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    Why I like Rottenella (and some ramblings on Artificial Life)

    Since there is a giant essay on why Bonzorio wants to be the Airship AI, I thought why not write an essay based off my response on Rottenella... using University essay writing...

    Sorry if it doesnt make any sense.


    Out of all the major and minor characters in the 2004 TV Show known as LazyTown, one of the characters that appealed to me the most is none other than Rottenella. She made her first appearance in Season 1 Episode 32 - Dancing Duel and her origins is that she's a toy ballerina inside Robbie Rotten's Music box. To me, she's the closest female character to be more appealing due to her motives and personality.

    As seen in the aforementioned episode, Rottenella comes to life to compete against Stephanie in the dance competition. Initially, she was just programs to just dance and follow Robbie's orders but it was seen after she was brought to life that she also has a cheekier side when she trips Robbie down after being brought to life and kicking Figure!Robbie back into the machine. It could be argued that Robbie's 'growth machine' could potentially give life towards any human object that's placed as it seen that they're able to act like they're alive, but still have the internal structure of a machine as seen in both Season 1 and Season 3 when the machine was used again to bring Anti!Stephanie to life (Who's Who, LazyTown, 2013). Robbie's machine can create artificial life.

    There has been some developments and research towards recreating life using Robotics and how the concept of recreating life is close to being real. According to Chen, Yin, Shao, and Xie (2015), artificial life is like a double edge sword. As the concept may bring benefits to humanity, it also "bring out a series of brings a series of ethical, legal and social implications as well as concerns regarding potential threats to human safety" as the lines are blurred between the natural and unnatural. The idea was played out over in the Netflix series 'Black Mirror' where an artificial version of Ash, a deceased character from the episode, was presented to his girlfriend, Martha. In the episode, Robot!Ash is an AI Robot who's able to learn the person it's programmed to portray as through the use of the deceased Social Media post and online videos. It was able to act like the human version of him as he sounds and acts alike but it's also seen in the episode where he present himself his robotic self, saying that "He can't be 25 meters away from his activation point" when sent outside.

    How both examples from the journal article and the episode can relate to Rottenella is that she is also based of the concept of artificial life, or at least the beta version of Robbie's attempt towards artificial life, as it is seen that she can convey basic emotions but is also Robotic. In Season 3, when the device was used again for the anti!Stephanie, Anti!Stephanie was able to convey more emotions and act more human, but is more obedient towards Robbie's desires. This was also seen in Season 1 with Figure!Robbie where he's able to be more human by being more fun-loving and joyful. Robbie's machine was able to blur the lines between natural an natural and he was able to play God due to this, telling his 'creations' what to do, but still able to act human to a certain degree.

    There is this concept over in Japan called 'Artificial Kansei' which is defined as 'a human emotion toward an object affected by its information, so called, ‘concept’, including his/her intellectual pursuits, traditions, cultures, etc. concerning it' (Huang, TH., Sugita, K. & Yokota, M., 2012). It simply means the connection between certain objects and our reactions towards them, an example - our thought on food being either delicious or disgusting. This concept is used for AI to learn how to act more human. This is seen in LazyTown as Rottenella's reaction towards both dancing and being cheeky gave her the impression that doing both things makes her more 'alive'. When I was watching the episode for the first time, I thought that Rottenella was just going to be a life size dancing toy that was brought to life, but seeing how she enjoyed tripping Robbie, and Robbie being confused on what just happened, it showed that Rottenella was not just only a robot, but potentially an AI, or a beta version of it.

    And this is why I relate to Rottenella. She's the closest female character to being more human. While Stephanie, Trixie, and Bessie are also human in their own right, they are all based of one health issue that Magnus categorises. Yes, they're relatable but they also feel fake in some sense. Rottenella's initial character is to just be a life size robot who'd compete against Stephanie, but it's also shown that she also likes to be playful. If Robbie allowed Rottenella to learn to act more human by interacting with other characters or people, then it's possible for the character to be a mix between human and robot. In the episode, she felt no remorse for tripping Robbie as her initial reaction was to smile, thinking it's good. Robbie is known as 'the villain of LazyTown' hence why she didn't feel sorry for him, not because she hates him, but because she's also rotten as him.

    Rottenella learns from her creator and it was also seen with Anti!Stephanie when she learns to be rotten from Robbie.

    And note, how the machine was used in season 1 compared to season 3, Robbie's first attempt on creating artificial life using robots, they were more disobedient than what happened in season 3. Figure!Robbie and Rottenella showed more signs of independence than in season 3. I guess Robbie toned the machine down to make his next creations 'less independent'.

    A perfect quote to conclude is by cartoonist Cathy Guisewite which says "Defy your own group. Rebel against yourself". This quote relates to Rottenella as despite it not being seeing as much as she was a minor character, comparing her actions along with Figure!Robbie, its shown that Rottenella, along with the other Artificial life characters Robbie's created, are able to defy as they're able to learn. The other characters do also learn from their actions, but due to the way they were created and written, it feels flat as the lessons are forced based on their traits.

    Rottenella's actions feels more human as she's able to defy Robbie hence why I love the character.


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    Question Re: Why I like Rottenella (and some ramblings on Artificial Life)


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    Re: Why I like Rottenella (and some ramblings on Artificial Life)

    Damn. A whole novel.

    We are number one!

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