If anyone knows the original air dates for every dub of LazyTown, post them here. I specifically need for Seasons 1 and 3.
Currently I've found:
English: August 16, 2004 (S1), April 6, 2013 (S3)
Latin Spanish: August 1, 2005 (S1), May, 2014 (S3)
German: August 8, 2005 (S1)
Italian: October, 2005 (S1, payed) August 16, 2009 (S1, Free)
Kazakh: May 19, 2008 (S1), September 2, 2013 (Supposedly) (S3)
Polish: May 19, 2008 (S1), September 2, 2013 (S3)
Romanian: May 19, 2008 (S1), September 2, 2013 (S3)
Russian: May 19, 2008 (S1), September 2, 2013 (Supposedly) (S3)
Bulgarian: September 21, 2009 (S1, never aired S3 and beyond)
Turkish: September 7, 2010 (S1), May 24, 2012 (S3)
Spanish: March, 2012 (S1), May 18, 2013 (Supposedly) (S3)

I'm looking for:
Arabic, Bosnian (Yes, there is one), Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Flemish Dutch, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Korean, Icelandic (Supposedly August 16, 2004), Norwegian, Portuguese, Serbian, Swedish, Tajik

And for kicks and giggles, some Google Translator fun:
Iceland is sold LazyTown LazyTown ice cream and dry fish. (Finnish)
God brought Lazy Town! (Hungarian)
Number 9 (real name Pryzhikus) ... At a press conference Magnus Sheving said that the new season will be an episode that reveals the secret Pryzhikusa. It is possible that this brother Sportacus. (Russian)
I also found this video, Ziggy's head is placed weird.