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    Welcome to LazyTown Icelandic translation

    I'd like someone to translate the Icelandic version of the lyrics of Welcome to LazyTown to English, cause I think the English translation of that is different from the normal English version.
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    Welcome to LazyTown Icelandic translation

    Yes, it is. Naturally, they would be if they have used translation tools.

    Lttu inn Latab
    (Drop into LazyTown) ,
    ventri dag eftir dag
    (Adventure day after day),
    a er Glanni gur me gildrunar
    (There is Robbie, good at traps) ,
    Sem Sportakus kippir lag
    (That Sportacus sets right)
    Slla n bnum er
    (Stephanie is new in town)
    Siggi er fyrstur af sta
    (Ziggy is the first she meets)
    Me Gogga, Nenni og Hllu hr
    (With Pixel, Stingy and Trixie too) ,
    au alltaf muna vera vinir
    (They will always be friends)
    Einn tveir rr fram Latab
    (One, two, three Go LazyTown)
    Slin skn og dagur er ntt
    (The sun is shining and the day is new)
    a er enginn latur Latab
    (There is no one lazy in LazyTown) ,
    Snum n hva okkur br
    (Come and see what inside us lives).

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