before!... It used to be a great place to live, but now it needs help!" Sportacus, pulling out the town's history book. He opens it to a page titled "SPORTSDAY" He signs the letter "10". Where is he? Yes, in his airship, where's the airship?

    Stephanie was probably the first person Rin registered on her psychic scan. She would have prepared to pick up, or actively sought distress readings in Lazy Town after Sportacus gets the letter.

    There are two analogue pressure-meter things on the turning wheels.

    How did the paper aeroplane fly to where it needed to be?

    "Another one?!" Robbie, after Sportacus says he's Number 10. "Let's just say I'm a slightly-above-average hero." Sportacus

    Stingy and Trixie are playing on a seesaw, not a games console. Stingy's danger levels above threshold sets Rin off for the first time. Sportacus catches Stingy in his arms, as new acquaintances. Robbie wouldn't want to be in Stingy's shoes yet.

    Next to set Rin off are Ziggy and Trixie. She would register them before or soon after. She'd also note Robbie's distress when Sportacus arrives disturbing the peace. He's probably thinking something along the lines of "He has to go! Somehow!" Maybe a little "Swiggity swooty would you look at that booty!", but purely lustful.

    "And now it's time to put an end to Sportakook! Once and for all!" This is the first time Robbie says Sportacus's name, and he doesn't even get it right. I don't think Robbie's thought about rejoining the family business just yet, he just wants to nip this new irony in the bud.

    "It's Bessie!" Robbie knows her name. He hides behind a wall when she approaches. Why didn't he just stand up and tell her to go somewhere else? Why didn't Rin go off for Bessie?! We didn't see it, at least.

    "I don't get it. [The crystal]'s still blinking." Sportacus. Stephanie, without any help or prompt, has brought a life ring to get Bessie out of the hole. Sportacus basically lifted the Mayor, Stephanie and Bessie up with a rope. Afterwards, Robbie grabs at his chest, looks up, then down. What does this mean?! Not an insta-romance, please! Robbie, please get out from behind that wall. Why doesn't he leap out and protest?

    Sportacus looks to the right while considering staying. Did he see Robbie? And/or the kids' hopeful faces?

    Where is Robbie going when he falls into the hole? To tell everyone he's not happy with this?

    Where does Sportacus fly off to after Bing Bang?

    "I, Robbie Rotten, will not be beaten by a costumed Sportaloony, and some pink cheerleader!... I'll stop 'em, if it's the last thing I do! And then, Lazy Town will stay lazy, FOREVER!" Robbie. Bessie was fine, but his head and right foot are bandaged and his arm is in a sling. It hurts when he stamps his foot on the table in frustration.

    Post-episode, Sportacus is the one who gets Robbie out of the hole and bandages him up when he causes Rin to sound an alert. While Sportacus thinks he's a potential new friend, Robbie is not grateful for his help at all and rages at him, threatening that his days in Lazy Town are numbered before storming back to his lair. Robbie keeps the whole town awake for a little bit with his evil laugh, realizing that if he wants rid of a hero, he will be a villain like his family. It is his destiny. This probably scares Stephanie and the other kids. Rin warns Sportacus to watch out for Robbie Rotten.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Dr Rottenstein

    "For I am Ziggycus, the strongest hero in the world!" Ziggy

    Of course Stingy's vegetable patch has signs saying "Mine" on it.

    Okay, why is Robbie spying on them behind the wall.

    Darn you UK for mixing up the episode order. Now I don't know where everything goes, and what Robbie thinks of Sportacus when. At least Play Day happens later so it can be an even slower burn.

    From where Robbie popped up, he was likely watching everyone from a point where he could only see Sportacus from behind. First of a lot of instances, by the looks of it. He saw Sportacus flip over him- did he see Robbie?

    "Hey Robbie!" Ziggy. Sounds friendly. "Don't you 'hey' me!" Robbie. Stephanie has this suspicious look on her face. Robbie's back cricks when he does a Sportacus impression. He calls them "vegetables" rather than "sports candy". He kisses a carrot. Probably doesn't like the taste.

    Robbie basically gets changed by wrapping himself in a long strip of cloth.

    Stingy can play the harmonica.

    Ziggy thinks that if he plants lollipops, a lollipop tree will grow or something.

    "Maybe we should call a doctor." Stephanie. Is that how things work in Lazy Town? People get a doctor over the phone?

    "Well my uncle moves a lot when Bessie calls in." Stephanie "Robbie Rotten moves a lot, but that's only when he's sneaking around." Pixel. ACCIDENTAL SAVAGE. "Isn't that the good looking guy?" Robbie. To which the kids all say no. "[Trixie] moves a lot when she's playing pranks on me!" Ziggy

    Something about the look on Sportacus's face... I wonder if he knows it's Robbie Rotten making this all up. Maybe it's because he's telling them all to stay away from vegetables. If this is Robbie's handwriting on the list of things not to do, it's very messy and loopy. "Well if the Mayor thinks [him leaving Lazy Town forever] is good for Lazy Town, I guess we should listen to him." Does Sportacus just blindly follow authority figures then? If Robbie's illusion spell isn't working on him, why does he play along?

    "A message from Sportacus!" Ziggy, when the blue paper plane gets stuck in his lollipop.

    Does Rin detect Robbie planning to break into her and take all her sports candy? Does she have her own danger and/or distress levels? Why doesn't she take the ladder back up? Does she know when Sportacus gets off? If there are pressure sensors on the ladder, she might. Or maybe she puts it back up when the ladder goes completely still, and it's still swaying a bit. She moves the platform back up when Robbie gets on it, but not the ladder. Why?

    Rin's cabin is echoey. This is Robbie's first time in here, and he doesn't know how she works. He learns that one floor button activates turning wheels. Why does the platform go down just like that?!

    "Sportacus!" Robbie knows his name.

    Rin's first traumatization. It could be right off the bat.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Lazy Town's New Superhero

    This fanfic ended up having a couple of musical numbers, even though you can't hear a book. One of them is the song "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen.

    There are already 2 skipping ropes there. Sportacus carries on almost oblivious to Stephanie getting tired out. An instance of Sportacus having to go for no apparent reason.

    Why was Robbie spying on Sportacus? Did he and Stephanie make too much noise with their warm-up?

    How did Robbie get his head out the bucket? Magic? Did he produce enough distress to set Rin off and then Sportacus pulled it off?

    Rin probably put the ladder back up remembering the Dr Rottenstein incident.

    Why is the 5th disguise tube empty? A Robbie Rotten outfit popped up just like that.

    "And I fell off a branch!" Ziggy "But you always do that." Stingy

    "I don't know how to have a vacation!" Sportacus. He's not lying-this episode got me wondering if he has ADHD.

    Sportacus taps his crystal case to unlock it.

    Periscope's vision zoomed out to show pretty much the whole town.

    "I didn't know you could do that!" Ziggy, when Stephanie does a splits. He saw her do one in the very first episode.

    Where did Stephanie get her "Sportastephanie" outfit from?

    When Ziggy fans him with a lollipop, does he ever see Sportacus struggling to keep still? Does Sportacus hear Ziggy drinking his juice? His eyes are shut. Where did Sportacus's ping-pong bat and ball come from? He then gets bored of it, so he does press-up-type things on the chair.

    "Here's a friend I never had!" Robbie, about Sugarpie. Robbie can tap-dance.

    Trixie can mix dubstep.

    Robbie has a cardboard Sportacus he can put his head through. Probably made it himself.

    He must be quite strong to lift Sugarpie's kennel up from the entrance pipe.

    Stephanie can flip and do cartwheels. Stephanie has Sportacus's crystal. She's not wearing it. Does she ever hear it? Where is it?

    The kids can see Robbie on his billboard from the park.

    When Sportacus offers Robbie his hand-Robbie flinches away as if he was going to hit him!

    The scene where Sportacus gets Robbie down from his billboard is such shipping fodder

    It's flashbacked in Hallelujah

    Rin perhaps considers Stephanie for Sportacus 11 after this.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Lazy Town's Greatest Hits

    Stephanie and the Mayor acknowledge that they sing songs. "We are quite musical!" The Mayor. The fourth wall feels fragile.

    Robbie feels upset that no-one seems to be going to ask him what his favourite song is.

    Pixel uses CCTV on his house as a peek hole.

    How is Trixie's favourite song The Spooky Song when she wasn't in it?

    "...about your handsome uncle" Bessie. Either Meansbody confirmed or she was being sarcastic.

    Stephanie knew that was Robbie's periscope and looked right down it-she didn't seem scared at all.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Surprise Santa

    The plan was for Seasons 1 and 2 to take place over about one year, from summer to April or May, and Seasons 3 and 4 another year. When "Ástin" starts, Stephanie has been in Lazy Town for 3 summers now, and it is autumn.

    Sportacus's calendar has a day saying "Yesterday". The one behind "Christmas Day" seems to be called "Festival Day"

    I see they're calling a spade a spade this time (see The Holiday Spirit)

    How did all these baubles get all over the floor? There is a hole in Rin's floor which the baubles are funneled in so they can be shot out of the wall. How do they stick to the wall?

    Doesn't Bessie have enough phones already, Mayor? Even if they don't have Christmas ringtones?

    Robbie clearly wants to come to the party that no-one told him about. Let the feels commence!

    Ziggy's and Stingy's stockings are at the Mayor's house.

    How can Ziggy eat 162 different kinds of sweets in an hour without being sick?! Has someone given him toffee this year?

    "Every year Sportacus is a special guest of honour" Robbie FOR HOW MANY YEARS?!

    Robbie has a hand ornament thing he can shake.

    He's already drawn up plans to crash the party. It's a snowball, not a cannonball. That would kill Sportacus. (But such a big snowball would probably do some damage) Robbie kissed the snowball. Why?

    Rin sounded an alert before the Mayor had properly started to fall.

    No scarf, even?

    "My, oh my!" Bessie fans herself after Sportacus saves the Mayor.

    Possibly the first episode where Stingy has issues giving rather than receiving gifts, which happens twice in Season 3.

    6 o'clock is all the way round the cannon's countdown-thing.

    It's dark and there are stars in the sky. What time is it now?

    Where's Sportacus going? He seemed to have fun building a snowman with Stephanie and Ziggy. Did he think they could do the rest by themselves? ADHD kicking in?

    Countdown thing counts down really fast. Does it start 5 minutes before 6 or something?

    Hold it. The tube with the Santa disguise was empty before.

    Lazy Town seems to have Northern Lights, or is that a cloud?

    "Your turkey is in the oven" Is Bessie's turkey the dry one from The Holiday Spirit?

    Ziggy's sugar rush chatter put Robbie to sleep.

    Robbie can fit down the Mayor's chimney.


    Robbie pats Sportacus on the shoulder. With gloves on.

    Stingy says Robbie can stay at the party.

    "But you have to be good!" Stephanie.

    "Since this is Robbie's first time [at the Christmas party]" Sportacus

    That Robbie picture place card must have been made very quick.

    "I'm in trouble!" Robbie Rin didn't seem to make any beeping noises. Is that snowball going too slow?

    There is mistletoe. Mayor and Bessie were going to use it, until Mayor's jacket caught fire. Robbie will likely stay well away from it, particularly if Sportakiss is here.

    Sportacus gives Robbie his present. And then Robbie leaves. Why? Just get the present and go? Too much nice goodness for him? Sportacus and mistletoe nearby? He didn't open his socks in front of everyone.

    "I'm bad. And I like being bad. And I'm gonna stay bad!" Robbie. The snowman smiled. Robbie beheaded a snowman and threw the head in the cannon.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Lazy Town Goes Digital

    Rin threw Sportacus a football when he says "Toothbrush", and then an apple. Something is wrong with Rin. She can crash and malfunction. And nothing happens when he says "Table!" "Bed" opens the door.

    "Control pod!" Sportacus basically performs brain surgery on Rin. (She should have backup hard drives and things because of the valuable information and programming she holds.) How did the butterfly get in there when the lid was closed?

    "Hi there! Hi Stephanie!" Pixel. Ziggy was with her.

    DID MILFORD STAND BESSIE UP FOR LUNCH?! If Bessie is his secretary, then what is he doing at the desk? If Milford didn't have an email address, then Bessie's email likely wouldn't even send, or reach the wrong person.

    I'm guessing Robbie couldn't sleep in his lair and wondered if sleeping somewhere different would do the trick.

    "Does "Go!" open the Sky Chaser's hatch?

    From where Robbie is watching them, I think he can only see the Mayor, and emphatically Sportacus, from behind.

    Pixel could easily organize Lazy Town's Wi-Fi.

    Rin probably isn't very scared when Robbie fakes a technician advert.

    Robbie can hear his phone ringing from a park bench.

    Robbie went down some steps built into the lair wall.

    Where did the computer come from? The Mayor's on Pixelspix. (Easter Egg?)

    Why get a technician when you've got Pixel?

    "Is there someone here in this town that has an airship that needs to be, erm... modernized?" Rin would hear this. This is after Dr Rottenstein-and after she discovers that Robbie fancies Sportacus. She is scared because Robbie's after her. He wants her for an evil plan.

    Robbie must have set everything up before he got into the control box and then said everything was ready.

    How did Robbie craft the "doohickey" to fit in Rin's brain?

    Mightn't Stephanie's 3000 dance channels keep Robbie awake? Is it because they're inside?

    How technophobic is Robbie? Not really, judging by this episode-did he order everything?

    Something tells me Rin can't talk if not summoned and a command isn't given-but what about "Control pod!" Why didn't she say "SPORTACUS, DON'T DO IT!" or something along those lines? Why did she let him put malware in her brain? Did she send a distress email to Nausicaa asking for help? Is this when she learns distress? I reckon the device hacks her brain to change her into an evil heartless purple, and later maddened version of herself.

    Robbie likely set up hidden cameras by the inventions-he'd better turn them off if they record the kids getting changed. Hopefully he didn't even think of that. Sportacus doesn't appear to have one. The cameras seem to zoom in and change angles-we have a full-body shot of Stephanie and her machine, and then just Stephanie from the waist up. Or there's more than one?

    When Sportacus says "Door!" it opens partway and shuts on repeat. Rin's psychic scan trouble detecting function seems to be working though-she sounds an alert and Ziggy and Stephanie at least are definitely distressed. The flight pod won't release when Sportacus pressed the button. But the "Control pod!" works. Robbie's doohickey has melted all over Rin's brain. And she opens the equipment cupboard for no reason.


    If the swinging traffic light hit Stingy in the head, would it have killed him?

    Did the control box's malfunction cause Rin to malfunction?

    Hitting Pixel's satellite caused everything in his house to turn off.

    Sportacus appears to enjoy having pizzas thrown at him like it's a game. Does he have a sense of danger and/or fear? When dodging a pizza, he fell over a wall behind him.

    "There's no time guys come on hurry up!" Sportacus, after Ziggy calls for help.

    It's possible to look up Robbie's pizza machine and what wire to pull on the Internet.

    Pixel, Stephanie, couldn't you have helped Ziggy?

    Robbie must have ordered the pizza machine at least- there are two different models of it.

    "And even if technology fails, Sportacus is always there to save the day!" Pixel. "With a lot of help from all of you!" Sportacus

    Rin's 2nd traumatization. Officially. Was the doohickey remotely controlled by the control box? It had better be, or Rin is still infected. And even afterwards, her brain is covered in purple goo.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Snow Monster

    Sportacus has a fencing sword sharp enough to make a sports candy kebab-Rin will want to keep the closet shut in Ástin's "elevator scene" because of it. Why would she unlock the door if she didn't want Sportacus to freeze to death? It would also mess with the cabin pressure or something.

    Do the kids know he's in the North Pole? (See Secret Friend Day. Was he getting water?)

    "Deep-freeze complete." Rin's psychic scan knows when the kebab is ready?

    Robbie was scared by his own disguise?

    How is Sportacus not cold? I don't feel a scarf alone will cut it.

    Why did Sportacus need to go? ADHD? Couldn't he have stayed and played?

    Pixel, for a solar-powered boombox to work, it would need the sun... which would likely melt all the snow. Including the igloo "needing" said boombox.

    How did the distress caused by the tremendously scary Snow Monster not set Rin off?! Because it wasn't a real Snow Monster?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Energy Book

    "And milk gives you strong bones." Sportacus drinks milk. "Table" also puts it back in.

    Where did the spare Energy Books come from? When did Sportacus start using one? Did his dad give him one?

    Before getting the books, (during the music vid) Sportacus works out. ADHD? Energy to burn off?

    Robbie brushes his teeth with squirty cream.

    The kids have Sportacus water bottles.

    While eating cake, Robbie didn't seem too disturbed by the kids singing and playing. (Where are Pixel and Trixie, darnit.)

    Sportacus's jump caused an earthquake.

    Okay, why is Robbie riding a scooter?

    Robbie persuades Stingy not to fill his Energy Book by saying the stickers won't be his if he sticks them in. He is a manipulative weasel. Probably runs in the family.


    He heard Ziggy yelling "Carrots, here I come!" with earplugs in. To stop Ziggy eating carrots, Robbie eats some instead. LOL that's one way to do it.

    There is a water machine stand in Lazy Town. It's official; like it or not, Robbie has fallen victim to Lazy Town's irony.

    Robbie's hat fell off a while before the kids yelled "Robbie Rotten!"-this was when he stopped swinging and said "Where am I?"

    With a slightly cross-sounding sigh, Sportacus lets the rope go.

    Robbie flinches when Sportacus gives him an Energy Book! Is it just me, or...? He takes the book anyway. Could be a present from his crush! (Or just me again.)

    The sun set very quickly in Bing Bang, during "Having fun is what it's all about!".

    Robbie has a clock. "I won't go to sleep at 8:08!" Energy Book is open. The only way Robbie could have heard Sportacus tell Stingy and Ziggy that going to bed by 8:08 gives you bonus stickers is via the periscope. But he'll have heard Sportacus advise them on sleep before.


    For once, Robbie tries to stay awake when he is tired. Robbie says "Hello, Sportacus" in his sleep!

    - - - Updated - - -

    The Lazy Cup

    "Ball!" Sportacus "Here comes another one!" Rin

    Sportacus can score a goal from the airship door.

    That pink house next to the Mayor's is really bugging me. Looks like Stephanie could live there but she seems to be in the room with the left window of her uncle's house.

    Stingy has gold football boots.

    Robbie basically can't kick a football. He has gotten out a mannequin dressed as Sportacus with a target round its neck. Its goggles are on its eyes and it has no moustache.

    Robbie has a "Big Book of Spooky-Wookies." Seems to be a record of all his previous disguises. It has "RR" on the front.

    Mayor and Miss B play some sort of springy toy football game together.

    The back of Stingy's shirt says "S. Spolero" He can kick a ball really high-right into Sportacus's airship.

    Rin did not disobey a "Door!" command and did not keep the door shut to stop the ball flying in. She just said "Door opening."

    "That could be trouble." Sportacus reckons a football flying in and bouncing back out again could be trouble-Rin would surely have let him know if it was.

    Sportacus saves the trophy from being hit and broken by an incoming football. He could have heard Ziggy saying "It's going to break the trophy!" and/or it could be an excuse to show off.

    There's something about Robbie's sigh when he sees Sportacus balancing the ball on his head via the periscope-either I've got Shipping Goggles on (which is likely) or that sigh was not just frustration. "Ahh, not him again!"

    Is the periscope able to zoom out or change its position from here? Because it can only see the trophy-and Sportacus. He then looks to the left to see the kids. Robbie looks at Sportacus as he flips away.

    "The cup is ready, the wish is ready," Mayor

    We didn't see the tube with Robbie's coach disguise. He just spins round and it's there. Also, LOVE the hair.

    Robbie calls the Lazy Cup "world-famous" and it seemed only to have been created that day. And yet the Mayor seems to smell no rats.

    A cat meowed when Robbie kneed the ball and it crashed.

    Robbie has a picture of 5 spooky-wookies together in his Big Book.

    He does a sort of strut when he walks as Coach Rottaldo.

    Roboticus is in the 1st disguise tube. This bit must take some serious magic-he spins round by the disguises and they disappear and reappear outside their containers-brought to life.

    Team Rottaldo's logo has the letters RR. Their wish is for Sportacus to leave town forever. (What's the kids' wish?) And no-one's suspicious.

    "Roboticus is after me!" Stephanie. She remembers its name.

    The spooky-wookies burst Sportacus's ball.

    If Bessie and the Mayor feel it's odd or wrong for Team Lazy Town to be only one person strong (Sportacus), they don't say anything.


    Sportacus likely doesn't know who Coach Rottaldo really is-he probably wouldn't accept apples from Robbie Rotten, no matter how low his energy levels. (Where did Robbie get the sugar apple from?)

    Sportacus's bracer can shoot paper aeroplanes.

    They had no half-time. The only time everyone got a break was when Team Lazy Town entered a sugar meltdown.

    Sportacus probably wrote a letter asking for help beforehand in case of emergencies.

    Why can't they ALL go? And if Pixel and Trixie were there they could have 5-a-side and a substitute! The Fantastic Racism really hacks me off sometimes.

    Rin answers to Stephanie in emergencies.

    The toy footballers shrink back down just like that.

    The dinosaur pulls his head off to reveal Robbie's and says "Spooky-wookies. Boo."

    - - - Updated - - -

    Chef Rottenfood

    Sportacus has a bowl with a crystal case design on it. You can't tell from this angle whether the table tennis bats came from the backpack or the belt-it looks like the belt, but how would they fit?! Carrots shoot out from holes near Rin's floor. Sportacus can cut them by hitting them through a tennis racket.

    "[Chef Pablo Fantastico is] the best chef in the world!" This could just be the Mayor's opinion, or he actually is.

    The Mayor seems to be a bad cook, judging by his fried everything splat. "He cooked something that looked like a giant lollipop!" Ziggy sounds disgusted while talking about lollipops.

    "Does anybody know anything about cooking?" Stephanie. "Errr, no." The other kids. WHAT ABOUT THE CAKE IN SWIPED SWEETS.

    Stephanie leans in close over Pixel's shoulder while he's ordering the cookbook. What does he think of this? Or is he too busy typing?

    It's not just Robbie that can order things super-fast. Pixel's cookbook was very quick. "11.4 seconds, to be exact." It was actually 4 seconds. I counted. We don't see the delivery guy's face, but they appear to be a white puppet wearing a red jacket.

    There are red takeaway containers littered around Robbie's microwave with a yellow "Slurp" as the meat in a white burger bun against a purple background. Robbie keeps nails in a paper bag. His fridge is dark blue instead of white, with an orange and blue RR logo on the side. Looks like the digital control box or the time machine. It's next to the microwave. WHY IS THERE SPORTS CANDY IN ROBBIE'S FRIDGE?! And a lot of it! Inside the fridge, it is orange instead of white.

    As soon as Robbie says "I'M SO HUNGRY!" the TV drops down showing a Rottenfood advert. The chef looks like Stefan Karl. "This food will make you sleep all day!" Chef. Robbie doesn't like spending too long cooking. A 5 years' supply costs 1 million dollars. (Dollars again... I wanted them using krona...) So Robbie has a million dollars?! And did he also order it because it sounds like an insomnia cure that's too good to be true? As soon as Robbie finished his first sentence a large crate of Rottenfood drops in. He didn't have time to give his address or bank details.

    "...the best Mediterranean chef in the world!" Stephanie, talking about Pablo Fantastico.

    That appears to be Robbie's sugar apple machine. It can turn Rottenfood into burgers too.

    Robbie can hear Ziggy when the speakers haven't dropped down. The periscope's eyes can move.

    Instead of picking a disguise from a tube, Robbie ducks down and jumps spinning up the pipe outside to land in front of a wall where his rotten burger stand is already set up. That was quick. Did he summon it? Pressing a little red button on it makes a giant neon sign appear on top. Is it a Burger King reference? Because the sign is of a burger wearing a crown!

    How much money does Robbie have? Does he actually need the revenue from these burgers, or did he blow it all on Rottenfood?

    Say, why would a world-famous chef open a restaurant in what appears to be a middle-of-nowhere little town?

    "Smells like a rotten egg!" Trixie, about Robbie's burgers. Robbie doesn't seem to mind the smell, so is Ástin's "rotten egg scene" in jeopardy?

    "No Robbie!" Ziggy. They know it's him when he's dressed like a giant burger. But there's nothing obscuring his face or hair. Robbie changes back to normal by walking round the back of the burger stand without stopping.

    Pablo is unloading stuff off a boat.

    In a bird's-eye shot in Secret Friend Day, a forest can be seen behind the beach, but right now it's all hills.

    "Bienvenido to my Meditteranean restaurant!" Pablo.

    "My uncle really wants to cook a meal for his special friend Ms Busybody." Stephanie

    "You have to get some sports candy" Pablo. Doesn't look like he's been here long.

    "Perdon. Sometimes I get a little bit carried away." "Vamos!" Pablo. Pablo appears to be watching the match in the Lazy Cup. "That is my other passion. Football!" Pablo.

    "[Bessie] goes cuckoo over chicken!" Mayor I.e. she loves it. Pablo and the Mayor are quite close by Robbie saying he's getting rid of Pablo now. Another quick change by Robbie-he ducks behind the fence and comes straight back up again as Pablo.

    What's that hole even doing there? And why is it by Trixie's wagon?

    Sportacus has two skateboards-just lying there. "Ball!" summons a tennis ball this time.

    Pablo air-kisses Sportacus on both cheeks. This could of course be a Mediterranean custom people do to friends and people who've saved them.

    Robbie tells the Mayor to sit down and relax while he screws up the chicken with sugary nonsense. Is it because he can tell the Mayor's getting stressed out? He'd screw up the chicken with sugary nonsense no matter what. Robbie cooks the chicken with a flamethrower.

    Pablo sees he's Pablo when he's got something over his face to protect it.

    Robbie is a bad cook.

    "Gracias." Pablo. "Signore. I challenge you to a duel!" Pablo slaps Robbie with Robbie's oven glove.

    Robbie doesn't like olive oil, judging by how he reacted after kissing the bottle.

    "ROBBIE ROTTEN!" And the fake moustache is still on. "GIVE ME YOUR HAT!" Interactions between Bessie and Robbie are rare, and Bessie is clearly angry here. Has she ever not disliked him? Robbie obeys her.

    "Sportacus! I will cook for you!" Pablo hugs him. Like the kiss, it could be a Mediterranean thing or love at first sight.

    Robbie reckons he will have to eat Rottenfood every day for the rest of his life. He doesn't seem too happy about it. He only ordered a 5-year supply. If this happens roughly a year before Ástin, then this could be some hella dark foreshadowing-he could die before he finishes. [sentence blocked for spoiler reasons]

    What does Pablo think of Robbie after what he did? Probably doesn't like him and bans him from his restaurant.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Breakfast at Stephanie's

    Sportacus cuts a banana with a fencing sword. Rin chucks him an ice cube from the water section when he says "Ice!" "Table in!" Rin, when he takes the flask off it. She tucks the table back in without any other prompt. "That's a breakfast smoothie. Shaken, not stirred!" DOES SPORTACUS KNOW THAT'S A JAMES BOND REFERENCE?!

    Stephanie's tablet ringtone seems to be the same sound as when she unlocks it.

    This might be the second time since Lazy Town's New Superhero that she runs out to play without getting much breakfast.

    The tablet's background screen is a pink shiny S. "In-ter-net. What will they think of next?" Mayor.

    Pixel's parents let him play computer games for 2 days straight. He can make helmets that turn the wearer invisible.

    "No-one suspects the mailbox!" Robbie

    Stingy called for Stephanie when Pixel fell asleep, but I didn't hear Ziggy's name mentioned.

    Trixie was calling the doctor-who is the doctor?

    Is the fly bothering Robbie the same one that befriended him in The First Day of Summer? Rin went off for a fly trapped in a bin. Maybe because Robbie Rotten had trapped it?

    I'm guessing Sportacus never trips unless something invisible trips him up. Sportacus is practicing football tricks in the park. Does he go there by himself when the kids are at school?

    Stingy's snack box has a flannel with a pink S on it. Is that Stephanie's flannel? Did he steal it?

    "I would love some breakfast!" Sportacus Did he not have some earlier?!

    The Mayor has a painting of Girl With A Pearl Earring with Ms Busybody's face.

    Sportacus's crystal flashes once after eating sports candy. I don't think it's wise to handstand straight after eating-you could throw up. And does Sportacus ever get indigestion?

    Wonder if Stingy's counting sheep storybook could cure Robbie's insomnia? Everyone else fell asleep. He did get sleepy.

    Anyone can dab, Trixie. You don't need people to teach you.

    Robbie claps twice and a blackboard with an already-drawn evil plan appears behind him. Did he summon it?

    I think Pixel has rigged the whole of Lazy Town with CCTV. Robbie has left his evil plan blackboard behind for Pixel's camera to see. "Who would do such a thing?" Stephanie Erm, Robbie Rotten?! You should know the drill by now!

    After being alerted, Sportacus looks through his telescope to see Robbie laughing with a funny helmet. So he sets off.

    Robbie took the Invisinator 3000 home with him. Does Pixel ever ask for it back? How did Robbie disappear when he pressed the TV remote?

    - - - Updated - - -

    The Holiday Spirit

    Where did Sportacus get the Christmas tree from? Did he cut it down?

    Either the fairy lights are battery-powered, or there's a plug in the middle of the floor. Hooked up to Rin. "Lights!"

    Ziggy doesn't want toffee?

    "Hi Robbie!" Stephanie. No suspicion whatsoever.

    Robbie has a calendar that shows which days he's been naughty on, and which disguises he's used to do so.

    Everyone says hello to Robbie with little to no suspicion. "Hello, Mr Rotten!" Mayor "Since when does Robbie help?" Stingy. "The [holiday] party's for everyone in Lazy Town!" Mayor. Including Robbie. And people want him to come. Will there be mistletoe at the party? He does something selfless!-offers to cook the turkey so they won't have to eat a crap one made by Ms Busybody.

    "I know everyone's name!" Santa is real, and Lazy Town is his last stop.

    "[Stingy's] teddy bear's name is Pookie!" The Spooky Song

    Is Santa Claus psychic? He said the kids should make a new turkey out of sports candy.

    Stop being so PC and call it Christmas.

    "What about Robbie?!" Pixel He was on the naughty list. Why do I want to cry? Why did Robbie imitate Sportacus when he woke up?! "Sportacus!" When he saw him outside the hatch. They gave him an apple. Why, when they should know by now what he thinks of sports candy?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Secret Friend Day

    Sportacus can cut oranges with a karate chop. And break a watermelon into neatly cut bits just by kicking it.

    "[Secret Friend Day] is one of the best ideas you've ever had!" Ziggy Secret Friend Day=Secret Santa but for all year round.

    Two scoops with a cherry on top. That's a small ice cream for Robbie. Oh, and a sports candy on top! Robbie drops his ice cream when Sportacus somersaults over him-did Sportacus see him or was he going too fast?-and looks up to see why he dropped his ice cream. He lands with his back to Robbie-and his knees bent.

    From this angle, the pink house seems to be a little distant from the Mayor's.

    "Bye Robbie!" Sportacus, while still in motion. Robbie follows him to the kids and hides behind a wall. Either to see what was worth killing his ice cream-with sports candy-over, or something more? Or just me. "(frustrated sigh) Sportafloppy! (another one) He's always ruining everything!" In the background, Robbie flinches when Sportacus lands from his cartwheel. Yet another moment where he can only see Sportacus from behind. But he appears to be looking at the backpack.

    The kids want Sportacus to join in Secret Friend Day.

    "My water comes from a very special place way up in the North!" (Iceland) Sportacus

    Will Rin still be able to run a psychic scan on Lazy Town?

    "Hello there happy, annoying children!" Robbie

    If Sportacus leaves town, then Robbie might finally be able to ditch his "heart problem"!

    Ziggy asks Robbie if he wants to join in Secret Friend Day! Stephanie looks like she wants him to too.

    I wonder if Robbie is dyslexic. He can read Trixie's name, albeit quite slow. He doesn't know that's Loud Girl's real name.

    "Stephanie! Ahhh!" When Trixie draws her name out of the helmet. Another instance of me not knowing exactly why someone sighs. Possible Trixanie (one-sided?) confirmed?! Trixie only asks "Pinky" who she got. "Well, I can't tell. It's a secret. But it's a very special friend." Stingy can be quietly heard saying "Oh it's me, isn't it." in the background. "Oh mine too!" Trixie. And they giggle. And Trixie gives a lovesick-sounding sigh!

    Robbie has a teddy bear he brings with him on holiday.

    For obvious Easter Egg reasons Sportacus gets his water from Iceland. There's a globe on his bracer screen showing him the route. This hacks me off-I wanted to set Lazy Town there-for Easter Egg reasons. Interestingly, the route passes right over America and is nowhere in most of Europe. We can't see where the route starts-so where is Lazy Town?!

    "Get ready to pedal, Sportacus. It's a long way to go." Rin

    "I wonder what Stephanie's got me." Trixie

    Iceland is completely covered in snow.

    "Down!" this time deploys a turning wheel instead of lowers the platform. Rin has a hook that can pick up giant ice cubes. "Ice ready for boarding." Rin. Can she see down in the glacier then? The hook's pulleys have to be spun in opposite directions.

    "We can't start without [Trixie]!" But Robbie isn't there either. "Trixie's always late!" Stingy.

    Trixie appears to have rather messy handwriting.

    Pixel is the only person who remembers Robbie was taking part too.

    When Trixie's rant wakes Robbie up, he says "Floppy's back?!"

    He's wearing a short-sleeved shirt, so he can't be self-harming on his arms.

    Riddle me this: How can Rin pick up a distress signal coming from the MOON when she doesn't seem to register Trixie's distress in Iceland?!

    "Kids, you have to stop tricking me into your activities like this!" Robbie

    I don't think Robbie can swim. He wears his duck rubber ring on the raft as well as a life jacket.

    "I would never forget about you Trixie!" Stephanie

    "Pixel how long has it been?" Stingy "It's been a long time!" Pixel. So he isn't always precise.

    Did Robbie summon the fake beard?

    "Approaching Lazy Town." Rin. She sounded an alert pretty much straight after.

    "Look! The SportShip!" Stephanie Robbie is visibly excited when the girls see Sportacus flying over-this is obviously because he can get them home from being stuck at sea. Or something else too. (gets rekt)

    Sportacus must have eagle eyes-Robbie, Stephanie and Trixie seem quite far out. But not too far to throw a life ring to. Sportacus is strong enough to pull the whole raft back. "Robbie! Over here!" Sportacus helps him off the raft by holding both his hands. Robbie probably feels a burning sensation in them afterwards. Robbie clearly wants to hug Sportacus! But Stephanie gets there first!

    "Oh, Trixie are you okay?" Stingy

    "Well, this was the worst vacation for me ever!" Robbie. Ego-centric as usual. Stephanie pats his shoulder. "And the next time you kids are gonna play one of your silly games, don't ask me to play with you!" I reckon he's gonna regret that... "Bye Robbie!" Stephanie

    Stingy gives Ziggy a cleaning kit (he's clearly learnt to give by now)-and Ziggy is seen cleaning Stingy's car. Voluntarily?

    Robbie reckons a friendship bracelet is something you wear on your quiff. Stephanie was his Secret Friend-she wraps the gift in the music video. And she called him a "very special friend"! I reckon she made Trixie one too, because she didn't get anything.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Princess Stephanie

    "Table!" Sportacus "Table out!" Rin She doesn't always say this.

    "Wicket!" Croquet goals come up from the floor. (What happens with cricket wickets then?)

    This episode clearly takes place after The Holiday Spirit-Ziggy is wearing the Sportacus backpack he asked for. Does it have a Rin controlling it? Also, that cosplay is kawaii as heck. "Hello, Sportaziggy here!" He has a phone that looks like a sweet. Its ringtone sounds kind of like Cooking By The Book.

    Stephanie has a pink phone. (duh) It looks mobile or cordless.

    "[a princess is] something I've always wanted to be!" Stephanie.

    Ziggy didn't take Teddycus with him.

    Milford helps Bessie with her laundry.

    Trixie's a big fan of Robin Hood. So much that she dresses like him.

    I wonder if Pixel is even more besotted with Stephanie when he sees her princess dress. Ziggy sighs when he sees it. Trixie doesn't seem to have any reaction-that may be because she was too busy climbing the tree.

    Sportacus punches his crystal when he says "Racket!" and flicks something on his belt for a tennis "Ball!" (was that voice command necessary?) to grow out of it. Where is Rin listening from? The backpack? It would be closest to his mouth.

    "Stephanie I need your help!" Sportacus. Cue Mask Moment. "Ziggy come help!" Stephanie Why not Stingy and/or Pixel?

    Once again, from where Robbie is watching everyone (probably to find out who woke him up) he can only see Sportacus fom behind.

    "Stephanie always comes up with fantastic ideas for games!" Sportacus

    "Maybe I don't have to get rid of him, I have to stop her!" He's gone after Stephanie before in Dancing Dreams and Who's Who. If I'm fridging Stephanie's mum, Robbie can't know about it. Stephanie will seem easy to get rid of because he sees her as weaker beause she is smaller and younger. Also, unlike Sportakiss she is impossible to fancy because she is a) female (he's gay) and b) underage at that.

    When Robbie hears that Stephanie wants to be a real princess, he does something kind and grants her wish. Albeit twisting things for his own ends. Another instance of him announcing today's evil plan where the kids could hear it.

    Robbie stamps on the floor for a lever to appear taking him to his lair.

    Sportacus and Robbie Rotten outfits are right next to an outfit Robbie calls "Too shippy." IS IT JUST ME?!

    There must be a massive pipe at the top of the lair for Robbie to fly a hot-air balloon out of it.

    Tapping his cane unrolls a red carpet outside Robbie's balloon. I'm guessing magic.

    "But, who are you?" Ziggy, to Robbie in disguise as The Royal Princess Training Master.

    Robbie tells Sportacus to hold his sceptre.

    "Palace? We have a palace?" Mayor This, along with Princess for Eternity's backing dancers, could be one of Robbie's biggest illusions yet. There is a quick shot in Princess for Eternity where TRIXIE AND STINGY APPEAR TO BE DANCING A WALTZ. Strixie confirmed? Robbie dances in this song, and well too.

    Does Stephanie have hair extensions in her fancy new outfit?

    Robbie appears to be able to play the bugle.

    "But, but [Stephanie] always comes up with the best games!" Ziggy

    "Are you sure it's good for a princess to not be playing with her friends? I mean, she is a very active girl!" Mayor.

    Sportacus ran up a tower. "The Stephanie I know is a happy girl! She likes to move and eat sports candy and play!...You'll figure it out... if you're ever in trouble, I'm never far away." Sportacus

    Some of the cakes on Robbie's table appear to be decorated with sports candy.

    "Oh, I love my chocolate goo!" Stephanie. Robbie is visibly confused-he knows she's more of a sports candy person. Manipulative Stephanie makes another appearance. She can tell her training master loves his chocolate gooey cake (can she tell it's Robbie?) and, as his ideal princess, makes him faint describing the ginormous sugary chocolatey cake she wants to order everyone in Lazy Town to bake for her. The cherry on top is when she says that everyone would be so full after eating it they couldn't move. A cat meows when Robbie faints on it. Where did it come from?

    Stephanie organizes her own escape plan, getting Robbie to take her out in the coach so she can announce this new law.

    "I'm hungry!" Ziggy "Ziggy, we're on a mission." Stingy, while they're hiding behind a bush. (cue Ástin deja-vu) Ziggy should have something to eat on him during Ástin's "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" scene.

    Sportacus can cut an apple in half with an arrow having what looks like a toilet plunger for a point.

    Stingy gives Ziggy half an apple without any fuss!

    Milford can make a whistle that sounds exactly like a bird.

    Sportacus has his own saw.

    Trixie can fire an arrow at a skateboard quite far away.

    I wonder if Sportacus had an "I knew it" kind of look on his face when Robbie's disguise got busted? Everyone yells "Robbie Rotten!" when his moustache comes off. Milford says "Oh brother." Bessie gives a frustrated sigh. Sportacus seems to give a "You again..." kind of sigh.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Ziggy's Talking Teddy

    I made a headcanon that the wind-up Teddycus can read minds. That's how he knows what to say to hurt people. And after this episode, he makes Robbie feel bad about his feelings for Sportacus, incorporating homophobic slurs.

    "Basketball Day is tomorrow" Mayor Is this an official holiday then?

    Why does the real Bobby Bird look and sound like Robbie Rotten? And wear a shirt saying "LT Floppers"?

    When Stingy accidentally throws a basketball at Robbie's stomach, waking him up, everyone backs away like they've broken a window or woken a dragon. Robbie must have been sleeping quite near the kids, for them to ask him to throw the ball back.

    Ziggy takes Teddycus outside and brings him to stuff.

    Robbie wakes up when Ziggy says "Teddycus", a little louder. Is it because Sportacus is involved?

    Robbie says today's evil plan by where he was sleeping, which was within talking distance and so perhaps earshot of the kids.

    "But it's the first time I've played basketball!" Ziggy

    How exactly are wishes granted?

    Sportacus can spin two basketballs at once.

    Teddycus winked.

    Ziggy can spin a basketball on his finger.

    People sell "Teddycuses." Teddycus's box was chucked in as soon as Robbie ordered it. It would probably point out Robbie's Sportacrush-why didn't he tell everyone so it would hurt most?

    Mightn't Ziggy sleep cuddling Teddycus instead of having him on his drawers?

    Ziggy has a basketball hoop in his room.

    I can't work out if Sportacus knows it's Robbie Rotten. And if he's jealous of someone else getting all the hero-worship for once.

    "Our first player is Robbie Bird!" Mayor. Was it a simple mistake, or something more? "Oh, huh." Ziggy

    The ball blatantly flew to the side before the magnet pulled it to the hoop. I'm guessing magic took away any suspicion.

    "In your face!" Robbie "Okay, thank you!" Ziggy

    "Teddycus is afraid of heights!" Ziggy

    Ziggy wishes for Sportacus to stay in Lazy Town forever, and he wins. That doesn't seem to stop Robbie though.

    Why were footballs and pizza attracted by the magnet? Which was to the right of Robbie, and yet everything got stuck to him.

    The continuation (which I wrote) of the ending scene did not get aired due to time constraints and Teddycus being a [jerk]. It is flashbacked in Ástin though. Rin has to see Robbie in a new light.
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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    Holy hell those are giant walls of text for a long post.

    We are number one!

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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    I'll be honest Glanni, Lazy Town Goes Digital takes up the whole screen, and Chef Rottenfood and Princess Stephanie more than that. Anyway,

    The Baby Troll

    Rin goes off for a baby bird. The glider could have been 1 of 2 other vehicles instead, and Sportacus didn't say what he wanted. How does this work?

    "I'm going to be very generous, Ziggy, and I am going to let you pick any spot you want in the whole tent!" Stingy Maybe he's being out of character so Sportacus can do this episode's save.

    "I'm always okay!... (to himself) Of course I'm okay!" Robbie

    The Mayor can knit. "I'll get back to you later!" He talks to his knitting.

    It could be exclusive to the bedtime story, but the trope of trolls turning to stone in the sun has either been already used in Lord of the Rings, or much earlier.

    "I don't even have a pet!" Stingy

    Trixie can play the guitar. Behind Trixie is a rail Stephanie hangs her clothes on, including both princess dresses from Princess Stephanie. Didn't she rip the last one off?

    The Mayor is in the kitchen/living room when the kids sneak out right past him. I'm assuming the door to Stephanie's room opens to that room, and is there a back door?

    "Wait a minute. I don't work! Brain, you work, I'll take a nap." Robbie.

    The kids pass by Princess Stephanie's castle on the way to look for trolls. "We are at the top of Troll Mountain." Trixie Trolls exist.

    Robbie has some kind of chemistry set.

    Trolls seem to eat sports equipment and other objects, like pillows and hairbrushes.

    There is a set of coat hooks by the door to Stephanie's room where a jacket is hanging. In the background, there is a blurry picture of the kids and their treehouse framed on the wall.

    Lazy Town looks to be between a mountain range and a bunch of trees.

    Of course Stephanie's coat hangers are pink with hearts.

    Rin went off when Ziggy said "trouble". The crystal woke Sportacus up. "But Sportacus, it's later than 8:08." Rin

    I've noticed something! When Sportacus's backpack became a glider he was lying straight with his arms crossing his chest. Now it's a (what is that?) and he was in a sort of kneeling cannonball shape.

    "Someone's in trouble. I think it's the kids!" Sportacus. So he goes to see the Mayor. Sportacus... the kids fed Lulu a buttload of "sports candy" earlier.

    "Silly Robbie." Stingy

    The Mayor knitted Teddycus a little scarf. Doesn't cocoa have caffeine in it that keeps you awake?
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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    Hero For A Day

    Hekla is Robbie's mother, an OC.

    Sportacus eats potatoes "for Vitamin B!"

    Ziggy ate the lollipop he "saved" and then had a conversation with. What the...

    Pixel has a 3D rendering program on his computer.

    Robbie has a purple blankie with a chicken patch. Robbie insomnia confirmed-was up 3 days straight and couldn't sleep. But he held up 6 fingers.

    "Ziggy. You don't have to prove anything to us. We're your friends." Stephanie.

    Gotta love those sunflower glasses, but Robbie can't see jack out of them.

    Sportacus may have felt sadly nostalgic training Ziggy to be a hero because it reminded him of playing with his late dad.

    The kids are building a house out of wood, using hammers and saws and everything, with no adult supervision. Only Trixie is wearing a helmet.

    Is the clubhouse ever used after it's built?

    "I should just go and join the circus. But I'm afraid of elephants! I could go and live in a cave, but I'm afraid of the dark!" Ziggy

    "Hello little erm... erm..." Bessie doesn't know Ziggy's name.

    Robbie snaps his fingers and a blackboard appears with today's scheme drawn up. Where's it hanging from? A tree branch too high to see? He claps his hands and it goes up somewhere.

    "What is this thing (a tree) made of, wood?!" Robbie

    "Hey! Look up there! It's Robbie Rotten!" Stephanie. Is she suspicious? I can't exactly tell. "Robbie Rotten." Stephanie, when Sportacus asks what's up. Not on first-name terms yet, I guess.

    "Help me." Robbie, to Sportacus. "Why are you listening to me?" Robbie, when Sportacus says Robbie asked for his help. This could be the first time Robbie lands in Sportacus's arms. "Put me down. Now!" Sportacus drops him.

    "Ziggy, you saved Robbie!" Stephanie. Never mind.

    Something's starting to brew-Robbie INSTINCTIVELY jumps into Sportacus's arms when Trixie scares him. One hand is on Sportacus's shoulder, and he doesn't take it off. And then he falls asleep in said arms, sucking his thumb.

    Headcanon; When being put to bed on a wall, Robbie is reminded of Hekla tucking him up at night. I want to swat the fly that woke him up.
    “I believe that the human spirit is indomitable. If you endeavor to achieve, it will happen given enough resolve... The effort you put forth to anything transcends yourself, for there is no futility even in death.”
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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    The Wizard Of Lazy Town

    I thought this was going to be a Wizard of Oz rip-off. You know, like Ghost Stoppers.

    Sportacus cuts apples with a skipping rope.

    "Ooh! Mr Rotten!" Mayor, when he sees him.

    "Oh, hi Robbie!" Stephanie, sounding friendly "Hello, pink girl!" Robbie

    Now Sportacus's backpack has unfolded into a pedal-powered winged thing, said thing does not appear to be strapped to his back, where there is a metallic 10 logo and no light blue stripe. Sportacus flies past a raised Lazy Scout flag by a bunch of nondescript houses.

    "Hi Robbie! What are you doing with all that sports candy?" Sportacus Apparently stammering around one's crush is common, but in Robbie's case, it could just purely be because he needs to come up with a reason for coming across as out of character on the spot.

    Sportacus can juggle apples.

    "You know, I used to be the tent master of my Lazy Scout group." Mayor "You need one of those?" (a tent pole) Mayor

    Sportacus can put up a tent, and quite fast.

    Stingy has been bowling strikes every time.

    Robbie tries to do magic with a plunger and it doesn't work.

    He's used magic before though.

    ...Did the plunger spell summon a spellbook under Robbie's chair cushion? And a wand? Say, did he have them the whole time and forget about them? Did Robbie need that spellbook?

    There's a spell titled "How To Make Everyone Lazy."

    "Easy, like spelling A, C, B!" Robbie.

    Robbie can teleport, here just very small distances.

    Stingy can cartwheel.

    Robbie doesn't know what a sunflower is... and he has glasses made of them. (See Hero For A Day)

    Robbie snaps his fingers and he is changed back to normal, with the wand in the hand he snapped his fingers with.

    Where did that tumbleweed come from?

    To make a lazy potion, you need; frog snot, lizard breath, dinosaur drool (how do you get that?!) a cobweb, a spider teardrop and a sunflower.

    "This is the weirdest thing I've ever seen!" Ziggy, about Robbie, who has taken a potion that makes him move around like Sportacus. "Maybe Robbie just wants to be active." Ziggy, after the potion has worn off.

    Robbie snaps his fingers, and he is dressed as a wizard again.

    The kids are racing the Lazy Rockets. (the team one and Stingy's, now fixed, I guess.)

    "Oh those children, always playing!" Bessie.

    Robbie sneezes after sniffing a sunflower.

    The Lazy Rockets garage is to the right of the Mayor's house.

    Robbie uses his wand to fire the catapult that sprays the lazy potion everywhere. His own potion makes him fall asleep. (Possible insomnia cure maybe?)

    Stephanie waves the wand on Robbie to reverse the spell.

    "No, that's not gonna happen." Stingy, when Robbie asks if everyone can't be lazy for one day.

    Robbie turned himself into a purple crocodile. How does he change back?
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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    It's been a while, but I've got some more notes if you're interested.

    Someone started a "Detailed Episode Analysis" series on here once, and I guess this is like that.

    Also, I've added to my notes on Chef Rottenfood: "Robbie reckons he will have to eat Rottenfood every day for the rest of his life. He doesn't seem too happy about it. He only ordered a 5-year supply. If this happens roughly a year before Ástin, then this could be some hella dark foreshadowing-he could die before he finishes. (Update: Foreshadowing sucks.)"



    Okay, does anyone wake up just like that? From experience and what I've heard, people stay in bed longer if they can, and wake up gradually.

    Sportacus kicks a ping-pong ball into a small hole and a toothbrush flies out another one. Sportacus does not brush his teeth with toothpaste. Sportacus throws the toothbrush over his shoulder and it does not miss its hole.

    You missed Trixie, Stephanie. Does she want to play with you?

    I've never seen a clear mail tube like that before.

    "I can always count on Sportacus!" Mayor.

    Sportacus can see the incoming letter out the airship window, probably as a little moving shape.

    He lands in the flight pod facing the wrong way.

    Sportacus, if the trouble was an earthquake or thunderstorm, you'd see or feel it. Rin would also have problems.

    "Do you remember how last year you showed everyone how to play baseball and they all wanted to hit home runs?" Mayor So it's been a year... Does Robbie fancy Sportacus yet?

    "Stephanie loves soccer..." Mayor

    "The "Sportacular Spectacle Day" banner was already attached to the stage.

    "I don't wanna disappoint Stephanie! Or anyone else..." Sportacus. This could be because of the "Stephanie loves soccer" quote from earlier, or some other reason.

    Robbie's periscope sees Sportacus jumping, albeit quickly, from behind. "If it wasn't for that good-for-nothing, warm-hearted, generous, healthy quack!" Robbie

    "S, P, O, R... It's Sportacle... cul... lacar... Sportacle... Sportercle... Sporty... Sportacular Spectacle? Argh, it's that day!" Possibly his least favourite day of the year. Likely Robbie's first instance of him having trouble reading stuff. I wonder if he's dyslexic? "This was my favourite day before Sportakook came to town!" Oh. "Pie-eating contests and diving into chocolate syrup, those were the days!"

    Robbie already has an evil plan lined up-remote control boots. "My newest invention ever, the Crazer-Maker 6000! You are so beautiful! *air-kiss* My precious!"

    "So every year, Sportacus does a special sports stunt?" Stephanie. They moved to Lazy Town around the same time... "Like last year, he did this brilliant stunt!" Ziggy.

    Pixel has the Mayor at the stage on CCTV. "Switching to TV..." Because there's no sound until he does.

    Robbie changes Sportacus's dab into a dancing-in-a-circle-with-linked-arms thing.

    Sportacus looks annoyed at "Rob U. Blind" (funniest disguise name yet) pouring slimy, smelly goo all over his boots. "I'm trying to get someplace." Yes, he looks annoyed.

    He jumps out of his boots. Sportacus keeps trying to look over at Robbie cleaning his shoes, due to impatience.

    Robbie kisses the fake boots.

    "Thank you." Sportacus, after he gets "his" shoes back, still ticked off.

    "Goodbye Sportacus!" Robbie

    "Just a little bit," Sportacus, when Stephanie asks if he's nervous. "Sometimes, when you want to try something, and you want to do it really well, you get these little... butterflies in your stomach."

    "Please welcome our wonderful town hero, Sportacus!" Mayor.

    "Pixel, drums, please!" Mayor, to which Pixel presses a button on his wristband that plays drum music.

    Robbie ducks behind the gate as Rob U. Blind and comes back up as Lazicus.

    I'm guessing the outfit was back home and he summoned it. Also, I went back and checked-the Lazicus disguise was in none of the tubes earlier.

    Sportacus can balance Stephanie on his (currently still) feet. And then there's that infamous panty shot scene where Stephanie does a shoulder balance on his back.

    Stingy is light enough that a kite blown by strong wind will pull him up. Ziggy pulls him back down. (Stiggy?)

    Sportacus handstand-walks past a postbox with Robbie hiding inside. The postbox flap is level with Sportacus's... "shuttlecock".

    Stephanie holds Sportacus up, her hand below his knee.

    "Robbie Rotten?!" The Mayor knows it's him! Robbie's hair is covered, but his face is not.

    "I have a letter on my chest, a nifty hat and a tablecloth! Er, a cape!... I couldn't find a cape." Robbie

    "Well I'm sorry Loonycus" Mayor. Probably humouring Robbie.

    "Sportacus always (performs a Sportacular Spectacle Day stunt)" Mayor. See above.

    Robbie tries to do the splits but falls over.

    Ziggy is eye level with Sportacus's crotch... Sportacus can walk on his hands. It looks like Robbie is looking down at... Do I need to wash my brain out?

    Pixel is the one who sees Robbie looking suspicious-does he know it's Robbie Rotten? Is it because technology is involved? "I smell a Rotten rat." Pixel. "A Feet Crazer-Maker 6000! Cool!" Earlier, Robbie called it "his newest invention." So how does Pixel know about it? "But a Rotten trick." Pixel.

    Robbie forgets about his gadget and drops it to clap his hands. "I can stand still!" Sportacus, after he's kicked his boots off.

    "Robbie, why don't you put those shoes on?" Pixel. I don't think his Lazicus disguise worked.

    Robbie and Sportacus have the same shoe size?!

    Robbie only puts the shoes on after Pixel asks if he's afraid.

    "Robbie? Be careful!" Sportacus

    Stephanie has a pink towel in her bag to wipe off slimy, smelly goo. Sportacus jumps into his boots.

    - - - Updated - - -

    New Kid In Town

    To unfold the Sky Chaser, Sportacus is curled in a sort of cannonball. (See The Baby Troll)

    A ball flies out of a newly-opened hole in Rin's side when he asks for one.

    Sportacus can lift up a log.

    There is a purple and white cycling helmet lying by Stephanie's skateboard-isn't purple Robbie's colour?

    There is a park with a swing, a slide and a seesaw.

    That is a considerably tiny apple tree-a glorified twig bearing 2 apples. Am I especially eagle-eyed today or something?

    There is an airmail tube on Robbie's picnic blanket. The kind one would send to Sportacus.

    There is such thing as a "Big Stone Festival".

    On seeing that he's knocked Robbie over, Ziggy asks if he's okay.

    You lift big stones in a "Big Stone Festival." Makes sense. Ziggy asks Robbie if he's going to lift big stones-i.e. join in the festival. In a probable ploy to get Ziggy to buzz off, Robbie tells him he's already lifted the big stones thanks to energy from lollipops. "But I thought you only get energy from sports candy!" Ziggy (Well, sweets do give you energy, just all at once.)

    "If we're going to lift all those stones" Trixie (I thought kids shouldn't lift weights because it will stunt their growth...) "You need sports candy to (lift those stones)" Stingy. Also, Ziggy is really gullible. But then remembers that since it was Robbie who told him, it's almost definitely baloney.

    Stephanie is not blind to Robbie's faults-she tells him off for lying. And sounds really mad too. (Of all the things Robbie's done, though...)

    It takes Robbie a while to work out who Ziggy is.

    Robbie doesn't know Pinocchio is fictional. Therefore I doubt he's read the book. (Or seen the Disney film?...)

    A promise with your fingers crossed behind your back doesn't count.

    "They will never believe me." Robbie, who can't get Pinocchio's name right either.

    When Robbie stands on a manhole cover and stamps his foot on the ground, a lever appears. It takes a few pulls before it shoots him down the manhole through some pipe into his chair. (Hopefully these are different pipes to the sewers...)

    Was Robbie calling a library or a bookshop? Again, he didn't have time to give his address or bank details. The book dropped into his lap while he was still on the phone.

    The machine Robbie uses to bring a pop-up Pinocchio to life is the same one used on Rottenella and the robot Stephanie. (See Dancing Duel and Who's Who)

    "Who me? I'm the greatest villain in Lazy Town!" Robbie, when Pinocchio asks who he is and he answers with his name.

    One of the first things Pinocchio does is express that he wants to go back into his book.

    "Well, that's what I'm known for." Pinocchio, when Robbie asks him if he can lie. He's very self-aware...

    "Those annoying Lazy Town brats! Ugh!" Robbie is disgusted. He pulls a lever in the corner of a table with a chemistry-set thing, and a trapdoor opens up in the floor, which the weight falls down. Robbie has a 3000 (unit unknown) weight, an inflatable duplicate and an air pump.

    Pinocchio can see Robbie crossing his fingers when he promises to send Pinocchio home after he lies to the kids. Robbie then sees he's got his crossed fingers next to his face and whips them straight down.

    The Mayor has fake sideburns.

    "Oh Milford, what a man! So strong!" Ms Busybody, when the Mayor lifts a short but thick log. He can lift a much longer one-with much difficulty, and has trouble staying steady.

    "We'll all need some sports candy!" Bessie

    "You have to be careful when you're throwing logs." Sportacus. Not even he can lift the biggest, heaviest stone. The Big Stone Festival looks like a Highland Games-type of thing.

    Robbie can do a decent Irish jig thing. He puts on a Scottish accent.

    He has an inflatable biggest heaviest stone.

    Did no-one spot that Pinocchio's nose had grown longer? Is Robbie's magic involved?

    Robbie ducks below the camera and comes back up behind the ice-cream stand (now a lollipop stand) in a lollipop-vendor's disguise.

    Stingy gets even more excited when he hears that someone is giving out free lollipops. Stephanie is suspicious about the power of lollipops, and she saw Pinocchio lift the inflatable stone. Then his nose grows right in front of her...

    Robbie does a little victory dance by running round in a circle.

    "The book! Where I live!" Pinocchio

    "I never lie." Stephanie "Why would we help someone who lied to us?!" Trixie

    "We always help people in trouble! That's what we do! Just like Sportacus!" Stephanie

    "Grab the book Stephanie!" Sportacus, because she was closest?

    "Robbie Rotten." Sportacus, in a "You again, of course" sort of way.

    Robbie's machine is not need for Pinocchio to "go home"-he just opens the book and jumps in.

    Robbie lies, and his chin grows bigger.
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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    First post of the year!

    I know these posts are all very wordy and blocky. Sorry. I had an idea of having each note on a separate line, but that would be a lot of scrolling. What to do.

    In the meantime;


    There is a toaster in the food table. So Sportacus does eat carbs! In the form of salad sandwiches.

    Rin doesn't go off for Stephanie screaming for help.

    That's quite a powerful telescope, I'm guessing, Sportacus flies Rin closer after looking down it. The whole town can be seen in the distance.

    Was that actually Stingy's shark, as he claims, or somebody else's?

    Update; Rin doesn't go off for pretend trouble or fake distress in a game of pirates.

    "Pirate Stephanie the Pink" Trixie

    "Noise, noise, noise, nothing but noise!" Robbie, about the kids Robbie has orange fluffy earmuffs, from smallest to largest; trucks, jets, rockets, kids. Even that one doesn't block out all the noise.

    "Ziggy, could you please stop ballooning my face?" Mayor. The kids have twisted balloons instead of swords.

    Stingy admires pirates because they "took things and never gave them back".

    Apparently Lazy Town once had its own real-life pirate, who Trixie likes because they were the boss with a sword. There's a story about this pirate in the "Lazy Town Big Book Of History".

    "Rottenbeard" looks like Robbie. His chin looks big enough under the beard. He "spread his rottenness to every home" and took whatever he wanted.

    The Mayor's book is titled "History of Lazy Town" The "Lazy Town stone", some kind of plinth, apparently contains the secret to living there. At the stone, you can see the Town Hall in the background. Ziggy isn't tall enough to read the stone, which reads "Lazy Town Should Always Be". Rottenbeard broke the rest of it off when angry he couldn't have it. If the other half of the stone was ever found, the people of Lazy Town would have to do whatever it said.

    Robbie thought up this episode's plan really quickly.

    "Time to put my skills as a chiseller to good use!" Robbie However heavy the unbroken fake stone is, it's too heavy for Robbie to lift.

    "The people of Lazy Town were frightened, and couldn't stop Rottenbeard!" "A hero came, to put an end to Rottenbeard and his lazy ways!" Mayor Sportacus's ancestor, (#1?) I'm calling it. The picture looks like him right down to the moustache. "The hero" is never named, and are those swords strapped to his back?! Yes they are. "He pulled his trusty sword" Mayor

    "Rottenbeard swore that one day he would return!" Mayor

    Ziggy calls Robbie in disguise "a real pirate!" And nobody questions a boat (probably on wheels) sailing on land. Robbie's flag is a big-chinned skull and cross-periscopes.

    According to his shopping list, Robbie likes chocolate-covered anchovies.

    The back of the pirate ship looks to be a bike.

    "And run and jump all day." Robbie sings this line. Robbie dances along for a bit, and then straightens himself back out.

    "Why ask that muscle-headed lubber!" Robbie

    The kids sound disappointed at having to be lazy. "Doing nothing is worse than anything!" Trixie "I have to spend my whole summer here doing nothing!" Stephanie

    The stone is hinged in half, with a rolled-up treasure map hidden inside.

    Can Trixie's hook actually hurt people or is it just a symbol of power?

    Robbie has dumped bits of his disguise all around the lair.

    He is not above tying children to a tree.

    Sportacus disobeys the Mayor telling him to stop flipping, because someone is in trouble.

    There is a bit where Robbie looks up when Sportacus lands on the treasure chest and their eyes meet.

    Robbie then snatches Stephanie's balloon sword and tries to fight Sportacus off, who of course dodges. "You jumping bean!" Robbie

    The book is dated "1703-1903"

    "You blue kangaroo!" Robbie, who later models some sort of balloon dog with Trixie's stolen "sword", by wiggling it around. And then untwists it. And then makes stuff with both balloons. Sportacus laughs.

    He can jump over people with a somersault. And has bonked a tennis racket on Robbie's behind at least twice now. And then kicks it into a hole.

    "That isn't a pirate! It's Robbie!" Stephanie sounds mad.

    "Are you okay gang?" Sportacus The real stone says "Lazy Town Should Always Be Happy" "All we have to do is smile!" Mayor

    Stephanie can do a cartwheel.

    Robbie tries to smile at a mirror and it breaks.

    "Note in particular how [Robbie] genuinely looks to be having the time of his life in the pirate episode despite how much physical effort is involved." Reddit user

    Headcanon: Robbie (and Richard and his kids) is descended from Rottenbeard on his father's side.
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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    Headcanon; Nausikaa is Sportacus's mother. She designed his airship, Rin, and a bunch of other gadgets too. I'm not completely sure what constitutes "Rin" yet, sorry.

    Let's Go To The Moon

    Rin asks Sportacus how high he can hit an apple, and if he reckons he can hit it to the moon.

    "Door opening" Rin, when Sportacus calls "Door!"

    "I love doing hopscotch!" Stingy That's a very well-drawn solar system hopscotch. Who did it?

    Robbie is sleeping upside down on the chair. "There is no rest anywhere in this town! If it isn't Sportaflop, it's those annoying brats!" Not even 2 big fluffy pillows block out the noise.

    Robbie has a poster for some space-themed pizza company.

    Robbie sighs when he sees Sportacus in the periscope-what kind of sigh was it?! Annoyed or lovesick?!

    The screen in Sportacus's bracer has an "S" on the bottom, silhouettes of him in various poses on each side, a go-faster stripe pattern in the back and running silhouettes on the top. It is on some sort of pedometer app-a "Sportometer." He was trying it out. "It helps me to turn my movement into steps!" A somersault-thing is worth 10 steps. "I wish we could have a Sportometer like you!" Ziggy Sportacus flips back over the kids before opening his bracer screen-already showing a rotating 3D net of the airship above a silver S, with the same go-faster stripe background-to talk to Rin. "SportShip, I need the Sportometers!" "Delivering the package." Rin shoots something like an airmail tube out her side. Inside are 5 blue watches.

    Robbie watches Sportacus flip away.

    Press the big button on the right of the Sportometer, and the S on the face turns 90 degrees and opens to show the pedometer function. It's bordered with Ss and silhouettes like a clock face. Maybe these Sportometers are a gift from Nausikaa to her son and his friends.

    Robbie is so desperate for peace and quiet he decides to move to the moon.

    Some circle things are broadcasting from Pixel's satellite dish.

    Pixel's hooked his Sportometer up to some kind of computer game so an avatar can generate steps. (Did Nausikaa not make protection against this kind of thing? Or were they too weak? She'll know Robbie has hacked Rin before.)

    Pixel has a "step machine" gym thing in his room. A "StepMaster."

    "I've been working on a secret project." Pixel has built a Thunderbirds-style hangar under the road by his house. The road opens up to reveal "Project X"; a rocket with Pixel's name on it.

    Bessie and the Mayor walk right by it! "They're probably just playing one of their little games!" Mayor, when Bessie says she hasn's seen the children today. He invites Bessie to play hopscotch with him. She obliges, doing well. The Mayor does a good job too. His niece is taller than her.

    Robbie has turned the entrance hatch to his lair into a rocket. I don't think he's told anyone where he's going-does he reckon no-one will miss him? One billboard falls down so the rocket can launch.

    "That's fast!! Robbie. I'm no expert, but doesn't it take days, or even months, to fly to the moon? Maybe Robbie uses magic. "1, 2, 5!" He presses some switch and the rocket lands bumpily. "No noisy brats, no Sportacus!" He says his name right.

    Again, I'm no expert, but I've heard that if you open your helmet in space, doesn't your head just explode?! Robbie merely can't breathe.

    Pixel's stocked his rocket full of apples and oranges in some kind of dispensers.

    "Oh, the children and their outdoor games, always playing in the garden!" Mayor "That reminds me when we were young!" Bessie

    The rocket is powered by StepMasters.

    Robbie nails an orange flag with a purple "RR" onto the Moon.

    Stingy has converted his car into a moon buggy.

    Sometimes the kids are standing on the Moon-that's impossible. Not enough gravity.

    "I'm going to look for moon gold." Stingy

    "Those kids are everywhere! Is there no place to get away from them?! I can't even get peace and quiet on the Moon!" Robbie. What rotten luck. There was no evil in today's evil plan at all. If things went well, he could be out of everyone's hair forever.

    Robbie's rocket broke on landing, probably.

    The first thing Sportacus does on learning someone's in trouble; is to open up his bracer, where Rin shows him a photo of the Moon with a red rippling beacon. "Distress signal coming from Moon." It is confirmed; Sportacus's crystal can measure distress, and the airship AI can sense what the crystal does. They are linked in some way. What we don't know is who is distressed, how many people is who, whether Rin can sense that, and measure danger as well.

    Pressing a button on the right of the control panel causes Rin's fins to open out and in the case of the front ones; move back. The bit of metal with Rin's pedals attached has a crystal case on it.

    There's too many clouds in the way to work out Lazy Town's surrounding areas.

    Rin's flight pod has a convertible window so it can go into space. I'm assuming it also has an oxygen supply.

    "I can see the power lights have gone red!" There are lights on the outside of the rocket window, and Sportacus knows what they do.

    Pixel decides to pedal so he can get more steps on his Sportometer.

    "Got it, Captain Pixel!" Stephanie. Where was her mask before she put it on? In a pocket?

    The blue light from Sportacus's crystal after eating sports candy can be seen on top of the moon through one of Pixel's TVs, which is monitoring the Moon.

    "That's my superhero! (sighs)" Bessie. Sportabessie, or whatever it's called, confirmed?

    Pressing the same button that opened Rin's fins now drops a hook from the flight pod's undercarriage which sticks, or something, (how?) to the rocket when Sportacus presses the button again. The rocket is powered by 4 StepMasters. The other person steers .

    Lifting a rocket with a flight pod requires effort, judging by the sounds Sportacus is making.

    This bird's-eye view is closer and much less cloudy, and apart from the usual landmarks, there are a lot of fields.

    "I hope the alien didn't follow us back!" Ziggy. IT WAS IN THE COCKPIT THE WHOLE TIME!

    I wouldn't be surprised if the flight pod could go underwater like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The flight pod window folds up and slides back under the metal, at the press of guess what button-how does the control panel work?!

    "I can't even get peace and quiet on the Moon!" Robbie. Everyone else laughs.

    It takes 598,000 steps to get to the moon and back. After throwing a moon rock out of his boot, Robbie gets abducted by aliens with a Wilhelm scream. Aliens exist. How does he get back again?
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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    Thanks for your contribution to this thread. It's a lot of reading.
    Also a bit difficult to read because the sentences are put together. Maybe I can fix that later and add some spaces here and there. But well done though with the script!
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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    At long last, another one.
    As you will see, I'm quite peeved about that picture of Robbie's mother, because I had my own ideas and designs for her. It was Robbie's dad who had the initials "RR" and whom Robbie looked like most. His mum was going to be called Hekla.

    The First Day of Summer

    "You're right. First day of summer." Rin. Makes sense for her to have calendar software.

    - Does this episode take place on June 1st or 21st? Or the start of the school summer holidays? After Time to Learn? (which would mess Seasons 3 AND 4 out of order)

    Rin shoots a surfboard out of her side. That jump defied physics. Can landing on a surfboard in mid-air really slow you down enough not to hurt you when you land?

    "It's the first day of summer! You know what that means; The beach opens today!" Pixel. He has his own radio show. Do his friends help out on it sometime? Stephanie's boom box can pick it up, and presumably the rest of Lazy Town can as well, if not the whole world. Was it on all night? It was playing while she woke up. Is that the Beach Boys playing? That's a big "summer breakfast".
    There'll be a summer beach party to belebrate the first day of summer. "Everyone's going to be there." Mayor. Bessie has a pink pocket handkerchief-was it Stephanie's originally? Pixel's radio station is also playing.

    "Where is a strong man where you need one?" Bessie. And calls for Milford. I'm 99% sure Sportacus is stronger. Bessie's voice is so loud Milford can hear her from his house. "Be prepared, that's what I've always said." Bessie's packed a fudge ton. She has a pop art self-portrait and Girl With A Pearl Earring with her face.

    Robbie is also woken by Pixel's radio. He is in his dressing gown under an orange blanket. "Why is that terribly happy song playing on my radio?" Why is he listening to Pixel's radio show? Robbie had a nightmare where he was swimming. Robbie didn't remember putting on a rubber ring and flippers? (Headcanon; he can't swim.) "You're listening to Radio Lazy Town!" Pixel. His next song is the intro to "Summer is the Season" before Robbie turns his radio off.

    "It's not as if you've got anything heavy to carry!" Bessie, to Milford, who is carrying ALL of her suitcases. They're tied up together with rope which he pulls on his back like an ox.

    Robbie wishes for everyone in Lazy Town to disappear, FOREVER! Very seriously. There are no shooting stars or dandelions or clocks saying 11:11(that I can see) around. "I wish, no, I wish..." "Nothing I do ever works." Robbie had his normal clothes on under his dressing gown.

    "[Bessie] has nore stuff than I do!" Stingy. How many beach balls did she pack? "This [ball] reminds me of my days as a player, with my days on the Lazy Town Volleyball Team!" Bessie Her ricocheting volleyball caused enough danger to set Rin off. Not enough distress probably, but maybe a little.

    "Door opening!" Rin "SportGlider!" Sportacus, before jumping off the door with his arms crossed on his chest. It took about 5 seconds to unfold. Sportacus lands in Lazy Town with Bessie's house and the Town Hall in the background, and is eagle-eyed enough to see the flying ball at the beach. Milford's lifeguard chair (is he qualified?) is not secured to the ground. It can fall over. Meansbody ship fuel where their faces are really close, before Sportacus pulls the Mayor's chair back up with a fishing rod.

    Robbie is not at the beach.

    The Mayor said "Everyone's going to be there."

    Robbie's knees were shaking when he climbed up a wall. His thought bubbles are bordered with purple cogs. He rubs his back a bit after jumping off the wall, landing on his feet.

    Stephanie is reading a pink book with the Big Bad Wolf's purple face on the front cover. Did Stingy just rference Titanic with Ziggy rowing him? What's on one of Stephanie's comics? Jives? I'm now wondering if the rhythm for "The Power of Friendship" was influenced by that of "Summer is the Season." I thought that was Reach for the Stars.

    Robbie is carrying a painting that looks like a female version of himself-his mother? "Look Mum, I'm the Mayor now!" Finally, he succeeded! He hangs his chain of office on the frame, which reads "RR 1". She is dressed quite fancily, with some kind of tiara. Dangit. I had my own designs in mind for Robbie's mum, and he would look more like his dad. This is annoying. There is a book titled "Lazy Town Rules" "Rule no.1: Everybody should always be happy at the playground" Of course Robbie changes "happy" to "lazy", and then throws the rule book away. The sign with Sportacus's face crossed out is "No more superheroes". "

    Of course Stingy says "Mine" whenever the volleyball comes to him.

    Robbie ducks down outside the ice-cream van and comes straight back up inside it, disguised as an ice-cream seller. Then vice versa. Multiple times. Robbie (in disguise) spins round and an incredibly long ice-cream appears in his hands. Insert dick joke here. Robbie doesn't seem to be ducking now. "Who did you expect, Sportaflop?" "I'm all alone." He set a trap for Sportacus forgetting that he's wished for him to disappear forever. "Hello Cookie Boy!" To a ball decorated to look like Ziggy. He's made more of the rest of the town. "Now I'm not alone anymore!" "No more of your rules!" To the toy Mayor. Robbie sang "happy!" really well. As in "No more dancing, and singing, and being happy!" to the ball Stephanie. Headcanon; no more Sportacute to keep flaring up his heart. "I thought I wouldn't ever say this... but I really... really... miss those guys!" Oh Robbie. He looks like he's going to cry! "It's so great that we're all here together!" Mayor. You are a jerk. "This is no fun. No-one to make fun of, no-one to tease, no-one to do anything with!" Robbie.

    He tells a fly to go away and leave him alone, then immediately regrets it. He claps twice and the decorated balls disappear. It's quite active to push a fly on a swing and ride a bike with it. It has one of those squeaky horns on it. Robbie took the fly on a picnic-there are (is that sugar inside?) apples in the basket. Is that spaghetti dinner a date?! The fly has its own mini cutlery and crockery! No, that's a real apple. Robbie was disgusted by it-when the fly sounded like it was warning him. Then why did he bring them?! Did he propose to the fly with a pearl bracelet? Robbie neighs and makes clip clop noises with the knight chess piece. A fly is strong enough to push a bishop (I think) chess piece. "You can't win! You're just a bug!" Robbie. The fly is insulted. Robbie apologizes. How far down does Robbie's hole lead? Danger of falling and distress from Robbie.

    "Who's in trouble? Everybody's here!" Stephanie. They've all forgotten about Robbie! "Everyone except for Robbie!" Trixie The kids follow Sportacus back to Robbie.

    The fly lands on Robbie and is weighing him down... That grappling hook S thing in Sportacus's bracer is long enough to reach the life ring at the beach. "Next time, will you please leave a note?" Robbie "Well Robbie, we sort of missed you!" Ziggy "Yes we did" Sportacus "I missed you too!" Robbie "You missed us?!" Trixie "Hey, why don't we do something fun together huh?" Robbie "Great song!" Mayor, about "the Bing Bang Song" Robbie joins in with Bing Bang and THE FEELS.

    Don't forget that bit at the end where Sportacus dips him! One of Robbie's hands is on his shoulder. "This was so much fun!" Robbie "But there's nothing there!" Ziggy, about the fly. "It's his friend." Sportacus "So Robbie has an imaginary friend too!" Ziggy

    Robbie tucks the fly up in a little mini chair on the arm of his own. "Comfy!" He gets a good night's sleep.

    - I was on the verge of crying at some points. I Googled the lifespan of a fly-houseflies live for about a month.
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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    Please add spaces to denote sections, otherwise this is impossible to read.
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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    I tried to create story sections in your latest 'Episode Review' The First Day of Summer. Which makes reading more fun and easy.
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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    Hey thanks Pooky! I'll try and do the same for the rest.

    I have another one for you;

    Rockin' Robbie

    "I love sports candy! And I love to move!" Nothing new, why am I writing this down.

    Sportacus has put some circular pads on the floor, and they make drum sound-effects. Is there hidden circuitry in these things? Rin did not go off.

    Sportacus reckon's there's trouble due to a different noise-cacophonous band practice. The kids aren't good at playing music.

    Trixie has a DJ set, (also seen at Pixel's house), Stephanie has a pink guitar, Ziggy is on drums, Pixel is using a keyboard (did he make it himself? Is it his own?) and Stingy is trying to sing. "Plug (the CD cable playing good music) back in before anyone notices us playing!" Stingy knows they suck right now. "We're learning how to play." Stephanie

    That was some good drumming from Ziggy, he just got carried away.

    Sportacus catches a falling drumstick.

    "I love music!" Sportacus is a good and fast drummer, and he's "giving it a try". Has he played the drums before and was just being modest? And a loud drummer-the noise passed through pipes under the concert hall into Robbie's loudspeaker. It's so loud that there is an earthquake in Robbie's lair that of course, wakes him up. And Bessie and the Mayor can hear it from a garden where they're sunbathing. Bessie recognizes the beat and it's the Mayor's favourite.

    Sportacus knows how to play the drum solo from "Rock-'n'-Roll Dude" by Johnny B. Bad. I think my guitar-loving dad really liked this episode when we watched it way back when. Apparently the name is a spoof on the song "Johnny B. Goode". "Go Johnny, go, go!"

    Johnny B. Bad was the Mayor's "favourite musician when I was young!" The kids have never heard of him.

    Yes, Trixie, the Mayor had hair. Or it was a wig. Styled like Johnny B. Bad, who is holding a banana like a microphone and looks a lot like Elvis. Or Robbie Rotten, (A relative of Johnny B. Bad?) who has Elvis hair.

    The concert poster says "25. Mars". Was the Mayor in France or somewhere?

    He was much slimmer back then.

    He still has Johnny B. Bad's album. As a record. Johnny B. Bad has a song called "Rock Your Socks Off" It's Bessie's favourite Johnny B. Bad song.

    "Stop the music!" Robbie's evil BGM was playing on his loudspeaker. How did it start?

    "Hello there handsome" Robbie adjusts his waistcoat to the bald mannequin wearing his usual clothes. Either it's coincidence that he has his disguise ready, or Robbie has heard of Johnny B. Bad before. (Was he around when he was big? Did he have a crush on him?)

    The episode where Robbie has an even bigger quiff than usual. What's he going to do about the bananas?

    Robbie can play the piano on his disguise machine.

    Who cares how you look when you're on the phone, Milford?!

    Johnny B. Bad's number (or his manager's) is "555 B. Bad" How do you type letters in on a number keypad?

    The Mayor's house has no back door.

    Phone lines stretch across a cracked brown desert. Robbie intercepts the phone call via a phone box on the top of the pylon. (This is obviously dangerous.)

    The kids are playing better now, unless they're using a CD again. Stingy is playing the guitar. And then the recorder.

    The Mayor catches Bessie when she faints. She does not do the same for him.

    Stephanie has a Sportacus water bottle.

    The kids don't catch Johnny (Robbie) when he does a stage dive.

    All these excited kids crowding round him seem to be getting to Robbie.

    He signs Stingy's autograph book "Robbie" "A Rotten friend of mine!" The kids don't seem to smell any rats.

    Robbie says there won't be any concert-and I don't think the Mayor has left, has he?

    Robbie's dressing room is Number 1!

    Is the Mayor's "Johnny B. Bad wig" the same one he wore when he was young?

    I'm pretty sure the Mayor cannot use magic-where did he get those white towels with blue stripes from?! And so quickly! And the 20 chocolate cookies and rubber ducky?

    While surprised, I don't think the Mayor's suspicious when "Johnny" wants to get rid of Sportacus.

    Instead of walking to the table, Sportacus flips to it.

    Robbie's crush on him should be there by this point.

    Stephanie gets to be in the front row because she's "the Mayor's niece". Then why is Ziggy in the front too?

    The Mayor just asked Sportacus not to come to the concert, and he replies on light blue paper saying that he'll "stay away from Lazy Town"! Then decides to "keep an eye on him, just to be sure."

    In the "Please turn off all phones" announcement, the Mayor asks Pixel to turn off his "Megablast Gigabyter," (he types on his wristband) his "Communimaker 2000," (taps a button on his headset) "SendMailer 4000" and the "PlasmaCatcher 1000".

    Robbie hides behind the trophy when the kids applaud him.

    Did Stephanie look a bit suspicious after Robbie put the trophy down and went to the mic?

    "He's gonna scratch (the golden trophy)!" Stingy

    Rin didn't go off (not that we've seen)-Sportacus finds Robbie with his telescope. It has a little measuring-thing on the right when you look down it.

    Since this is before the backpack, to get to the sky chaser, Sportacus dives into a hole in the floor where it is. He didn't say anything to open the floor up. "Go!" opens up a hole in the hull so Sportacus can fly his sky chaser out. It hovers in mid-air after he stops it and leaves.

    Couldn't Sportacus have just stuck the handle back on instead of yo-yoing the hinges off?!

    Bessie groans when Robbie is unmasked. Sportacus shakes his head and thrusts Robbie his wig back. It sounded like he ran off crying.

    "You can admire people, but you shouldn't copy them." Mayor. Tell that to "Sportastephanie" and "Sweeticus".

    Sportacus can play the guitar.
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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    This is much better, SED. If it's not too much work for you, you can also keep the parts together when you describe the same character or scene. That's how I created the sections of your story
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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    Already doing that just like you did, LazyPooky.

    The Last Sports Candy

    "You need more sports candy." Rin. Why does she say this? Has he not eaten in a while? Does she know his energy or blood sugar levels or something like that? Wait, no, "Your cupboard is empty." Did Rin warn him when his supplies were getting low?

    There is a forest full of round-topped trees outside Lazy Town in front of Stingy's house. I'm assuming this forest isn't owned by anyone in particular (except Stingy if you ask him), or the owner allows people to pick from the apple trees. Great way to save money.

    Sportacus's backpack can hold quite a lot of apples. By stepping on a floor light, a rectangular hole opens up and Sportacus empties the apples into there-via a handstand, of course. The lid slides towards the bed under the floor. The sports candy is sorted into the pipes depending on its type. The lid automatically shuts once all the sports candy has gone in, without a voice command.

    There is a tree outside the Town Hall growing, at the same time: apples (red and green), pears, oranges, red grapes and a few limes?

    "Why do I always have to suffer for Ziggy's mistakes?" Stingy.

    I remember playing a variation on "Red Light, Green Light" called "Grandma's Footsteps". It's also a bit like "What's the Time, Mr Wolf?"

    "Where is he?" Robbie. Is he looking for Sportacus? Yes. He's retrying the sugar apple scheme. He says "Candy Maker 3000!", snaps his fingers, and the machine rises from down below. The little bucket of sugar also seemed to come from nowhere. The machine is on some kind of pedestal stand that wasn't there before either.

    Robbie snaps his fingers downwards, and the Candy Maker sinks back into the ground.

    "There's always plenty of sports candy, everywhere!" Stingy. Looks like apples are in season, as every tree in view is full of them.

    "Once upon a time there wasn't any sports candy here at all..." Mayor

    That tree the kids were playing under "was the very first sports candy tree." "Johnny SportsCandyseed" planted it. I randomly discovered that Johnny SportsCandyseed is based on American legend-and real person!-Johnny Appleseed, and Googled him to find out more.

    The first sports candy tree is "over a hundred years old." Lazy Town didn't grow their own sports candy until over a century ago.

    "Lazy Town without sports candy?" Ziggy "That would be a weird Lazy Town!"

    Again, Robbie has his evil plan already drawn up, and does he know what Johnny Sportscandyseed look like?

    "No more Sportacus!" Robbie gets his name right. He makes a tickling gesture in front of his drawing of him.

    Robbie stamps on a manhole cover and an orange lever pops up. He pulls it and falls down the pipe to his lair via a pipe in the roof.

    "Handsome as always." Robbie, to his spare outfit.

    Is it just me, or does Robbie look like Abraham Lincoln?

    He builds the time machine himself instead of ordering it-that's impressive, and may require extremely powerful magic.

    "It's good to enjoy the special things today, because you never know what's going to happen tomorrow." Good point, Mayor.

    Ziggy doesn't know the rules of "Apple Tag".

    "Ah, those children. Always playing games!" Mayor

    Apple Tag is a sort of cross between It and a sack race.

    Stephanie tags Sportacus-he didn't even need to ask to play.

    Clocks and such like are used when building a time machine.

    The time machine shoots up into the air and disappears. It creates some sort of light ripple which makes Rin glow when it hits her.

    Stingy is in 1956-or is that a relative of his? So is Johnny B. Bad, or is that Elvis this time, or one of his impersonators?

    There is a diner or petrol station by the sports center signed "Lazytown" in neon.

    Stingy can cartwheel. There is a hopscotch grid that goes up to 7.

    Is the sepia filter a Wizard of Oz joke? Caveman times were in colour.

    The time machine has an RR in a circle logo on the side.

    Johnny SportsCandyseed was around in 1840.

    That has to be Bessie's ancestor typing out Morse code. Same with the paper boy Ziggy lookalike. There is a Wanted poster for a cowboy that looks like Robbie. $1000 reward. "Stephanie" is riding a penny farthing, and "Stingy" is pushing his hoop with a stick. "The Mayor" is also around, with sideburns.

    Did he collect propaganda from Abraham Lincoln?! Is Lazy Town in America?

    There is a water pump outside the Mayor's house, which has been around for a really long time!

    Either the Town Hall is under construction, or it is having repairs or an extension. There is a building with a big sign saying "SOAP".

    Robbie drags Johnny by his bag and pushes him into the time machine.

    Robbie does a victory dance when his plan succeeds.

    Rin probably sounded for distress-from Johnny and/or the kids?

    By banging his staff on the ground to make a hole in it, and throwing some seeds in Johnny starts turning Robbie's lair into an apple forest.

    The trees grow from seeds into little trees just like that. Is magic involved?

    Johnny found his way out of the lair alright.

    The time machine is on wheels. Looks like it locks automatically.

    A Lazy Scout flag is in between two walls.

    To release the S grappling hook thing, the top of Sportacus's bracer slides away from his wrist, then slides back up when the rope is released.

    Bird's eye view: nothing but fields and clouds.

    Is Rin scared that the time machine might hit her?

    Sportacus says "Skywalk!" instead of "Door!" to open the door.

    Did Rin feel pain when the time machine hit the door?

    The time machine has a lid which Sportacus opens-and Robbie can see his belt from down there-and everything below...

    "Help!" He offers Sportacus his hand! Probably because he's so scared. Sportacus steadies Robbie by putting a hand on his torso. Twice. There's one on his back at one point.

    Sportacus curls up into a ball to unlock the sky chaser. There is a big number 10 in front of an S on the back of his jacket.

    Robbie did not fall with enough force to rip through the sack.

    The kids say "ROBBIE ROTTEN!" after Sportacus rips his beard off.

    "Do YOU know what happened to all the sports candy trees?" Stephanie, cross. Kids suspicious of Robbie, and mad at him. "Of all the things you have done!" Stingy. I think there's worse... Sportacus doesnt look too pleased when he thrusts Robbie his hat back.

    "I don't know, but I hope so!" Pixel, when Stephanie asks if he can fix it. He knows he needs to reconfigure the capacitor, reverse the polarity and calibrate the co-ordinates.

    Johnny's from 3rd April 1840.

    Pixel fixes the machine partly with some kind of raygun thing.

    Lazy Town is surrounded with sports candy trees.

    Cavemen do the Bing Bang dance.

    "I have enough sports candy, forever!" Robbie's lair is now a sports candy forest. Butterflies have made themselves at home.
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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    Cry Dinosaur

    "Light!" lights up lights on the floor one by one. Sportacus presses a little grey button in the wall that makes a high "Bing!". This starts a stopwatch on Rin's communication pod thing. Sportacus tries to touch all the floor lights as fast as he can.

    Rin doesn't go off for the kids trapped in the tent, blinded and bashing into things-Sportacus can see them from way up in Rin and jumps down to help them.

    Ziggy gets scared by his own balloon with a scary dinosaur face drawn on it. Sportacus recognized it as his. It also scares Robbie.

    Ziggy is afraid of the dark.

    Sportacus is apparently not afraid of anything. I call BS. Not heights or lightning or small hermit crabs with fur. Headcanon: Sportacus is afraid of failure, and losing loved ones. People would have died if not for him, and he takes that responsibility seriously.

    "[Dinosaurs] are so big, they're like buildings with faces!" Ziggy, who believes dinosaurs still exist. "Then I guess I'm afraid of dinosaurs!" Sportacus.

    Robbie gets his name right.

    "I have to go!" Sportacus. Why? I reckon the kids would be happy to let him camp out with them.

    Robbie bashes his finger on the periscope when he says "It's disguise time!"

    Ziggy is easily jumpscared by Stingy.

    Robbie blows a kiss to his regular clothes. Robbie is scared by his own dinosaur disguise.

    "It's darker than I thought it would be!" I don't think he can see in there. "I forgot to turn off the TV." It's still hanging. He apologises when he knocks some spare parts over and says he'll clean it up later. Robbie has a little squeaky orange horn. "No wonder dinosaurs are extinct. They keep bumping into things!"

    Stingy uses Piggy as a teddy bear. Guess what colour Stephanie's pillow and sleeping bag are. They are sleeping in their day clothes.

    Stephanie and Stingy decide to scare Ziggy while he's trying to sleep. (The Spooky Song)

    I'm guessing either it's before 8:08, or Robbie has forgotten all about that.

    Rin went off over the kids' distress.

    "Piggies and children first" Stingy

    Stephanie was the only child Sportacus named.

    Stephanie starts a pillow fight with the clawed creature... who is the Mayor under a blanket, with sticks of liquorice for them. "We've always got Uncle Milford just in case anything happens." Stephanie "I think I'd better go... pluck myself." The Mayor, covered in feathers. Note to self: wash your brain out.

    "You can't have a camp-out inside!" Stingy Stephanie persuades Stingy to camp in with them because her room has more stuff in it.

    Ziggy is licking a lollipop in bed.

    Pressing the on switch on the pink base of the flower lamp on Stephanie's desk also lights the mirror lights. It is a "nightlight".

    "If I can't see it, it can't get me." Ziggy, about the "dinosaur".

    Even Stephanie and Stingy are a bit scared of the dark.

    Robbie can apparently smell Sportacus. What does he smell like? (Headcanon: strawberries.) No, it's just the flowers in the Mayor's window box. How sweet. But Robbie's allergic to flowers, they make him sneeze. (Wait. That bunch of flowers he gets given in Ástin...)

    Ziggy is courageous enough to poke Robbie in the butt with a tent pole. But his earlier distress didn't set off Rin...

    "My Piggy needs his beauty sleep." Stingy

    Given that the kids usually fall for Robbie's disguises, this must be terrifying for them! Stephanie chucks a duvet over the "dinosaur"'s head and runs away.

    "Sportacus I just wanna give you a hug!" Robbie. Did the kids not hear him calling for Sportacus? (Is something going on here...)

    "I hate running!" Robbie

    "Don't worry, I'm coming Stephanie!" Mayor, when he sees the dinosaur.

    "Being a villain is so exhausting!" Robbie

    "Friends always stick together, even when they're scared!" Ziggy, who grabs the dinosaur's leg.

    "Oh, thanks for saving me!" Stephanie hugs Sportacus.

    Nobody is scared of Robbie when he puts his dinosaur head back on. Sportacus shakes his head at him as he walks off.

    Stingy "Boo!" jumpscares Ziggy again.

    Robbie has a triple-layer chocolate cake out and some kind of green cagey drink. He can't take off his dinosaur head.

    There is a scene in my fanfic where Sportacus and the kids make him a bunch of flowers as a gift for him in hospital. One blue cornflower is used as a prop in a musical number. They decide not to give him chocolate for health reasons. But if they know he's allergic, that can't really happen... And in any case a lot of hospital wards ban flowers.
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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    Cool. I believe the title of this thread would better be more like:

    The LazyTown Stories: Episode Notes

    and the thread placed in the General LazyTown Episodes forum ?

    You're not discussing FanFiction. That's why.
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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    Good idea Pooky, but there are times where I do discuss FanFiction, such as when I mention headcanons or OCs I've come up with, like Rin for instance.

    Also, I need to preface this next set of notes by asking if you've all heard of COPPA. YouTube was recently sued for collecting personal data cookies from children, and now they're punishing us for it. Of course LazyTown is children's content.
    I make these notes with YouTube videos Bado Innos and Glitchtastic Plays (RIP that channel) are kind enough to put up, and I'm now worried that Bado Innos's videos are going to get taken down by January 2020, and I physically can't watch the rest of the episodes in that time. There are many other things to do.
    I'm worried this series will never be finished, and I'll have to write the fanfiction with incomplete research. I'm sorry for taking Bado Innos and Glitch for granted.

    -Time To Learn-

    "Door opening." Rin's speaker pod screen is silver.

    Sky chaser deployment time: 8 seconds

    Sportacus has a skateboard just lying around outside.

    "Well done." Rin, after the ball bounces into a holder on the cupboard. (Is there another one in Sportacus's belt if he needs it?) Was she able to watch him playing outside?

    Again, Robbie claps twice and a blackboard drops down with an evil plan already on it. "I have finally figured out why my plots never work! I haven't been using enough sugar apples!" Robbie.

    He knows 1+1=2. But he can't double 2.

    "Hi Robbie!" Stephanie. She doesn't sound suspicious or wary or anything like that. She is skipping to school, sounding friendly.

    The logo on Stephanie's blazer is a gold shield, one half red, the other half blue, with a white chicken and a gold banner saying "LazyTown". Stephanie didn't even need to think to say that 2=2=4.

    "I think school's for everybody. (not just kids) You can always learn something new." Stephanie. She has a backpack with her name on it and 2 flowers on the back.

    "Nope, I'm a villain. I don't need to go to school." Robbie He claps twice and the blackboard goes back up. Headcanon; He's 34 or 35 years old in this episode.

    If Stephanie saw the drawings of Sportacus, including one where he's passed out, she doesn't say anything.

    Robbie stamps on the floor once with his right foot and a lever unfolds up. Pulling it sends him down an underground pipe into his lair from the roof.

    Robbie's lair has a doorbell. The postman sounds male. (Male. Mail. Lol.) Post rains through the same roof pipe Robbie entered from. "I love getting the mail!" Robbie He has a lot of bills. Is it things like electricity and water, or does his lair have bills too?

    "Villain's Digest" magazine has Roboticus, a dog in a black mask, a purple Snow Monster, a Spartan or Roman soldier and a blue hooded character on it. Also the sound effects "BANG" and "ÚFF". There is a "White Wash" washing machine advert on the back. "The Top 10 Villains In The World! I must be Number 1!" Robbie. Foreshadowing? #1 is a dog. The drawings of villains #2-#9 are quite creepy. They are normal-looking people. Robbie is #10. Sportacus's number. But look on the bright side, there must be a lot of villains in the world, so to make number 10...

    Important question; does Richard read Villain's Digest? Headcanon: Robbie has an older brother called Richard, and they've been estranged for years. Richard could use Villain's Digest to find him. Or one of his family members could notice that there is someone in the magazine who looks a lot like Richard. (who is taller than Robbie, with blue eyes) Richard who would recognise his brother when they show him. (But spoiler alert; there is a subplot where they reunite)

    Robbie doesn't dial a number when calling Villain's Digest.

    Why has Robbie never been to school?! Then I could chalk some of his personality up to being a bullied loner type. And how does going to school make you a better villain? Isn't it a bad thing to skive school? Or to encourage people to do so?
    "Everyone has to finish school. Even villains! Don't you know that? School is for everyone!" Villain's Digest guy

    "Hello handsome!" Robbie, to his usual clothes. He strikes a fancy pose as he pulls the lever. There is nothing obscuring "Biff's" face, but he is wearing a hat.

    Seating plan, from front-left (on-screen) to back-right; Stephanie, Ziggy, Pixel, Trixie, Biff and Stingy. All the desks say "A" on them for some reason.

    "Biff" looks shy and wary when the kids all say "Welcome!"

    Ms Busybody has some sports candy on her desk. She is teaching today.

    They accept new kids on the last day of school?

    Of course Robbie is a bad student, using ripped-out exercise book paper to throw paper aeroplanes in Ms Busybody's hair and stealing Stingy's gold coin to throw it at the bell to end the lesson. Stingy admires his money in class. It seemed to come from a yellow lunchbox.

    "You can't bring cake to school!" Stingy, to "Biff". Robbie eats a massive quadruple-layer slice of cake and is still hungry.

    "Are you talking to me?" Ziggy, when "Biff" asks for Candy Boy. "Biff" is so hungry that he'd ask for a banana. (Has he ever had banana cake? Probably.) But he doesn't know how to eat it. Ziggy has to teach him. "Biff" looks a bit disgusted before trying to eat the peel. "That is not right." Pixel

    Bessie spends break talking on the phone.

    Robbie throws the rest of the banana out of the window when Ziggy says it's his favourite sports candy, but doesn't spit the rest out.

    When the kids ask "Biff" if he wants to come outside and play with them, he thinks a bit before saying he has a cold. "Poor Biff!" Ziggy "I hope you feel better, Biff." Stingy "See ya Biff!" Pixel. The kids are worried about him. I'm pretty sure it's illegal for a teacher to leave a child alone in a classroom...

    Robbie draws a caricature of Bessie with a paper plane through her hair. He then pranks Bessie by ringing the bell, then taking the hinges out of the door. (which he holds open for the kids) The danger of the Mayor falling over the hingeless door and landing with his head in a bin passes, so it's probably everyone's distress that sets Rin off. Sky chaser deployment time: 7 seconds

    There is an armchair in the classroom. Robbie braces away, scared, when Sportacus flips in. Robbie looks nervous after the save, straightening his blazer. "Who are you?" Sportacus, to "Biff". "Hi I'm Bob." Robbie "I thought your name was Biff!" Ziggy

    Sportacus got the apple energy really quickly. Apparently digestion takes over 20 minutes. "Energy supply excellent." Rin, when Sportacus checks his bracer. "This is not cool!" "Biff", towards Pixel. "Remember to study hard!" Sportacus

    "Your teacher, Ms Busybody..." Mayor

    "Biff" fell asleep really quickly, despite all the kids' chatter. Trixie recognises that "Biff" is wearing fake open-eyes glasses. "It's just a trick!" He wakes up when she takes them off.

    "I've never studied in my life!" "Biff" Stephanie is the first to offer to help "Biff".

    Ziggy thinks 4+4=3

    Is "Biff"'s electric guitar playing some kind of reference? "4x4 is 91" "Biff" was holding "16" upside down. He doesn't like studying.

    If the kids fail this big test, they have to go back to school over the summer.

    Either "Biff" forgot that that was Ziggy's seat, or he needs to sit there to cheat.

    The end of year test is 20 minutes and 4 questions long. The test starts about 2 o'clock, I think. The clock has 4 dots in between single lines representing 12 and 3.

    Everyone believed there was "an elephant outside with wings!"
    Something Robbie Rotten is not above; switching his test with Stephanie's and switching their names so that he passes with full marks and flying colours and she completely fails. He can sign his disguise name in black, and since Stephanie was using a red pen, forged her signature with one. The S in it is swirly.

    "The first thing I'm going to do (on his summer holiday) is wake up. Then I'm going to have breakfast." Mayor

    Stephanie is really clever and top of the class. "Ah, Stephanie." Her uncle smiles when Bessie addresses her. Everyone is surprised when they hear Stephanie has got an F. Her distress sets off Rin. Sportacus can probably see Stephanie from where she's crying outside.

    "Stephanie's always on top of her studies!" Pixel
    Trixie recognizes Robbie's forgery because "[Stephanie] always puts hearts over her i's!"

    Even Sportacus is surprised to hear Stephanie failed the maths test. (or so they think) "I know you're really good at math!" Test questions; 5+5=10 3x4=12 144/6=(I had to think about this, I know it's 12 squared) 24 If Xx12=72, (darn algebra) what is x? 6. (Had to give it some thought again)

    The "Step" in Stephanie's signature is joined up, but the rest is not. Apart from the heart, Robbie was actually really close.

    Stephanie suspects that "Biff" was the one who cheated. Because he was so badly behaved? (Going to school disguised as a child at 34? The legal implications!)

    Where was Stephanie's mask? Her blazer pockets were in shot, but she didn't reach into them. She doesn't seem to be wearing a bag. Headcanon: She inherited some magic from her pink-haired elf father, and can sometimes summon things.

    The sports centre, a slide and a goalpost are in the background of the phone box.

    The kids are angry at "Biff" for cheating. "Really? I cheated?" He can't think of an excuse and runs away. Talk about karma; that was the banana skin he threw out (Chekhov's Gun) AND Stephanie's skateboard he slipped on. We didn't see Rin go off for Robbie's danger and everyone's distress, perhaps that was off screen. Sportacus still saves "Biff" and catches him in his arms. He then puts him down, and "Biff" thanks him. "Thank you, thank you!"

    "Robbie Rotten!" The kids are angry. "Robbie, you shouldn't cheat! It never pays off!" Ziggy Sportacus looks disappointed, like Robbie should have known better? "Studying always pays off!" Sportacus

    There is a derpy sad face on the indigo metallic bucket Robbie falls into.
    “I believe that the human spirit is indomitable. If you endeavor to achieve, it will happen given enough resolve... The effort you put forth to anything transcends yourself, for there is no futility even in death.”
    Monty Oum (1981-2015)

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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    Ahh yes I got scared and wiped my glitchtastic plays channel not long after hearing about the COPPA stuff. I didn't realize you were using any of the videos as research, sorry :\
    Da-ba-da-ba-da, da-ba-da-da, da-ba-da-da,
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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    Apology accepted, Glitch. I understand why you did it. I just pray nothing happens to Bado Innos... I can hope.

    Let me tell you more about Rin. (Responsive Intelligent Network) July this year I took part in "Camp NaNoWriMo", and asked some "cabin mate" forum members questions about problems I'd found in my fanfiction and things I wanted second opinions on. One or more of these questions were about Rin.
    If you ask me, Robbie Rotten is not completely bad, but not completely good either. Rin has experienced Robbie Rotten at his worst. There are incidents throughout the show where he tries to crash her. He takes advantage of her and uses her for evil schemes. While writing Rin, she developed a personality and spirit of her own, and those incidents must have been terrifying and traumatizing for her. I'm even worried that though it wasn't literal, he might have done something horrible to her which I don't think I can talk about on here. (but it rhymes with grape) And people who do that are usually considered beyond redemption, at least by readers. And I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm taking the perpetrator's side, but I want people to feel sympathy for Robbie in the fanfiction because of things that happen, but that's near impossible if he's done that. But I can't pretend these incidents never happened, they featured in the show and are therefore canon. So what do I do? Would you like to give me some advice?

    I have drafted flashbacks in the fanfiction where Rin remembers how she got hijacked. I want readers to know why she doesn't like Robbie Rotten and doesn't want him anywhere near her.

    The next one will probably be Little Pink Riding Hood. That has another incident with Rin, I've watched it before but didn't make any notes. I did draft a flashback of it into the fanfic though.

    -Friends Forever-

    "A new day, a new move!" Sportacus He has a calendar with 5 days on it. (from Nausikaa?) Day 3 (Wednesday?) is press-ups, according to the blue silhouette behind the numbered sunshine pinned in front. "Flying push up? With a twist? That's never been done before..." Sportacus. Where does he read that information? Just that little silhouette? It looked like a normal push-up.

    Stephanie can paint. It's a sign with 4 dancing child silhouettes. A picture of the kids and their treehouse is on the left post above the wall.

    By sticking her thumb and pointy finger in her mouth, Stephanie can whistle loud enough for the other children to hear.

    Pixel's binoculars analyse everything in the "Sports Park."

    The kids are now the "Friends Forever Club", I think.

    In the Sports Park; There are three buckets on upright log chunks, each further away from the other. From furthest to closest: "100"(orange), "50" (blue), "10" (pink). The numbers are in red with white shadows. You have to knock them down with a yellow rope with a pink covered weight on each end.

    The loudspeakers' volume is at 8. Robbie was sleeping under a small purple blanket with a white (cow?) patch outlined in orange.

    Next in the Sports Park; the "Power Slammer." Like one of those strength test thing you get at fairgrounds. You can tell Stephanie painted it; it's pink with orange notches and half a flower on the side of the base. The hammer is long and really heavy.

    How Sportacus finds the trouble; he hears Stephanie screaming. "Argh! Saving, saving, saving! How annoying!" Robbie

    The hammer has pink under the metal part and on the end. Stephanie must have painted that too.

    The Sports Park has parking spaces for both Stingy's car and his trailer.

    "I could barely lift (the hammer)" Stephanie

    Sportacus pulls 2 carrots and an apple from a backpack.

    Of course Stingy claims the Sports Park is his.

    The bucket-hitting game is called "Hit the Can." "Mini Bowling"; Like a bowling alley becomes a pink and orange crazy golf round. "The Hand Walker;" Like monkey bars but with only one ladder anchoring it to the ground. Pink and orange again. "A hand walker! I've never tried that before." "I love to try new things!" Sportacus From when he reached his hand to the first bar, Sportacus did the Hand Walker in 20 seconds. He swung his legs into the air on the last 2 bars.

    Stingy wants the prize without even knowing what the contest is. Or the prize.

    Rin is accessible to anyone other than Sportacus by tickets. They are blue and shiny with a shining crystal case picture. Sportacus gave one to Stephanie. Why? Where exactly does he get them from? "Going to the airship would be my dream!" Ziggy

    Is it just me, or did Sportacus sound like he was in quite a rush to leave?

    WHY IS ROBBIE BLOWING UP A BLUE BALLOON?! That's Sportacus's colour! He has no difficulty blowing it up. Can Rin hear Robbie announce his evil plan to sink her, FOREVER! by letting all her air out? Is she scared? Does Robbie know she's alive, in a sense?

    "Too big," Robbie, about the Mayor's disguise. He has a mini version of his usual outfit. He strikes a fancy pose when pulling the disguise lever. Does it only remove the disguise closer to the piano? The disguise's parachute opens when leaving the tube. "Lazy Town, get ready to shake!" He does a shaky dance move on "shake".

    Because Stephanie knocked over 2 pins in Mini Bowling, a red flag with a yellow "2" pops up. from an orange mechanism nect to the tunnel.

    "Playing with friends is so much fun!" Trixie

    Robbie sticks his tongue out in between "blue" and "airship!" He's made a nice Shaking Cup for the kids-but abuses it for an evil plan. Robbie has made 10 purple counterfeit tickets, and the crystal case design is simplified. Can Rin hear this conversation? Can she monitor her own danger values? "I'm just gonna LOCK IT!" Robbie Ziggy looks a bit worried before he says; "Justforsafety." Stephanie was disappointed because they were in the middle of her contest."But guys, remember? Friends Forever?" I don't think she's suspicious of the Shaking Cup Man yet. Even when he snatches her ticket off her. Pulling the lever further down makes it go faster. There are 4 dots on the side that get bigger and purpler further down.

    "I had a glass of milk this morning!" Trixie

    Can Rin sense Robbie approach her with the tickets? "Sportacus, here I come!" Robbie gets his name right. "This is high!" Robbie, about the ladder. Rin's door was open. I think she and Sportacus left it that way so one of the kids could come in. But I don't think it was open in that shot of the ladder. Robbie was out of breath after climbing it.

    Sportacus is happy to see a new visitor. "Who are you?" "I was expecting one of the kids!" Sportacus "It worked!" Robbie. I'm pretty sure Rin can hear him. I don't think she can speak without being spoken to yet, so she can't tell Sportacus that this is really Robbie Rotten.

    "Water!" Rin opens the hatch containing the water bottle and throws it to Sportacus. Robbie was standing in the way and has to duck. "No, but I have SPORTS CANDY!" Sportacus, when Robbie asks if he has any chocolate. Rin throws them an apple. Sportacus bounces it off his bicep. Robbie gags after sipping some water.

    Jumping on a grey spherical pump on the door side of the cockpit fills Rin with air and makes her go higher. There is a whooshing sound afterwards. Does leaving the door open mess with the cabin pressure? Do neither of them have altitude sickness? (I think that's impossible for Sportacus.) Rin sways a bit as she rises. "Air supply increasing." There is a sound waveform on the speaker pod when Rin speaks.

    By stepping on a floor button, a turning wheel rises from the floor. "Air out!" Sportacus. I don't think that was an actual voice command. Turning the wheel clockwise opens air hatches in Rin's red balloons. They open by flipping to the right. They are metallic with crystal case logos on them. "And close!" Probably not a voice command either, since Sportacus was turning the wheel anticlockwise. Rin sways as the air goes out. "Air supply stabilized." Rin, after her air hatches close. Her voice sounds kind of electronic.

    "But we're friends forever! And friends stick together." Stephanie

    "Telescope!" Sportacus The telescope shoots out of a hole in the wall between the kitchen and the sports equipment cupboard. Sportacus's telescope can zoom in- first it showed a section of the town, then a close-up of the kids.

    The turning wheel has not gone down. Is there a command for that?

    “Yes! While Sportacus is rescuing those kids from the cup, I can sink the airship, FOREVER! " Robbie. Rin had to have heard that. Is she terrified for her life? Robbie lets all the air out, Rin sways, Sportacus loses his balance and COULD HAVE FALLEN TO HIS DEATH IF HE HADN'T GRABBED A RUNG ON RIN'S FIN. (But has he jumped straight out of the airship before?) Robbie could have manslaughtered Sportacus.

    "Air supply: 10 minutes." Rin. (There are about 9 minutes of the episode left.) Her voice has a sort of high-pitched echo to it. After opening the air hatches, Rin has enough air for 10 minutes. She is lowering parallel to the ground. "5 minutes." Rin No echo this time It's been about 1 or 2 minutes.

    Ziggy was the first person Stephanie saved, Stingy was the last.

    Ziggy recognizes Sportacus's telescope. From the ground, Sportacus's telescope can zoom into a close up of the bottom of Rin's fin. Sportacus is hanging onto a thin horizontal blue rail on it.

    "So is the Shaking Cup Man!" (in trouble) Trixie She has great eyesight-she wasn't using the telescope. But Rin is descending.

    "Sportacus, hang on!" He can hear Stephanie calling from the ground.

    Swinging the weighted rope around makes Ziggy lose his balance. The other four kids holding his legs stabilizes him.

    Sportacus can stand on Rin's fin, one foot on the rail, the other on the fin.

    "1 minute". Rin (It's been 2 or 3 minutes)

    The rope has a lot of knots in it.

    "It's so high!" Stingy

    The weight on the rope can fit through the rail on the door.

    Why doesn't Robbie want Sportacus to save him? "Don't do that!" Robbie

    The kids can watch Rin, Sportacus and Robbie from the ground.

    "30 seconds" (1-2 minutes)

    Instead of an apple, you originally had to hit a red ball on the Power Slammer.

    Stephanie gets the carrot energy very quickly after just one bite off the end. Before, she couldn't get the hammer very far off the ground. It's enough to lift the entire hammer and send the entire apple flying up to Sportacus. Who gets his apple energy quickly too.

    "Air supply empty." Rin (~1 minute) "In 10 seconds. 9... (countdown lasting about 13 seconds)"

    Sportacus gives Robbie the apple he'd taken bites out of. He drops it in disgust, he could see the bite.

    "Air supply empty. Warning! Airship falling. Falling! Falling!" Rin is sounding an alarm. She is in danger of crashing into the Town Hall and being speared by the flagpole, but that is below her hull. Headcanon: Maybe Ms Busybody and the Mayor are currently in the Town Hall and don't know they're about to be crashed on? That would raise the stakes. And even so, Sportacus and Robbie are in danger of injury and maybe even death.

    Closing the air hatches makes Rin stop in mid-air. Rin's 3rd traumatization. "Air supply stabilized" Rin, after Sportacus pumps air back into her.

    There is a crystal case on the chassis where Rin's pedals are. Pulling a lever brake up on Sportacus's right releases the cockpit.

    Robbie lands from quite a high height into the shaking Shaking Cup with a ripped parachute and not much injury. Just dizzy. Sportacus turns the cup off for him. There's a flashing amber light on the side of the Shaking Cup's control box. "Is (the Shaking Cup Man) okay?" Stephanie

    "Oh that man!" Ziggy, after Robbie Rotten is revealed. Sportacus sighs, folding his arms and shaking his head.

    "Guys, you saved me this time. Thanks." Sportacus. "And Stephanie saved all of us!" Trixie "What are friends for?" Stephanie

    The kids all put their right hands in the middle and go "Friends Forever!"

    Is Robbie dancing to Bing Bang or just shaking?

    Robbie's parachute gets stuck in an upper roof pipe.

    Headcanon: Rin printed off 5 tickets for each of the children to say thank you. Maybe at some point during Ástin, the Shaking Cup becomes an official part of the Sports Park.
    “I believe that the human spirit is indomitable. If you endeavor to achieve, it will happen given enough resolve... The effort you put forth to anything transcends yourself, for there is no futility even in death.”
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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    Right now I'm watching all the episodes I consider most important in case something happens.

    "Little Pink Riding Hood" probably scared Rin (the airship) the most because of what Robbie Rotten was able to do to her. I think I might have her cry afterwards.

    -Little Pink Riding Hood-

    Rin reckons Sportacus can't powerlift a weight with 5 watermelons on each end. "The surprise is; that you can't lift it." The speaker pod screen is blue.

    A pear shoots out of a circular white hole in the wall which opens vertically. Sportacus didn't finish the pear, only two bites, before asking for a grape, which shot out of what looks like the one the toothbrush comes out of, but I think there's another one next to that. Wasteful...

    "Energy level; high." Rin can measure Sportacus's energy levels. Sportacus's left-hand bracer has a compass in it. He's facing north-east while facing Rin's window. There is also a rainbow energy meter to the left, with a red circle being lowest and a dark blue rectangle being highest. The screen in the middle also shows this meter, which is flashing through all the colours. There are 3 buttons below the screen. What do they do? Decoration? When closing the bracer, 2 halves of a white S on a dark blue background slide together horizontally, the top half coming from the right and the bottom from the left.

    "I thought that was impossible." It's official; Rin can think. And she was wrong; Sportacus can lift 10 watermelons on a pole after a grape and 2 bites of a pear.

    Today is "Surprise Day". The kids have made him a lovely toy airship made of sports candy; the "Sports Candy Flyer". It has plastic fins and fans and is that a camera?

    "I love Surprise Day!" Ziggy That navy blue captain's hat is Ziggy's anyway, judging by the golden Z in the laurel wreath.

    One of Pixel's TVs has vertical coloured bars going up and down.

    The Sports Candy Flyer is on some kind of blue stand.

    Stingy's yellow checklist has gold coins on the back.

    Pixel can activate the "Mini Flyer" remotely from his computer. "I'm connecting the remote for the Mini Flyer. Engines on! Flight Mode... started!" There are 4 dials in front of his keyboard, smallest on the left and biggest on the right. Pixel controls the Mini Flyer with a joystick. "Stabilizing thrusters!"

    It has a "Sports Candy Dropper". When Pixel presses a red rectangular button on the back of the joystick, a grape drops from the Flyer's fin.

    Yes, the Mini Flyer has a camera. "Stephanie, look at your screen." Pixel He's referring to the one in the back of her extremely kawaii bag. She unlocks it by drawing an S on it as "Bing Bang" plays electronically. It can do a camera feed. The camera is on the front. "So [Stephanie] can see whatever's in front of it." Pixel.

    Ziggy's hat is a bit too big for him and keeps sliding into his eyes.

    Robbie is good at drawing evil plans. It's glowing bright orange inside his microwave.

    "Where is that blue shmoo?!" So Robbie can knock him out with a sugar apple and then send him away, FOREVER!

    Robbie can hear the kids talking in Pixel's house from the periscope at a nearby fence. The eyes on the periscope can move.

    When Trixie asks for the map, Pixel uses his keyboard to turn the sofa over so its back faces the ceiling. “Couch servers; activate! Map turning over!” A blue 3D net model turns over on Pixel's computer. The whole screen is blue, the battery is full, and the sofa is labelled with 4 rapidly changing 5-6 digit numbers. Long numbers are in the background. The kids are amazed to see a giant screen on the back displaying a map of Lazy Town. "Wow!" "Great huh?" Pixel
    The map can zoom in and display Stephanie's icon, with a pink sonar effect. The zoomed in map moves to the forest, where Sportacus's icon is waiting with an icon of Rin to his right. A dotted line appears line by line to her down the main forest path. It traces the route Stephanie will take. A beeping noise is made after the path forms, while Sportacus's icon radiates blue circles. The icon turns round a few times quickly and then he is blindfolded. There is only one tree on the visible map, on top of the path, to the far left. "Sportacus will be waiting in Lazy Grove, near the treehouse, blindfolded!" Trixie The map travels back to Stephanie's icon quicker than it went to the forest. "And then ruuun back here!" Trixie

    "I will follow the pink girl into the woods." Robbie. Insert Into the Woods reference. "She'll give it to Sportaflop bidibidibeep!" Robbie flaps his hands and fingers like a bird on "Sportaflop" and then mimics his crystal. "And then, I'll get rid of him, FOREVER!" Has he thought about how? Has he thought past tricking Sportacus with a fake apple? There are two microwaves in the left of the lair, both glowing orange inside. Robbie claps twice and the billboard rises up offscreen. He spins round and the Big Bad Wolf disguise spins down out of its tube on the far-left and onto him. The wolf head is unattached to the rest of the fursuit. (This disguise got people wondering if Robbie's a furry)

    "Because if we all go, Sportacus might see us!" Trixie, when Ziggy asks why Stephanie has to deliver the Mini Flyer gift alone. "My SkyCam will follow her the whooole way. Then we can see her and talk to her!" Pixel, about a remote-controlled UFO camera with "pixel" on it, in the same font as his shirt. "Then we'll be able to warn [Stephanie] if something happens!" (Trixie)

    "Sportacus, you've got mail." Rin It shoots up from a circular hole in the floor. The blindfold Stephanie sent Sportacus is the same one he wore when he was lifting the watermelon dumbbell. "I love surprises!" Sportacus

    Does pressing a circular silver button on the right of the cockpit get Rin's fans turning? They are reddish-brown in the centre.

    North of Lazy Town, there is nothing we haven't seen on the title screen except more fields and mountains.

    The kids are dancing to Stephanie singing "Life Can Be A Surprise"-they can probably hear her through the camera, displaying on one of Pixel's computers.

    The Mayor is giving a speech on one of his TVs.

    I've discovered "Life Can Be A Surprise" can be mashed up with THREE other songs if you slow it down a little; "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry, "Red Lights" by Tiёsto and "Rewrite the Stars" by Zac Efron and Zendaya.

    Except for 2 sunflowers, Stephanie's bouquet is different shades of pink. Did she pick them in the forest?

    Stephanie can fly in the sky. She's wearing her mask. Is it the prize; imagination?

    She's wearing the same outfit Julianna Rose Mauriello did in Snow Monster, except she's wearing the jacket from Who's Who under the gilet.

    She thinks of her friends as cartoon faces. (the newer style)

    Sometimes she has the hood up, sometimes she doesn't.

    Lazy Town and the forest are connected by a wall with a gate. There are rocks and logs on the forest floor as well as greenery. Have some of the trees been cut down?

    She wears Julianna's cooking outfit in Swiped Sweets.

    Sunflowers grow on bushes and on the ground.

    There are bits of pale pink on the microphone.

    Other things on Pixel's computers; scrolling text in 3 rounded boxes under shapes, a floppy cube cross and a 3D model of Rin. There's a heck ton of wires behind the sofa. A thick yellow one and a lot of thinner red, blue and yellow ones. One of them was the sound cable connected to the SkyCam. Stephanie is still dancing when the others lose the sound. "Sing like nobody's listening!", it looks like. On Pixel's TVs there are 3D models of his house, his name logo and a shiny infinity-shaped blob. Looks like we lost sound for the last chorus.

    "Door opening." Rin's speaker screen is silver, not blue.

    Pixel trusts Ziggy over Trixie and Stingy to hold the remote if Pixel tells him not to mess with it. "Stephanie needs us! Oh, I promised I'd keep an eye on her!" Pixel Ziggy can see the SkyCam feed on the remote. "I'm the captain of Surprise Day!"

    There are tulips growing in the forest, including a blue one? The trees are round. Ivy is growing on half of one. Looks like it lost the top half a while ago.

    "Why can't [Stephanie] stop!" Robbie, so he can put a sugar apple in her basket.

    "I'm really good at flying [the Mini Flyer!]" Ziggy

    One of the tree stumps looks cut.

    "I can't let the pink girl get away!" Robbie There is an orange arrow sign with a red border and a picture of the treehouse on it, pointing right. On the other side is a red flower and a yellow one. Robbie flips it around to make Stephanie get lost in the forest, which could be dangerous (Robbie Rotten aside).

    The treehouse looks like one in Lazy Town, but there are no leaves above it. Where did it come from?

    Rin's back side fins can retract in when landing. The fans fold behind each other. Rin lands on a tiny hill in a clearing with sunflowers, sunflower bushes and stones. Her speaker screen is silver. "Door opening" When Sportacus says "Door!" There are logs and uprooted trees on the hill, along with short sunflowers and tufts of long grass.

    "Now which way to Lazy Grove? Oh! The treehouse is that way!" Stephanie reads the sign with the flowers.

    Pixel moves the SkyCam by moving the entire remote. Trying to get up, the SkyCam makes little whirring noises. Under Pixel's desk is a large tangle of wires.

    "Wait... this isn't the right direction." Stephanie knows the way to Lazy Grove.

    Sportacus stretches his arms while sitting waiting on Rin's open door. Is there a command to close it? Can she sense Robbie Rotten approaching, and is she scared? Can she hear him?

    Robbie ducks down behind a bush as the Big Bad Wolf and comes straight back up as himself. "With the VoiceChanger 6000, I’ll fool Sportacus into taking a bite of this sugar apple!" A voice-changing machine looking like false teeth. There is a purple dial with a black top and a white line with 6 different settings on the top, from left to right; Ziggy, Sportacus, Bessie, Mayor, Stingy and Stephanie (Julianna). How did he make this? Could Rin hear what he said? Knocking back the teeth towards his mouth like it's a shot changes Robbie's voice. This could be dangerous. And could be used for identity fraud and theft... Robbie has a gold tooth (front right).

    Robbie was right in front of Sportacus when he got up from crawling, a little to the left, and may have got a close view of his crotch.

    To change his voice, Robbie has to take the teeth out of his mouth to change his voice back to normal, change the dial to the one he wants, and knock it back again. (Is the dial comfortable in there?...) Could Sportacus not hear him say "Wrong voice!" Could Rin? Sportacus is not suspicious when "Stephanie" angrily shouts "NOW!" at him. Just apologetic-looking. Robbie regrets it as soon as he yells, knowing Stephanie would never behave like that.

    Rin can talk independently now, can't she?. Why doesn't she say something like; "SPORTACUS, PUT DOWN THAT APPLE RIGHT NOW, THAT IS A SUGAR APPLE AND THAT IS ROBBIE ROTTEN WHO GAVE IT TO YOU. He's pretending to be Stephanie." Inside the fake apple it is red and pink swirly, with a gooey red centre.

    Pulling the teeth out of your mouth gets your normal voice back.

    On swinging Sportacus's legs up and rolling him through the door, Robbie can see his rear end.

    "The sign's facing the wrong direction!" Pixel

    "Closet opening." Rin, when Robbie leans on a small silver circle button next to it. The translucent doors open horizontally. There is a spare Sportacus suit standing inside, between the door and the window. "Well you won't need that anymore!" Robbie

    "And now Sportafloppy voice." Rin should definitely hear that. "Airship, fly anywhere in 5 minutes!" Robbie, in Sportacus's voice. The pod screen is silver. “Airship preparing for takeoff.” Rin. This is so dangerous, and must be frightening for Rin. Now Robbie Rotten has full control of her, and can make her do anything he wants. The speaker pod screen is blue. Robbie laughs. "It works!" Pointing at the speaker pod, which changes from blue to silver 2 seconds after Rin finishes talking. Must have some kind of sleep mode.

    After just one press, Robbie works out what the wardrobe button does. "Closet closing." Rin The spare suit fits him, but he's considerably taller and thinner than Sportacus. So how? Magic? And did the smell and feel of Robbie's Sportacus disguise rile him up a bit?

    Stephanie is outside. Is that why Rin doesn't tell her what's going on? She wouldn't be able to hear her?

    "Bed coming down. But Sportacus, it's not 8:08". Rin, after Robbie says "Bed" and she is unfolding it accordingly. Note how she addresses him as Sportacus, but probably saw what Robbie Rotten did and where the real Sportacus is. (Headcanon; She has hidden cameras and microphones in this room.) Rin knows what the time is, or can see the daytime sky outside.

    The 3D model shapes above the 3 text boxes on Pixel's bottom computer are; from left to right; an orange, a banana and an apple.

    "Why is [Sportacus]" already in bed?" Pixel Stephanie looks suspicious, but that could be because "Sportacus" is in bed in broad daylight.

    There is a sort of silver and blue-ringed button inside Rin's door section, on the left. What does it do?

    "Is that really Sportacus? Pixel, zooming in.

    "Why is your chin so big?" Stephanie "That’s so my chin can point in the right direction!” "Sportacus" "But why is your voice different?" "But why are your teeth so big?" Can Stephanie see his gold tooth?

    “No! You’re not Sportacus!” When Robbie tries to snatch the surprise basket off her. The other kids are confused too. "What's going on?" Ziggy "This is strange" Stingy

    Rin says "Closet opening" and "Closet closing" every time someone presses the button. Why doesn't she tell Stephanie about the security breach, now that she's inside? Because she thinks Robbie Rotten is Sportacus?

    "Something really weird is going on here." Stephanie. "There's something weird going on there." Pixel Robbie's disguise isn't completely effective, maybe because he's behaving out of character. Or he didn't make the disguise himself? And where did he get the fake moustache from? Plot twist; Sportacus's moustache was fake all along.

    “Sportacus, you need to send your guest home now. We’re about to take off. Destination: anywhere.” Does Rin know Stephanie's name? And it's been about 2 and a half minutes. Rin's back top fins move as far forward as they can go and retract out. Rin's launch makes the ground a bit windy. She rises off the ground, back fans still lined up behind each other. "Door closing in 5... 4..." Rin The door is the second of 3 metallic blob sections, on the left when facing the window from outside.

    There is CCTV footage of Lazy Town on Pixel's TV next to the Mayor giving a speech.

    "What are you doing?!" Robbie, when Stephanie runs out the door as Rin is taking off. She probably alerted the crystal, but it was in the wardrobe where nobody could hear it. I'm guessing Robbie's suit doesn't have a spare crystal. He dashes after her to the door. "Where did she go?!" Is he worried about her? She could have fallen to her death if she hadn't grabbed the SkyCam in time, or been crushed by the door.

    "No I cannot read lips!" Trixie

    Plugging 2 thickish yellow wires together turns the sound back on.

    Pixel turns on the Mini Flyer's camera by typing into his computer keyboard. A 3D model of it appears, broadcasting waves from a tiny antenna on the top. It's labelled with numbers like the sofa. The joystick controller folds up from the left side of the desk. "Wow." Ziggy

    "Door opening. Closet opening" (but Robbie pressed the button that time) "Airship flying out of control!" Rin. Why? She was commanded to fly anywhere in 5 minutes. I reckon the ambiguity of "anywhere" caused her circuits and decision-making software to malfunction. Sportacus would usually command her to fly to a specific location.

    "Check your screen." Pixel, about Stephanie's bag screen. "I knew something was wrong." Stephanie, after seeing 2 Sportaci on the camera feed. "One of them has the blindfold we gave him, but his crystal is glowing red, which means he doesn't have any energy!" Pixel It's also making a high pitched UFO sort of noise. "There's nothing about that on the checklist!" (which is blue) Stingy "Can anyone stick to the plan?!"

    "Platform going down" Rin, after "Sportacus" says "I just wanna go down!" Robbie screams after seeing how high up he is.

    "Calculating trajectory of airship and final co-ordinates are..." Pixel types on his keyboard. There are 3D models of Rin and his house, and an arrow lengthening and joining the two. 3 numbers label the arrow. "Pixel's house!" Rin must be moving on a straight sort of path, without veering anywhere. Now the kids are in danger of being crashed into and killed. Is Rin terrified?

    "We need to know what's going on outside! Activating outdoor cameras!" Pixel types again. 4 CCTV cameras on the front of his house fold out to face the front, and the big satellite dish moves upwards. A smaller one to the left of the aerials moves to the front. The CCTV cameras can move and zoom in, and the top-left lens looks like the iris of an eye, blue then orange. It says "pixel" in yellow in the bottom right corner of the front side with the camera.

    "But Sportacus is the only one who could stop the airship!" Stephanie "But he's in a sugar meltdown!" Ziggy knows who the real one is. Trixie is the one who remembers the Mini Flyer's "Sports Candy Dropper", and that they could use it to revive Sportacus. A 3D model of the Mini Flyer is displayed on the back of the sofa, with 0s and 1s in the blue grid background, which changes to a picture of it, zooming in on the dropper, which gets labelled with a picture of a bunch of red grapes labelled with numbers. (What do these numbers mean?) How did that sequence get activated? Is it commanded by Trixies's voice?

    The Mini Flyer has 2 little fans on the top back sides. "We only have 3 grapes left!" There is 1 on the left fin and 2 on the right fin when looking at the Mini Flyer from the front.

    "The airship's rocking too much!" Pixel. But not enough to veer away from Pixel's house.

    Stephanie's mask is in the front pocket of her bag. But it wasn't there before.

    Now there is a treehouse in the middle of the forest, away from the clearing. Two of them? There's a rope hanging from this one.

    Stephanie can throw a lasso high up so it lands around Rin's platform. “Okay guys! I’m holding the airship steady!” Headcanon; SHE'S 9 YEARS OLD. I think she used some magic. Rin is pulled back and stopped.

    Pixel puts his goggles on for the last grape. He slides them down with his left hand. The same one controlling the joystick.

    Rin must be relieved to have Sportacus revived, but she's still in danger of crashing at the moment, so she's still scared?

    Stephanie could hold Rin steady for under a minute before letting go.

    Why doesn't Rin call for help?

    Robbie throws his Voice Changer machine away from the platform. Does it break on landing?

    "Crash in 9..." Rin displays a countdown from 9 to a tenth of a second on her speaker screen in thick white numbers. I think she calculated that.


    "This is the end of Robbie Rotten! (screams, then) What have I done?" He is regretful and remorseful?

    Rin sounds really calm. Is that because it's an automatic sort of speech?

    Is that the handbrake lever Sportacus just pulled up?

    "Save me!" Robbie

    It took Sportacus some effort to pull Rin up to safety. Rin is probably relieved after this. "Crash avoided." Rin's 4th and worst traumatization.

    Stingy was hiding behind his clipboard.

    Robbie screams a Wilhelm scream. "Opening outer doors!" Pixel types to open the roof so "Sportacus" can fall through, from quite a height, landing between the sofa and the TV. "Who did you expect, Sportaloon?" Robbie

    The Mini Flyer has at least 3 grapes on it. Any fourth ones are out of view.

    Robbie wears the spare Sportacus suit back home. He attaches a remote-controlled propeller dish thing to a slice of cake so it can fly into his mouth. Some of it lands on his clothes.

    Sportacus comes back to Robbie's lair afterwards (unaired) asking for his suit back and telling him off for frightening Rin. Robbie says that it's an airship and can't think for itself.
    “I believe that the human spirit is indomitable. If you endeavor to achieve, it will happen given enough resolve... The effort you put forth to anything transcends yourself, for there is no futility even in death.”
    Monty Oum (1981-2015)

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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    My original plan was to watch most of the Season 1 Episodes in order, so I could work out and get a feel for how Robbie's feelings for Sportacus grew in a slow burn. Only now I feel I won't have the time.
    What's more, using what I remember, I was going to include flashbacks from Play Day (as well as other episodes) in the fanfiction. I thought Sportacus and Robbie's cowboy duel happened towards the end of the episode, and so I planned to headcanon that Robbie would run home after that duel, because it made him feel kind of anxious. He was staring into Sportacus's sky-blue eyes for quite some time. It's the catalyst, the spark, that sets many other attractive memories to boiling point. Robbie falls asleep feeling frustrated at how he failed again, and is woken up by the kids playing the next morning. Sportacus is playing with them, and as soon as he jumps into view of Robbie's periscope, Robbie's romantic feelings hit him "like a dodgeball to the stomach", and, petrified, he realises what they are. (He doesn't tell ANYONE about this. Not just because him and Sportacus are arch-nemeses.)
    But no, that cowboy duel scene was in the middle, and Robbie hatches another scheme where he ends up encountering Sportacus the very same day. Maybe I just need to adjust some things? Can I find another "Oh no!" point of realization?

    This is why I put this in the "Fanfiction" section, LazyPooky.

    -Play Day-

    "Pilot training sequence; ready." Rin "Light!" lights up the floor lights. Like that light-touching test you see F1 drivers do. "Light system activated." Rin "On your marks, get set..." Sportacus presses a silver circle button on the wall, next to a white circle window and the bed? "Ready, set..." Rin displays a blue stopwatch counting hundredths of a second in blue.

    Stepping on a bottom left floor light opens a flap by the cockpit. It opens away from the cockpit to reveal a handbrake to pull up around 90 degrees. "Airbrake engaged." Rin

    Stepping on a floor button pushes a turning wheel up from the floor. "Balance fins in place" Rin, after Sportacus turns the wheel anticlockwise and her top side fins move as far forward as they can go.

    Stepping on another floor light brings a pair of turning wheels down from the ceiling. Sportacus pulls a lever in between, to his right, and the one to his left up. There are two pressure gauges in between, one above the other. Turning his left one towards him pulls the top side fins out. "Air fins initiated" Rin Turning the other one away from him opens the trapdoor and drops the ladder.

    "Viewing platform down" After Sportacus steps on a button to open the door

    42.08 seconds is a "New Training Record". The numbers flash and ping a little bit. "Congratulations." How often does Sportacus do this? Does he have to?

    "Time for my after-breakfast nap!" Robbie The blanket is small and purple, with a square cow patch on an orange background.

    Trixie slides down the slide on a wagon, wearing a helmet. Rin went off for Ziggy's distress, as well as Trixie's and also her danger. Robbie could hear Trixie screaming through his orange fluffy earplugs. When Trixie's wagon knocks into Robbie's periscope, he spins round with it. "Sunday drivers!" (? couldn't hear it well) Robbie "I can't watch!" Ziggy hides his face behind his lollipop. "Sportacus yeah!" Ziggy, when he arrives to save Trixie. He caught Trixie's speeding wagon with his bare hands. "Yeah! Good save Sportacus!" Ziggy

    Today is Play Day. Sportacus doesn't seem to have heard of it. "The best, noisiest day in Lazy Town to play!" Ziggy "Play Day. My least favourite day, ever!" Robbie. Why am I not surprised.

    Play Day seems to require many different games. "Did you know today is Play Day?" Stephanie, excited.

    "I have to stop [the kids], or I will never get any peace and quiet!" Robbie

    Is the far-left disguise a centurion in a fancy dressing gown?

    Robbie puts the cowboy disguise on by spinning round. The "Rotten Kid" disguise spins out of the tube and on to him. Robbie tries a cowboy American accent. Looks like the cowboy duel scene is going to happen earlier than I remember. I might have to rewrite some headcanons. "And when I win, [the kids]'ll have to be quiet forever!" Robbie On drawing he accidentally throws his candy cane pistol behind the piano.

    Trixie reckons she's in charge of "this here town, cowboy!" "Not if I have anything to say about it!" Ziggy

    "Sheriff Pink is riding in!" Guess who, in a fake American accent. But she doesn't have a British dub voice.

    "Look, who's that?" Trixie, about Robbie. Nobody recognises him. This could be a chance for him to play with the kids. "This town ain't big enough for the four of us." Robbie holds up three fingers, and the kids are like "Huh?" "What?".

    Robbie chokes on his straw and spits it out. "Oh no! It's the-" Ziggy

    "Actually it's about 3:15", Trixie, when Robbie says it's high noon. How does she know? She didn't check a watch.

    Robbie is okay with lassoing children.

    After being alerted, Sportacus grabs a backpack and some table tennis bats from the equipment cupboard. Sportacus flies Rin towards the trouble.

    "You can't stop me! I'm Robbie-" Sportacus looks a bit "Try me. Come at me bro." Does Sportacus know now, or does he magically forget? Could the kids hear Robbie? Sportacus shakes his head, rolling his eyes.

    "Then it's just me and you, kid." "Me and you? What about those kids?" Does Robbie wonder why Sportacus hasn't included them? "Yeah!" The kids Sportacus winks at them.

    "Make your move." Sportacus is shaking his head again. They are staring into each other's eyes, wobbling a bit, steadying themselves. A tumbleweed blows past Robbie's feet. Sportacus straightens his belt.
    Robbie looks up into his eyes.
    Sportacus blinks slightly, but not completely.
    The sun burns bright.
    Robbie's pupils get smaller.
    Sportacus smiles and his eyes glint, and his pupils shrink a little.
    Robbie gets an itch in his nose.

    "No! That wasn't my move!" Sportacus rolls his eyes, shaking his head, and sighs. They start again. "Start the music again!" Where does it come from? Robbie probably broke the fourth wall! Sportacus looks upwards too. Robbie snaps his fingers and the music starts.

    They sidestep, mirroring each other.
    Sportacus's hand is shaking.
    Robbie turns his head so his left eye is closer. His gold tooth (his left, next to the "buck teeth") (part of the disguise, I think) glints.
    Sportacus turns his head to his right.
    The sun still shines.
    Robbie's lips jerk and twitch.
    Sportacus's right hand is still shaking. (Pent-up ADHD energy?)
    He strengthens that arm a bit.
    Robbie looks side to side with his eyes.
    Sportacus just stares at him, blinking slightly.
    Robbie's eyes cross then rapidly blink.
    Robbie's right hand is also shaking.
    Sportacus's right fist unclenches.
    Robbie's eyelids blink and shake.

    "Draw!" Robbie, who frantically can't find his weapon. "Apple!" Sportacus grabs his bats right away, knocking Robbie's hat off by serving the apple at it. "Look out, kid!"

    "You can't be a cowboy without a hat." Sportacus "Without a hat?" Then Robbie realises it's off. "Let me get it!" He turns round to put it back on-Sportacus serves another apple at his rear end, causing him to land in a bucket he's kicked through Robbie's legs. The kids laugh and Sportacus blows his bat out. Then he thrusts Robbie's hat back with one hand. He doesn't help Robbie take it off. Robbie walks away.

    Is this the moment Robbie realizes he's in love? This is most unwelcome. Rin would note his high distress levels.

    "No", Trixie, when Stephanie suggests they play pirates. Ziggy also shakes his head.

    "We did that this morning!" Trixie, when Stephanie suggests they play spacemen. What was Stephanie doing that morning?

    "You're all wearing new hats. Where's mine?" "You could do [football], if you had a ball that wasn't MINE!" Stingy "Well, alright," when Stephanie says they can play together and it's Play Day. "It's his ball, we gotta play by his rules." Stephanie, when Stingy asks if they're going to play dressed as cowboys.

    "Ball!" Sportacus The football shoots through a circular white hole in the wall. Sportacus kicks it back through. "I love Play Day!" The door handles have some kind of half wheel on the hull ends. Sportacus takes his telescope out of his backpack. He kicks another football into a hole in the wall, this time the top one to the right of the bed.

    Stephanie's broom; pink with a yellow handle. Trixie's is blue with a red band near the red broom section. Stingy's is yellow then orange with a red band. Trixie's football shirt says "TRIXIE 27" on the back. There is no flower in the "i" on Stephanie's personalized football shirt.

    Sportacus can score a goal with a sort of backflip.

    It says "STINGY 25" on the back of his waistcoat. He has white gloves with yellow outer pads and a little football icon. "My ball's got a grass stain on it!" Stingy They were playing on tarmac or something like it...

    "TRIXIE 27" is printed on another material then attached to the shirt. "Look, look see it's ruined!" Stingy, about his ball. He takes it and leaves over a grass stain.

    "Those kids make me crazy!" Robbie

    "Let's go make some costumes!" Trixie, when Stephanie suggests playing wild animals.

    "Raaargh!" Robbie could look through the periscope through the bucket still being on his head. He tried but couldn't get it off. "Sounds pretty wild! Raargh!" Including Sportacus making claw hands. Could he see Robbie's periscope?

    "[Wild animals are] the noisiest of them all!" Robbie "WHAT AM I GONNA DOOOO?!" He jumps up and down. "Wait a minute. Why am I acting like a baby... I'm the Master of Disguise!" After two failed pulls, Robbie finally gets the bucket off. He snaps both his fingers and vanishes from our eyes, in a Master of Disguise song. "And to make you believe each character that I pick!" He's a good singer. He runs behind a wall as Robbie Rotten and comes back as a detective. "I'm as sneaky as can be... No-one's sneakier than me!" "You walk right by me..." That's exactly what Stingy does, past Robbie as himself against a wall. He snaps both his fingers, vanishes from the chair and reappears by the microwaves. His mirror says "RR II" This song is the same as Glanni Glaepur's "Versti Fantur" in Glanni Glaepur i Latabae.
    "Who are you? Oh, it's you! It's me!" Robbie, to his reflection. The mirror is really grimy and cloudy round the edge. Robbie claps twice and the mirror goes up out of view.

    Trixie, wearing leopard-skin cat ears and a scarf, is "a wild tiger!" Ziggy is a wild mouse. Stephanie is a wild lion, with a long tail, furry brown black-clawed paws and a fuzzy hairband, but not fuzzy enough to be a mane. A wild lioness then? They do all the wild hunting. Stephanie drums a funky beat on a pink drum. "Squeeak! Squeeak!" Ziggy

    "Those kids want to play wild animals? I'll give them wild animals!" Robbie disguises himself as a gorilla. "Oooh ooh ooh!"

    There are upwards stairs by a table with a chemistry set. "Just what I needed!" Robbie peels a banana from the chemistry set before realizing it's a sports candy. "This gorilla's on a diet! (laughs) Just wait until the kids see me in this outfit! I'll scare them into next week!"

    Robbie comes out from the wall with his gorilla head off, then dashes back when he realizes the kids can see him? "Those kids are noisier than ever! So, I'll have to scare them quiet!" "Wire!" And a vine drops hanging from the sky. It makes him jump.
    "I thought apes could climb like monkeys!" Robbie tries to climb the wall but falls.

    "I forgot! I'm scared of heights!" He talks to himself, trying to pep himself into climbing the rope. "I talked myself into it!" He manages to climb the wall without the rope. The kids are scared of the "wild gorilla".

    "How do I steer this thing!" Robbie is able to balance on the random unicycle by the tree he vine-swings and lands on.

    Sportacus keeps a very long scarf behind the bed, which he pushes round. One end of it is attached to the bed doorframe. He swings in on it, kicking a wheelbarrow for Robbie to fall in. Then he tips him out backwards. "Are you okay monkey?" Sportacus shakes his head when "Robbie Rotten!" is revealed.
    "I was just playing!... It is Play Day!" Robbie. Deep down, did he just want to play Cowboys and Wild Animals with the kids?
    "Robbie." Sportacus shakes his head again.
    "Even Robbie Rotten likes Play Day," His top lip twitches and shakes. Was Ziggy wrong?

    "So what can we play next?" Robbie growls in frustration when Bing Bang starts. And then growls, shaking his fists, and storms off halfway through.

    Sportacus goes back to Rin and flies off at the end.

    "Safe at last. Nothing can happen to me now!" Then Robbie trips on a banana skin. He's wearing black socks under his normal trousers under the gorilla suit. "I can't take it anymore! Aargh!" Holding the upended chair, then shaking his hands.

    - - - Updated - - -

    -The Blue Knight-

    Sportacus has made an entire chess set out of sports candy. "How about a game for the mind?" Rin
    Sportacus has a white timer with a rook chess piece in the middle. It has 2 clocks. He plays chess with himself. Couldn't he have asked 1 of the kids if they'd like to join? Or summon Rin and play against her? But of course then again, Rin doesn't have an actress.

    Orange wins. "Now that's how you use your mind to play with your food." Sportacus (tosses a grape into his mouth)

    "Children, meet the Blue Knight!" "This armour is going to be the main attraction at a Lazy Town mediaeval festival, that is being held today!" Mayor Did the kids know about it before today?

    The kids don't know who the Blue Knight is. Whatever language the book is written in, it's not English.

    "Oh Robbie, Robbie! The Mayor's about to read us a story, why don't you come over and sit with us?" Ziggy, when he sees Robbie walking past. "Yes, come and sit down!" Stingy. "Yeah!" The other children. They don't look at all suspicious.
    "I'm not interested in stories! They bore me." Robbie. The kids are disappointed.

    The Mayor can do a Scottish accent. I don't know if it's any good. "Mediaeval stories should always be read with a Scottish accent."

    "There was a Blue Knight who lived right here in Lazy Town... He raced around town, helping all of those who needed help." Mayor
    "Like Sportacus!" Ziggy
    "He lived in a castle. He was the strongest knight in the world, and no one could defeat him!" "The Blue Knight was walking through the woods, when the evil Purple Knight rode in on his dragon!" Mayor
    "A dragon?" This part piques Robbie's interest. "Oh… Scary!" Ziggy
    "And challenged the Blue Knight!" "The clamour of the swords could be heard all over Lazy Town!" Mayor

    "I was just looking for this leaf!" Robbie, holding a big brown and orange autumn leaf. Looks like a maple leaf. Is it autumn then? When Ziggy asked if he was actually interested in the story.

    "Then all of a sudden the clamour stopped! And when the people of Lazy Town visited the castle the next morning," Mayor

    Robbie bites the tip of the leaf. He doesn't like the taste, so he throws it away.

    "Both of the knights had disappeared!" "But, the Purple Knight's sword was stuck in a stone by the entrance of the castle, and the Blue Knight's sword stuck in a stone on top of the castle! Legend has it that if you remove the Purple Knight's sword, the Purple Knight and his evil dragon will come back and take it from you!" Mayor
    "Only a person with true belief in himself" (what about herself?) "can remove [the Blue Knight's sword]!"

    "And in honour of the Mediaeval Festival, I have brought you all mediaeval costumes!" Mayor The big red trunk containing them is already behind the kids.

    Robbie steals the storybook and sneaks off with it. Excited, he rubs it.

    There was a toy purple crocodile in the costume trunk. The kids all get changed together, boys and girls. And I'm not sure if the Mayor ever left.
    The kids have wooden swords this time, not balloons.

    How many handsprings can Sportacus do in a row?!

    "What is that?" About the Blue Knight's armour.
    "I need someone to dress up in it, and I was hoping it would be you!" "All you have to do is stand in front of the castle and wave your hand to the children!" Mayor
    "(laughs) If it's for the kids, I'll do it!" Sportacus

    "I am not a knight, I am a prince!" Stingy "Stingy, you're always a prince!" Pixel "That's true," Stephanie "You're right. I am going to be… The King!" Stingy ducks up wearing a gold crown.

    "This shield is so heavy! ... Wait for me!" Ziggy trips over his costume. "Come on guys, let's go!" Did Stephanie not see him? Ziggy slowly tries to follow, his shield drags on the ground.

    "Urgh, the blue Knight!" Robbie opens the storybook.
    "...and hide all the sports candy in the dragon then, the SPORTS ELF won't have any energy, and will have to leave Lazy Town forever just like the Blue Knight in the story!" Robbie builds the dragon himself.

    Is that the Haunted Castle? The Blue and Purple Knight's swords are there just like in the story. Headcanon; If the story is true, then they are Sportacus and Robbie Rotten's ancestors respectively. The pommel of the Purple Knight's sword is glowing purple and making a scary sound.

    Stingy won't let the other kids get to the castle unless they pay him "in gold". "Attack!" Stephanie and the others just charge at him. Ziggy hasn't caught up yet.
    "I can never climb [a closed gate]." He can jump high enough to see over the fence, but not high enough to get on top. He tries calling to his friends by propping his shield up against the wall, and calling to them, but he falls off. "I'll never be a knight."

    The Blue Knight's suit of armour is really stiff. "It's really hard to move in it!" Sportacus "Well, it's just a little rusty, that's why I brought my oil can!" "Now you can try some moves you know, flippity flippity." Mayor "Flippity flippity."
    "I cannot see anything!" Sportacus. He has a lance. He falls over when trying to pole-vault it. "I guess I need to practice a little bit more!" He can't flip in the suit of armour.

    "But I always sing at the festival!" "[The Mayor has] to do the laundry. I have got to practice my singing!" Bessie The laundry basket looks heavy. Milford is having a bit of difficulty carrying it.

    Flipping a switch up inside the dragon turns it on. There are some lights and gauges inside, as well as a purple computer keyboard. Its little wings can flap. Its short legs are on the outside of wheels. Robbie can make its head and tail move as well. The mostly red lights are flashing. The Purple Knight disguise sort of magically zooms out of the tube and onto Robbie, spinning round. The organ pipes are steaming. A pressure gauge spins round rapidly and 4 lights; yellow, blue, orange and red, not all the same black fitting, flash and beep.

    There is an orange flag on top of the castle. "A young and handsome prince came through the land," Stephanie, about Pixel, who wears a yellow paper crown.

    The dragon can suck sports candy up from the vegetable patches while flying. They are stored in the cockpit.

    "Knights are brave, and strong, and they're always helping people!" Mayor, who stops his conversation with Ziggy as soon as Ms Busybody calls him. "I could be the Helpful Knight!" Ziggy

    There are pumpkins, melons and carrots growing in one of the vegetable patches.

    Ziggy is small and light enough to be launched by a washing line like he's a slingshot stone. He's a bit small for his costume, it drags on the floor. Everything in the washing basket lands on the washing lines, all pegged and ready to dry.

    Sportacus can do 1 or 2 one-handed press ups in the suit of armour before falling. Is he wearing his hero suit under it? He could hear his crystal in his chest. He can see enough to save Ziggy by catching his sheet in the lance.
    Sportacus puts on a deep voice as the Blue Knight. He can see the washing line, but about two thirds of his vision are cut off horizontally.

    Sportacus dubs Ziggy a knight with what looks like a real sword. Is he not afraid it will hurt him? "You can," ("I can,") "you will," (I will,) "if you believe!" (If I believe!) "I dub you Sir Ziggy..." "Oh yeah, Lollipop!" Is that his real surname? (According to my headcanons, it's Junkfood. And yes I know another character has that surname…) "Sir Ziggy Lollipop!"

    "The Blue Knight" ties Ziggy's costume into a knot so he won't trip on it. "Remember sir, a true knight always believes in himself! You can, you will, if you believe. (...) Thus, let's do it!"

    "Oh King Stingy, is that not a treasure chest? Full of gold coins over there?" A lot of kids have roosters on their costumes, just like on their school uniforms. Even the castle flag is reddish orange with a yellow flying rooster. "It's just a flag. And it's MINE." Stingy, after Trixie climbs to the top of the castle and raises the flag. She can't pull the Blue Knight's sword out. The pommel is glowing blue with a shiny sound effect.

    "[The gate] was open all along!" Ziggy

    "You lot don't actually believe that old book? (...) Dragon Mcflagon!" Trixie, after she tries to pull the Purple Knight's sword out and the others beg her not to.

    The dragon can fly.

    Robbie slashes at the Blue Knight with his sword. He misses. Steam is coming from the dragon's nostrils. "Going somewhere?" "The Blue Knight". Robbie gets scared by both him and the dragon. He is not very good at sword fighting. "Where'd you go?" "Right here!" Sportacus kicks him in the rear end so he lands over a box.

    "Thanks Sir Lollipop!" "The Blue Knight", after Sir Ziggy Lollipop manages to throw him his heavy shield. "I did it!"

    Now the Blue Knight's sword's hilt is glowing, in the centre.

    "Stephanie, we need to get the blue Knight's sword!" Ziggy
    "Guys, I have an idea! We can use this rope to tie down the dragon, and then 1 of us can sneak into the castle!" Stephanie, who lassos a dragon. So do the other kids. There is a random catapult nearby. Ziggy managed to lasso the dragon's neck. "I knew he wasn't a knight!" Trixie, when she can't find Ziggy because he's gone to the catapult. It launches when you press a little red button near its basket. It launches Ziggy onto the top of the castle.

    The castle is held up by chains attached to bricks like tent guy-ropes. Sportacus trips over 1 of them because he can't see it.

    "Get out of town, you blue buffoon." "The Purple Knight"

    Putting the Purple Knight's sword back in the stone powers down the dragon.

    Robbie gets scared and runs to his dragon when he doesn't have a sword.

    "Stop, Sir! And reveal yourself!" Ziggy accidentally draws a lollipop instead of a sword. Robbie is scared enough to take his hat off and reveal himself as "ROBBIE ROTTEN!" "I knew it!" Ziggy

    Sportacus throws his sword back up to the castle and it lands where it originally was.

    "And Ziggy turned out to be a true knight. Sir Ziggy Lollipop!" Stephanie

    Back in his lair, Robbie packs his disguise inside a purple suitcase that orange inside, and storms off somewhere.

    I think only Stephanie saw Sportacus lift his visor and wink. She winks back and gives him a thumbs up.

    "I hope we don't run into a dragon!" Then Pixel scares Ziggy with the purple toy crocodile in the trunk earlier. Trixie just laughs.

    Bessie sings kind of operatic, and not bad. She can hold a note for quite a long time.

    "I really need a vacation!" Robbie, after to top it all off, his suitcase breaks open.

    Did he just want to play Knights with everyone but was too shy to ask?
    “I believe that the human spirit is indomitable. If you endeavor to achieve, it will happen given enough resolve... The effort you put forth to anything transcends yourself, for there is no futility even in death.”
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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    To explain one note; I have a headcanon that Robbie's past involves a theatre. Nothing surprising, I think.

    -Dancing Dreams-

    The toothbrush shoots out of a small yellow hole to the top left of the bed. There is a bigger white hole below it, to the left. Why doesn't Sportacus brush his teeth with toothpaste?! It makes your teeth stronger and cleaner.

    "Toothbrush in freefall." After Sportacus absentmindedly throws his used toothbrush out of Rin's open door and then regrets it. Was it open when he woke up? He never said to open it.

    "Paper!" draws a small square table up from the floor and a small stack of blue paper drops on top of it. Sportacus can make paper aeroplanes. I don't think he ever threw them around in class.

    "3 seconds to impact." Rin calculates about the toothbrush. Sportacus can throw a paper aeroplane fast enough to catch the toothbrush he dropped earlier. (In less than 3 seconds) It flies back up through Rin's door like a boomerang. Sportacus had tried to throw the toothbrush back in the hole where it came from.

    The Mayor can be a mechanic and fix his own plane.

    "It's Lazy Town Dream Day, when we do something we always dreamed of…" Mayor Sounds awesome. What's the date today? "And your dream is to be a pilot." Stephanie "Ah, yes, a pilot. Free as a bird! I always fly on Dream Day…" Mayor "I think I'll keep my feet on the ground." Stephanie, when Bessie asks if she wants to be a pilot like her uncle. Instead, she's doing a dance performance today.

    Today the sun is shining bright. "What a lovely day for a picnic!" Robbie is having a picnic OUTSIDE. By himself. He seems to have packed squirty cream, a kind of chili pepper, brown hotdog sauce, a small blue bottle I can't tell what's inside, and of course a big slice of purple creamy cake. That blue bottle's either salt or pepper, and Robbie sprinkled it on the cake. The brown hotdog sauce was actually more squirty cream, and the cake had quite a lot of cream on it already.

    The stage was behind Robbie when he sat down for his picnic, at least 2 fences away. "What is she doing?!" Robbie, watching Stephanie dance to the instrumental for Have You Ever. He doesn't seem to like it.

    "Stephanie! Stephanie, my friend!" When Ziggy finds her. Her shoes are heeled. "You're so amazing, yeah!" About her dancing. "You want me to teach you some stuff?" Stephanie "I'm a terrible dancer." Ziggy "Just listen to the music and move your body to the beat." Stephanie. Robbie is disgusted when she puts the music on. "I can't do this. Uurgh..." Ziggy, before she does. She starts teaching Ziggy to dance and Robbie is dancing along with pointy fingers, then a sort of fist shaking dance move.

    "Oh Stephanie, you're the best friend I've ever had!" Ziggy "Awww you're a pretty good friend too." Stephanie, giving him a quick pat on the back.
    "Well if you can teach me how to dance, you can teach everybody how to dance, can't you?" Ziggy "Hey, that's a great idea! Maybe we could start a dance school, right here in Lazy Town!" Stephanie "NO! NO NO NO NO!" Robbie waves his arms widely across each other, not wanting this at all. "That's a terrible idea!" "And we can have dance contests and make up whole new dances!" Stephanie "Everybody dancing?!" Robbie dances a bit while saying this. Stephanie and Ziggy shake hands, promising to be partners in setting up a new dance school in Lazy Town. Ziggy rushes off to tell the others.

    Robbie has difficulty pulling his napkin off. "I have to stop her!" About Stephanie. He is too lazy to properly pack everything in the picnic basket and just wraps everything up in the tablecloth.

    "What a wonderful dancer!" Bessie, about Stephanie. "...Dancing is her dream." Mayor Robbie does a mocking sort of dance on overhearing them. "One day, she will go to a famous dance school!" Bessie "But that's far away!" Mayor "Yes far far away." Bessie "Oh my Stephanie!" Mayor Robbie can hear them. He groans, then makes a disgusted sort of noise. And then thinks of his next evil scheme on the spot. "That's it! She loves dancing..." (Does a flappy mocky dance, laughing) "I can send her away to my special dance school! (Does he actually have one?) After all it's her dream to become a dancer." He says dancer in a falsetto way, turning around and flapping about again. Robbie ducks behind the plane and comes back up as a dancer. On seeing his new disguise, he gasps and starts dancing on the spot.

    "(Sighs) I used to be able to dance like that." Bessie, watching Stephanie dance, with the Mayor.

    Robbie had a massive purple trunk behind the plane. When he knows that Bessie and the Mayor have seen him, Robbie starts doing a quick "1, 2, 3" dance and hurts his back or his thigh after kicking his leg out twice. "Who are you?" Mayor "Sully Swingahip" makes himself dizzy by spinning around how many times quickly? Robbie's a better dancer than he'd like to admit.

    "Only one lucky student is allowed in every year" He pretends to be the owner of the most famous dance school in the world far far far far far (I probably haven't got enough fars) away. "And this year we have chosen –" "Me! Me! It's me isn't it! Oh it's me, Milford! It's me!…" Bessie is jumping up and down on the spot. "Do you know anyone with pink hair?" The Mayor asks Bessie when "Sully" says that they're looking for a girl with pink hair, miming Stephanie's bob. WHAT ABOUT YOUR OWN NIECE?! "Well, pink hair is very unusual." Bessie "Your cousin Tessie has pink hair." Mayor "Pinkish." Bessie. It takes them a small while to remember Stephanie.

    "Oh my, what's in the [trunk?]" Bessie "My wardrobe." "Sully"

    Stingy, Trixie and Pixel are fighting over a pink football. I don't know what they were all saying, but I'm pretty sure that's Stephanie's. "I can't wait to tell Sportacus that me and Stephanie are going to teach everyone how to dance!" Ziggy

    Did Robbie make that acceptance letter himself? Would he be able to magically pull some strings to actually get Stephanie into a famous dance school? Does he even know where "far, far away" is? If not, then it's not one of his more well thought-out plans. "Or maybe you don't want to leave FOREVER! Uh er I mean, be a dancer." "Sully" "But I do! More than anything else!" Stephanie, who seems to giggle at "Sully's" dancing. He makes a shooing motion with both hands after the 1st chorus, to get her to stand at the side and he sings centre stage. Robbie can do a really fast tap dance! He ends up dancing together with Stephanie! Including a synchronised tap dance. But he can't do the splits. The song ends with him lifting Stephanie on his shoulder like Sportacus has done before. Did he enjoy this musical number? Did they ever teach him any dancing at the theatre?

    "Sportacus is going to love our dance school!" Ziggy Sportacus was doing this spinning around on his back breakdancing move at least 5 times in a row! He downward barrel rolls Rin's flight pod.

    There is a forest to the south-west of Lazy Town. The river flows in a wavy shape through it. There is a patch of forest in the top left corner of 1 of the nearby fields.

    Everyone is thrilled when Stephanie tells them she's been accepted into a famous dance school. "That's my Stephanie!" Mayor

    "Dancing is good for you!" "Sully" then does a quick dance and falls over. He was so surprised when Stephanie pointed him out as giving her the golden envelope that he lost his balance and fell off his trunk where he was stretching. "And now pink girl, we have to go!"

    "Ziggy, it is my dream." Stephanie

    Does anyone even know where far far away is? Does the mayor?

    There is an R on "Sully's" scarf.

    Ziggy doesn't want Stephanie to leave. He is sad about having to put their dance school plan on hold. "I was so excited about going to dance school, I wasn't even thinking about leaving Lazy Town. And you." Stephanie Robbie's lies and disguises can really mess with people's emotions.

    "Hurry up Pinky, the dancing school is waiting!" "Sully" "Yeah, you have to." [go pack?] Ziggy "I'm gonna miss this place." Stephanie. She's packed her shoulder bag and 2 smallish red suitcases.

    The mayor is wearing 1 of those flight hijab-like things and goggles.

    "And now for some goodbye presents for you, Stephanie!" Stingy. "Me 1st! Me 1st!" Bessie gives her "the latest model" of a phone. "Now, call me!" She kisses Stephanie on the cheek. Stingy's given her a baby piggy bank. Robbie just wants Stephanie to leave ASAP. Pixel gives her a "VidDiary 6000". It's that remote thing, with "some videos of our best times on it." Including the Story Time song, which plays when Stephanie presses the red button to the top left above some yellow buttons and a joystick, below the screen. Does he give one to Robbie at a time when he's in hospital? Trixie gives her a picture of the 2 of them, in front of the treehouse, framed in red. "I'm going to miss you Pinky!" "I'm gonna miss you too." Stephanie. She hugs the giver after each gift. "We'll miss you!" Pixel Sportacus gives her a special apple. "You never know when you might need it... Good luck." "Yes, come on my pink hurricane! (...) My dancing queen!" Sully, as she starts to board the plane. "I'm not hugging you because you're leaving, I'm hugging you because I want to!" Ziggy, to Stephanie. He gives her a quick kiss on the cheek!

    There is no flower on the i in Stephanie's personalised jacket.

    "Up, Up, and away!" Mayor The propeller starts turning when you press a small silver button in the cockpit, to the right of a white light and a red one that may be buttons. "Ooh, it works!" Mayor
    Everyone waves and says goodbye as the plane launches, taking off on a road.

    Do neither Stephanie nor the Mayor get altitude sickness or oxygen deprivation or anything like that when they're so high up in the air?
    The plane is a two-seater, and appears to be controlled by a steering wheel.
    "Wow!" Stephanie, at the view down below.
    The mayor draws a heart in the sky with his plane and neither of them get sick. Does he know where to go?

    "I did it!" Robbie laughs to himself. "The pink hurricane is gone!"

    Stephanie waves "Bye!" from up in the air. Everyone misses her already, except for Robbie, who is making a fake crying gesture. "It's hard to say goodbye. But it's great to see Stephanie follow her dreams, right?" Sportacus The kids agree reluctantly. Stingy was wiping tears from his eyes.

    "Now I just have to get rid of that blue typhoon!" Robbie There are loads of little brown drawers inside the lid of the purple trunk. "Sportaspoon!" (Freudian slip?) Robbie, who regretted it almost as soon as he said it. Was it because it was an insult, and he's not supposed to insult people in disguise? The Birthday Fairy hat is in the trunk. When Sportacus bends over looking inside the trunk, Robbie kicks him in the behind so he falls in, and then shuts the lid. Robbie was standing behind him. "I DID IT!" He locks Sportacus inside and attaches balloons to the trunk so he will float away forever.

    "Uncle?" Stephanie pokes her uncle while he's flying the plane. "Do you think we could fly over Lazy Town one more time?"

    "Let me out of here!" Sportacus, sounding scared and/or a bit angry. "What? I can't hear you!" Robbie "I'm a genius! Sportacus will be gone, FOR EVER!" (echoes) Could Sportacus hear him?

    "Help me!" "Sully" floating on the trunk, to Stephanie and the Mayor. "It's the dance instructor!" Stephanie "We gotta help him!"

    "Things aren't going to be the same without [Stephanie]!" Pixel "She was My friend." Stingy "Mine too" Trixie

    Stingy recognises "the dance instructor!" when he's high up in the sky.

    "I'm going down there to save him!" "Trust me Uncle, I know what I'm doing." Stephanie, who then takes a bite of the apple Sportacus gave her. The Mayor is worried and scared by this idea. Pulling a lever on the passenger's left ejects them down from the plane.

    The Mayor manages to catch "Sully" in the passenger seat after Stephanie accidentally knocks him off the trunk when she lands on it. Afterwards, she fist-pumps.

    As well as a padlock on the lid, the purple trunk can also be locked from the top, in the centre. The lid is divided in half. There is a lever inside the trunk which folds 2 brown side draws out from the side of the lids like plane wings. Robbie was keeping ties in them. The converted trunk-plane manages to land safely from what must be quite a great height. Neither Sportacus nor Stephanie seem to be hurt. "Yes!" Sportacus, when Pixel asks if they're alright. "Yeah we're fine, thanks to Sportacus." Stephanie "No, thanks to you! Stephanie was amazing!" Sportacus. She shrugs and smiles.

    "I know you have to follow your dreams, so, even if it makes me sad, I want you to go to that dance school!" "Awww, thank you Ziggy!" She hugs him.

    The plane has a winged LT logo on the back fin and on the side, close to the propeller. "Nice landing!" Ziggy, when the Mayor lands the plane. The button that turns the propeller is glowing red and it changes back to silver when the Mayor turns it off.

    "Yeah I'm fine, but what about the dance instructor?" Stephanie, when the Mayor asks if she's all right.

    Is it just me, or is everyone more shocked than ever when the dance instructor is revealed to be "ROBBIE ROTTEN!" "Robbie Rotten? Oh, I should have known…" Mayor Sportacus shakes his head quite fast, sighing. Is it just me, or is he smiling a bit?

    Ziggy is overjoyed when Stingy tells them that Stephanie is going to stay "right here in Lazy Town, with us!" "Hey Ziggy! Let's teach them Bing Bang!" Stephanie Everyone cheers. "Yes!" Sportacus

    "Great flying Mayor!" Giving him a thumbs up. "Oh Milford, you are my flying ace!" Bessie

    Ziggy does that pointing finger move in Bing Bang. The instrumental was on the blue button of Stephanie's boombox. Also "silly words", "Up up, do the jump" "clap your hands together" and just general bopping. The other kids join in.

    "Maybe I'm wrong about everything!" Robbie "Yes! (Laughing) Maybe I should stop being lazy, start eating sports candy, and be nice!" "Nah!" He laughs easily then trips over something, into the trunk and gets trapped in it.

    Poor Robbie managed to catch both Stephanie and Sportacus for a short while, before his plan got thwarted again.
    “I believe that the human spirit is indomitable. If you endeavor to achieve, it will happen given enough resolve... The effort you put forth to anything transcends yourself, for there is no futility even in death.”
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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    In the same Google Sheets outline where I keep all these notes, I have a list of characters and descriptions of them. There is also a column for their birthdays.

    -The Greatest Gift-

    Sportacus has a small calendar in his airship with a 10 in front of an S logo on the top. (A new kind of calendar for a new year?) The days are in front of a go faster stripe, and you pull yesterday off each day.
    Yesterday, the 13th, had a purple silhouette of a sleeping Robbie going "Z z z". The number and the circle around it are purple, the background is white. 14 is red, with a picture of Ziggy and a present. "Wow! Today is Ziggy's birthday!" Sportacus. What month is it? (Headcanon: August) It's officially been at least a year since Happy Brush Day. Stephanie has probably been staying in Lazy Town for over a year.
    Was yesterday Robbie's birthday? (Headcanon: 13th October?) But he was a silhouette.
    The calendar is to the left of the door. The speaker pod is on the right of the door.

    There is a small silver button to the left of the calendar which opens a cupboard. Sportacus is keeping a dark blue present with a red ribbon inside.
    The table stays still when Sportacus kick-flips off of it.
    "Ribbon!" A round white hole in some kind of section opens vertically and Rin shoots a ribbon out. Of course Sportacus uses breakdancing or something like it to tie it into a fancy bow.

    Stephanie can play the (pale pink) ukulele. "Boogie Woogie Boo… Happy birthday to you!" Does she write all her songs before singing them? She writes songs in her diary.
    Stephanie had chicken for lunch today. It must be the afternoon then. "Chicken's delicious!" Trixie They are pretending they don't know it's Ziggy's birthday.

    Ziggy has marked his height over the years on a tree. Last year's height is the 4th one, 2nd from the top. There are 5 notches. Ziggy must be at least 5 years old. And would he really be as tall as the bottom notch at one year old?

    "Tomorrow is my birthday" Ziggy this must take place before Sportacus is seen then. Robbie rips the 13th off the calendar. Do you rip off today then? "Why is the cookie boy's picture on my calendar?" Robbie Where did him and Sportacus get the calendars from? Does everyone in Lazy Town have one?

    There is a TV show called "Home Shopping Network". They are advertising a bouncing bouncy ball. Robbie's gadgets and machines can break. His TV was slowly going up and down and the TV voice got deeper when it descended.

    "What to do when I'm bored? Aha… I'll spy on those Lazy Town fools!" Robbie's periscope can appear anywhere. The Mayor keeps a flowerpot on the window of his office. "Ah, my super soak! Cleans everything in a jiffy!" About a brand of cleaning spray thing.

    "No!" Robbie, when Stephanie asks her uncle if they can host Ziggy's birthday party in the office. "Oh, but of course! That's what offices are for! Oh, there are never enough parties in offices!" Mayor, who cleans his own office. And Robbie's periscope when he sees it, and the soap suds go right down into Robbie's face. Pressing a purple button on the right periscope handle (when looking into it) starts windscreen wipers on the eyes.

    "Let's invite everybody!" Stephanie knows Ms Busybody's phone number. "Time to get Milford to help me with my hair rollers! Milford!" When Bessie learns she's invited to Ziggy's birthday party. The office is full of a bunch of red file drawers. Bessie's framed picture is on the top of one of them.

    When the door slams on the periscope, it reverberates back into Robbie's face.

    You get a picture of yourself on the calendar when it's your birthday. There is a picture of a yellow crab above Robbie's calendar. Is it because it is the time of the star sign Cancer? (Who names a star sign after a deadly disease? And the fact that Stefan Karl's star sign was Cancer is a coincidence that's beyond messed-up.) If so, then Ziggy's birthday is probably 14th July, not August.

    Both the 11th and the 12th towards the back of the calendar are sleeping Robbie silhouette days. So maybe his birthday isn't on the 13th? (I think it would suit him. That or the 1st.)
    Birthdays shown when Robbie flicks through the calendar, from back to front: (headcanons in brackets) Sportacus: 10th (April) Bessie: 6th (haven't decided yet) Mayor: 3rd (ditto) Stephanie (Julianna Rose Mauriello): 1st (March) Julianna Rose Mauriello's birthday's on 26th May and Chloe Lang's is on 14th November. (6 days before mine) Therefore characters' birthdays do not have to match their actors'. On the other hand Magnus Scheving's (Sportacus) is on the 10th November. (Why am I not surprised) Stefan Karl's was on 10th July. (So is my relative's) The 10th. That would be a bit of a laugh if Robbie had his birthday on the 10th.

    "How many [birthdays] do they need? One every year?" "Even worse, they'll of invite Sportaspot!" Robbie His TV remote is orange. It's on a matching bedside table with the phone. He presses a button on it and the TV goes back up.
    "I will NEVER go to a birthday party! Not even if I was invited!" Because they're too loud and things like that.

    When the phone rings, a translucent white bar on it flashes. It makes Robbie jump. It's one of those old-fashioned and circular dial ones, which look to be made with a pair of orange taps. Stephanie knows Robbie's phone number. He agrees to come to Ziggy's birthday party because there will be cake. "Of course I'll be there!... Thank you!" Stephanie invited him to a birthday party! She really will invite everybody!

    "Trixie, check! Robbie, check!" Stephanie makes a checklist in her diary.

    "(Gasps) no, I cannot come to the party, tomorrow, I'm going to have a cold." When Stephanie asks Stingy if he is ready for Ziggy's birthday party tomorrow. "GB! That stands for goodbye!" Stingy, who stammers the word "give" and doesn't even finish it. He doesn't want to come to the birthday party because he doesn't want to give Ziggy anything.

    "See you later Stingy!" When Sportacus flips past him. Stingy watches, following him with his head.
    "Hi Stephanie!" He lands when he sees her. She is disappointed that Stingy isn't coming.

    Stingy brakes before Sportacus lands right in front of his car. There is a little golden pig face on the spare back tyre. "Oh yes, I am pretty wonderful at parties." Stingy.

    Stephanie and her uncle say goodnight to each other. Who does pixel say "Goodnight!" to? His parents? His computer? He lives next door to Bessie. When facing the front of his house, the top left side window turns off.

    Ziggy's house has a candy cane step rail and lollipops in the window boxes. There is a blue and white duck flying above his bed. His lampshade looks like a sweet wrapper and his hatstand looks like a bunch of candy canes. His bed is between the wall with 2 windows, and a TV. His room is mostly red, with some blue and yellow. He's wearing red pyjamas with yellow Z's on them, and a blue edged collar. There is also a red armchair in his room. He sleeps under a blue pillow and blanket.

    Robbie is sleeping upside down on his chair, wearing an eye mask. He's in his normal clothes, but with a matching dressing gown and nightcap. Does the book he's holding with a ribbon tied round it read Birthday Manners?

    Stingy's bed is yellow. The ends look like a temple, or the entrance to the Fitzwilliam Museum, with piggy banks on the corner pillars. There are gold coins in the triangle part and it says "MINE" in capital letters underneath. He sleeps under a white satin blanket and at least 5 matching pillows. His piggy bank is next to him. "You can't have it, it's mine, no don't take it, no, NOOOO!" This nightmare wakes him up. It's a full moon. The walls are dark blue, there is one yellow window to his right, with a red frame.

    Sportacus seems to wake up before his crystal goes off. Did he hear Stingy scream? "Sportacus, it's later than 8:08" Rin The lights are on behind his bed.

    In front of Stingy's house is a fountain with a pig holding a bow and arrow standing on a one-ringed Saturn-like planet.
    Stingy's pyjamas are yellow with gold buttons and a blue checked collar and pocket lining. He can't say "gift". "It's the thought that counts. And Ziggy will be happy to see you!" Sportacus "It doesn't have to be a big gift?" Stingy "No no. Stingy, good night!" Sportacus dabs and runs off. "It doesn't have to be a big gift. It could be small! So small that you can't even see it!" Stingy

    "Are you saying happy birthday to me? Are you?" Ziggy, to his reflection in the read sweet-shaped mirror. It seems like Ziggy's friends have made him a map to his birthday party. On the back of it are coloured balloons with icons symbolising everyone, like a swirly S or a crown. I think there's a purple balloon for Robbie!

    "Must I do everything myself?" Bessie, kind of operatically. Milford absentmindedly threw some soap sprayed flowers out of the window onto Robbie. "Ow! Hey!"
    The Mayor's office has a doorbell. "Hi Robbie!" Stephanie, answering the door. She looks happy to see him. "Is this the correct address for the party?" Robbie, looking nervous, wearing a suit. "Did I show up on time?" When Stephanie says the birthday boy will be here any minute; "What should I do?" Worried. He throws the flowers dropped on him to the floor. Then burps while sitting down. "Hi Robbie!" Pixel "Whatever" Robbie waves a tiny bit.

    "My card says; Happy, happy, joyous occasion, at Mayor Milford's you'll find the celebra-(gasps) celebration!" I don't think Ziggy understood the word "celebration" at first. "The party's at the Mayor's office!"

    Robbie is sitting right by the door. He flinches a bit when it opens, and does a bigger flinch when he turns round and sees Sportacus. Robbie backs to the wall when he jumps past him.

    "It's all right, it's all part of the plan, it's okay!" Pixel, when Robbie gets worried, leaning towards him. Robbie's fingers are touching his shoulder. Was Sportacus laughing at Robbie? Kind of cheerfully.
    Everyone's "Surprise!" makes Robbie jump a bit. "N-n-no, not now" Pixel, when Robbie tries to give Ziggy his present.

    Sportacus does some quick fancy dance move with his hands. "Boogie Woogie Boo!" Stephanie then looks at Robbie. "Happy… Birthday… To you?" Robbie, who gets up and dances after Sportacus claps and everyone continues partying. He's not bad at dancing. He is being too sweet for words. What's more, I don't think he's come up with any evil plan, to use Ziggy's birthday party to get rid of Sportacus for ever!

    Robbie holds his orange paper bag present out, when Ziggy starts opening Trixie's. (Rather obvious) Headcanon: he's never been to a birthday party before as a guest and doesn't know what to do. Or how things work.

    Trixie gives Ziggy "superhero seeds"; sports candy seeds. "You can plant them and power up whenever you want!" Trixie. Sportacus smiles.

    Pixel gives Ziggy a "Televiewer 3000". The screen is displaying a silver S on a blue background, like in Sportacus's bracers. There is a sort of handle on each side with buttons and a dial on the left one. "I uploaded videos of every one of Sportacus's Super Moves!" Pixel. Did he ask Rin for any? You turn it on by pressing a button to the right of the top side of the screen. Robbie claps a bit after Sportacus's video ends. He joins in when Sportacus teaches them some moves face-to-face! Robbie's not perfect, but he tries. He is still holding his present. "What am I doing!?"

    Ziggy cries and hug Stephanie after she gives him a photograph of him, Sportacus, the Mayor and the other children. The frame is pink with a flower in the bottom left corner and a sort of wave pattern in the top right. Robbie sighs happily in an "Aww" sort of way.

    "Oh, Robbie!" Ziggy, when Robbie announces it's his turn. Ziggy sounds a bit surprised. "I heard you like cookies!" Robbie Stephanie pats him on the shoulder. "Oh, I love cookies!" Ziggy The paper bag is full of these orange macaroon-like cookies with a white cream sandwich-style filling and purple icing. "They're kind of hard." Ziggy knocks on one and it makes a knocking on metal kind of sound. "Can I eat it?" "No!" Stephanie shakes her head. "It's an old family recipe. They give you a little gas (small fart), but they're really tasty!" Robbie Sportacus shakes his head and giggles. "Milford, you stay away from those!" Bessie "Oh! Yes of course Ms Busybody!" Milford

    Sportacus gives Ziggy a lollipop made out of sports candy.

    "Thank you all for making this so great! And everyone showed up! (Sadly) Well, almost everyone… Oh…"
    Stingy was incredibly late. Ziggy has to tug the present off him. Stingy kept pulling it back. It's got gold coin pictures on the wrapping. Stingy growls in frustration while Ziggy opens his present. Stephanie pats him on the shoulder. There are little stars on his bow tie.

    "I bring cookies and he brings nothing?!" Robbie The box was empty. "Well yes, technically but, you know what Stingy?" "This is great. I love it!" Ziggy "You do?" Stingy "Yes! It's the best gift ever! See? It's a toy!" Ziggy mimes. "It is?" Stingy "It's the airship!" Stephanie catches the toy one and it becomes a skipping rope with music. "There's nothing there." Stingy

    "Robbie are you ready?" Sportacus throws him an imaginary basketball. Robbie hesitate and thinks for a bit, then decides it's a football and kicks it and it breaks a window. Sportacus laughs, smiling.

    Trixie's jacket has a T on the back. "I love cake!" Pixel

    Stingy is remorseful and tearful because he technically didn't give Ziggy anything. "I'm so ashamed!" He starts crying. "Stingy, you gave Ziggy the best gift of all!" "Everybody's playing with your gift! Even Robbie!" Who is throwing and catching it, interacting with the others. "You gave him the gift of imagination. Now Ziggy can imagine any toy in the world!" Sportacus

    "Actually, [giving] feels... great!" Stingy "I'm sure Ziggy will share with you!" Sportacus

    "Stingy!" Stephanie is happy when he comes outside. "Can I play?" Stingy "Of course you can Stingy!" Ziggy

    In a Bing Bang flashback, Robbie wiped a tear from his eye, holding the paper bag.
    Robbie steals the cookies back. Was he just trying to be nice and playing along so he could get free cake?

    "Imagination. IT NEVER WORKS!" Robbie he sarcastically imagines a big fluffy bed with a big fluffy pillow and an orange pillow appears in his hands. His bike is parked behind the steps leading to the disguises. "Time for my big fluffy nap!" He throws his pillow and it lands on what looks like thin air. "It works!" And he has a big fluffy nap, falling asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow.
    “I believe that the human spirit is indomitable. If you endeavor to achieve, it will happen given enough resolve... The effort you put forth to anything transcends yourself, for there is no futility even in death.”
    Monty Oum (1981-2015)

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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    -Sportacus Who?-

    Instead of calling for the table, Sportacus jumps on the air pump and it rises from the floor, pale blue paper and pen already on it. No, it's a pencil. Dark blue and kind of ovular.

    He has a bowling ball with a T-shaped slot to put a paper aeroplane in. He bowls it through a circular hole in the very bottom right of the wall with the bed. A white shutter comes down afterwards. The plane leaves the bowling ball and flies out the back of Rin.

    Sportacus says "Door!" but Rin doesn't open the door. Where is her speaker pod?! "I need to turn this up." There is a vertical grey ellipse with a blue circular dial in the middle. It is divided into quarters by thin white lines, and there is a silver circle in the middle of that. Sportacus turns the dial clockwise. After turning the dial up enough, Rin hears him.

    Where did the white bungee rope come from?! He didn't say anything. There is a little ring on top of the door to attach it to. It can be folded down sideways when not in use.

    Stingy's car is parked next to a sunflower bush. "I didn't sign my name! Sportacus"

    Pixel's computer screen is mostly blue, except for a black and white rectangular window zooming in on some sort of code. "I'm just organising all my Lazy Town files!" A paper aeroplane from Sportacus shoots through Pixel's window and lands on his desk. "I have to make a backup copy of my computer files before I do anything else!"
    To the right of the computer screen with 3D sports candy, is CCTV footage of Lazy Town. Ziggy's house is in the view. "Warning! Warning! Warning!" Pixel's computer in a robotic voice. Something happened and now it is making steam.

    Sportacus flips right out of Rin's door and lands safely on the ground!

    Pixel's entire house looks affected by whatever glitch this is. The CCTV cameras and satellite dishes are randomly moving. There is a big satellite dish on the back of his house. "You gotta unplug [the computer] before it blows!" Pixel, to Sportacus. "Go Sportacus!" Stephanie, when that's what he goes to do.
    The computer is still saying "Warning!" There is also an alarm sound.
    There are 7 silver circular plug sockets near the bottom of the room. It appears to be one per computer. From top left to bottom right, the wires are; yellow, blue, red, orange, then at the bottom; yellow, violet, pink. Pulling the orange wire cuts power to the computer with the 3D model of Rin. The plugs have 2 prongs. (Japanese maybe?) The pink wire unplugs the 3D sports candy below Rin's 3D model. The top left yellow wire cut power to all the TVs when it was pulled. All the electricity in the room, it looked like.

    Sportacus managed to save a burnt biggish rectangular computer part that is still steaming.
    "All the pictures and stuff on my computer, all the memories, gone!" Pixel "If only that do-gooder Sportacus could have a memory meltdown like Poodle's computer, he'd never be able to save anyone again, FOR EVER!" Robbie

    "Sportacus won't be able to resist my trap!" He sets up some hurdles for him, leading up to a modified orange door frame called the Memory Sucker 3000. Which zaps anything that comes through it. Even just hands. Robbie does a sloppy dab mocking Sportacus and does his back in.

    Sportacus fell for the trap, hook, line and sinker. A light on top of the Memory Sucker comes on whenever someone comes through it, and their head is zapped through the antenna on top. The space inside the door frame crackles with electricity too.

    "I did it! Sportacus's memory is as missing as a sock in a dryer!" Sportacus was right by him! How did he not hear that?!

    "Hello Sporta… buddy!" Robbie comes up behind him and holds his shoulders. "I am your best friend!" This is going to be interesting! I don't think Robbie has had much experience making friends. "Aargh!" Robbie, after Sportacus shakes its hand by grabbing it and shaking it up and down really really fast. Robbie holds his wrist afterwards. He's clearly just pretending to be Sportacus's best friend. The 2 of them are standing really close. "I can't remember who I am." Sportacus leans backwards into him. "Well, don't worry my friend!" Robbie puts one hand on Sportacus's shoulder and the other kind of in front of it. Sportacus still has his back to him. "Listen to your old pal, and whatever you do; never, never, NEVER save anyone!" Robbie turns some wheels, seemingly tightening them, on the side of the Memory Sucker. "Save anyone? Why would I do that?" Sportacus "Never mind!" Robbie leads him off somewhere with one hand on his back.

    "Pixel was really upset about losing all his computer memory" Ziggy "Well Ziggy with no memory you don't know who you are or what you do." "No memory means no you." Stephanie

    Robbie has told Sportacus he doesn't just like ice cream, he loves it. And he runs an ice cream stand. He does fancy throws with the ice cream cones and the scoops, but just passes the finished ice cream to the children. "Only one [scoop]?" Ziggy Sportacus throws 4 ice cream scoops on top of each other. "My ice cream's in trouble!" Ziggy's ice cream is so tall it wobbles. Even with his memory gone, Sportacus flips over and catches the scoop end of the ice cream with a cone before it can fall to the floor. "You must be the greatest ice-cream man on this planet!" Ziggy

    Sportacus does press ups on a bench. I think Robbie managed to take his memory, but not his ADHD. (Headcanon) Speaking of Robbie, he comes up from behind the bench right opposite Sportacus's backside going up and down as he does press-ups! Robbie pliés as he talks to Sportacus so he's always face to face with him. It doesn't take long for them to tire him out. (And we've arrived at that screenshot which Sportarobbie shippers take out of context. And speaking of ship fuel… This whole episode.)
    When Robbie suggests to Sportacus that he sits down for a minute, he just does this exercise where he sits down and stands up on an invisible chair, never actually making contact with the bench. Robbie could probably see him from behind… "Can't you sit still for a minute?!" He keeps telling Sportacus to sit down, but he ignores him. Robbie tries to pull him down by touching him on his shoulder and left upper arm. "No! I don't think so!" Sportacus carries on working out.

    "You already said [to never save anyone!]" He pats Robbie on the shoulder. Robbie looks surprised.

    Pixel is frustrated because his computers aren't turning on. There is a blue on/off switch on the bar dividing the bottom 2 computers.

    "(Sighs) Ice cream's good!" Ziggy wants more ice cream right after eating 5 scoops. Sportacus balances a 2 scoop ice cream cone with a cherry on top on his finger. "Ziggy." Stephanie shakes her head when Ziggy asks for it.

    "[Sportacus saves people] 6, 7, 8 times a day! Can't you remember that you do that?" Ziggy Sportacus whispers that he doesn't remember anything only to him.

    "Come on, follow me!" Stephanie whips off Sportacus's ice-cream man hat off and throws it away.

    "Have you ever skipped rope?" Sportacus shakes his head to this and other lyrics. He tries throwing the basketball behind him over his shoulder and it lands through the hoop. He can remember how to skip rope. And how to score a goal by kicking the football with a backflip.

    "I almost remember remembering, then I… don't remember. I'm sorry."

    Pixel has pictures and video clips of everyone on his computer.

    "Nice?! You think [the kids are] nice?! Those kids were fooling you!" Robbie "No!" Sportacus sounds angry when he stands up towards Pixel's house.
    Robbie tells Sportacus the kids call him names behind his back. "They call you Mr Flippety flippety flippety flippety flippety flippety flip." Robbie points his fingers and moves them like conductors' batons. "And my favourite one-I mean the one you hate most:" When Robbie says it's too awful for him to say, (giggling to himself, sitting facing away from Sportacus) Sportacus slaps his hand on his back and pulls him back up by the waistcoat. He pulls a chalk out from somewhere behind his ear and some paper from inside his jacket, near the neck and the left shoulder. "That's not even a word!" Sportacus "I know! I don't know how to spell it!" Robbie. He later pulls Sportacus up from sitting down by the shoulder. "I'll whisper it to you! Come closer!" (beckoning, repeat 3 times) "Wah! No! Back back back back!" Robbie keeps calibrating how close too close is, then grabs Sportacus's shoulders from behind and whispers into his other ear. "The blue elf?!" Sportacus. BUSTED. The kids might not know this, this is one of Robbie's lies. Who cracks up laughing and then has to stop. "That's not nice." Sportacus.

    Who remembers nothing about Rin. "Wow! An airship! Is it mine? (...) How do I get up there?" "First, you have to do some moves… You're going to say the word, it's got L in it." Robbie "Lettuce!" Makes Rin drop a load of lettuces out the trapdoor where the ladder usually comes from. Most of them land on Robbie. "That's not the word." Robbie "I'm sorry." Sportacus "Letters!" Drops a load of letters presumably from the same place.

    Robbie gives Sportacus some knitting needles and a ball of blue wool in an indigo box. "Knitting? (Surprise. Is this really what he does best?) Okay…" Sportacus

    "I'm gonna create a new circuit pathway… And reboot the hard drive…" Pixel Pixelspix comes back online. Robbie doesn't have an icon. Pixel has some video clips of Sportacus on his laptop and computer.

    Robbie plans to pop Rin like a balloon so Sportacus will fly away and never be able to find his way back. I sense a traumatisation coming up… Could Rin hear his plan?

    I'm guessing Sportacus can't remember how to say "Interface" to summon Rin so she can tell him what happened and how he could get his memory back.

    "I have to stop those kids. What can I use to trap them?" Robbie. He builds them a trap out of some purple wire, some kind of indigo machine part and a lollipop. Mainly by hitting the stuff with a hammer. When Ziggy pulls a lollipop off the ground, it breaks the purple rope which drops a cage down on the kids. Does this set Rin off?!

    "I'm really good at this!" Sportacus has knit himself a scarf long enough to cover most of Rin.

    Robbie plans to pop her by firing himself out of a cannon wearing a helmet with a spike on it. A bit like the Kaiser and other German soldiers in World War I. Ziggy's face is too wide to squeeze through the cage bars.

    Sportacus stores the scarf behind his bed. (If that's the case, then where's the bathroom?) Rin going off gives him his memory back. I'm assuming she went off for the kids and not herself. I'm also assuming she does not feel pain when Robbie manages to land headfirst into her balloon. She wobbles from side to side. But the balloon was not popped or penetrated, as can be seen when Robbie loses his grip and falls.

    Sportacus's belt buckle is on the flight pod, but with the colours reversed.

    Robbie uses a magenta paint-effect umbrella as a parachute.

    Sportacus pushes on the bed and spins it round to reach the scarf, which is long enough for one end to attached to Rin's door and the other to reach the ground in front of the kids' cage. Sportacus swings down to them. "Sportacus!" The kids. "Who?" Sportacus "Oh no! His brain is still drained!" Ziggy. Sportacus winks at them. But he wants the kids to keep it a secret for now…

    Robbie lets go of the umbrella parachute and lands straddling a tree branch. Apart from how it usually hurts men when they land like that, he is unharmed. Robbie does make "Aargh..." kind of noises. His helmet falls off.

    "Sportacus! Just the hero I've been looking for! Save me!" "No, I meant never never never never save anyone but me! What did I say?" Robbie asks for help, but Sportacus says he doesn't know.

    Robbie is wearing red and blue horizontal stripy socks underneath his shoes. He pulls the scarf out so it lands in a pile for Robbie to land in when the branch snaps. Pixel laughs and Stephanie and Ziggy cheer for Sportacus. "I think you need to wear a helmet all the time." Sportacus drops the helmet on Robbie's chest from quite a low height. The kids are laughing at him.

    "You know Robbie, even though I have my memory back, I can still be your friend." Sportacus has his hand on Robbie's left shoulder. "(Splutters) Friends?! With friends like you, who needs friends?!" Holding his helmet to his head, Robbie trips over the scarf while hopping around looking for his shoe.

    Sportacus can lift the cage. "Now I remember what I really like to do best." (...) (does a twist flip) Before Bing Bang.

    Ziggy pretends to be a mummy with the scarf.

    "Mr Rotten I, I found your shoe!" Mayor, who then accidentally shoots him out of the cannon not realising he's inside it even though he kept saying "I'm in here!" The cannon fires by pulling an orange lever on the top on the end away from the hole. How did Robbie fire the cannon from the inside then?
    “I believe that the human spirit is indomitable. If you endeavor to achieve, it will happen given enough resolve... The effort you put forth to anything transcends yourself, for there is no futility even in death.”
    Monty Oum (1981-2015)

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