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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    (See The Greatest Gift) I headcanoned characters' birthdays based on what seasons I felt suited their personalities. Trixie's is the 4th July until further notice.

    -Birthday Surprise-

    The baseball shoots out of a white circular hole below and to the left of the toothbrush holes.

    Sportacus somersaults into the floor where his Sky Chaser is waiting. (Probably obsolete after Season 3. Used for something else maybe?) He wears his goggles while riding it. And can pedal fast enough to catch up to a speeding baseball. No that's not a sky chaser. It looks a little bit different. A bit like a sort of plane you sit down and pedal, which also has a steering wheel.

    Ziggy has tied a blue ribbon around his finger to remind himself to remember something. "That's very, very important!" But he's forgotten what it is. So he tied a ribbon on his other finger to remind him to remember what the other one is for. But he's forgotten about that one as well.
    Trixie has a ribbon on her finger too, but she can remember what it's for. Out of her, Stingy and Ziggy, she is the only one who can remember that it's Sportacus's birthday tomorrow. Headcanon: 10th April. (Until further notice) Today is definitely the 9th of a month.

    Stephanie is playing a videogame with Pixel. Looks a bit like Street Fighter with sports candy? And a lot in the background.

    "Yeah, you don't have a lollipop in your mouth!" Pixel, when Ziggy asks if they notice anything different about him. "You mean the ribbons on your fingers to remember about Sportacus's birthday?" Stephanie "Why don't we throw him the greatest party ever?" Stingy, after Stephanie suggests the exact same thing.

    Robbie's alarm clock is blue with some purple bits. The clock face is white, you can see the numbers 12, 9, 3 and 6 and the others are black dots. The hands are purple. It makes a tinny ringing sort of sound. It is half past 2.

    Robbie's wearing indigo pyjamas with purple piping over his usual turtleneck? As well as his dressing gown and nightcap. The cow patch on his blanket has a red background and an orange border. The cow is wearing a bell collar and is chewing some sort of plant. Robbie shuts up the alarm clock by hitting it with an orange hammer, then throws the hammer away. A purple circle on each side of the alarm clock now sticks out on an orange spring. So does the clock face. Robbie falls back asleep immediately after.

    The kids are by a sort of wooden climbing frame behind a sunflower bush and a park bench. Stephanie's boom box, Pixel's laptop, and some sports equipment, including a pink baseball bat, are left around on it. The town hall can be seen in the background to the right.

    "First of all, I think it would be best if we have the party at my house." Stingy "Well, I was actually thinking that we have at my uncle's house." Stephanie "Excuse me, but there is a fountain outside of my house!" Stingy "Yeah but, the sports field is right here and Sportacus would love to play sports on his birthday!" Everyone except Stingy agrees. "Who needs a sports field when you can have a fountain and a freshly mown lawn!" "He's got a really nice lawn!" Pixel "You can take a bath in the fountain because we're staying here!" Trixie The kids have a massive fight over where to hold the party, and it activates Robbie's loudspeakers, waking him up.
    There is a purple bike with a horn and 6 pointed stars on the handles by an indigo crate and in front of the disguise piano. Robbie pulls the periscope down, and then a bit further up so he can look out of it.

    "Your lovely car is… (hesitates) Well it's small!" Trixie triggers Stingy.

    "Nobody likes kids that argue!... Except me!" Robbie

    Stingy splits Lazy Town down the middle with a chalk line. "And never come to my house again!" Stingy. Robbie watches the fight from his periscope and cheers them on. "If I had my way, there'd be a big fence, and we'd never play with you again!" Trixie "I would build a wall so big, I would never see you or even smell you, again!" Stingy. Him and Trixie are being the most aggressive. This could be absolutely nauseating foreshadowing about the 2016 American elections. The kids have been split in half too, Stingy and Pixel vs. Trixie, Stephanie and Ziggy.

    Stingy's line about the wall gives Robbie inspiration for his next evil plan. When disguising himself as a builder, the whole outfit was in the tube, but only the hat and fake facial hair came on. The rest, ironed and folded, slid out of the draw underneath the piano. "Must I do everything by myself?!" Robbie tries to put his trousers on over his pyjamas, and falls over the railing. When he lands, he is fully dressed.

    Almost immediately after the fight, cooling off at Pixel's house, Pixel and Stingy regret it. "But… I just really wanted to have Sportacus's party at my house!" Stingy "But… It's Sportacus's birthday tomorrow! We shouldn't be fighting!" Pixel Stingy sighs. "We should all be friends! I think we should apologise." "A...pologise?" Stingy. "You know, say we're sorry." Pixel "Yes… We should do that. I want [the apology] to be just right!" Stingy goes home and works on it.

    Stephanie is looking through a blue scrapbook with photos of past episodes. One photo per page. From left to right; the kids and their treehouse, Stephanie and Trixie singing about Christmas, Stephanie and Ziggy with a big plank, Ziggy cooking with the Mayor (left one cannot be seen), Trixie and Pixel planning to build their clubhouse, (left one cannot be seen), Stingy, Ziggy and Trixie taking a vacation the day Sportacus could not. From what little I can see of the cover, it looks to be some kind of patterned pink. Stephanie has a little pink fluffy teddy bear. On the right pages, there are two scenes from Playing on the Playground. Then the Mayor holding a trophy and Ziggy running to Stephanie, having raced a Lazy Rocket, Sportacus saving the puppet kids from the ice cream van, the other kids running away from the stage as Sportacus catches Trixie as she falls out of the sky wearing a helmet, pads and rollerskates, Stephanie wipes a tear from her eye reminiscing about her friends. It looks like vertical pink stripes on the cover. There is a yellow flower in a pink pot on her windowsill. More pictures (right pages); Stingy wearing a brown baseball glove and talking to Ziggy, Stephanie with a baseball bat in that same conversation where we can see Stingy is wearing an orange and pale orange baseball cap, Stephanie hugging Stingy before leaving for dance school, then hugging Pixel with Trixie to his left.

    A circular light is on above the door to the Mayor's house.

    "I'm so smart, I'm so sneaky, and I'm so BAD!" Robbie "Be quiet out there!" Bessie turns the lights on in a room attached to the right of her house that looks like a phone box. The wall has that house and the climbing frame thing behind it. The climbing frame thing seems to have a swing attached made out of some kind of crate, where the baseball equipment is stored. "Sorry!" Robbie, quietly, facing away from the window.

    There is a little calendar in Sportacus's airship between the water and the kitchen. The "9" page has a picture of a sun on it in the white middle between the (2 shades of) blue top and bottom. There is a white raised oval thing which the calendar is attached to. Sportacus rips day 9 off to reveal the 10th, with a present representing his birthday.

    Stingy has written a very wordy apology letter. "You don't need all that! Just say; I'm sorry." "Yes! 'Cause we're friends!" Pixel

    The wall is purple and has a castle turret in the middle.

    "You know; Pinky, Swinky, Nixie! And the baldy!" "And they said something about never wanting to see you again!" Robbie

    Stephanie makes a note of what they need for the party in her diary.

    Robbie's flask was too hot for him. Robbie stirs the kids' enmity up by telling each group that the other one asked him to build the wall so they could never see that group ever again. "You know, Sticky and er... Picky" Bessie is on Stingy and Pixel's side of the wall. "I'm brilliant! Time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!" Robbie

    "They've cut me off from over half of my town!" "The skateboard's on the other side of this ridiculous wall!" Stingy Pixel picks up a football with yellow pentagons from the floor. "We can't. The goal is on their side!" Stingy And the other goal? On your side?
    "All the soccer balls are on that side of the big wall!" Stephanie

    "This is too good to be true! The only thing missing is some cake!" Robbie looks in his orange treasure chest like box but there is none. He is sitting under an orange and yellow (two quarters each) paint effect umbrella.

    "No no no! Milford would never do anything like that!" [build a wall separating him from Bessie] Bessie has baked a pink and blue sports candy cake for the party. "I have made this special cake for the Sportacus party, and Milford loves my cake!" "I know, he loves it! This doesn't make any sense!" Stingy Robbie steals the cake with a very long orange paddle thing.

    "And I have his present wrapped and everything!" Ziggy puts the present down on a pink skateboard with a flower and 2 white waves with red shadows on the top.

    "And I was really looking forward to a piece of Miss Busybody's special birthday cake!" Milford, right before Robbie accidentally drops it on him. "I've been attacked! By a cake!" "That's a Busybody cake!" When Ziggy picks up a piece. "Ah! My car!" Stingy, when Ziggy throws the piece onto his car. Bessie and Milford bake more cakes for a cake fight. Pixel ducks his laptop under its table and away from the fight. "I hope this day never ends!" Robbie Something about the cake fight sets off Rin. "Someone is in trouble! On my birthday!" Sportacus

    The lights in the sky chaser-like machine garage darken and then brighten when Sportacus enters. "Go!" Probably to open the garage trapdoor near the platform and fly out.

    Pixel has his goggles on. "What's this wall doing here?!" Sportacus "Aargh!" (Looks frustrated) Robbie, when Sportacus arrives. His run-up was interrupted by the wall. "I need sports candy to jump over it." "Jump?! Over my beautiful wall?! I don't think so!" Robbie

    "Apple!" Sportacus. Rin drops an apple out of the trapdoor where the ladder usually comes out. It's next to the platform, in between that and Rin's back fans. Did Sportacus not see Robbie catching his apple in an orange net, and switching it with a sugar one?! He was looking up waiting for it.

    Sportacus loses all his energy mid flip, and manages to keep enough consciousness to grab the wall as he lands on top of it.

    "What?! A fake sugar apple?!" Stephanie, before even picking it up. "Pixel, we're gonna need your computer to-" Forgetting that he's on the other side of the wall. "But the ladder's on the other side too!" Trixie, when Stephanie says she needs one to climb a tree and pick an apple.

    "Got it. Stephanie, climb up the ladder to Sportacus." Stingy, forgetting that she's on the other side of the wall. "We don't have any [sports candy]. The apple tree's on the other side of this big wall!" Pixel Bessie is just randomly eating some leftover cake in the background, licking her fingers, while Sportacus looks like he's going to be comatose for ever.

    Pixel and Stephanie use hammers and chisels to break a brick out of the wall. "No! No!" "No teamwork!" But Robbie just sits there, not doing anything to stop them.

    Stingy has some rope in his car. "The apple tree's over here but I can't reach it!" Stephanie. There is one apple growing on one branch considerably lower than the others. Stingy gets Pixel to kick a football from a certain spot so it will hit the apple tree and knock the apple down. It works. Stingy throws a rope over the wall and enough dangles over the edge for Stephanie to climb up with everyone on Stingy's side pulling on the other end.

    Stephanie loses her balance and falls off the wall. Sportacus manages to grab her arm. Her feet are hanging quite low to the ground. "Oh my!" Milford "Stephanie!" Bessie kind of screams. The other kids gasped. Sportacus manages to lower her down okay.

    Robbie loses his balance while trying to escape and falls off the top of the wall. This brick section he fell off in between 2 pillars is wobbling. He's not that hurt when he lands, but Rin does not go off for him when that section starts falling on him.

    Ziggy gives Sportacus a red-and-white striped bowling ball for his birthday.

    The wall is wobbling for quite some time, with Robbie just shaking and cowering under it, making no move to run away and escape. Sportacus throws the ball and kicks the pink (Chekhov's Gun) skateboard at the same time, so the ball lands on the end of the skateboard so it flips up on its end, and rolls towards the falling wall, propping it up. Robbie is still scared and makes no effort to get out. Sportacus takes the skateboard away and holds the wall up by himself. Then Robbie crawls out. Then Sportacus puts the wall down.

    Sportacus folds his arms when "ROBBIE ROTTEN!" gets revealed.

    Stephanie brings in a cake covered in sports candy, presumably baked by Bessie. Has it got any sugar in it?

    "Happy birthday!" Stephanie hugs Sportacus.

    Sportacus eats a sports candy off the top of the cake. I think he kicked the wall down RIGHT BEHIND STEPHANIE. She was a bit in front, but did he know that? He dances holding the cake.

    The mayor, Bessie, Sportacus, Ziggy and Stingy, and presumably someone in front, can carry a section of wall off. Sportacus pushes one all by himself. He dips Stephanie on one hand while holding the cake in the other.

    "And I didn't even get any cake!" Robbie He has his own cake, but there is a wall splitting his lair in half and it's on the other side. He reaches through a brick-shaped hole in the wall, but the cake is out of his reach. Does he get stuck?
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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    Can we talk about how Robbie browned up for his Mayor disguise? Shame on him.

    -Double Trouble-

    "Carrot!" (looking to the right) shoots a carrot out of a small circular hole in between the water and the kitchen, near the floor. "Carrot!" (looking to the left) shoots a carrot out of a similar hole between the door and a circular section towards the bed. Sportacus uses them as a nunchuck. "Carrot!" (looking to the left) shoots a carrot nunchuck out of the previous hole. "Sports candy and exercise? Perfect together!"

    There is a box of "Lazy Crunch" to the left of the kitchen table.

    The Mayor's "safari hat" has 2 pink butterflies on it.

    "Don't forget! Be back by 3! 'Cause today's the day you announce the annual Lazy Town rule!" Stephanie, to the Mayor. He goes out camping every so often to catch butterflies. Does he keep them or let them go?

    "Now those noisy kids will never be able to find my super secret lair, which is so cleverly hidden behind this locked door!" Robbie has nailed planks over his billboard door.

    The Mayor walks past Robbie and his lair on his way to catch butterflies. So close he nearly bumps into him. "What's going on?!" Robbie, sounding angry. He flinches when the Mayor walks closer to him.
    "Oh Mr Rotten, I'm so sorry!" Mayor "Yes, you should be!" Robbie "Oh, how delightful!" Sarcastically, when the Mayor says he's going to catch butterflies. "And I must be back by 3 o'clock, so I can announce the new Lazy Town rule!" "You're gonna be back at 3 o'clock to announce a new rule?!" Does he notice that he's piqued Robbie's interest with this? Can he sense him scheming? Robbie touches the Mayor's shoulders and leans behind him, saying "A rule that everybody will follow?!" into his left ear. In his right ear; "No matter how selfish and greedy that rule might be?!" In the wrong hands, this power could be very dangerous. As I think we are about to see. The Mayor nods. Then; "What?!" "Never mind! Well, what are you waiting for?" Robbie Briefly touching the Mayor's right shoulder; "Early Mayor catches the butterfly!"

    He tries to get back to his lair via the billboard door that he's just nailed shut. "I locked myself out! Uh-oh." And then has to take the planks off with a crowbar propped up against the right side of the steps leading up to the door.

    A black and blue butterfly flies by. "Now what did I do with that sunscreen?" Mayor

    Robbie has broken a hole in the billboard taking the planks off.

    The entrance pipe has the desk with the microwaves behind and to the right of it. "This place needs an elevator!" Robbie He got some sort of white debris stuck to his hands in the pipe.

    He has a Mayor disguise already ready in its tube. Things Robbie Rotten is not above; identity fraud and using blackface in his disguises. Or brownface. And I'm sorry, but I thought the production team would have known better.

    "The Mayor" claps twice and the mirror appears to his left, the side with the disguise tubes. Robbie can do a decent Mayor impression. Robbie is wearing some sort of plastic head mask which he pulls off.

    From left to right; carrots, red cabbage, and regular cabbage (I think) are growing in a garden box.

    "The Mayor" turns round to his left and he's Robbie again. He turns in the same direction and he's "the Mayor" again. Robbie is disgusted at his face mask.

    Robbie is tapping his fingers on the garden box. All 15 of them. He is surprised to see he has 3 hands. The 3rd hand disappears behind the garden box.

    Robbie hammers the camera and it cracks.

    "I'm trying to catch a dinosaur in that cage!" Ziggy. The cage is hanging in a tree. "Ziggy, there are no more dinosaurs." Stephanie. Who put that cage up? "But they could come back though, couldn't they?" Ziggy

    Where's Trixie? All the other kids are waiting except her. Her rollerskates have gone out of control, that's where. Her helmet has the number 33 on it.

    1 of Sportacus's skateboards is just lying around on the floor.

    Trixie couldn't stand still on her rollerskates. They look like her normal shoes but with wheels.

    "It's after 3 o'clock!" Pixel checks his armband.

    Did the Mayor spend all day looking for his sunscreen?! Robbie sneaks up behind the Mayor, kicks his rear end into the orange tent and zips it shut, laughing, tying 2 white ropes next to the opening into a bow for good measure.

    "It's almost 3 o'clock!" How did Robbie know? He didn't check a watch.

    Did Robbie know that trapping the Mayor would set off Rin?

    "Someone is in trouble. I think it's the Mayor." Sportacus, probably because the Mayor isn't here yet. He finds "the Mayor". Outside Robbie's lair. "The Mayor" goes the wrong way to the meeting. Sportacus has to remind him. "Thanks." "The Mayor".

    "The Mayor" kneels down so he's closer to the microphone? He declares no more sports candy and everyone is shocked, not suspicious. "I think Milford is just grumpy today." Bessie. She decides to cheer him up by baking him a vanilla cake. "One of your best cakes ever!" Stephanie
    "Something is not right…" Sportacus

    "This is terrible!" "The Mayor", about a slice of Bessie's cake! "It tastes like… An old shoe!" "Robbie would eat cake if it had sand in it", huh. "And I want you and your icky cake out of town before I get back." (Starts to close the door, then opens it again) "Be GONE!" "Mayor"

    Robbie has put up "No Sports" signs all over town, including a "No Swimming" sign on dry land. "How many sports are there?!" "The Mayor", when he orders the kids to put all the sports equipment into a net, and they put in a lot.

    Ziggy gets an apple out to snack on after the "No Sports Candy" rule. So he's okay with snacking on some chocolate without any problems. "You heard the Mayor, rules are rules!" The sports equipment net is very heavy.

    "You are the kind of person who always follows the rules." "Mayor" "Yes." Sportacus "And you encourage the children to always follow the rules?" "Mayor" "Yes." Sportacus, who sounds cross about the sports candy ban. Rules aren't always good for people. "I do always follow the rules!" Sportacus has been exiled from Lazy Town forever. "Have a nice life!" Robbie, as he shuts the door on him.

    Robbie has a dark blue pressing machine that squashes the air out of footballs.

    "You know, these new rules are all wrong!" Trixie, angrily "Except for the chocolate rule, right?" Ziggy
    The kids (except Stephanie, who's gone to talk with Bessie) go off and find "the Mayor". "We want sports and sports candy now!" Trixie. The others agree. "We don't like these new rules of yours, no!" Ziggy If they don't like the rules, they peacefully try and change them.

    "Picky (Pixel), Sticky" "Mayor" "It's Stingy!" Robbie sets a new rule that the kids can have all the ice cream they want… And locks them in the ice cream van. "Kids!" Robbie.

    Rin's flight pod seatbelt is blue, the silver buckle has a white 10 in front of a blue S on it. The flight pod's fins retract outwards when released. Pressing a circular silver button next to a blue speedometer thing unfolds a propeller fan out of the back of the flight pod. I'm not a pilot, so I don't completely understand the 5 gauges in the cockpit. From left to right; (in sort of a down, up, down, up pattern) a little speedometer?, A white diagram of the flight pod with L and R on the ends, a "VERTICAL SPEED" meter going in up in fives from 0 to 20 on both the top and the bottom, an altitude meter, I think, and a speedometer identical to the one on the far left. Is that Íþróttaálfurinn on the side of the flight pod, next to all the speedometers and stuff? Pressing a button (I couldn't see, but it was with his left hand) folds the propeller back in, stops the other 2 and stops the flight pod altogether. Some sort of metal circle appears in front of where the biggest fan came from.

    Was the Mayor catching butterflies in Lazy Town? Because if so, Sportacus disobeyed a rule to save someone in trouble.

    The Mayor has a beige bag with brown piping and a lot of pockets.

    Sportacus untied the bow quite quickly. "Sportacus! Oh thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!" the real Mayor crawls out of the tent. "Oh my! Ooh that can't be good!" The Mayor, when Sportacus says someone is pretending to be him. "I have a wonderful disguise! My butterfly catching outfit!" Mayor

    Bessie is carrying 2 red suitcases with pink straps around them and white labels. How does the Mayor catch butterflies dressed as a big pink and white fluffy bunny?! (I think this is a Glanni Glæpur reference.) "Does it work?" Sportacus "Actually no. Never has." Mayor "At least no one will recognise you." Sportacus

    "You're not my real uncle. My real uncle would never do that!" Stephanie "Well your real uncle would never do this either!" Robbie stamps on the ground to make an orange lever fold up, and pulls it to drop the cage on Stephanie.
    Which trapped child did Rin go off for?

    Sportacus presses the 10 on his crystal case with his hand to make it unfold into 6 pieces. "Stephanie! You know what to do!" He boomerangs the crystal so it cuts an apple off the tree which drops into Stephanie's hand.

    There is some kind of handbrake on the floor of the ice cream van that when pulled up, makes the van start rolling along.

    Stephanie can lift the cage off her after one bite of an apple.

    "Rope!" Sportacus calls, and a grappling hook drops from the trapdoor where the ladder comes from. There is a ring sticking up on top of the ice cream van (a bit like Po's antenna in Teletubbies) to attach it to. Pulling enough on the rope releases the whole thing. There is a grappling hook on the other end of the light blue rope too.

    Sportacus pulls off the padlock. It was attached to some sort of raised dark blue wheel.

    He asked the kids if they're alright, they say they're okay, then he sees Stephanie cheering. "I gotta go." And he runs to her.

    "Who are you?!" Bessie, to Milford as a bunny. "It's me, Milford!" He takes his bunny nose and teeth off.

    Ms Busybody packed a slice of cake in her suitcase. The one she made earlier. "I knew you like my cake!" Ms Busybody. The Mayor throws it at the fake him. Robbie runs away from it, but it lands on the floor and he slips on it.

    "Get on my back! Trust me!" Mayor, to Ms Busybody. Piggybacking Ms Busybody, the Mayor jumps on one end of the seesaw and sends the fake Mayor on the other end flying. The seesaw is in a playground with the slide attached to the wall behind it and the Mayor's house is in the background to the left. Robbie flies high above the clouds, then drops back down. Bessie is still being piggybacked by the Mayor.

    "Well, who'd have thought?" Bessie, to the Mayor. "Not me." Mayor. When "ROBBIE ROTTEN!" is revealed. Both of them were probably sarcastic.

    Stephanie lets go of the sheet she and Sportacus caught Robbie with. Sportacus drops it on him. "Who turned out the lights?" Robbie. The other kids laugh. Stephanie looks cross as Robbie walks off, shaking her head a little. "Oh my! Oh Milford!" Bessie, after Robbie storms off.

    "Mr Mayor!" Stingy. He and the other kids only recognise the Mayor when he takes his bunny nose off and pulls his headpiece down. So it's not just Robbie then. Interesting… I chalked his disguises up to magic.

    "From now on, the only person who will imitate a mayor in Lazy Town is… Me!" The Mayor's new rule. "It's great to be the Mayor!" Singing. "Let's dance!" To Ms Busybody, as Bing Bang starts. And that's what they do.

    A bee buzzes in through Robbie's entry pipe and chases him.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Sportacus smiles at Stephanie when he sees her. "Woah..." Stephanie, at Sportacus zooming by on… Did the sky chaser always have a propeller where the handlebars meet the wings? It looks slimmer, and he doesn't seem to be pedalling. What is this?

    Yelling "Platform down!" from outside lowers the platform. "Up!" takes it back up again.

    The sky chaser, or whatever it is, automatically flies into the side of Rin. A metal door slides to the right to reveal the sky chaser-shaped hole it can fly into on its side, the bottom facing the right. Then a circular shutter in the middle shuts leftwards over the top and the whole circular section kind of turns and locks.

    "Wow!" Stephanie Her letter shoots up from a small circular hole behind Rin's flight pod, behind its left wing. "Dear Sportacus, I knew you would beat my letter to the airship. Stephanie" On pink paper. None of her Ns are the wrong way round-her handwriting looks different from the 1st episode. "I guess I did." Sportacus

    Sportacus gets fan mail. They are addressed to Lazy Town Entertainment. One kid has drawn Íþróttaálfurinn from Áfram Latibær. This could all be breaking the fourth wall, or I could find a way to keep it intact... somehow.

    "Anyone can be a superhero." "I wake up at sunrise." Sportacus Probably from all the light shining in his window. Rin plays a rooster noise on her speaker pod to wake him up.

    Sportacus jumps out of his boots into a pair of roller skates, (and later vice versa) which we didn't see him get out of the cupboard.

    He makes his bed with a hockey stick. Wearing roller skates.

    Stepping on a floor light sucks the pillow and the blanket into the wall. "Bed deactivated." Rin. Then the mattress slides up and spins clockwise into the wall. But why with the mattress facing out?

    "After my bed is made, it's time for a very important meal." Sportacus The kitchen comes out from the wall when you step on a floor light. Sportacus peels and slices a banana with a table tennis bat, then lies on the floor and catches them in his mouth, flipping back up immediately afterwards. "Apple!" He steps on a floor light, then turns back to face the table with his left hand ready, but nothing lands in it. "No apples?" How did that watermelon get to the middle of the floor? Did Rin put it there? He can't help performing stunts with it before eating it. He winked at the camera. Was that a fourth wall break, or one of Rin's hidden cameras? There is some kind of watermelon cutter next to a blue cup with a crystal case logo, on the side facing the fruit tubes. Sportacus puts the watermelon down there and it is cut into quarters. "Morning is a time when I get my energy for the whole day. And fresh sports candy is my favourite. I like to mix them all together. Delicious!" He only had one bite of a quarter of a watermelon.

    With your back to the wall facing the door, the floor light that brings the kitchen table in is somewhere to the left of the table. (Not the nearest) Sportacus was on the other side, so he flipped over the table and landed on it.

    He brushes his teeth after breakfast. There is a sort of metal rod suspended horizontally from Rin's ceiling by a metal strip on each end, with 3 holes each, the topmost one bigger than the other 2. With his knees around the bar, the toothbrush hole is close enough for Sportacus to swing to and get the toothbrush. (Was Nausikaa not worried he'd fall off?) "Toothbrush!" just pushes the toothbrush halfway out of the hole, not throws it. Is it because Rin could see where he was? Sportacus does not brush his teeth with toothpaste… Which helps clean and strengthen your teeth…

    Stingy has a yellow and orange toothbrushes, sometimes with a blue band round the handle, in yellow and orange safes, 2 on each side of the sink. Inside is a small hole for the head of the toothbrush. The wall above the white tiles is green.

    Stephanie uses toothpaste, (white, in a pink white and orange tube) brushing her teeth in front of her desk mirror. There is no sink to spit out excess toothpaste or wash her face. There is some kind of pink tripod thing behind her desk. Maybe an easel without a canvas? On the left of her desk is a pink flower pot containing a yellow 6 petalled flower with an orange centre.

    In front of his computer, Pixel uses a silver joystick by his right hand to swivel a superfast tooth brushing machine in front of his mouth. It is activated by typing something into his keyboard. He stops it by pressing a button on his keyboard. It levers into its resting position by the computers, probably facing the door, when he toggles the joystick towards him.

    "Smile a mile." Stephanie, to herself in the mirror.

    When he was done, Sportacus absentmindedly throws his toothbrush out of the open door. Not for the 1st time. "Sky chaser!" Makes Rin drop a folded sky chaser from her trapdoor and unfold it after a few seconds of freefall. Sportacus lands on it, one hand on the middle of the handlebars, after flipping out the door. Dangerous much? Yes there is a propeller where the wings meet the rod with the handlebars.

    He caught up to the falling toothbrush and caught it, then takes it back up to Rin. Does she clean it for him?

    After jumping from the sky chaser onto the platform, the sky chaser automatically flies into its special hole in Rin's side.

    "Can you believe how much fun it is to brush your teeth?" Sportacus He throws his toothbrush over his shoulder and it lands through the toothbrush hole, which is yellow in the centre.

    "Where was I? Ah! My morning exercises!" "Sports spinner!" Raises a wheel of fortune-type contraption up from a square in the floor, from a hole towards the bottom left only big enough to fit the bottom pole through. There is a crystal case but some upward blue stripes where it widens and meets the clear wheel, which is full of blue cards with shining crystal cases. Like what tickets to Rin look like. He spins the wheel clockwise on its right. "The Sports Spinner helps me to pick the right exercise." There is a rounded pointy light on each side. After some spinning, one card presumably falls into the shaft holding up the wheel. Sportacus puts the flap below the crystal case down to reveal a silver flattish boxlike thing. Pressing the crystal case design on the bottom of the front pushes out today's card. Which is "jumping jacks". Very quickly he starts modifying them and then doing his own thing. Was the Sports Spinner replaced by the SuperMoves cards in Rin's speaker pod in Lazy Town Extra?

    "Wow! That was great! I'll do one more! (card)" This time we see the front of it, which is white with an orange shining border then a thin red line border, 5 red urn-like icons vertically down the right side, the number 150 in the top left corner, "POWER JUMPING" across the bottom, (in the same font as the episode title) and in the middle a picture of a random girl with a ponytail and an orange, yellow and green unitard, doing a split jump. SPORTACUS DID 15 POWER JUMPS IN A ROW!

    "Now I'm warmed up! Let's try something harder!" When the wheel spins, the lights turn on, then off, then turn back on again. Standing near the Sports Spinner, which is in front of the water, Sportacus steps on a nearby floor light to lower the Sports Spinner back into the floor. We never saw the pole hole widen to take in the rest of it.

    Stepping on a floor light shoots a football out of a hole in the wall. Sportacus later kicks it back in. It looks to come in and out of the top-right and top left holes next to the bed. Translucent white doors close the holes vertically when the balls go back in.

    "My friends in Lazy Town are always doing something active. They love to play! Just like me!" Sportacus.

    He accidentally steps on a floor light and a football hits him in the back of the head. "Training still in session." Rin

    "Now I'm ready for anything and usually, something happens." Sportacus.

    "That's easy. Because I love to move!" When he gets an anonymous light blue letter asking why he moves so much. Or ADHD?

    Sportacus can turn round and round on his hands with his legs wide open.

    Stephanie scores a basket.

    Sportacus has a clear water bottle that looks like 2 circles on top of each other. It says H2O in white outlined in blue on the bottom circle, which is bigger than the top. The lid is dark blue, and has a ring on top of it so he can spin it around on his finger. "Water really tastes great after a workout! Now I have enough energy to keep going all day!" He empties the water bottle into the cup on the table before drinking it. Rin makes a little 2-note alarm sound. "Frozen H2O missing." Before Sportacus drinks the water. Kicking something to the right starts water running in half the clear sphere in the top-centre of the water section. "Bat!" He steps on the floor light and a baseball bat is tossed up from the floor, handle first. It has a crystal case logo on the bat part. "Ice cube!" An ice cube shoots out from somewhere to the left of the water sphere, and bounces off Rin's walls for a bit before Sportacus catches it in the cup.

    "Things can get a little busy, but I like it that way."

    Another anonymous letter asks Sportacus to teach them a one armed push-up. Who is sending him these letters?
    "Yeah! I know a lot of push-ups!" Sportacus Types of push-ups he can do; normal, "triceps" (leaning backwards onto the elbows), one clap per press up, "turning", (like a mid-air twist but on the ground) He sings a little bit during push-ups. "What about something a little bit more difficult?" (Turning wasn't difficult?!) And then does one armed push-ups. "And to the side!" (Fusing it with the triceps from earlier, but to the side) "I wonder if I can jump and clap behind my back?" (As a kind of press-up) He can. "I love it!" He can also do a sort of push-up when he jumps off the floor throwing his arms out in front of him. "And now the best 'til last! One arm and one leg!" (Opposite arm and opposite leg) He's doing this much slower. Is it difficult?

    "Table!" The square table is behind the flight pod.

    "Push-ups can be hard. But remember, take it one step at a time and remember; never give up!" "Thanks for sending me your letter! I always like to hear from you. Here are some drawings of push-ups." (Written) Does he know who to send it to?
    The drawings are kind of like stick figures, or those male icons you see at toilets, but the body parts are separated. The hands are almost circular. The pen is blue and white and the ink is black. There was no command for it. Did it come with the paper?
    "Some letters are sent by airmail, some are sent by email, but mine are sent by bowling mail!"

    "Door!" But Rin didn't open it and so he bumped into it. (A two-tone beeping sound) "Door not activated." Rin Sportacus needed to turn up the volume on the side of the doorframe. "Door!" "Still not activated." Rin. It took another turn.

    Where did the white bungee rope come from? He didn't ask for it. One end only had to be swung towards the top edge of the door to attach to it. The rope is almost long enough to reach the ground. I don't think this is the 1st time Sportacus has forgotten to sign a letter. "Sportacus." A one armed handstand on a floor light shuts the door.

    "Time for energy boost." Rin "Time for a Sportacus Club Special!" Sportacus. A what? A sandwich.

    "Can't a poor lazy man take a little nap without all this noise?!" Robbie, when his loudspeakers pick up Ziggy calling for help. Robbie had orange fluffy earplugs in. He looks for the noise in his lair, then realises it must be coming from outside. He claps twice and the periscope comes down on his head. "Well, this isn't so bad." When he sees that Ziggy is stuck up a tree. Because of schadenfreude? Until he hears him loudly calling for help again. "But couldn't he fall more quietly?!" Robbie

    "But before taking off, I try to locate the problem." Sportacus. His crystal doesn't tell him where the trouble is. Does he store his telescope under his jacket?

    He found Robbie's periscope in his telescope. Robbie gasps and quickly moves his head sideways out of view.

    Pressing the silver circle button (in the outside red part) to the right of the cockpit lines Rin's 3 fans up behind each other. It seems Rin was a short flight away from Lazy Town, so Sportacus's telescope must have quite some zoom. She was flown quite low to the ground, close to Stingy's house and the almost dome-like orange roof of a large building in front of it.

    Sportacus had to touch something on the floor behind the air pump to flip up the rectangular lid in the floor (towards Rin's door wall) and pull up the handbrake inside. He has both the bungee rope and the really really long scarf.

    "Where is that blue elf going?!" Robbie. Right towards his periscope view.

    1 of Sportacus's skateboards is randomly lying there on the floor. (2-tone blue-and-white with a crystal case design in the middle. The wheels are white.) Robbie gasps and he can see Sportacus's crotch through his periscope before he jumps right over it. "Woah!" He ducks down from the periscope.

    Ziggy lands right on Sportacus's upper body and he doesn't seem harmed. Ziggy offers him the lollipop that fell from the tree. "No thanks." Sportacus

    "I can't stop [Sportacus]!" Robbie

    "3, 4 or even 5 saves a day, that's normal! I mean, it is Lazy Town!" Sportacus

    Robbie is still watching him through his periscope.

    Sportacus lands on the end of the seesaw, accidentally shooting Stingy up in the air.

    "You!" Robbie points at Sportacus through the periscope window.

    Sportacus catches Stingy.

    "Mayor Meanswell. He's always in trouble!" Sportacus. The Mayor was just safely walking by carrying some cake. Not in trouble yet!

    "Thanks again! Bye!" Stingy, to Sportacus. "This time, you go on the high end!" Stingy, to Trixie, about a seesaw.

    "If it wasn't for that good for nothing, warm-hearted, generous healthy quack! Everyone would still be lazy in Lazy Town!" Robbie then grunts.

    There are bits of red and orange on Sportacus's tennis racket.
    "Carrot!" causes Rin to drop one out of the trap door. Sportacus catches in the mesh of the tennis racket.

    There is another random skateboard lying around, this one is pink with a thick red stripe in the middle and pink wheels. Is there no place to put skateboards?!

    "Stephanie knows that sports candy gives her extra energy." Sportacus

    Robbie cleans his periscope by breathing on it and wiping it with his finger. Is he watching "Energy" through his periscope? After Sportacus does a split, we cut to Robbie who is looking through the periscope with his left eye tilted forward. He raises his eyebrows and ducks out of sight.

    Stingy's car is parked between a bench and some hurdles, a small distance away from the wall. The trailer is not with it.

    Robbie looks excited when Stephanie accidentally kicks a football towards the Mayor, through the window of his house. (Sportacus catches it like he's saving a goal, so Robbie gets cross.)
    "This is Lazy Town, not Sporty Town!" Robbie

    When calling "Sky chaser!" on the ground, Rin drops it from her trapdoor, unfolds in midair and it flies somewhere near Sportacus, hovering above the ground. (If it enters Rin at the wall, how does it get out the trapdoor?)

    "As usual, everyone in Lazy Town is safe and happy. Well, almost everyone." Robbie did not try and put a stop to the rest of the town's energeticness today. "What a bunch of selfish LazyTowners!" "Who cares about them? I don't. I don't!" Robbie. He pushes the periscope away but it swings back towards him. "My leg!" On jumping over the rail to dodge it and landing on the floor. Does this set off Rin?

    She displays a white clock on her bed door, with white rectangles where 12, 9, 3 and 6 are, 8:08 in numbers between 6 and 9, and a thick white line with rounded semicircular edges for a hand. Probably a second hand, because of how fast it's ticking. "Countdown to bedtime." Rin swivels the bed out. Sportacus steps on a white floor square as he rushes to the bed. Is this what deploys the blanket and pillow? He sleeps in the outfit he was wearing that day. He doesn't change into pyjamas.

    "To be a superhero, you need to move, eat great and sleep great. Then you're gonna feel great! And nothing can stop you!" Rin doesn't dim any lights indoors. It is still a bright sunny day outside. Is it summer?

    Robbie has not just hurt his leg, but there is a bandage round his head and his arm is in a sling. (This is mostly recycled footage, isn't it… This bit is from the end of Welcome to Lazy Town.)
    “I believe that the human spirit is indomitable. If you endeavor to achieve, it will happen given enough resolve... The effort you put forth to anything transcends yourself, for there is no futility even in death.”
    Monty Oum (1981-2015)

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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    Anderson Island is a headcanon island in the North Sea, a small island that's part of Iceland. Fun fact, I named it after Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, creators of Thunderbirds.

    -Little Sportacus-
    Sportacus gets a letter from a 10 year old named Tommy. Sportacus loved to play dodgeball when he was Tommy's age. (living on Anderson Island therefore, I think, about a year after his father dies)"Ball!" summons a blue ball with a go faster stripe around it from the window below the toothbrush holes, to the left of the bed. The stripe ends in 2 points, one above the other, they would have overlapped otherwise. Sportacus plays dodgeball with himself, as the ball bounces off Rin's walls. "And I still love playing dodgeball!"

    Robbie sucks his right thumb in his sleep, holding a bowl of popcorn in his other hand. He wakes up from a nightmare where he says "It wasn't me!" His arms creak when he stretches them out. "Time for chocolate!" Almost immediately after he wakes up.
    "I wonder what those kids are doing?" When there is a loud ball bouncing sound coming from the loudspeakers.

    "I took them off!" Ziggy, about his bike stabilisers. "Be careful!" Stephanie is worried. He's doing fine at the moment… "I can go really fast!" "I haven't learned that yet!" When Stephanie tells him to use his brakes. He can ride a bike with stabilisers but doesn't know how to use the brakes…

    You can fit a grappling hook on Rin's red and white stripes. There is a hook on the other end of the rope. Sportacus slides down it, his legs perpendicular. The yo-yo seemed to be in his hand already without him saying anything. There is a big yellow Z on the top of Ziggy's red yellow and blue helmet, and the number 44 on the side. The saddle on Ziggy's bike has a red pole going round it. There is a gap between it and the yellow saddle big enough for a yo-yo to catch into.
    "I was trying to ride a 2-wheeled bike, but I suppose I'm just too little." Ziggy "You learn more when you're little than any other time in your whole life." Sportacus "If that's true, I'm going to learn a lot now, so when I grow up, I'll know everything!" Ziggy

    How many midair twists did Sportacus do in a row?!

    "If only Sportacus was little, he couldn't ruin my plans! But that's impossible! (gets a bright idea) Or is it…" Robbie says his name right. He has to use some strength to push a big indigo square crate, with no lid. Inside is an indigo suitcase, some kind of purple rollerskate gadget, an orange I don't know what that is, an orange and really loud air horn, and more. Robbie makes a "Littlizer 3000" eternal youth machine by hitting an orange umbrella light thing with a hammer and loads of different objects fly off it. AN ETERNAL YOUTH MACHINE. Is there no limit to his power?! And he uses it for such small purposes... Pressing the yellow button next the umbrella turns on a red light at the top of the machine next to the button and the umbrella beams down orange rings like it's a UFO, more then less until there is none. The fishing rod with the umbrella can be removed from the machine.

    There is a cockatoo perched on an indigo mechanical part in Robbie's lair. A pet of his? Robbie tries to turn into a chick but it becomes an egg.
    "Maybe I have to tune [the machine]!" Robbie "Now it's ready!" After using an indigo spanner-like tool on a red wheel on the fishing rod.

    "1201…" Sportacus counting how many skips he's done. With a load of leaves and twigs on his head, Robbie sticks his head up from the bush, Sportacus could have seen him from the side, but he didn't. "2208…" Sportacus has his back (well, quite far to his right) to Robbie when Robbie uses the machine on him. Little Sportacus didn't hear Robbie laughing…

    "Who are you?" Ziggy doesn't recognise him even though he's wearing his adult clothes. And his trousers haven't fallen down yet… Ziggy laughs when Sportacus says who he is. "If you are Sportacus, you would know my ultra-top-secret nickname! That I told nobody else…" "It's Mr Fluffy Bunny-pants…" Sportacus whispers to him. Ziggy recognises him after that. "Nobody can see you like this! The kids would freak out! Especially Stephanie…"

    Pixel's house has a doorbell, which makes a ding-dong bell-like sound. Pixel is using Pixelspix. There are 3 rectangular buttons in the top right of a machine under his computer, orange, then blue, then orange. Pressing the right orange one pops up a window onto his computer, and makes the top-right CCTV on his house zoom into whoever pressed the doorbell. A red light flashes above the camera. "I need to borrow some of your clothes!" Ziggy Pixel has 3D nets of some trousers, a shirt, socks and shoes on his computer. Some sort of extendable crane machine-like gadget delivers the clothes to Pixel wrapped in an orange packet with a blue ribbon. The grabber thing then delivers it outside to Ziggy.

    Robbie's bush is purple with white flowers growing on it. Pixel's clothes fit a 10-year-old boy. Robbie pops his head along to Stephanie bouncing the ball as a beat. If you change the key a couple of times in California Girls by Katy Perry, it can be mashed up with Time to Play. Stephanie gets suspicious of little Sportacus's stunts. He seemed to forget Ziggy's instructions to blend in, thanks to ADHD? Because he was enjoying himself too much? Robbie steals Sportacus's adult clothes.

    Instead of just asking Sportacus directly if that's who he is, Stephanie rips out a page of her diary, and deliberately lets it blow away in the wind for him to save it. I'm guessing Sportacus did between 5 or 10 handsprings in a row to catch up to it, but some of them were off-camera. He handsprings back to her, still forgetting Ziggy's instructions. "Come on, nobody can flip like that except for Sportacus." Stephanie "Hi Sportacus!" Ziggy forgot too, and then realised as soon as he said.

    Stingy's asleep on Pixel's sofa in the middle of the day. Trixie tickles his nose with a feather. "If you really are Sportacus then you can do incredible jumps!" Trixie, who believes him along with the other children when he does a split jump. "Pixel, did you have your house cam on today?" Stephanie. "Yeah! I got everything on video." Pixel. There is a 3D model of one of those film reel cameras against a blue grid background window on his computer screen. "Watch the big screen!" Pixel points to his left. Pixel is monitoring a wall near the Mayor's house on CCTV. Footage of Sportacus skipping appears on a blue TV to the left of a window. It is opposite the sofa. "Look! That bush is moving!" "It's a guy wearing a bush!" Ziggy. You can see Robbie's face quite close-up on the TV. "Interesting choice of costume." Stingy
    Pixel presses a button on his keyboard and his UFO camera comes out from somewhere on the ground. The camera can stick out a little distance like a snail's eye and its silver lens can open and close. Pixel puts his goggles on and presses a button to open up the roof. "Look at all those leaves! Must have fallen off the costume. Deductive reasoning." Stingy, about a trail of purple leaves shown on the camera. The trail leads to Robbie's billboard. "What's out there?!" Pixel, about the billboard. Stephanie decides to go out and follow it. "You guys stay here and watch the monitor, okay?" Pixel gives her a walkie-talkie.
    "A cow?" Stingy "I don't get it!" Trixie, about the billboard. The kids don't see the door in the billboard until Stephanie falls through it. It opens towards the back. Stephanie's clearly never been here before. She looks kind of fascinated and curious.

    The kids all arrive at the exterior of Robbie's lair. Pixel controls the camera with the remote screen thing he's carrying. "I'll send the hovercraft down there so we can watch it on this video monitor!" Which is displaying a 3D net of the hovercraft on it on a blue grid background square. "Pixel, [the hovercraft is] great!" Ziggy. The hovercraft can fit down the entrance pipe without touching any of the walls. There is a white light on each side of the bottom of the hovercraft, which flash alternately.
    About the interior of Robbie's lair; "Wow," Ziggy "It's cool!" Pixel "Look at this place, it's amazing!" Trixie "It's a bit spooky," Ziggy "This place is huge!" Pixel The camera's vision is somewhat fisheye. Robbie's hair is mostly covered, but the kids can see his face from the side on the camera. His sideburns are visible.

    "Rope!" Rin drops one to Sportacus from the trapdoor with the stairs, even though his voice hasn't broken. Is this the first time Sportacus has been in Robbie's lair? Now they've been in each other's homes, both without being invited. When the hovercraft shakes the table, Sportacus catches the cockatoo egg before it can roll off. This wakes Robbie up. Again, nobody recognises Robbie's face when it's close-up on the camera. Sportacus's adult clothes fit on Robbie's disguise mannequin. Did Sportacus spin round to change back or was he spun round? Robbie put a self-destruct timer on the Littlizer. Turning it to 10 from where 12 would be, is 10 seconds. It is purple between 10 and 6, and the rest is orange. 12, 9, 3 and 6 are white lines with blue shadows, and the other numbers are silver dots. Sportacus presses a button when when the red hand gets to 12. "I guess I was wrong. I only needed 8."

    The Mayor was cutting a bush on the other side of the wall near his house. The kids could see "ROBBIE ROTTEN!" when he landed on it. They probably now know where he lives.
    There is smoke coming from the entrance pipe to Robbie's lair. "Sportacus, I learned something important today," "You're never too little to learn. And, if a bush comes at you with a fishing rod and an umbrella, RUN!" Ziggy

    The cockatoo chick hatches, and its first words are "Mama!" Looking at Robbie. "What, me?"
    “I believe that the human spirit is indomitable. If you endeavor to achieve, it will happen given enough resolve... The effort you put forth to anything transcends yourself, for there is no futility even in death.”
    Monty Oum (1981-2015)

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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    I know I haven't posted on here in a while. In fact, my last post was the very day before something major went down in my personal life...
    And so I haven't felt like writing LT fanfiction in a while. But now I'm starting to get back into it, while multitasking projects from different fandoms.
    The good news is that Bado Innos's channel is still up and I've been making some notes on the LT Extra episodes they've recently uploaded. There is also a section for this season labelled 'All episodes', where I keep notes on common tropes and things throughout each Extra episode, I think I'll post them when I've seen 'all episodes'.

    "Hi kids!" Sportacus There is no-one, not even any more adults, in the room with him. "Are you ready for today's SuperMoves? Perfect!" After Sportacus scores a penalty kick and cheers, Rin drops a football from her ceiling. "Where did you come from?" Sportacus "Soccer ball in place." Rin, ater Sportacus kicks a FOOTBALL back into a hole in the wall. "I love to play!" Sportacus

    Ziggy is wearing a pair of flying goggles. He is next to break the fourth wall, but thought we were behind him. Ziggy has already been talking to faraway friends (How? Letters? Phone calls? Video chat? How did they become friends?) who have given him the clue "nets are very important!" for today's "Ziggy Activity". He likes flying around the world to go on playdates with friends.

    According to scientists, and the Mayor, Uruguay was the first country to win the World Cup. The Mayor loves dancing the salsa.

    I think Ziggy always misinterprets the clues his friends give him. He brought a butterfly net instead of a goal net. "Football! Is that the same as soccer?" Ziggy "Hi Ziggy!" The coach and football kids all know Ziggy's name. Joe and Luke probably told everyone that their friend Ziggy was coming over beforehand. Ziggy doesn't join in with the football game.

    Stingy wants to be good at football. Stingy misread a rulebook and thought you need 11 footballs, not 11 football players on a team. His yellow bib says "8" and he has white gloves with yellow bits. Stingy's ball has yellow shapes on it.

    Ziggy wonders if cows would come onto the football pitch during a game and start eating the grass. And he doesn't know you're not allowed to use your hands unless you're a goalie. Joe and Luke have different opinions on the best way to kick a football, the side of your boot or the laces. Nice headers, Ziggy.

    "Sportacus Challenge coming up! Email ready!" Pixel His camera is already flying around. It's at the bottom of the UFO. The camera can talk "Searching... (for Sportacus) Not yet" He uses it to look for Sportacus. Django in St. Louis has sent Sportacus a challenge; (how does he know about him?) can he do a backflip and kick a football at the same time? Yes he can. And score a goal too. (undefended) Pixel writes an email back to Django in St. Louis. "Your friend, Pixel. This is Pixel saying; See you next time with another cool Sportacus Challenge!" He says this to the computers, so who is he talking to?

    "That was Zigtabulous!" Ziggy He can't wait to get back to Lazy Town and teach everyone how to play football... which they already know, surely.

    -I Love Sportscandy!-

    "The Sportacus move!" Sportacus, when he draws the "dab" card for today's SuperMove.

    Some articles in the "LazyTown News" the Mayor's reading; "LazyTown Spring in the Air", something about Sportacus I can't quite read, "The Mayor is planing to paint the house blue", "Few words from Robbie Rotten", "Is Ziggy The New Hero?" Stingy claims to have found "the secret to life itself! Aaaah!" "Will you pay me?" Stingy, when the Mayor asks what it is. "Aren't we being today," when the Mayor refuses to pay him. "I know I don't need it, but I want it." Stingy, about his plan to get all the children of the world to send him their sweets to make it easier for them all to eat sports candy instead. "No! Don't send anything to him! Please!" The mayor, directly at the camera. If I remember correctly, the Stingy and Mayor segments aren't nearly as self-aware as others. Usually they just interact as if no one is watching them. Did the characters script this scene and then act it out?

    Ziggy knew the names of all the fruits. There are a lot of kids exercising with Sportacus. Is he running some kind of gym now in the sports centre? Some of the kids have "Lazy Team" on their shirts. Another girl has a LazyTown logo on her orange cheerleader outfit.

    "Does fruit always grow on the ground?" "Can you pick berries even when they're green?" "Not (picking fruits) by feet?" "I eat fruit nearly as much as I eat lollies!" Ziggy.

    "There's only one thing that is fun about SPORTS CANDY, (overly enunciated in disgust) and that's playing with it!" Robbie. He claps twice and all the lights go off except for a spotlight on him. "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, cats and dogs…" You can hear cats and dogs in the background. Robbie claps twice and the lights go back on. For someone who hates sports candy, he has a lot of apples in that big purple trunk. He seems to think juggling apples means taking them out of the trunk and throwing them over his shoulder. A LOT more apples fall out of the air than he tossed out. He gets stuck under a pile of apples on his chair. Does Sportacus save him?

    -Ready, Set Go!-

    "SuperMoves program activated." Rin, with no prompt other than the usual flipping. Is it a timed thing? "My favourite time of the day!" Sportacus. "Let's go!" "Start now!" Rin, after catching the empty card box.

    Stephanie moves the TV camera around, and presses a little lever-switch below a blank screen to the right down to start filming. The screen above changes from a spinning globe on a blue background to the Mayor and Bessie, and an orange light on the right side of the camera, high up and close to the edge facing Bessie and the Mayor, turns on. "Scientists have recently discovered…" Bessie. I think the knowledge of how the marathon got its name has been around for a long time. "Oh Mayor, must I do everything?" Bessie.

    Ziggy has a train track with a train and carriages that move all by itself.

    "You know that's one of my favourite Lazy Town songs..." Stephanie, about No One's Lazy In Lazy Town.

    While running a relay race, Stingy hid in the Mayor's house so Trixie wouldn't take his baton.

    "Can you use a lolly instead? [of a baton]" "Have you heard of the Lolly Olympics? I hope to win a medal one day!" Ziggy

    At the bottom of Pixel's email, there is an S icon with an icon of Sportacus's face in front. "Searching…" "Object found!" Pixel's UFO, in a non-smooth robotic voice. "I'm on the sports field!" Sportacus is in front of a goalpost, with Stingy's car parked to the right of it. The theatre, Stingy's house and a bit of the sports centre can be seen in the background. Today's challenge is from Maria in England; can Sportacus run around Lazy Town in less than 10 seconds? "10 seconds?! That's pretty fast… But I think I can do it!" Sportacus. That was 20 seconds. I counted. Not 9 seconds, as Pixel says. Pixel had UFO footage on one screen and the time up on the screen to the diagonal bottom right. "Your friend, Pixel." Pixel, signing off his email.

    -Fantastic Gymnastics!-

    "Let's see what the [SuperMove is] today." Sportacus probably does 1 of these a day. "SuperMoves ready." Rin, getting the cards out. The card for "Handstand" is one-handed, with the legs spread almost to the sides.

    Stephanie is making another apple castle all by herself. "You're not playing with your food, you should never do that you know!" Trixie, to Stephanie. "I'm making a plate of sports candy for Ziggy's birthday." Stephanie. There are loads of sports candy creations all over the table. "I almost forgot! It's tomorrow!" Trixie. "And remember last year, when everyone went home with a stomachache?" Stephanie. "Too much sugar!" Both of them. (Happy Brush Day?) Stephanie has made Ziggy a pirate ship and a racecar out of sports candy. "We can always dress up as knights and play some cool games!" Trixie.

    Ziggy likes banana splits. "Sportacus loves gymnastics and so do I!" Ziggy.

    The Mayor is mopping the floor "for Stephanie's split practice." She's practised the splits yesterday and the day before that. "How often you have to practice? Every day?" Stingy. "Well that explains why I can't do the splits." Stingy only practices the splits once a year. "Never practice the splits on a wet floor." Stingy.

    "That's amazing! I could never do that!" Ziggy, about some girls doing cartwheels in a line.

    "When you move, you have to stretch!" Sportacus.

    "I once did a handstand for a really, really long time, like… 2 seconds!" Ziggy.

    Robbie claims he can walk on his hands and tries to set a world record in it. He spits on his hands, then claps them together and they get stuck. He actually can walk on his hands for (wobbling a bit, with his legs bent towards his back), but cracks appear in the lair floor with each hand step until he Wilhelm screams down a big hole.

    "Ah, ouch... I'm stuck!" Ziggy seems to cartwheel up from the floor. He can stand with his legs really wide, but he can't do the splits yet. His underpants are blue with yellow Zs outlined in red, as seen when he splits a hole in his crotch trying to do the splits… His face looked like he was doing a poo.

    -Splish Splash!-

    "Time to play." Rin, after Sportacus flips out of the cockpit. "That means only one thing! SuperMoves!" Sportacus. Rin passes him the cards. "Bye bye shark!" To a big imaginary shark Sportacus was surfing away from.

    While watching the children swimming, Ziggy is holding a microphone with a "TV" logo on it, like a sort news reporters use.

    "I went to the sports store and bought all the best equipment; goggles, snorkel, flippers, swimming trunks, but still… I can't swim!" Stingy. "No, I bought everything." When the Mayor says that there are still 2 important things missing; practice and "water wings". (armbands, I'm assuming) "You mean like Ziggy wears in the swimming pool?! That's just silly." Stingy. "Can I own them?... What about the air inside of them?" Stingy, when the Mayor gives him his old armbands. "Yes Stingy, you can own the air." Mayor "Ah… Nice strawberry…" To a cake he was decorating with strawberries.

    "I can't wait to learn to swim!" "Do you have to have special floaty arms and legs to swim?" "I looove bathtime!" Ziggy. "Have you got a tail like a goldfish?" After asking Erin if she can swim underwater like a goldfish, and she says yes. "You like you're wearing funny-looking sunglasses in the pool!" Ziggy didn't know what swimming goggles are. "Can only dogs do the doggy paddle?"

    "Scanning… Object found." Pixel's UFO, looking for Sportacus. Pixel is speaking into a microphone attached to the table.Today's challenge is from Alex from Chile; can Sportacus jump up and grab an apple from a tree? Yes he can, by kick flipping the apple off the branch. The computer closest to the table and behind the keyboard has a red light in a sort of dark blue oval to the right of the screen with "ON" above it in white and "OFF" below. The computer screen to his right and close to the desk is black and scrawling white text. "Shutting down the Sportacus Challenge! All systems off, Pixel out!" Pixel sends Alex from Chile an email and turns off his computer.

    Ziggy has invented the "Ziggy paddle", where it looks like you just flap your hands around. He has his own yellow rubber ring and armbands, with a blue circle on each one with his "Z" logo in the middle.

    -Clean Up!-

    "Hi kids! Are you ready for today's SuperMoves?! Perfect!" Sportacus. Rin then tosses him the cards otherwise unprompted. Sportacus's name logo is under a silhouette of him doing a one-handed handstand. "A double move!" Sportacus. There is no writing on the card apart from his name and the number 10. But he knows this card means 2 moves in 1. "When you do jump or spin, always make sure you have plenty of room!"

    "Hey everyone! SuperZiggy here…"

    Stephanie advises Trixie to wash sports candy before she eats it, which she thinks is a crazy idea.

    Ziggy has a dark brown teddy bear and a blue face cloth with a yellow Z outlined in red. Also a red "special superhero snuggle blanket" covered in lollipops and sweet wrappers.

    "Oh Stingy! Good to see you my young friend!" Mayor. Stingy plans to host a pizza party at his house for all his friends. "So I want everyone to take a bath before eating my pizza." Stingy misunderstands that you should wash your hands before eating. He doesn't want people washing their hands in his sink and getting dirty, so he tries to borrow the Mayor's.

    "My blanket is still all sticky!" Ziggy.

    Sportacus gives us a V-sign while explaining a "two for one" move. (Combining 2 moves at the same time)

    Ziggy's snuggle blanket is so sticky that it has stuck to his hand.

    Robbie's lair is messier than usual. He tries to set a world record in cleaning it up. "Someone say… Go, Set, Ready!" He turns round and is in a white and purple frilly apron with a matching nurse hat thing, holding a blue feather duster. Robbie cleans his lair really fast, almost warp speed, by stuffing everything into a big indigo safe, full to the point of exploding back out again. 1 of the things that exploded back out of the safe was the toy magnet thing from Sportacus Saves The Toys.

    "I'll be a real soaperhero!" Ziggy.

    -Pedal Power!-

    "Time for SuperMoves." Rin. "I'm ready!" Sportacus. "Activate!" Rin passes him the cards. "Ready, set, go!" While standing facing the bed, Sportacus steps on a floor light to his left and a rectangle opposite the bed comes down to allow a section of floor with a rolled mat on it to come up, and the mat unrolls automatically. There are go faster stripes on each side, slightly curved; dark blue-grey, white, black, white, dark blue-grey. To put the mat away, Sportacus steps on the same floor light that got it out. The match rolls up by itself, and it is put away the same way it is taken out, just reversed.

    "Ready to go on another Zigtacular Zigtastic adventure!" Ziggy.

    "Ah, Europe. What a lovely country!" Bessie.

    "Ziggycadabra!" Ziggy waves his wand at an upside down top hat with a lollipop already inside.

    Stingy's bike helmet is blue. It has the number 8 on the side in red. He is looking for a yellow one. He doesn't want to ride his yellow bicycle with a blue helmet because they will not match. "As Mayor of Lazy Town, I officially request that you go outside and play!" "Well, as Prince (rolled R) of Lazy Town, I grant your request, my humble servant!" Stingy. The Mayor was baking a cake. The oven pings when it's ready.

    "I fall off my bike all the time." "Does your bike have special magic powers to help you do tricks?" "So do I!" Ziggy, when Cameron says no, but he wishes it did. "Does eating sports candy help you do better tricks?"

    There is a logo of Sportacus's face in front of an S in the bottom right corner of Pixel's Sportacus Challenge email. He beams it up to Rin using a little satellite dish on the top of a long metal pole tower. There was a 3D net model of Rin on Pixel's computer screen. He types something underneath and presses enter. On receiving the email, the door to a compartment with a TV opens upwards, and the TV turns round so the screen faces from the wall to the ceiling to outside. There are 3 silver button things on each side of the screen. Pixel's Skype feed is already on it. Pixel's computer can see Sportacus looking at the TV. "I think I can." Sportacus, when pixel says that Jonathan from Italy wants to know if he can do a football throw-in in a cool way. When Sportacus says "Ball!", Rin throws a black-and-white football out of a hole next to his bed, quite high from the floor.

    Ziggy's bike is blue with stabilisers. "Maybe one day, I'll be able to ride really really well, without stabilisers!" The wheels of his bike are yellow and the mudguards and pedal thing are red.

    -Picnic Time!-

    "I feel like moving!" Sportacus. "Time for SuperMoves!" Rin, throwing him the cards. Today's card has a line of white silhouettes below the blue one. Sportacus can do press ups; one-handed, two-handed, forwards and backwards, clapping or twisting in between, and using a basketball.

    "Ziggy the Zigtacular here!"

    "Coconuts are filled with delicious coconut juice!" Stephanie. "It's just like… Just like coconut juice!" Trixie has never tried coconut milk before until now. "I can't wait to see the look on the others faces!" Trixie. "Me too. They're gonna be so surprised!" Stephanie. I'm assuming Ziggy, Stingy, and Pixel haven't tried coconut milk before either.

    The Mayor has a framed picture of Bessie on top of a filing cabinet in his office. "Is Ziggy's birthday party over already?" Is this after Happy Brush Day? Stingy ate "a full bowl of toffee taffy for the party", got a massive sugar rush and then a massive sugar crash. The Mayor has a bowl of apples on his desk. He invites Stingy to take one and he takes the whole bowl.

    "Picnics are the best!" Ziggy laughs.

    "I know the secret recipe for the most energetic drink in the whole world!" Robbie ducks behind the table with the chemistry set comes back up in a chef's hat and a white apron trimmed with purple, and a black fake moustache. He drops the French accent after taking the moustache off. Recipe; (a bowlful of) sugar for running, a toffee sweet for soccer, 2 lollipops for swimming, ("of course, everybody knows that!") And liquorice syrup ("Not too much!") for basketball. "Now let's mix it up!" He puts the ball in the microwave to the right and the steaming drink in an orange glass comes out of the left one. "Now I'll drink this and become the strongest, and the fastest villain, IN MY LAIR!" "Maybe, it needs more sugar!" Before passing out.

    -Let's Dance!-

    "The only way to start such a great day is with some super moves!" Sportacus looks at Rin's pod, and she says; "Programme activated," and gets the cards out. This is the 1st thing he does that day, even before brushing his teeth. "Power jumps" seem to be another word for split jumps. "This is 1 of my favourite jumps! It takes a lot of practice to do them, so we should start right away!" Sportacus can do 2 in a row.

    Some sheets of paper drop on Milford's news desk from above, with the latest updates on the most popular dance in the world. Milford also has a blue fax machine on his desk. More paper updates are dropping from the ceiling.

    "I love dancing!" Ziggy

    "Ah, Stingy my good friend!" Mayor, when he enters his house. "I don't know these fancy dances. (the salsa and cha-cha-cha) In fact, I don't know any dances!" Stingy. The Stingy Wiggle; when you wiggle your arms and fingers about. Stingy then ask the Mayor to stop doing it "because it's my dance!" He'd totally copyright claim stuff on YouTube, even if he didn't actually own it.

    Ziggy's beatboxing sounds more like blowing raspberries to an out-of-tune beat. He has his own dance move; the Ziggy Walk, which seems to be walking backwards and then forwards to a conga-type beat. "Bet you can't lick your medal like this!" Ziggy licks his lollipop.

    "Sportacus challenge coming up! Downloading data… Maximise!" Pixel. "Subject located!" When Pixel's UFO finds Sportacus, it gets its screen out with Pixel's face on it. "Another challenge? That's great! Who is it from?" Sportacus. He drinks from a bottle of water before attempting a somersault with a double spin. "Online!" Pixel's UFO, making a load of beeping noises, before Sportacus attempts the move. He succeeds, doing a triple spin instead. "That was unbelievable!" Pixel.

    Christian and Luke taught Ziggy to spin around on the floor really fast curled up into a ball on his back. He is dizzy afterwards. "That was dizzytastic!" He loses his balance and falls backwards.

    -Smart Art!-

    "Hi kids! Are you ready for today's SuperMoves?" Sportacus. "SuperMoves program activated." Rin, who then gets the cards out. "And now, a little bit extra!" Sportacus, getting up after doing the splits. "Let's go!" Rin.

    "Wow! Cool factor 10!" Trixie, after seeing Stephanie's face pizza. "Thanks Pink-er I mean Stephanie, you're the best friend ever!" Trixie sighs when hugging her, but this could be a friendly thing.

    Stingy is drawing a piggy bank, outlined in pink and not coloured in yet, but is hogging all the crayons except the red, which the Mayor is using. When the Mayor asks for the blue crayon to draw Sportacus with, Stingy won't give it to him. "It's much more fun to share!" Mayor. "It is?" Stingy. "Art is not only something we do by ourselves, but we share it with the whole world! And when people see our pictures, they see life in a whole new way! Maybe art will even inspire them to do wonderful things with their lives!" Mayor "So you're saying that by sharing with others I can make their lives better?… I don't buy it." "I'm going to give you some really good advice, because I like you." Stingy then suggests that the Mayor draw an invisible Sportacus. "First I will draw his funny little hat!" Mayor, after Stingy eventually gives him the blue crayon.

    Ziggy paints a picture using a big lollipop as a paintbrush. "I wanted to draw a picture of a lollipop, not put paint on my lollipop!" Ziggy then throws the lollipop away. "My favourite colour ever to paint with is blue, and I like to wear it too!" "I once painted a picture of Stephanie and gave it her because she's my best best best friend in the whole world!" Ziggy.

    Robbie has a painting of the Mona Lisa or a copy, framed with the caption "RR 1." He picks it up from the floor, off-camera. "How can this be famous! She's not even smiling!… Or is she?" Robbie tries to set a world record for the most famous painting in the whole world, with a painting of a stop sign. But he gets his hand stuck through it doing a 'Ta-daaa!' gesture.

    Ziggy has painted himself, "Superhero Ziggy... saving all the lollipops in the world!" (Coloured dots surrounding him) "And since I've saved them, I get to eat them too!" (WTF...)

    -Slam Dunk!-

    "Ready. Time for SuperMoves." Rin gives Sportacus the cards after he finishes some handsprings. What time is it? The silhouette is of Sportacus with a basketball, apparently the card represents "8 basketball jumps." Sportacus scores a basket when he throws a basketball out of the door and it lands in a basketball hoop somewhere in Lazy Town. "Basketball shot; 3 points." Rin. "I love to play!" Sportacus.

    According to Ms Busybody, basketball was first played in Canada in 1892. "An instructor in Springfield, Massachusetts, wanted to create a game that students could play inside during the cold winter months." "Look how fragile-" Ms Busybody pops 1 of the apparent first basketballs ever with a knitting needle.

    The Mayor has been making a "tutti-frutti basketball cake", and has iced and decorated it well. Stingy wants to be the best basketball player in Lazy Town, and so to turn his bedroom into a basketball court to practice in, he wants the public basketball hoop. "Are you crazy?!" When the Mayor says he can practice with a wastepaper basket and some socks indoors. Stingy letter asks if the idea can be his idea. The Mayor says yes. "And this also is mine." Stingy steals the wastepaper basket the Mayor was demonstrating with.

    "Dribbling?! Don't you do that with your mouth?" Ziggy.

    "I never tried that before, but I'm ready to give it a go!" Sportacus, when Pixel says that Elizabeth in France wants to know if he can somersault and throw a basketball at the same time. He can, and score a basket. "Any time!" When Pixel thanks him.

    Ziggy accidentally manages to spin a basketball on his finger for a long time.

    -Let's Jump!-

    "Hi kids! Let's do some SuperMoves!" Sportacus looks at Rin's pod screen. "Super moves ready," Rin gives him the cards. Sportacus gets his water bottle out from the hemisphere in the wall by sliding up a hatch in the middle of it.

    "Hi Pinky!" Trixie, when entering Stephanie's house and seeing her at the kitchen island. She is great in her sports candy with 10 being the freshest and 0 being the most processed-I think that's an Afram Latibaer reference. "This orange marmalade! This must be a 10, it's delicious!" Trixie. "Well, it is yummy…" Stephanie.

    There is a gold letterbox in the door to the Mayor's house. Stingy believes he can't win the long jump unless he has golden sports shoes. "Barefoot?! In the grass?!" Stingy, when the Mayor says it doesn't matter what he wears on his feet to practice the long jump. "I just finished cleaning the sports field, why don't you go out there and practice right away? " Mayor. "I'll go and get my gold trousers!" Stingy.

    "I love sand!" Ziggy.

    "Jumping, jumping, jumping! How difficult can that be? Anyone can jump! I can even set a world record in jumping if I feel like it! And you know what?… I feel like it!" Robbie ducks below the camera and reappears from the periscope to the lair floor in front of the big purple trunk. Inside is a pair of sparking orange boots with 2 springs on each one. He jumps into them. First he sings as he jumps, but then the boots go out of control, jumping faster and faster, and he lands upside down in his chair with his legs crossed and his left hand stuck in the front spring of his right foot.


    The 1st thing Sportacus does when he wakes up is sit up and stretch his arms. "Time to play. Get ready for SuperMoves!" Rin, giving him the cards after he somersaults out of bed. He hasn't brushed his teeth yet. That's because brushing teeth is today's SuperMove. The card says "Sportacus" below the silhouette. Rin's TV is out, with 3 blue circles on the bottom of the screen, like on her pod. The background is blue, with lighter broken gauged concentric circles going round each other, and a 3D toothbrush on top and in the middle. "One leg." The wavy line appears behind the toothbrush when Rin speaks. The 3 dots flash, middle then outside, repeat. "Other leg." "Change arm." "Blink your eyes." "Sing a song." "Twenty times done." Rin. "Let me tell you a little secret; brushing your teeth can be the most fun part of your day!" Sportacus throws the toothbrush back over his shoulder and it lands through its hole. (yellow inside)

    "Today's big news is all about, er... ooh, toothbrushes! Oh my, does that sound fascinating!" According to Mayor Meanswell, the first toothbrush was invented in China over 500 years ago, out of a bamboo stick and the hair from the back of a pig's neck. "Oh Milford, do you believe everything you read?!" Bessie doesn't believe him because she finds it gross. "Well no one is using any pig's has from my piggy!" Stingy pops up from behind the desk. "You tell him Stingy!" Bessie. "And this is Stingy with my big news; remember to brush your teeth twice every day! Come on Piggy, we have to go brush your teeth, your breath smells!"

    Ziggy's dustpan is red with a yellow Z in the middle of the inside and a blue handle. The brush handle is blue, the back is red and the bristles are black. "It's a Ziggy super-duper dustpan and brush scooper! You can clean up lots with this!" "The dentist knows loads about looking after our teeth! Well, at least I brought a brush with me!" (Holds up his dustpan and brush) "Wow, it tickles!" Ziggy brushing his teeth without toothpaste. None of the kids are scared of the dentist.

    "I realised if I only brush one time instead of 20 times, I save 746 minutes every year! My toothbrush will stay brand-new for years!" "I even taught (the other kids) the One Time Time song!" Stingy steals the Mayor's fruit bowl while he goes to tell the other children to forget the One Time Time song.

    "I find brushing my teeth really ticklish!" "I would like 2 bags of sweets, wouldn't you Raj?" Ziggy.

    Pixel controls his UFO the joystick to his left of the keyboard and the keyboard. "Located!" The UFO when it finds Sportacus. Richard from Mexico asks if he can travel from Lazy Town to Rin in under 10 seconds. "Wow, that's pretty fast… But I'm up to it!" He does a running start from a running track marked out in white on the ground. Pixel sets up an all blue timer on the computer to the bottom right of the one Sportacus is on, where his Sportacus Challenge email was previously displayed. It counts to the hundredths of a second, and looks to go up to 99 whole seconds. Sportacus had parked the flight pod behind a fence, and uses it to get back to Rin. The timer is also displayed on her TV, and then Pixel's face camera feed. Sportacus completes the challenge in 9.99 seconds.

    -Outdoor Action!-

    "I'm ready to move! Are you?" Sportacus. "Time for SuperMoves." Rin gives him the cards. The "freestyle" card shows a silhouette of Sportacus jumping on his hand. "The great thing about moving is that you can do anything you want!" Sportacus.

    "Trixie, it's a park! We play in the park!" Stephanie. "We relax and do nothing in the park! See, I bought cupcakes and marshmallows for everyone." Trixie. There is a white hob on the kitchen island, one big one (mostly black with a red circle in the middle) between 2 smaller ones, 3 dials and an orange light. "I'm bringing my new frisbee!" It's mostly pink, with a blue wave pattern on the top side. "The thing is, I really wanna beat Stingy in a frisbee match!" Trixie. They compromise, bringing some sports candy and some cupcakes.

    "So, we're going outside! Yippee!" Ziggy.

    Stingy doesn't want to play outside because it's dirty outside. He has a load of sports equipment, but doesn't want to take it outside for this reason. "Well, usually I ask Ziggy to clean them, but sometimes I do it myself." When the mayor asks what Stingy does when his shoes and car get dirty. Stingy resolves not to walk or take his car outside.

    "I can't believe I finally caught the ball!" Ziggy accidentally catches a rounders ball.

    "Outdoor games are the coolest ever! Can you play outdoor games indoors?" "What do you need to play games outdoors?" Ziggy. Casey says you can use anything with your imagination. "Have you ever tried playing frisbee with a pancake or a pizza?... What about a lollipop?" "I sometimes drop my ball…" "My frisbee always gets stuck up a tree, and Sportacus helps to get it down." "If it's raining, could you fly the kite in your bedroom instead?" Ziggy.

    Robbie sniffs a frisbee. "See? It doesn't even work!" After knocking on it. He holds it up and drops it, and it falls to the ground. "Like I said, doesn't work at all!" "Fly!" He thinks saying that will make the frisbee work. Robbie doesn't know how to use a frisbee. Robbie jumps over the fence in front of the disguise tubes to escape the flying frisbee he threw, and lands getting stuck in 1 of his contraption tables. The frisbee knocks him on the rear end.

    -Let's Roll!-

    "Playtime ready, time for SuperMoves." Rin, after Sportacus finishes exercising, saying nothing. "Playtime? My favourite time!" Sportacus. Rin gives him the cards. "Begin." Rin. "I know a lot of different kinds of push-ups!" Sportacus. Including one with his legs in the air, but slowly.

    "With me, Ziggy the Zigtacular!" Ziggy poses with his fist in the air.

    "Nobody knows for certain exactly when the skateboard was invented." Mayor. "I love mysteries!" Bessie. "Some people think the skateboard first appeared in the 1950s with soapbox derby racing cars!" Mayor. "I love racing cars!" Bessie. "I tell you, you really need to be in tip-top shape to do something like that!" Mayor. "I need to be in tip-top shape?!" "I'm keeping my eye on you, Milford!" Bessie pokes him and accidentally pushes him away while he's on the skateboard, he crashes off-screen. "Oh! Milford, are you all right?!" "Milford? Can I get you anything?" After the show has ended and the lights go off.

    "This is my favourite board game, ever!" Ziggy shows his new friends a game of Snakes and Ladders. "It's really easy to play." "I've got my Ziggy board, so, let's watch!" It's black on top, and is blue with a yellow Z outlined in red on the bottom middle, and the outsides of the wheels, which are black. Ziggy is wearing his helmet. "How do they stay on their boards when they're going so fast?!" He steps on his skateboard and whizzes off out of control.

    Stingy has a skateboard that is yellow on the bottom with pictures of gold coins. The axles and the fronts of the wheels are blue, and the rest of the wheels are white. His helmet is blue and yellow, with some kind of reflective tape. The top has horizontal stripes; black, white, yellow, white, yellow, white, black. The white stripes are thinner. He's wearing blue and black elbow pads. He says he wants the Mayor with him while he's riding his skateboard. The Mayor thinks Miss busybody coming to visit as important, Stingy does not. His helmet has a red-orange number 8 on the side. He wants the Mayor to pull him on a rope while he's riding his skateboard. Or push him. Stingy doesn't want to get his skateboard shoes dirty by stepping on the ground. "Are you talking about my sports field?" "Er, yes, ha ha, today it can be your sports field." Mayor. Stingy goes off to practice right away.

    Apparently skateboards need to be the right shape and have special axles called trucks. And you can wear special shoes to help you grip better. "Does your skateboard have rockets on it?!" "Energy! That's what we need!" "An Ollie! That rhymes with lolly!" "See you later, dudes!" Ziggy tries to sound like a cool skater.

    Pixel types something in white below a 3D model of his UFO on a blue background. Tina from Denmark wants to know if Sportacus can do a one-armed handstand. "I think I can do that… But first I need sports candy!" He grabs a carrot from the nearby vegetable garden. Did it belong to anyone in particular? Apparently he can do a one-armed handstand, but he couldn't keep still, always moving his arms and kicking his legs.

    The Ziggy is a skateboard move where you stand on your skateboard and dance around and then trip off it.

    -Great Greens!-

    "Super moves coming up!" Sportacus. "Program activated." Rin gives him the cards. "Start now!" There are 4 silhouettes on today's card, including one of Sportacus dabbing. This apparently means Sports Day. Coincidentally, today is Lazy Town's Sports Day. Sportacus has a blue and white backpack with a crystal case design on the front and curved go faster stripes to the left of it. (Is he plugging merch?) One carrot shoots out of a small hole between the water and the kitchen, near the floor, another between the door and some other compartment, on the side of the door with the bed.

    Stephanie is mapping out the sports field on the kitchen island using sports candy, planning how Sports Day is going to be organised. "Pinky, you're a genius!" Trixie.

    Ziggy has a blue bag with red piping, a red handle and a yellow Z on the front. Inside is a plush toy green frog, a green crayon, ("I've coloured in lots of pictures with this!") and a green toy car with black wheels and yellow hubcaps.

    Stingy is being sports candy colour-ist, throwing out any sports candy that isn't yellow. "Well I could eat watermelon! It's my favourite!"

    "I always look after my lollipops really well, to make sure no one licks them!" Ziggy.

    Robbie starts to sit down by the disguises, and finishes in his chair, in his pyjamas. "Come on Robbie, you can do this. You're the best villain in this lair!" He's trying to set a world record in sleeping, but lacks the tiredness. What time is it? "There's nothing better than to relax with a good book, while trying to stay awake!" (and set a staying awake world record) He's knockout asleep as soon as he opens the book. Does he get the sleeping world record?
    “I believe that the human spirit is indomitable. If you endeavor to achieve, it will happen given enough resolve... The effort you put forth to anything transcends yourself, for there is no futility even in death.”
    Monty Oum (1981-2015)

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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    -Let's Jump!-

    "Time for SuperMoves." Rin gives Sportacus the cards after he's finished somersaulting. "Super jumps! Wow that's gonna be hard!" "Wall jump power jump double jump twist jump backward jump start now!" Rin, fast. "Whoa! That was really difficult!" Sportacus, after doing a backwards somersault "backward jump" after some handsprings. "Make a frog sound." After telling Sportacus to frog jump. He does. "Only joking. Jumps completed." Rin, after 2 ribbits.

    Ms Busybody's first guess for the world's most athletic animal is a dog, then a pig, gorilla, chicken and a puffin. Apparently it's a flea. Not a cheetah like I thought. Apparently fleas can jump 100 times their height. The Mayor has brought in a flea called Squiggy to prove it. Ms Busybody panics when it jumps into her hair. After the show, the Mayor asks Squiggy if it's all right and it seems to talk back in squeaks, and Ms Busybody calls someone. "Did you see that? Live on television?"

    Ziggy has his own personalised pogo stick. "I think that was more of a tiny-weeny jump." Ziggy, about his attempt at a high jump.

    Apparently kids are having a big costume party. "Ziggy is going as a lollipop, again, Stephanie is a ballerina, Trixie's a witch, and Pixel is a clown, those were all costumes I wanted to wear, and now I have nothing!" Is this Halloween? The Mayor is going in his bunny outfit. "A pink donkey?" Stingy also thinks it's a kangaroo and a dog with weird ears. He decides he wants to go as a bunny instead of the Mayor. "You can always go as a... a Mayor!" "But I don't wanna be a Mayor!" Mayor. Do either of them realise that that bunny suit will probably be too big for Stingy?!

    "Do you need springs in your shoes to jump really high?" Ziggy.

    "Downloading, uploading, sideloading, all data perfect and in place!" Pixel. "Subject located." Pixel's UFO, after he calls for Sportacus through a microphone on his desk, to his left of the keyboard. Helga in Switzerland wants to know if Sportacus can jump over the big wall in Lazy Town. Yes he can, and he can somersault over it too.

    Ziggy can do the high jump, but from both legs.

    -It's Hip To Skip!-

    "Hi kids! Let's do some SuperMoves!" Sportacus. "SuperMoves ready." Rin gives him the cards.

    "...you're just in time for another Zig-credible, Zig-mazing activity!"

    "I'll never eat oatmeal!" Trixie. She hates oatmeal but she's never eaten it before. "I like fresh fruit!" Trixie. "And delicious cold milk!" Stephanie. "I love milk!" Trixie. Stephanie persuades Trixie to eat oatmeal by adding milk and sports candy to it.

    Ziggy has brought a small yellow and purple rope tied in a simple knot which he uses to remember people's birthdays, including his own. "Sportacus loves skipping!" Ziggy.

    The Mayor's favourite sport is tennis. "Stephanie does love soccer!" When Stingy asks the Mayor if he knows what her favourite sport is. They reckon Ziggy's favourite sport is baseball. "Ms Busybody loves chess! A sport for the brain!" Mayor. Stingy wants to learn everybody's weaknesses at their favourite sport so he can beat them all. "You don't have to win every time and beat everybody to have a good time in sports!" Mayor. "Think 1… 2 thinks… 3 thinks… Yes I do!" Stingy. "Maybe I'll let you win once… But only once!" When the Mayor tries to tell Stingy that it's the taking part that counts.

    "The rope looks like a big giant shoelace!" Ziggy, about a skipping rope.

    "Jumping rope! That must be the most boring activity in the whole world! Besides all other activities in the whole world!" Robbie. Steam is coming from the bottom of the microwave door gap. "What if I set a world record in jumping rope? I would be world-famous at last!" Robbie's rope is orange with orange fluffy handles. He presses buttons on the ends of the handles without ropes and lightning sparks and the skipping rope skips by itself in his hands. He manages to jump every time as it goes faster before crashing into his chair and getting tangled up. Lightning flashes from the handles.

    "I'm Skippacus, Lazy Town's new skipping superhero!" Ziggy, after doing 2 successful skips.

    -Deep Sleep!-

    "Now I'm ready to move!" Sportacus flips out of bed. "Playtime!" Rin gives him the cards. "Power stretching! That's a perfect move after you wake up!" "Stretching is really important for the whole body! Remember to stretch every day, then, you can jump and run and do all kinds of moves!"

    Ziggy is excited about an activity that apparently involves sleeping.

    "Scientists have discovered that children need an average of 10 hours of sleep every night!" Mayor. "Cake? Cake? Did someone say cake?" Bessie wakes up (after staying up too late) at the mention of cake; when the Mayor says that he dreamt he was a green monkey wearing a chocolate cake on his head. "Go back to sleep Ms Busybody." The Mayor pats her on the shoulder.

    Ziggy is wearing a navy blue dressing gown with a light blue collar. Ziggy was woken up by his own snore and got worried that it was a lion's roar.

    "Did you know there are some really cool steps to this song..." Stephanie, about the Spooky Song, where these moves were not done because the tent was too small to stand up in.

    Stingy's piggy bank has a white blindfold of the yellow edge and strap. Stingy's sleeping on an armchair in the Mayor's house, with a yellow pillow resting on the armrest, under the yellow duvet. He dreamt he was a king in a gold castle, and wants to go back to sleep so he can have it again, forever.

    "Do you think animals read bedtime stories to each other?" "Maybe we should give [animals] some books to read!" "Sometimes I dream about cool things like pirates and treasure!" "Do you think animals go to sleepovers?" Ziggy.

    Himiko in Japan wants to know if Sportacus can hit a golf ball from the airship. Yes; he shoots it out the door and it lands and rolls into a random golf hole with a number 1 flag. Hole in one.

    "Did you hear that?" Ziggy to his teddy, about Ziggy's snore. He makes the teddy's head move. "You did Teddy?"

    -Kick Tricks!-

    "Time for SuperMoves." Rin, after Sportacus flips over the kitchen table. "That sounds like fun!" Sportacus. "Activate." Rin gives him the cards.

    "...with the amazing Ziggacus! (whispered) That's me by the way."

    "Believe me there is nothing sporty about this water." Trixie. She was expecting Stephanie to prepare soda for a football match instead of "sport water". Instead Stephanie adds a strawberry and slices of lemon, kiwi, and orange to 4 jugs of water.

    "This is the best street map ever!" Ziggy, about an ordinary-looking street map.

    "Sorry Piggy, there's not enough for you!" Stingy, about a pipette full of water. He's vowed only to have one drop of water a day. He wants a glass of water to last 49 years. "I knew it! I need Ziggy's glass to! Then I'll have enough drops for 98 years!" (Maniacal laugh) "are you counting Piggy?" Stingy takes the Mayor saying that you need at least 20,000 drops of water a day too literally.

    "It took me like, a whole year to learn how to catch the ball without dropping it!" Ziggy. "I want to do one (kick-up), one day." After asking Dylan how many he can do. "I'm going to score zillions and zillions (of goals) one day!"

    "Soccer! Like that's difficult to kick a little ball, do a header, bounce it on the knee! (Laughs) That's not difficult. Let me tell you what's difficult; kicking 3 balls at the same time!" "Wait a minute; I'm a soccer genius! And I can break the record!" Robbie. He has a big lidless indigo crate. Why does he have 3 orange footballs with indigo pentagons in there? "1! 3! Er! No... 2! And fffff… (Wiggles his fingers trying to count on them) 3! Yes, 3!" "And my PowerDropper 3000!" (An orange-ended pipette) just one infuses all 3 football stacked on top of each other with some kind of white power, then they look ordinary. I'm pretty sure this is cheating. The balls bounce all over the lair after Robbie kicks them. But I guess he did kick 3 balls at once, so is that a world record? One bounces off his head and knocked him headfirst into the crate. He gets stuck.

    Ziggy can bounce a football on his knee once.

    -Do Re Mi!-

    "Time to play," Rin, after Sportacus finishes his handsprings. He gets the kitchen table out. "SuperMoves program activated." Rin gives him the cards. "Jumping jacks are also called star jumps!" Sportacus, after showing why.

    "To be specific; the world's oldest instrument… Ms Busybody!" He was just passing the baton, so to speak, but she takes it the wrong way. "The world's oldest instrument is the flute!" Mayor. He's reading from sheets of paper that are red, yellow, white and dark and light blue. "I'm not speaking to you, Milford!" When he tries to pass to Bessie again. "The 1st flute was invented over 36,000 years ago, and was card from the tusk of the woolly mammoth!" Mayor. "WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME?!" Bessie overhears the Mayor describing a picture of a woolly mammoth; "What a huge and hairy beast!"

    Ziggy has brought his favourite playthings in a pirate's treasure chest. There is a pirate's hat and a rolled-up treasure map inside. "I love music!" Ziggy.

    "It's great to be in a band!" Stephanie.

    "Woo-o-o-oah…" Ziggy shakes after someone bangs together 2 cymbals.

    Stingy has a yellow recorder. Apparently it's a flute. The Mayor has one too; it's brown and wooden and held like a recorder. He's not that good at playing it. Neither is Stingy, playing it like a recorder. "Flute-practising equipment!" The mayor has a set of headphones for Stingy and one for him, in their colour schemes, (yellow and blue, and orange, silver and brown) after they decide to play a song together. They work well, and it's hard to hear each other. Or Ms Busybody yelling at them to keep the noise down from the other side of the window.

    "Any time I play an instrument, it makes a funny noise, like eee-eee eee... (mouse impression)" "I really like pretending to play the guitar! Like this!" (Air guitar with guitar noises) "Playing instruments looks very tiring. Do you sometimes need a rest?" "My wrists ache sometimes when I eat too many lollipops!" (And his stomach, I bet) Ziggy.

    "Tuning the computer, data in place!" (after pressing enter key) "Affirmative! Email visualised!" (Clicks up Sportacus Challenge email) "Camera systems go!" (Controls UFO camera with his left joystick to find Sportacus.) "Subject located." UFO camera when it finds Sportacus. Jochen in Germany wants to know if Sportacus can do a cool basketball trick. "Well, I know a trick or two. Why not? Basketball!" Sportacus. Rin drops one out of the hatch next to the platform, between it and the back fans. It's white and blue with black lines in between. After Sportacus's basketball trick knocks the lid off a trash can, he puts it back on after he's done talking to Pixel. The camera comes back on to show Pixel. Sportacus gives the camera a thumbs up.

    Ziggy is very proud after dinging a triangle once with everything he has. "How good was I?! When I get back to Lazy Town, I'm going to start a band, and be the coolest lead triangle player in the world!"

    -Bounce Away!-

    "Get ready for SuperMoves." Rin, after Sportacus has finished flipping. She gives him the cards. "Start now!" After getting the packet back. Today's card has Sportacus's name below the silhouette. (of him sitting up, pushed up by his hands) "It's hard, but I know you can do it!" Sportacus, about the "power lift". "Everyone grab a chair and get ready. I'm gonna use my sport box. Box!" The letter-writing table comes up from the floor. This time 2 handles come up on each side, from horizontal to vertical. "The possibilities to move are endless!"

    "Boo! (Laughs) Don't worry, it's only me, Zigtacular Ziggy!"

    "Ms Busybody and I were going to climb Lazy Mountain today..." Mayor. Is he talking about one of the purple mountains in the distance? "Yes! Ms Busybody has been giving me energy cakes every morning for the past 2 weeks!" When Stephanie asks if he's been eating healthy. The Mayor is strong enough to lift a heavy backpack almost instantly after one bite of an apple.

    Stingy is frightened because tomorrow is his birthday… And last year he invited everyone to his house but they left it a mess. "That's what happens at birthday parties, you know!" Mayor. So this year, Stingy has resolved to invite everyone to come and give him presents and then leave. The Mayor tells him he'll probably lose his friends if he does that, and they won't come to his party next year. "And zero friends means zero presents." He suggests is getting Stephanie to help set up some sports candy for the party, "Then everyone will have enough energy to play and help you clean up afterwards." "That's a really really good idea! Thank you! Now it's my idea! I'm a genius!" Stingy.

    "Animals love to move!" "Spiders, they love to move!" Sportacus.

    "Anyone can do acrobatics, flippity-flippity, but it takes a genius to set a world record in acrobatics, flippity-flippity." (Realises) "I'm a genius!" Robbie. Robbie has a (gymnastics) horse or whatever it's called. He pats it and it neighs. It's red with indigo legs. Robbie claps twice and the lights go dark and a spotlight appears on him. "Ladies and gentlemen, I, Robbie Rotten, the master of the universe, will now set a world record in acrobatics, flippity-flippity!" He claps twice and the lights go back on. He takes a running jump and lands on the horse with one leg either side, so that he lands where it hurts. He's stuck hanging upside down off the end, with his hands gripping the legs, and his legs gripping the top of the horse.

    "Trampolining is great fun!" Ziggy. He can bounce on the floor many times in a row.

    -Super Speed!-

    "Time to play." Rin, after Sportacus flips over the kitchen table. "Let's do some SuperMoves!" Sportacus. Rin gives him the cards. "Ready, set, go!" Rin, after getting the packet back. "Apple!" Sportacus steps on a floor light and an apple rolls out of its compartment. "I'm ready!" After one bite of the apple. "Speed mission; fly around the world in under 20 seconds." Rin. "Ready, set, go!" Rin, after Sportacus presses a silver button in the cockpit. It may have caused the propellers to come out and start turning. Is that Africa and Europe on the globe? It's difficult to tell. Sportacus came from behind the Earth, around the middle. "Time: 19.5 seconds. Speed mission accomplished." Rin.

    "Scientists say that the peregrine falcon is the world's fastest animal. It can reach speeds of up to 200 miles an hour when diving." The Mayor reads this off pink, white and red sheets. The Mayor has forgotten Bessie's birthday, and she's angry that he hasn't got her a present. He runs off and brings her an orange oval box wrapped in pink and red ribbon.

    Ziggy has red and black roller blades with clear wheels. He can use them, if a bit unsteady and out of control.

    "We start with Sportacus's swish..." Stephanie teaches us how to dab.

    "I can't believe he gave me a C-! I deserve much better than this. I should have gotten a… a B. B+! Or an A-, I'd take an A- but a C-?!…" Stingy. A C- is a failing grade. He has maths, reading and writing homework as a consequence of failing a test. Stingy rushed and scribbled through his homework to save time. "And is it free?" When the Mayor offers him some cocoa. He says it is. "Oh, well then I'll have 2, with marshmallows!"

    "Do you think if there were 4 pedals on your bike, rather than 2, you could go much faster?" "I always fall off my bike, even with stabilisers." "I like getting plasters." "I once cycled to the top of Lazy Town (where's that?) And back again… And it took me a whole… 10 minutes. And I was really, really, really tired." Ziggy.

    "Email online, downloading…" Pixel moves his left joystick to control his UFO camera. "Online…" Camera. Christopher in Iceland wants to know if he can do a helicopter move on a wall. "That is a really difficult move…" Sportacus. Pixel sends Sportacus some sports candy to help, by pressing the Enter key and a hole opens up downwards in some kind of silver box (the top side is deeper than the bottom) above the door of his house, in the middle of 4 CCTV cameras. A black sports candy cannon pokes out and shoots him an apple. Sportacus can do the helicopter move on the end of the high wall, with the sphere pillar thing.

    Ziggy's bike bell is red and black, his handles are yellow and the handlebars are blue. He tries to cycle with roller blades and can't really get anywhere.

    -Tall Stories!-

    "Time for SuperMoves." Rin gives Sportacus the cards after he's finished flipping. "Ready, set, go!" Rin, after catching the packet. Today's silhouette seems to be of Sportacus reading a book while doing a one-armed handstand. "Special move. What kind of move is that? I have to check my sport book. Sport book!" Sportacus points at the ceiling and it falls into his pointing hand. It's a thickish blue book with a 3D crystal case icon and go faster stripes. On the spine are 6 silhouettes of Sportacus in various poses, in white rings, and on the bottom back is a 2 colour icon of Rin flying rightwards out of a white ring. "I haven't done this move in a long time!" Sportacus touches his foot with his hand while standing on the other, and wobbles a bit. "If you ever need an answer to something, you can always find the answer in a book!" Or Google.

    Stephanie and Trixie are doing their homework together. Trixie didn't have any breakfast because she had "too much studying to do!", and now she's falling asleep. "Where is the ocean the deepest?" Trixie. "The ocean is deepest… in the Pacific Ocean!" Stephanie. Trixie laughs. Her top is zipped up the back with a white zip. "No, the ocean is deepest on the bottom!"

    Ziggy brought a yellow envelope with a picture of him and his friends on it, including Sportacus. "This is a letter for all my friends back in Lazy Town!" There's nothing written on the envelope. There is a blue haired queen on the stamp, with chin-length hair and a right swept fringe.

    Stingy has his glasses on while reading a book. "I'm almost afraid to ask." The Mayor, when Stingy says that his book isn't making any sense even though he's reading every other page. "If I were to read every page, then my book would wear out twice as fast! And my books won't look pretty and clean, just like me." "Mine? I like it. I like it a lot." Stingy, when the Mayor tells him that amazing adventures and wonderful characters and pictures could all be his if he just reads every page of a book. Stingy doesn't want the Mayor to talk while he's reading. He wants peace and quiet.

    "Oh, I forgot! We need to be quiet when people are reading and hearing stories." "Some people have books, but they have special writing!… Yeah, it feels bumpy!" "No wonder everyone here loves stories... You can have all sorts of exciting adventures, without going anywhere!" Ziggy. He starts walking while reading a book and bumps into a bookshelf.

    I think we've been taught how to dab 3 times in the show. First with super moves, then in Stephanie's dance section, and now in Sportacus's other section.

    "I love reading books, because you get to see loads of cool stuff, like… space aliens and… flying pigs!" "I'm only just starting to learn to read, and it's really fun!" "If I could write a book, it would be all about candy!" "My favourite book ever was called Lollipops of the World. It was brilliant, 'cause there were loads of, loads of pictures of, well, lollipops!" "Stephanie loves ballerina books as well!" Ziggy.

    "Who said that books are fun?! They're boring! Boring! You can't use them as a pillow, you can't spray whipped cream on them and eat them, and you can't set a world record with them!" Robbie. Robbie has a bunch of books in a big purple trunk, blue and orange. Does he need those round glasses that make him look like Harry Potter? Inside is also a blue can, probably filled with cola or soda or something like it. He burps after drinking it. He's thrown all the books behind him over his shoulder, and they've arranged themselves open in a circle for him to stand in. Robbie tries to set a world record by reading 15 books at the same time. "1, 2, 5!" Counting himself in. He spins round and round and gets dizzy.

    "Reading is just the best!" Ziggy is bringing back some books for his friends; "there's one about flips and jumps for Sportacus," (blue, a silhouette of somebody getting ready to flip in front of a light blue spiky burst) "and a book about dancing for Stephanie," (pink with a blue spine and a silhouette of a ballerina with stars). Ziggy's got himself a book all about superheroes. (Red and yellow, with a superhero in a green and purple costume, yellow stars and a POW sound effect)

    -Ice Is Nice!-

    "Time to play." Rin, after Sportacus flips over the kitchen table. "That means; time for some SuperMoves!" Sportacus. Rin gives him the cards. "Ready, set, go!" Rin, after catching the packet. Today's silhouette has Sportacus's name underneath it. "Sports candy!" Sportacus. Rin shoots a watermelon out of a hole in the wall. It looks to be one to the left of the door. "Sports candy keeps you in balance!" Sportacus.

    "Over to you, Milly Milford!" Bessie. "Milly? I prefer you call me Milford." Milford. Bessie mishears 'ice skate' as 'ice gate'. Apparently the first ice skates in history were made out of animal bones in Finland 5000 years ago.

    Ziggy has brought a giant ice lolly with him, and it doesn't seem to have melted that much. "I love lollies, especially ice lollies!" "I love ice skating!" "These skaters are Zigtaculous!" "See what I'm doing with my hands? (Waving and flapping them about) That's how fast they're skating!" Ziggy.

    The Mayor is boiling hot cocoa in a saucepan. Did he make it himself? "Yes of course! 8 hours a night!" Mayor, when Stingy asks if he sleeps. Stingy wants to wrap a mattress around himself to protect him if he falls while ice skating. He has a pair of black and white skates. "Here Stingy, let me give you-" Mayor. "Oh I know, some advice." Stingy. He gets excited when the Mayor says he's giving him a gift. "My old ice skating helmet, from when I was a little boy!" It's yellow, with 3 thick blue stripes and 4 thin white stripes. "Even in my colours!" "And now I'm going to Ziggy's to get his mattress!" Stingy. "My cocoa's ready. Hello cocoa!" The Mayor starts chasing Stingy to try and get him not to go to Ziggy's, but gets distracted.

    "Penguins and polar bears live on the ice. Do you think they can ice skate?" Ziggy. Apparently you can't use the ice you skate on for ice lollies, cream, or cubes.

    Lisa in Austria wants to know if Sportacus can do a "super mega jump". "I know a lot of jumps, but I'm not sure if I know the super mega jump!" Sportacus. An "ultra super mega jump" looks like a load of handsprings and flips across Rin and back.

    "When I go back to Lazy Town, I'm going to make a huge ice rink out of lots and lots of ice lollies, and then I won't mind falling down!" Ziggy.

    -One, Two, Ski!-

    "Wow! Now I'm ready for some SuperMoves! How about you?" Sportacus. He looks at Rin's pod. "SuperMoves programme activated." Rin gives him the cards. "I love the snow! The great thing about this move is that we can do it all year long, even if we don't have any snow!" Sportacus, about a skiing move.

    "Ziggy here, ready to go when no other Ziggy has gone before!"

    Trixie wanted to build a snowman today, but all the snow has melted. Stephanie has made a snowman out of sports candy. "The healthiest snowman in the world!" It's really good, with lots of different sports candy.

    "And that we'll be doing lots of sliding! One of my favourite things! And I brought along the best slide in the whole world, ever!" Ziggy pushes a blue and red child's slide. "So, who wants to have a go on my slide first?"

    "The snow bunnies?! There are snow bunnies?!" The Mayor gets scared by Stingy running in and screaming "It's coming!" About snow. He seems to be afraid of snow. "Fun?! Fun?! You call it fun to get all wet and, and cold and, and, and… snowy?!" "Well yes of course, but what does that have to do with anything?!" When the Mayor asks if he likes sleds and skiing and skating. "I would need to polish it, and make a sign that says; STINGY'S SLED, GO AWAY!" When the Mayor asks what Stingy would need to use a sled. "Yes, yes, but besides that, what has to be on the ground?" "Well snow of course!" Then Stingy realises. "Why don't you go home, dress warmly, and then take your sled up Lazy Hill. I'm sure the other kids are already there!" Mayor. "But it's my hill! I have to run. See you later!" "Wait! That is my hill!" As Stingy runs out the door. There is a picture of Ms Busybody hanging to the left of the window. Stingy makes the Mayor jump when he slams the door so hard the picture falls onto the floor.

    "Turning this way and that way and this way and… Woah!" Ziggy gets dizzy and falls backwards. "Couldn't you just slide down (a ski slope) with your shoes on?" "Do you need really boingy legs to ski?… What do you need?" "Could I make skis out of lollipop sticks?" "I'm always falling over and banging into things." Ziggy.

    "I am a genius in jumping! I'll show them who's number one!" Robbie. He bangs his hands on the disguise piano and it doesn't seem to set off anything. Robbie has a pair of orange skis, with some kind of orange harness to attach them to his back like a backpack, and a really long orange ladder. "This is really high!" He gets freaked out a bit by how high he's climbed. Is that his lair down below in the fields? Or a tree? Robbie climbs the ladder from his entrance pipe to an indigo ramp really high above his lair, so he can ski jump over the billboard. He jumps into his skis. On either side of the ladder are two yellow triangular flags with an orange RR on them. "Here we go! Yee-haaaaaaa!" Robbie pushes off without much trouble but gets more and more scared as he goes down, to the point of Wilhelm-screaming off the edge. He doesn't use any poles. He lands upside down in his entrance pipe, his skis too big to fit through so he just hangs there. He's stuck.

    "I could call myself Ski Sportacus!… The skiing superhero!" Ziggy. He loses his balance and slides (on one leg) on his skis down the slope. His shoes are white with bits of green and purple.

    -All episodes-

    Ziggy has a suitcase with stickers from all around the world, including London, Paris and Japan. The Mayor's plane has a winged "LT" logo on the fin. Sportacus gives Ziggy an apple for the journey. The Mayor can draw a heart in the sky with his plane-and I don't think it makes Ziggy sick. The Mayor flies Ziggy around the world. When Ziggy wants to get out, he pulls a lever by his window and some sort of door opens up under his seat. He has a red, yellow and blue parachute.

    From what I remember, there's a lot of fourth wall breaking in this spin-off. Several characters know they're being watched. Are Ástin's characters this self-aware? Did they make this to air on Pixel TV maybe? "SuperMoves program activated." Rin takes this as a cue to push the screen back in her pod by the door so a deck of cards (blue with Ss and go-faster stripes) can be mechanically thrown out of a hole in the bottom of the hole made. (How big is this pod? Just a bit bigger than a pack of cards.) Is this an upgrade and/or present from Nausikaa? The cards are in a box, which Sportacus throws back to Rin's pod. She catches the box with the very mechanism that threw it. Then the screen goes back to where it was. "Ready, set, go!" Rin. Sportacus (who never does anything by halves) can do fancy stuff with a pack of cards. The SuperMove cards have a blue number 10 in the top right, seven white Sportacus silhouettes at the bottom, outlined in dark blue, and a big blue silhouette in the middle with a white outline. This represents the SuperMove.

    Ziggy likes flying around the world to go on playdates with friends.

    Bessie and the Mayor (in a toupée) are running a news show. Stephanie is filming it. Their logo is a gridded silver planet above the letters "TV", in a blue and orange circle. The orange light on Stephanie's camera, which she turns on herself, probably means it's recording. She points at them afterwards and that's their cue to start. "Welcome to Lazy Town's Big News" Mayor Bessie is sitting in front of a laptop and a telephone, both red. The Mayor has a yellow earpiece in his ear. I think Ziggy always misinterprets the clues his friends give him.

    Stephanie does use that pink house next to the Mayor's. You can enter it via a back double door in front of an umbrella. Inside it is very plain and very pink, with a 2D door, darker pink floor and 3 flower icons to the right, where there is a darker curve pattern. Next fourth wall breaker: Stephanie, teaching us some dance moves. Who are these multiethnic Stephanie clones? (well, black and white) Where did they come from? Maybe this new padded pink room is part of the pink house. (Does Stephanie ever want to see other colours?) There are lights everywhere except the floor and flowery or starry projections in the back.

    Ziggy interviews his friends with an orange "TV" logo microphone.

    "Sportacus Challenge coming up! Email ready!" Pixel His camera is already flying around. It's at the bottom of the UFO. The camera can talk. "Searching... (for Sportacus) Not yet" He uses it to look for Sportacus. A little TV screen flips out of the bottom half of the UFO, with Pixel's face on it. He asks Sportacus if he can hear him, to which he says yes.

    Sometimes, Stephanie and Trixie like to hang out by themselves in the Mayor's kitchen. Are there any other situations where the kids hang out in pairs?

    Some of the kids exercising with Sportacus have "Lazy Team" logos on their shirts.
    “I believe that the human spirit is indomitable. If you endeavor to achieve, it will happen given enough resolve... The effort you put forth to anything transcends yourself, for there is no futility even in death.”
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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes


    Placebo Mask and backpack make debut. First episode after [prequel fanfiction idea explaining where Sportacus and Stephanie's upgrades came from].

    "Are you ready for a challenge?" Rin can hear Sportacus saying it's a beautiful day from the open door. "I'm always ready for a challenge!" Sportacus. "See those walls? And the big one?" Rin is in the air, and she's talking about something on the ground, that Sportacus can see through his telescope. The vision from the telescope has some sort of measuring gauge on the bottom and to the right, not connected. Rin challenges Sportacus to run over 5 walls in under 15 seconds. "Right now." When Sportacus asks when the challenge starts. How high above Lazy Town was Rin? Low enough for Sportacus to jump off the door and land safely on the ground unassisted. Is there a button or something on the right side of Sportacus's left bracer, close to the wrist, that he presses to release an S-shaped throwing star? A rectangle panel going down the top seems to slide down and then slide back again when the throwing star is out. Below the panel it is light blue, and black below the S. "Bat!" Sportacus punches his crystal, and a baseball bat comes up from the middle of his backpack, handle first. He pulls it out. It's blue, but silver on top and black and white stripes below that. Coming up from the handle are some curvy go faster stripes, leading up to 10 in front of an S. Sportacus's crystal glows light blue and pings after one bite of an apple. Did it get an upgrade? "New record. 14 seconds." Rin. Sportacus slides the top of his left bracer up from right to left to reveal a screen displaying his time, with 3 blue buttons below, to the right, some kind of energy gauge going from dark blue rectangles to a red rectangle and a red circle, and a clock to the right. "Sports candy works every time!" Sportacus.

    "Ziggy, you are not pushing me high enough! (sighs) Do I have to do everything myself?" Stingy, seesawing with him. Pixel is looking at something that looks a bit like a silver Nintendo 64 controller with bits of red, yellow and blue. "If you want me to play basketball with you, the sports field has to be squeaky clean!" Stingy. Stephanie has bought a pink cloth sticking out of her bag. The mask isn't in the front pocket. "I am cleaning, superhero style! I am cleaning the seat of the seesaw!" Ziggy, by sitting on it. Stingy groans.

    Robbie shoots a silver trash can out of a cannon, and it shoots up a pipe leading out of his lair, out of the entrance hatch and into the air.

    "Shouldn't we ask Sportacus to play?" Ziggy, after the playground has been declared spotlessly clean. "Ziggy, I'm sure Sportacus is busy saving someone." Stephanie. The crystal glows pale blue to the point of white when someone's in trouble. "Well, Sportacus doesn't have to worry about me, I never get into any trouble!" He's saved Ziggy numerous times in the past.

    The trashcan is full of crumpled-up orange sheets of paper. There is indeed a button on the wrist of Sportacus's left bracer, the same colour as the surrounding blue. "Racket!" Sportacus punches as crystal and a tennis racket comes out of the right of the backpack. "Ball!" Sportacus flicks something downwards on his right of the belt buckle, and a little hole opens in the top, and a tennis ball shoots up growing out. "Oh Ziggy, he's okay?" Stingy, turning to Stephanie, after Sportacus rescues Ziggy. "You're almost as fast and strong as a… A robot!" Pixel, about Sportacus. "Robots, they're so cool!" Ziggy.

    Robbie gets out a big orange phone book with lots of numbers inside. He pushes the dial on his phone one number to the right and calls the number to order "the fastest and strongest robot there is". He gives his address or bank details, but he does say "thank you" to whoever is on the other end of the line. A big box "to Mr. RR" drops down next to him, and a smaller box drops onto his lap. The remote control looks a bit like a purple monster with 6 sharp white triangular teeth, and small silver buttons opposite the points. There is a black lever switch above them. "Roboticus, ready for action!" He looks a lot like Sportacus, complete with crystal and backpack, but darker purple. He is clean-shaven. The ground shakes when he jumps on it. He makes cracks in the floor when he puts his fist on the ground. He can do a lot of flips and sporty stuff. His eyes scan the cannon and a graph paper like pattern is laid over it, and loads of purple pop-ups appear around it. Apparently it weighs 1250. Pounds? Tonnes? Kilograms? Roboticus can lift it with 2 hands and hold up with one. After saying that Roboticus is 6000 times stronger than Sportaflop, he does a messy imitation of Sportacus's dab, flapping his fists around.

    Rin didn't go off when Ziggy fell back in the trash can. Sportacus was sitting next to him. Roboticus sizes up the rolling trash can like he did with the cannon. He just stands there after stopping it while Sportacus pulls Ziggy out of it. "Hero time for Roboticus." Rin does go off for Robbie sawing off a tree branch and it starts falling onto the Mayor. He could probably see the Mayor down below. Roboticus sizes up the tree branch. Sportacus doesn't look too pleased at this new superhero. Especially when Robbie appears and starts talking about how fast Roboticus is. Then he looks kind of angry? There is an off switch in the back of Roboticus's neck. When activated, he falls asleep standing up. Robbie gives us a V-sign when asking "Mayor" about the rules regarding 2 superheroes in one town. Sportacus folds his arms, suspiciously? The rulebook says 'Lazy Town IV' on the brown cover. Rule 26, section C; "There can only be one superhero in Lazy Town." What about Stephanie and her mask then? Do the rules not apply to her because she's the Mayor's niece? Does anyone hear Robbie when he goes "yes!" and then "oh no…" when he sees everyone's upset by this rule? Robbie turns Roboticus back on by twisting the same switch that turned him off. Is no one suspicious by the fact that it's Robbie Rotten recommending Roboticus? "It's okay Mayor, I understand. I mean, this superhero is strong!" Sportacus, about Roboticus. He decides to go and practice so he could be faster and stronger. "But Sportacus, you're my friend!" Ziggy. "You are my friend too! That's why you have to trust me… Everything is gonna be okay. Remember, never give up Ziggy!" Sportacus. Does he know that Robbie's up to something? I can't tell. He leaves without saying goodbye to anyone else. "Remember what Sportacus always told us; if you're feeling down, play games! Stingy and Pixel, you like to play basketball, and Stephanie and Trixie, you love to play soccer!" Mayor.

    "Not fast enough. You need more practice." Rin, after Sportacus does something involving running and catching a blue-and-white rugby ball in 9.6 seconds.

    The top of the remote control flashes red when Robbie presses a button. Roboticus walks as Robbie wiggles the lever. He grids up the goal, but not Stephanie and the football. It weighs 3217?! "Are you going to play with us?" Stingy, when Roboticus walks over. "No more soccer ball!" Roboticus jumps on it. Ziggy's bike has lollipop wing mirrors. It has blue black-ended handlebars, red breaks, and silver connecting the handlebars. "Oh! Hi Roboticus!" "No more bikes!" He snatches the wheel off Ziggy's bike. Ziggy hops away on what's left of it.

    The Mayor has fallen asleep at his desk in the middle of the day, and falls over startled when Stephanie opens the door. "He popped the soccer ball, he took the basketball hoop, and he even broke Ziggy's bike!" Stephanie complaining to Uncle Milford. There is a D-section to the only-one-superhero rule; "The only way to get rid of an existing superhero is to challenge him to a race!" Him? What about superheroines? Perhaps this only-one-superhero rule was invented to stop superheroes fighting each other and letting beef get in the way of justice. Apparently Roboticus can be challenged by a team.

    The kids go up to him angry, but it seems it's just him there mad about, and not Robbie Rotten. Do they know that he's controlling him? Robbie laughs when all the kids say they want Roboticus gone. "I am ready for a challenge!" Roboticus. The race will start in the town square at 3 o'clock.

    Sportacus is practising in Rin. Has he flown away from Lazy Town?

    Trixie can pull Stingy's car by a rope with him in it, while grunting. Ziggy can lift a dumbbell with a lollipop on each end with some effort. Trixie and Stephanie can lift themselves up by grabbing a tree branch with both hands. Stingy has a gold sweatband with fleece on both edges. He is using Piggy as a weight to lift. Pixel can lift himself sitting down off the handles of a slide.

    Sportacus jumps off Rin's door with his hands across his chest like a pharaoh and his backpack unfolds into a pedal powered glider.

    "Runners, take your marks!" Broadcast from orange loudspeakers on each corner of the stage and the Mayor speaking into a microphone on a podium. Near the school is an "old oak tree", its trunk surrounded by a red fence. There is a part of Lazy Town called Lazy Hills. Some kind of housing estate? "Oh this is exciting, isn't it Mr Rotten?" Mayor. Robbie hides his remote control when he talks to him. But he could have seen him using it earlier.

    "This is totally cheating!" When Roboticus traps Trixie in a net hanging from a tree. He calculates stuff about a rope suspending a cage, before cutting it with a throwing star like Sportacus's, trapping Pixel and Stingy. "Cheater!" An angry Ziggy sees his friends in a cage. Stingy grabs Ziggy by the collar of his cape and pulls him as close to the cage as he can. "Ow!" Ziggy. "You're on your own now Ziggy. You have to run for both of us!" Stingy gives him the baton.

    How can Robbie see all of this to control Roboticus? He's still with the Mayor at the stage. The Mayor's found a loophole in the rules; since Sportacus has had to leave town, he's not a superhero any more, and can therefore compete to win his territory back. "If he's not a superhero, he's just a normal LazyTowner!" The Mayor makes to go and tell him, but Robbie says he'll do it. And the Mayor lets him. Sportacus is in Lazy Town practising.

    "I can't make it! This wall is just too big!" Ziggy. The Placebo Mask is now in Stephanie's front pocket. First 'Mask Moment' of several. The bag was out of shot in that scene before this. Stephanie slaps the mask on her face, and it seems to naturally stick. She dabs before going. She can cartwheel and do several handsprings in a row. She can jump up high to catch the apple growing on a tree, and throw it high over the big wall. Ziggy catches it.

    "Well done. New record!" Rin, about 9.2 seconds. She made a bleeping noise before speaking. Before closing the bracer, 2 horizontal halves of a white S on an electric blue background slid from opposite directions into the screen. Robbie's tried to trap Sportacus in a hole covered with leaves before and failed, and now he's trying again.

    "Now I've got the energy!" Ziggy, and his apple looks almost whole. He manages to throw the baton over the wall. Was it cheating to just go round? He starts climbing it, but the wall looks flat with next to no footholds, and he isn't wearing a helmet or anything. He gets to the top, jumps off the edge, and land safely on his feet.

    Robbie touches Sportacus on the shoulder when he tells him what's been happening. He does say that Sportacus can compete, but he leads them towards the trap he's set for him. Sportacus runs right into it. The hole looks rather rectangular. "Robbie! Robbie! What are you doing?!" Robbie just drives a bulldozer right over the hole. Would that suffocate Sportacus if he was down there long enough?! Robbie can see Sportacus looking up at him crossly. And just runs off laughing.

    The ladder apparently weighs 3217. Sportacus's shuriken can stick into the digging part of the bulldozer. It's attached to a very long piece of string, from his left bracer. Sportacus can pull a bulldozer by some string with some effort. The shuriken probably retracts back into his bracer after he's done.

    Stephanie notices things with the Placebo Mask on by whipping her head towards them and staring at them. She makes a seesaw out of a plank which she carried herself, and uses the falling ladder to lever her up somersaulting "Woah!" into the air so she can ring the bell.

    Roboticus crashes through the big wall. It would have crushed Sportacus to death if he hadn't rolled out the way in time.

    Sportacus lifts the cage off Stingy and Pixel. Sportacus's shuriken can cut rope.

    "Robot!" Robbie shakes the remote control lever in frustration. "Robot?" Stephanie. It's in his name! Roboticus! And that's how everyone notices it's been Robbie Rotten controlling Roboticus this whole time. "Roboticus lost. Not happy. Must find man with big chin." His speech repeats and breaks up like a stuck record sometimes, after crashing into a stage pole on the other side of the finish line. He can feel emotion. He starts chasing Robbie, and Sportacus doesn't go and save him. Instead, he dances in Bing Bang.

    Roboticus chases Robbie all the way back to his lair, into the box where Roboticus came from, and sits on it. "Someone's in trouble."
    “I believe that the human spirit is indomitable. If you endeavor to achieve, it will happen given enough resolve... The effort you put forth to anything transcends yourself, for there is no futility even in death.”
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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    -The Lazy Town Circus-

    Sportacus has at least 2 of his own yo-yos. They are blue and silver with a crystal case logo. Of course he can do fancy tricks with them, both at the same time. He uses one to grab the water bottle and pull it to him. His crystal glows rainbow when someone's in trouble. From high on Rin's door, looking through his telescope, he can hear some kind of noise coming from a mailbox on the ground. Rin went off for a fly in trapped in a mailbox. And his yo-yo string was long enough to yo-yo down and open the lid. How high was Rin?

    "The amazing Trixie is about to perform a feat of incredible bravery!" Walking across a tightrope bar above a pit of imaginary hungry alligators, holding a balance pole. She makes it. Ziggy doesn't like the sound of imagining he's 100 feet in the air with a crowd watching his every move.

    One of Robbie's piano keys (between 2 black ones) sounds like some kind of electric keyboard sound, another (the 2 white keys between the 1st of 3 black keys) makes a sheep noise. The piano can slide into a slot. When pushed in, the keys all clang at once. "I wonder what those little brats are up to." They don't seem to be particularly noisy or disturbing. The periscope comes up, pushing up the lid of a silver trash can.

    "It's too high!" The tightrope doesn't look that high, but Ziggy is still nervous. "I know [it's not that bad], but my feet don't!" He was persuaded to go up when his friends cheered him on, saying he could do it. He starts panicking and wobbling in the middle of the rope. Robbie laughs. Sportacus saw Ziggy through his telescope, his crystal didn't go off. "Drop line!" Some sort of reel dispenser comes up from the ground, near the flight pod and the equipment cupboard. The reel is a blue bungee rope, which Sportacus straps to his belt before jumping out of Rin's door. Once he's all the way down, he doesn't bounce back up. He slaps his crystal and the rope releases, and rolls back up. Ziggy was panicking that he was going to fall when the bar was only a few centimetres off the ground. Grabbing onto one of his periscope handles, Robbie struggles to stand back up after he falls down when Sportacus jumps on the trashcan lid above his periscope. He has to catch his breath afterwards. "I know I wasn't that high up then, but I still got scared." Ziggy. "When you're afraid, just be a little brave at first. Take one step at a time, and before you know it, you won't be scared!" Sportacus. "What?" Robbie doesn't understand. Stephanie doesn't want to have a go on the tightrope, apparently it's too low. "Oh right, like you've been on a real high wire!" Trixie. Stephanie claims she goes on one all the time, as tall as the trees. Judging by the looks on her face, this is obviously a lie. Ziggy wants candyfloss at the circus. The others don't. "I still have some make-up from Halloween we can use." Trixie. Stephanie gives the high wire a try when everyone else has gone.

    Stingy's at Pixel's house, playing a game involving a flying mushroom, a number changing between 290 and 305 at the bottom, and some kind of black armoured soldier like something from Halo. It's making retro game noises. "He's been eating cheesy spicy nachos all day, and he smells like elephant feet." Stingy, about Pixel.

    Stephanie wobbles and can barely get past the end of the tightrope. "Come on Stephanie, be brave!" "It's no use, I'm too scared!" Stephanie is not above lying to her friends; when she hears Ziggy coming, she sets the bar much higher. Robbie laughs when Ziggy falls over backwards. "You're so brave Stephanie! You're my hero!" Ziggy. Robbie laughs, because he's seen the truth.

    "Circuses are so noisy! Kids yelling and screaming, animals roaring, and loud cannons going off!" The table with the microwaves and other contraptions has moved in front of the disguise tubes, with some distance between them. Robbie has a miniature cannon. Does it work?

    Sportacus can balance a spinning football on the top edge of a tennis racket. And a water bottle on a small plate on top of that.

    Robbie has some kind of brown chicken disguise. "Love your hair." To the wig of his own clothes. The lights go off when he's finished spinning into his ringmaster disguise, (Roberto the Great, the rottenest ringmaster under the Big Top!) And then a spotlight appears on him. He has some kind of riding crop, and accidentally whacks his own hand with it. "That didn't hurt!" Is that a riding crop, a whip, or a fishing rod?

    Robbie has set up a dark blue and light blue striped big top to the left of the sports centre. The entrance looks like a clown's face. There is a path leading to it. Everyone trusts "Roberto" without question. Robbie calls Stingy Stiggy, and pats him on the head. "It's Stingy!" "Whatever."

    There is candyfloss at the ice cream stand where a cone would be held. "How exciting!" Ms Busybody, when the Mayor tells her he has circus tickets for them.

    Is this circus all one big illusion? Where did Robbie get all of this from? Did he buy the animal suits and the tightropes and everything? The lion suit in the cage is moving. Is there a kid inside? "I do not want to be the tail!" Stingy, about a pantomime zebra. Pixel suggests they take turns. "First I'll be the head, then later you can be the tail!" ... "That sounds… fair!" Stingy.

    Stephanie throws carrots at a spinning Ziggy instead of knives. 2 land close between his neck and shoulders, one on each side, another lands just above his head.

    Robbie is balancing 4 skittles stacked on top of each other, a metal pole on top of that, which is balancing 5 skittles along it, and an orange plate on each end.

    Whoever was in charge of locking the lion's cage (a child?) left the key in the lock. Is that a real lion?! I don't think they're allowed in circuses nowadays.

    "You think the kids will like that?" Sportacus, when Robbie suggests he gets shot out of a cannon into a safe net. Sportacus agreed to do it when Robbie says they will love it, that it would be the "most special happy memory of their lives!" Robbie asks the lion to hold the key to its cage. It does. Robbie asks Sportacus to stop walking to the cannon on his hands. He tells him to put his ("safety") goggles on, "We don't want anyone to get hurt, do we?" Robbie also gets him to cover his ears. "Now, no one can stop me from blasting him into next year!" Sportacus may not be able to hear him, but can Bessie and the Mayor from where they're sat in the audience?

    "I thought I'd caught all of the brats!" Robbie. Just Ziggy and Trixie, Stingy and Pixel were getting changed into the zebra costume and Stephanie was still behind the curtain, too scared to do the high wire. He pulls a lever to trap the kids in a net and suspend them from a rope in midair, anchored by a 6000 kg weight. While chasing Stephanie, Robbie jumps and does a somersault towards Bessie and the Mayor. He tells them it's all part of the show. Robbie takes the ladder away once Stephanie has climbed to the top of the tightrope. The Mayor looks scared to see his niece on the very high tightrope. "I'm afraid of heights!" Stephanie. "Sportacus said you don't have to be brave all at once! Just be brave one little step at a time!" Ziggy. "What's that beep?!" Robbie. That's Sportacus's crystal, going off when Stephanie made it to the middle of the wire that got scared, slipped and is now hanging on by her hands. She could fall to her death if something goes wrong, and Robbie could have been partly responsible. Robbie realises what the beeping sound is after Sportacus says "Someone's in trouble". After being shot out of the cannon, Sportacus can grab a trapeze with his hands and swing on it with his legs and catch Stephanie. She jumps and somersaults off some kind of platform or trampoline. "What?!" When Stephanie sees Robbie with his hat off and his moustache falling off. "ROBBIE ROTTEN?!" Bessie and the mayor are angry and surprised to see him.

    "But you were really brave on the high wire!" Trixie, even though Stephanie only got about halfway through.

    Sportacus does wobble on the tightrope, but he makes it all the way, even somersaulting so he lands the other way and finishes backwards. Stephanie can do a backflip. Bessie gives the Mayor some more candyfloss.

    Robbie has his butt stuck through the top of some kind of drum-thing.

    -Trash Trouble-

    Sportacus jumps on a floor light and the door in front of the TV goes up to reveal it, turned facing the wall. "Screen!" The screen turns over. It's displaying an aerial view of Lazy Town, with some kind of measuring gauge to the left and on the bottom, and the town is surrounded by a similar circular pattern extending off the screen. Streaks of blue are swirling around it. "Zoom in on sports candy!" Rin zooms in on a lone tree on a hill to the south-east. (Magnification 8.20, according to the blue number below the bottom gauge.) "Apple target sighted, world record time, 59 seconds." She displays the number 59.00 in blue, (flashing lighter) large in the middle of the screen. "Boomerang!" A vertical slit opens up rightwards in the right wall, between the kitchen and the equipment cupboard. A boomerang is thrown out. "Sky bike!" The floor opens up offscreen, and Sportacus jumps down onto the sky bike. "Go!" Rin starts a timer on the screen. Is that the sky chaser Sportacus is riding? No, it looks a little different, with a red seat to sit on and some kind of steering wheel. Sportacus cuts an apple off a tree with a boomerang. "New record time; 51 seconds." Rin, displaying 2 growing and shrinking trophies next to the glowing flashing time. After Sportacus comes back to her.

    Sportacus is lifting (bench pressing?) a bench. "Good morning Stingy!" When he sees him driving past. He doesn't say anything back.

    "Mr Mayor! Just the man I wanted to see! I actually found some things I don't want! And I've decided to give them to… you!" About a bundle of paper and other rubbish in his car trailer. Is he low-key calling the Mayor trash? "Mr Mayor, be careful of my car!" The Mayor is struggling to lift the big garbage ball. He's wobbling around everywhere. "Not the Mayor! My car!" Stingy, after Sportacus takes the Mayor out of the speeding car and it carries on speeding away. "I hope he didn't get a scratch on it!" He growls with his mouth closed.

    What on earth are the kids (except Stingy) watching? Two creepy-as-heck sausage-like characters with spiky twiggy hair like tufts of grass, talking to each other, one green with red spots on hair, the other blue and yellow. The background is pinky purple with a logo of overlapping coloured circles. "Maybe we should clean up a little." Stephanie. "No! Nah!" They all laugh. "Don't give up on me lollipop, wherever you are! I'll be back for you!" Ziggy. The lollipop is stuck to the back of his cape.

    There is a small box built into the right arm of Robbie's armchair, where he keeps sweets. "How am I going to find my glove in all this mess?!" Pixel, about a baseball glove? Robbie takes a piece of blue toffee off his tongue and drops it on the floor.

    "If you can't find your things, soon I won't be able to find my things!" Doesn't Stingy believe everything is his?

    Robbie pokes the palm of his hand (a beeping sound is made) and lowers down like he's on some kind of platform, coming back up next to the disguise furthest from the piano. "Meh." To his own outfit. Robbie has drawn some kind of trash cannon machine in different colours on a blackboard. He claps twice and the blackboard goes up. It says 'RR' in orange on a two-way recycling cog logo on his back, and the side of the trash machine. "I forgot to open the hatch!" The trash shoots up a side pipe and comes out one in the ceiling.

    The kids don't want to clean up so much trash. Except Stingy, who's trying to pep them. Stephanie and Trixie are playing some kind of Street Fighter-type game with a mushroom versus a bundle of leeks. "And we don't know how to clean!" Trixie. Stingy is shocked. "You're the big 'cleaning expert' around here." Stephanie, to Stingy. He spins around with a feather duster in his hand and the trash in Pixel's room disappears several at a time. The Mayor offers to help the kids clean up, but they say they're fine. "Video games? Oh dear, I don't think I could figure that out!" When the kids suggest he takes a day off and does something he's never done before instead. "Trixie, you take the hangout." "Now, where to put my recycling centre?" Stingy.

    Robbie and Stingy were on opposite sides of an outside wall when Robbie talks about his evil plans to himself. The wall was taller than him.

    In the same game the kids were playing earlier, a floating green apple in the sky, surrounded by 2 green electrons crossing over, will give the avatar more health points.

    The hangout is some wooden playhouse climbing frame-type thing. I think the kids played pirates on it in Rottenbeard.

    Robbie bops his head along to the song, ducking by the boom box.

    "Alumini-mimi-minim... Metal object!" Stingy has set up a recycling station to organise everyone's trash. Stingy does not have a Trash Man badge. (The RR cog logo, but in silver and black) but he wants one. Stingy flicked Robbie's chewed gum with the scraper into an open trashcan a few metres away.

    Pressing down a lever to the right from the driver's seat makes the trash machine go faster. It has a scope to aim with. It fires trash every time a long lever at the side is pulled.

    "Now Mr Mayor, all that's left is for you to inspect my... I mean your beautiful town!" Trixie pinched Stingy hard on his arm. "I have to save him!" Stingy jumps out of Pixel's bedroom window when trash is raining from the sky and Ziggy is still out and unaccounted for. He lands in paper like a snowfall.

    Sportacus presses a silver button to the right of the cockpit, which probably stops the flight pod as he jumped out. Or does it undo his seatbelt?

    Ziggy was stuck to the floor, his shoe attached to Robbie's used gum. He was buried under several feet of trash. Robbie probably didn't know he was there, but could Ziggy have suffocated if under too long?

    Pixel's top left camera can look all over Lazy Town, I think. It was the only one shown moving, but he could have switched to others.

    "You can always count on Sportacus!" Stephanie.

    "Maybe this trash wasn't such a good idea after all!" Robbie climbs onto a wall but falls off it, into a bin among the garbage.
    “I believe that the human spirit is indomitable. If you endeavor to achieve, it will happen given enough resolve... The effort you put forth to anything transcends yourself, for there is no futility even in death.”
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    Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    -The Lazy Rockets-

    We didn't see Sportacus putting screws into the pear or whatever it was, and then they were there. The boomerang is silver with curvy go faster stripes going from one end to the top. It's sharp enough to slice an unpeeled banana in half and cut lemons. Sportacus has googly eyes somewhere. (Symptom of ADHD: flitting between projects and never finishing them. Evidence against?) He makes a racing car out of sports candy.

    Mayor's clearly taken Sportacus's ideals to heart with his jogging. Not sure about Bessie and her cakes though. (Will Robbie try to steal them?) So does Bessie run a cake shop? She's running a cake stand outside a shop with a pretzel sign. Is it hers? She's also made least one pretzel. "No thank you Ms Busybody, I already had breakfast today!" He's trying to be healthy and avoid Bessie's cakes. "I have sweet cake, I have frosty cake, I have creamy cake, and I have sticky cake!" The sticky cakes live up to their name. The Mayor takes one. "Ah, what a lovely man." Bessie! Meansbody confirmed?!

    Sportacus is doing press ups on a wall, one arm and one leg. (Opposite)

    There's a race called the Lazy Town Derby. "The children always enjoy building their own racing cars!" Mayor. This looks to be Sportacus's first Derby.

    "Sportacus! Oh you must try one of my sticky cakes!" Bessie doesn't know Sportacus very well at all. "No thanks Bessie! I only eat sports candy!" Sportacus. What about milk?

    Stingy is humming The Mine Song to himself. There's a lot of white smoke coming out from the chimney of Robbie's bulldozer. Stingy is 8 years old (at least) and can drive. And adhere to parking meters. ROBBIE TRIES TO CRASH INTO HIS CAR WHILE STINGY IS STILL DRIVING IT. Or was he just following him to tell Stingy off for disturbing him? In any case, he drives his bulldozer into Stingy's car and sends it shooting off. "Someone's in trouble! Bessie!" Probably recognized her scream because she had ducked under a table. Sportacus saved Bessie with cake. Interesting. "I'm just a little boy with a yellow car that has a pig on the bonnet!" Stingy. He hugs his car when it's sent reversing back to him. Bessie has a ring on her (right ring, by the looks of it) finger. Is that a wedding or engagement ring? To the Mayor or somebody else? Stingy kisses the pig on the bonnet of his car, on it's back.

    "I've never had an accident. I'm the best driver in Lazy Town! And the safest, and the fastest, and… the most handsome!" Robbie. How much of that is a lie? Probably all of it. "I don't drive! I jog!" Mayor. Robbie reckons he could beat everyone in the Lazy Town Derby, held at 5 o'clock. Anyone can enter, and the prize is a golden trophy. Robbie shakes the Mayor's hand with the sticky cake stuck to it. It sticks onto his hand instead, and the Mayor was just relieved to have it off. Robbie walks away with it still stuck to his hand.

    "Stephanie! Let's go and get Ziggy and start working on our car!" What about Pixel and Trixie? "I will bake an apple pie for the children to give them energy for the race!" Bessie.

    Lazy Town Derby rules; 1. You have to build your own car. 2. Your car must be powered by yourself, not by a motor. Weren't there at least 2 more rules that Robbie didn't read? Is it like pedal karts or something? The kids can't be legally old enough to drive. Robbie has dark blue headphones. He put his fingers in his ears after emptying the bin of all the loud machine parts. "What am I doing? Why am I working so hard?! This is Lazy Town, and I am king of lazy!" Robbie orders a race car with a turbo jet engine over the phone. "What colour?! Deep purple, of course!" It arrived almost instantly, before he could give his details.

    Stingy's car is number 1. "The 1st, the best, the top, the perfect number for me!" So is Ziggy's. "It's great being number 1!" So Stingy changed it to number 11. Stephanie's is number 88. Isn't that used as code by neo-Nazis? Stingy put his piggy bank on the front of his car.

    Robbie sabotages the kids' cars while they're out getting apple pie. Robbie has a dark blue and purple drill. He takes the pedals from Stephanie's car, the steering wheel from Ziggy's, and 1 of the wheels off Stingy's.

    "Don't touch my car with your sticky fingers!" Stingy, to Ziggy. Robbie and the kids have red-and-white SFD logos on their suits. What does it stand for? The kids aren't in danger, but Rin goes ask for their distress, because they believe they won't be able to compete now their cars have been ruined. "Robbie's definitely going to win now!" Ziggy. Does anyone suspect him? Stephanie comes up with the idea of combining the kids' 3 broken cars into one that works. "No! Not my car! I'm not sharing!" Stingy. "But Stingy, do you wanna lose?" That's how Stephanie persuades him to join the team. The team car is number 88.

    "Whatever! No one can beat me!" Robbie, when he hears Sportacus and the kids have decided to race as Team Lazy Rockets. (Laughing) "Is the pink one gonna drive?!" "Yes! She's a great driver!" Ziggy. "This is like taking candy from a baby!... Which is also a lot of fun." Robbie. "Yeah!" Stephanie. "That would be me!" Robbie, taking the cake tray off Bessie when she comes with candy cakes she baked for the winner, before the race has even started.

    There is an oak tree, with the school and the sports centre in the background, which has an apple growing on it.

    Everyone is cheering Stephanie on, but nobody is cheering for Robbie. Robbie is not above throwing sticky cakes at Stephanie's car out of his like something out of Mario Karts. This could crash her car and even kill her.

    Stingy can unscrew a tyre and screw another one on.

    Pressing a flaming (from the left side) red button to the right of Robbie's steering wheel gets three more chimneys up in the back of the car, and pressing a similar blue button to the left gets the turbo jet engine out.

    "Fly pod!" Sportacus. It's waiting behind a wall. Pressing a silver button to the right of the cockpit opens up a hatch in Sportacus's left fin, (opening towards the inside) and a two-pronged grappling hook drops out. Sportacus uses it to lift Robbie out of the out-of-control car by his seat. Pressing the same button that got the hook out lowers it to the ground. Sportacus puts Robbie and his seat at the finish line so he'll have to walk across.

    One of the logos on Stephanie's suit says "SPORTA THUNDER".

    "I'm never going near a car again!" Robbie.

    -Haunted Castle-

    Sportacus jumps on a floor light before activating the table. "Apple!" Apple shoots up from a hole in the table. The bed can be spun vertically in the wall by hand. "What's your name?" "Hoo-hoo? That's a cool name! I'm Sportacus!" Talking to an owl perched on one of the door handles while hanging off the edge of the door by his hands. That just looks suicidal.

    The Mayor is painting the fence pink while singing a "la di doo doodly-doo" song. "La la la... Oh, I love laundry day!" Bessie. Trixie jumpscares the Mayor by going "Boo!" behind his back.

    "Peace and quiet in Lazy Park!" Robbie. He's put a triangular warning sign (yellow with an orange border) of a waist-up sleeping person on a pillow going "Zzz" by the bench he plans to sleep on. "I'm never gonna be able to rest in this town!" Robbie.

    "It works every time!" Trixie, to Stephanie and Ziggy, about her "Boo!" jumpscares. Trixie wants to ride the wagon near Bessie's clear laundry. "It's more exciting that way! Come on, don't be a chicken!" Trixie's helmet says number 33 in light yellow on the sides. It's orange with a red cap-thing and straps. The kids wear helmets when Stephanie pushes them on the wagon. Bessie's hanging up white sheets, long purple shorts and red and white frilly bloomers. She gets angry when Trixie rides under a sheet.

    "No Piggy, it's not your turn on the slide, it's my turn!" Stingy laughs. The slide is orange and yellow with a grey metal slide, and you climb up from one side of the wall and slide down to the other, in the middle of a T-junction.

    Is that satellite dish Pixel's fixing attached to the wall or did he just put it there?

    "MILFORD! MY SHEETS WERE NEARLY RUINED!" Bessie, after Ziggy's wagon goes out of control and Sportacus has to stop his ice cream from falling onto the sheets. "Oh, I'm sorry!" Milford. "CHILDREN! I HAVE TOLD YOU A MILLION TIMES; YOU CANNOT PLAY NEAR MY HOUSE!" Bessie, after Ziggy swishes his ice cream around while talking about Sportacus and it splats onto her clean white sheet. "Yeah, but we have nowhere else to go, right guys?" Stephanie. Is the park near Bessie's house then? Ziggy suggests they build their own playground. "The land in Lazy Park isn't being used, why not build it there?" Mayor. "And I could draw some plans on my computer!" Pixel. "And I can get some paints and tools!" Trixie. "I mean our park, of course." Stingy, after he calls it his park and the other kids don't like it.

    "Someone's in Lazy Park?! But that's my favourite place!" Robbie.

    There is a dark blue castle tower on a hill called "the Leaning Castle of Lazy Town", surrounded by a wall, above circular trees growing on the ground. "It's been here for many years, and now it's very old, and very dangerous." "I'm afraid it's even going to fall over!" Mayor. He tells the kids not to go near it. "We're going to build the playground on this side of the wall." Trixie. The castle is on the other side. The Mayor's second rule is; "Ziggy is the smallest, so don't leave him alone. And 3rd; be home before dark!"

    "Ah!" Robbie can hear Ms Busybody stuck under one of her sheets, from his lair. His periscope is up. He thinks she's a ghost when looking through it, and is so scared he jumps backwards over the rail in front of the piano. "A ghost. A GHOST! AAH! (Laughs) No no no no no I wasn't scared! (Laughs some more) I wasn't scared…" After picking himself back up. "Robbie, sometimes you're so bad, that you're good!"

    "Swing set rope, check!" Pixel, typing while a 3D model of some rope is on the screen to the left of some kind of info box, after Stephanie brings them some. There are 4 yellow lights in front of Pixel's keyboard. They're flashing one by one. "Lollipop, che-" A lollipop was on the screen, but a flashing red-and-white question mark appeared on the box to the right. After Ziggy brings a lollipop.

    The kids except Ziggy don't seem to want to go home yet, even though it's getting dark. "Maybe [the Mayor's] afraid of the ghost! Of the Leaning Castle of Lazy Town!" Trixie. "What ghost?!" Ziggy gets scared. The other kids except Stephanie laugh at him. "Who are you calling a chicken, hey?!" Stingy, to Trixie. And so he decides to go to the castle with Trixie. "Well if he's in, I'm in!" Pixel. "We're really going!... But I thought it was a joke!" Stingy. He and Pixel get scared when they get near the castle. If Trixie is, she isn't showing it. Inside the metal latticed wooden door is a dark blue stone spiral staircase leading up to the top.

    Robbie drew the eyes on the ghost disguise himself, throwing the pen and stuff away when he was done. He makes the sheet into a ghost costume.

    "I have a lollipop! That's comforting!" Ziggy.

    The door lock is so old it locked all the kids except Ziggy inside. There was no key.

    The boom box is left on a park wall.

    "I don't need to be scared!" Ziggy, licking his lollipop. "Trixie? Is that you?" To Robbie's ghost disguise, completely calm.

    "Oh no… It's so high!" Stingy, at the top of the tower.

    Robbie scared Ziggy when he realises Trixie is at the top of the tower.

    It's dark, but judging by how Sportacus was standing up, it's not 8:08 yet. Sportacus is strong enough to prop back up a falling castle with the kids (except Ziggy) at the top. He is grunting and straining though. "I don't think this is a real ghost!" Sportacus, to Ziggy. Sportacus has been at the castle and Robbie's been at the park on the other side of the wall the entire time. Can he see Robbie's lower legs poking out from below the sheet?

    Bessie's wearing a frilly orange nightdress and has her hair in rollers. "ROBBIE ROTTEN!" When she sees him by her laundry.

    "But the most important thing is-" Stingy. "That we learnt our lesson!" Trixie, after everyone apologises for breaking the rules. "No! That I found this coin!" Stingy. One of its sides has a rooster with its wings spread on it.

    Robbie gets scared by a hooting owl perched on the hatch of his lair. He runs all the way to the castle and leans on it to catch its breath, then it leans to the left. So he tiptoes away.
    “I believe that the human spirit is indomitable. If you endeavor to achieve, it will happen given enough resolve... The effort you put forth to anything transcends yourself, for there is no futility even in death.”
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