• Registration

    It's not allowed to have multiple accounts here.

  • No flaming other users

    Do not insult, harrass, or otherwise hassle other forum members in any way.

  • No publishing of offensive material

    The publishing of offensive material, be it racist, highly pornographic or just flat out disgusting, is not allowed. Regardless of the age groups involved in these forums, a lot of people wish not to be confronted with this type of material.

    Offenders will receive a warning; second time offenders will have their accounts temporarily disabled.

  • Off Topic Posting

    This will be fairly lenient, but quit dragging everything offtopic with nonsensical shit. I am tired of a thread starting and three replies later it is about something else.

  • No nonsense Posting

    Replies with one or two words, or saying that you like the comments etc, all the time is annoying and doesn't contribute anything to a conversation. Also please keep yours posts readable with regards to spelling and grammar. Typos are not bad, but it's another thing to post something which people have a hard time trying to understand.

  • Spam Posting

    Do not spam the board. Posting 10 posts or more every day can't be good and your number of posts will be limited for a period of time, until you realize and understand this behavior is abnormal.

  • No Posting of websites links to fakes profiles

    No Posting of links to websites that impersonate (former) LazyTown staff members, the so called FAKES.

  • Innuendo/Perverse Posts

    Keep these posts off the forums. The LazyTown forums are for serious discussion about LazyTown, not your lewd fantasies about Stephanie. Keep your stupid Stephanie shoe fetish threads out of here.

  • Signature & Avatar Guidelines

    People with oversized images will be asked to remove/rescale them. If the user chooses not to comply, the images will be removed.

  • File Sharing

    Sharing copyright material is illegal and will not be tolerated on this board. Your DVD, CD or other upload links will be removed.

These rules and guidelines are here to make these boards pleasant for everyone. Take them to heart and act accordingly.