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    Lazytown UK song clips

    I have uploaded some great song clips on hanksterman productions. I will list the songs I have uploaded.

    Lazy scouts
    Welcome to lazytown
    Master of disguise
    The mine song
    The spooky song
    Step by step
    I am a prince
    Woof Woof Woof
    When we play in a band
    New games every day
    Let's go
    Summer is the season
    Boogie woogie boo
    I wanna dance
    Here we go
    Cooking by the book
    Time to start the show
    Recipe for energy
    Have you never
    Good stuff
    Playing on the playground
    The greatest genie
    Fun to be the mayor
    You are a pirate
    Always a way
    Wake up
    Snow give me snow
    We got the energy
    Gizmo guy

    These are the songs I have uploaded so far. Gizmo guy is UK but has the extended opening (I added that in myself ).
    I also put the backing vocals and the electronic voice into the UK version of wake up. The US version had these assets but I managed to work them into the UK version. I also removed the talking at the start of good stuff and added that into my music video at the start.

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    Re: Lazytown UK song clips

    Thanks for sharin'
    I will check it.

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