(See The Greatest Gift) I headcanoned characters' birthdays based on what seasons I felt suited their personalities. Trixie's is the 4th July until further notice.

-Birthday Surprise-

The baseball shoots out of a white circular hole below and to the left of the toothbrush holes.

Sportacus somersaults into the floor where his Sky Chaser is waiting. (Probably obsolete after Season 3. Used for something else maybe?) He wears his goggles while riding it. And can pedal fast enough to catch up to a speeding baseball. No that's not a sky chaser. It looks a little bit different. A bit like a sort of plane you sit down and pedal, which also has a steering wheel.

Ziggy has tied a blue ribbon around his finger to remind himself to remember something. "That's very, very important!" But he's forgotten what it is. So he tied a ribbon on his other finger to remind him to remember what the other one is for. But he's forgotten about that one as well.
Trixie has a ribbon on her finger too, but she can remember what it's for. Out of her, Stingy and Ziggy, she is the only one who can remember that it's Sportacus's birthday tomorrow. Headcanon: 10th April. (Until further notice) Today is definitely the 9th of a month.

Stephanie is playing a videogame with Pixel. Looks a bit like Street Fighter with sports candy? And a lot in the background.

"Yeah, you don't have a lollipop in your mouth!" Pixel, when Ziggy asks if they notice anything different about him. "You mean the ribbons on your fingers to remember about Sportacus's birthday?" Stephanie "Why don't we throw him the greatest party ever?" Stingy, after Stephanie suggests the exact same thing.

Robbie's alarm clock is blue with some purple bits. The clock face is white, you can see the numbers 12, 9, 3 and 6 and the others are black dots. The hands are purple. It makes a tinny ringing sort of sound. It is half past 2.

Robbie's wearing indigo pyjamas with purple piping over his usual turtleneck? As well as his dressing gown and nightcap. The cow patch on his blanket has a red background and an orange border. The cow is wearing a bell collar and is chewing some sort of plant. Robbie shuts up the alarm clock by hitting it with an orange hammer, then throws the hammer away. A purple circle on each side of the alarm clock now sticks out on an orange spring. So does the clock face. Robbie falls back asleep immediately after.

The kids are by a sort of wooden climbing frame behind a sunflower bush and a park bench. Stephanie's boom box, Pixel's laptop, and some sports equipment, including a pink baseball bat, are left around on it. The town hall can be seen in the background to the right.

"First of all, I think it would be best if we have the party at my house." Stingy "Well, I was actually thinking that we have at my uncle's house." Stephanie "Excuse me, but there is a fountain outside of my house!" Stingy "Yeah but, the sports field is right here and Sportacus would love to play sports on his birthday!" Everyone except Stingy agrees. "Who needs a sports field when you can have a fountain and a freshly mown lawn!" "He's got a really nice lawn!" Pixel "You can take a bath in the fountain because we're staying here!" Trixie The kids have a massive fight over where to hold the party, and it activates Robbie's loudspeakers, waking him up.
There is a purple bike with a horn and 6 pointed stars on the handles by an indigo crate and in front of the disguise piano. Robbie pulls the periscope down, and then a bit further up so he can look out of it.

"Your lovely car is… (hesitates) Well it's small!" Trixie triggers Stingy.

"Nobody likes kids that argue!... Except me!" Robbie

Stingy splits Lazy Town down the middle with a chalk line. "And never come to my house again!" Stingy. Robbie watches the fight from his periscope and cheers them on. "If I had my way, there'd be a big fence, and we'd never play with you again!" Trixie "I would build a wall so big, I would never see you or even smell you, again!" Stingy. Him and Trixie are being the most aggressive. This could be absolutely nauseating foreshadowing about the 2016 American elections. The kids have been split in half too, Stingy and Pixel vs. Trixie, Stephanie and Ziggy.

Stingy's line about the wall gives Robbie inspiration for his next evil plan. When disguising himself as a builder, the whole outfit was in the tube, but only the hat and fake facial hair came on. The rest, ironed and folded, slid out of the draw underneath the piano. "Must I do everything by myself?!" Robbie tries to put his trousers on over his pyjamas, and falls over the railing. When he lands, he is fully dressed.

Almost immediately after the fight, cooling off at Pixel's house, Pixel and Stingy regret it. "But… I just really wanted to have Sportacus's party at my house!" Stingy "But… It's Sportacus's birthday tomorrow! We shouldn't be fighting!" Pixel Stingy sighs. "We should all be friends! I think we should apologise." "A...pologise?" Stingy. "You know, say we're sorry." Pixel "Yes… We should do that. I want [the apology] to be just right!" Stingy goes home and works on it.

Stephanie is looking through a blue scrapbook with photos of past episodes. One photo per page. From left to right; the kids and their treehouse, Stephanie and Trixie singing about Christmas, Stephanie and Ziggy with a big plank, Ziggy cooking with the Mayor (left one cannot be seen), Trixie and Pixel planning to build their clubhouse, (left one cannot be seen), Stingy, Ziggy and Trixie taking a vacation the day Sportacus could not. From what little I can see of the cover, it looks to be some kind of patterned pink. Stephanie has a little pink fluffy teddy bear. On the right pages, there are two scenes from Playing on the Playground. Then the Mayor holding a trophy and Ziggy running to Stephanie, having raced a Lazy Rocket, Sportacus saving the puppet kids from the ice cream van, the other kids running away from the stage as Sportacus catches Trixie as she falls out of the sky wearing a helmet, pads and rollerskates, Stephanie wipes a tear from her eye reminiscing about her friends. It looks like vertical pink stripes on the cover. There is a yellow flower in a pink pot on her windowsill. More pictures (right pages); Stingy wearing a brown baseball glove and talking to Ziggy, Stephanie with a baseball bat in that same conversation where we can see Stingy is wearing an orange and pale orange baseball cap, Stephanie hugging Stingy before leaving for dance school, then hugging Pixel with Trixie to his left.

A circular light is on above the door to the Mayor's house.

"I'm so smart, I'm so sneaky, and I'm so BAD!" Robbie "Be quiet out there!" Bessie turns the lights on in a room attached to the right of her house that looks like a phone box. The wall has that house and the climbing frame thing behind it. The climbing frame thing seems to have a swing attached made out of some kind of crate, where the baseball equipment is stored. "Sorry!" Robbie, quietly, facing away from the window.

There is a little calendar in Sportacus's airship between the water and the kitchen. The "9" page has a picture of a sun on it in the white middle between the (2 shades of) blue top and bottom. There is a white raised oval thing which the calendar is attached to. Sportacus rips day 9 off to reveal the 10th, with a present representing his birthday.

Stingy has written a very wordy apology letter. "You don't need all that! Just say; I'm sorry." "Yes! 'Cause we're friends!" Pixel

The wall is purple and has a castle turret in the middle.

"You know; Pinky, Swinky, Nixie! And the baldy!" "And they said something about never wanting to see you again!" Robbie

Stephanie makes a note of what they need for the party in her diary.

Robbie's flask was too hot for him. Robbie stirs the kids' enmity up by telling each group that the other one asked him to build the wall so they could never see that group ever again. "You know, Sticky and er... Picky" Bessie is on Stingy and Pixel's side of the wall. "I'm brilliant! Time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!" Robbie

"They've cut me off from over half of my town!" "The skateboard's on the other side of this ridiculous wall!" Stingy Pixel picks up a football with yellow pentagons from the floor. "We can't. The goal is on their side!" Stingy And the other goal? On your side?
"All the soccer balls are on that side of the big wall!" Stephanie

"This is too good to be true! The only thing missing is some cake!" Robbie looks in his orange treasure chest like box but there is none. He is sitting under an orange and yellow (two quarters each) paint effect umbrella.

"No no no! Milford would never do anything like that!" [build a wall separating him from Bessie] Bessie has baked a pink and blue sports candy cake for the party. "I have made this special cake for the Sportacus party, and Milford loves my cake!" "I know, he loves it! This doesn't make any sense!" Stingy Robbie steals the cake with a very long orange paddle thing.

"And I have his present wrapped and everything!" Ziggy puts the present down on a pink skateboard with a flower and 2 white waves with red shadows on the top.

"And I was really looking forward to a piece of Miss Busybody's special birthday cake!" Milford, right before Robbie accidentally drops it on him. "I've been attacked! By a cake!" "That's a Busybody cake!" When Ziggy picks up a piece. "Ah! My car!" Stingy, when Ziggy throws the piece onto his car. Bessie and Milford bake more cakes for a cake fight. Pixel ducks his laptop under its table and away from the fight. "I hope this day never ends!" Robbie Something about the cake fight sets off Rin. "Someone is in trouble! On my birthday!" Sportacus

The lights in the sky chaser-like machine garage darken and then brighten when Sportacus enters. "Go!" Probably to open the garage trapdoor near the platform and fly out.

Pixel has his goggles on. "What's this wall doing here?!" Sportacus "Aargh!" (Looks frustrated) Robbie, when Sportacus arrives. His run-up was interrupted by the wall. "I need sports candy to jump over it." "Jump?! Over my beautiful wall?! I don't think so!" Robbie

"Apple!" Sportacus. Rin drops an apple out of the trapdoor where the ladder usually comes out. It's next to the platform, in between that and Rin's back fans. Did Sportacus not see Robbie catching his apple in an orange net, and switching it with a sugar one?! He was looking up waiting for it.

Sportacus loses all his energy mid flip, and manages to keep enough consciousness to grab the wall as he lands on top of it.

"What?! A fake sugar apple?!" Stephanie, before even picking it up. "Pixel, we're gonna need your computer to-" Forgetting that he's on the other side of the wall. "But the ladder's on the other side too!" Trixie, when Stephanie says she needs one to climb a tree and pick an apple.

"Got it. Stephanie, climb up the ladder to Sportacus." Stingy, forgetting that she's on the other side of the wall. "We don't have any [sports candy]. The apple tree's on the other side of this big wall!" Pixel Bessie is just randomly eating some leftover cake in the background, licking her fingers, while Sportacus looks like he's going to be comatose for ever.

Pixel and Stephanie use hammers and chisels to break a brick out of the wall. "No! No!" "No teamwork!" But Robbie just sits there, not doing anything to stop them.

Stingy has some rope in his car. "The apple tree's over here but I can't reach it!" Stephanie. There is one apple growing on one branch considerably lower than the others. Stingy gets Pixel to kick a football from a certain spot so it will hit the apple tree and knock the apple down. It works. Stingy throws a rope over the wall and enough dangles over the edge for Stephanie to climb up with everyone on Stingy's side pulling on the other end.

Stephanie loses her balance and falls off the wall. Sportacus manages to grab her arm. Her feet are hanging quite low to the ground. "Oh my!" Milford "Stephanie!" Bessie kind of screams. The other kids gasped. Sportacus manages to lower her down okay.

Robbie loses his balance while trying to escape and falls off the top of the wall. This brick section he fell off in between 2 pillars is wobbling. He's not that hurt when he lands, but Rin does not go off for him when that section starts falling on him.

Ziggy gives Sportacus a red-and-white striped bowling ball for his birthday.

The wall is wobbling for quite some time, with Robbie just shaking and cowering under it, making no move to run away and escape. Sportacus throws the ball and kicks the pink (Chekhov's Gun) skateboard at the same time, so the ball lands on the end of the skateboard so it flips up on its end, and rolls towards the falling wall, propping it up. Robbie is still scared and makes no effort to get out. Sportacus takes the skateboard away and holds the wall up by himself. Then Robbie crawls out. Then Sportacus puts the wall down.

Sportacus folds his arms when "ROBBIE ROTTEN!" gets revealed.

Stephanie brings in a cake covered in sports candy, presumably baked by Bessie. Has it got any sugar in it?

"Happy birthday!" Stephanie hugs Sportacus.

Sportacus eats a sports candy off the top of the cake. I think he kicked the wall down RIGHT BEHIND STEPHANIE. She was a bit in front, but did he know that? He dances holding the cake.

The mayor, Bessie, Sportacus, Ziggy and Stingy, and presumably someone in front, can carry a section of wall off. Sportacus pushes one all by himself. He dips Stephanie on one hand while holding the cake in the other.

"And I didn't even get any cake!" Robbie He has his own cake, but there is a wall splitting his lair in half and it's on the other side. He reaches through a brick-shaped hole in the wall, but the cake is out of his reach. Does he get stuck?