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    Re: Áfram Stóribær!

    This is interesting! Do you speak Icelandic?
  2. Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    Anderson Island is a headcanon island in the North Sea, a small island that's part of Iceland. Fun fact, I named it after Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, creators of Thunderbirds.

    -Little Sportacus-...
  3. Re: Life Is Now - Paperback & eBook in stores

    What RockinRobbie said.

    Last year I posted on Snapchat "Why does losing Robbie Rotten feel like losing a family member?" (I'd lost a family member earlier that year)
    I still don't know why I...
  4. Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    Can we talk about how Robbie browned up for his Mayor disguise? Shame on him.

    -Double Trouble-

    "Carrot!" (looking to the right) shoots a carrot out of a small circular hole in between the water...
  5. Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    (See The Greatest Gift) I headcanoned characters' birthdays based on what seasons I felt suited their personalities. Trixie's is the 4th July until further notice.

    -Birthday Surprise-

  6. Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    -Sportacus Who?-

    Instead of calling for the table, Sportacus jumps on the air pump and it rises from the floor, pale blue paper and pen already on it. No, it's a pencil. Dark blue and kind of...
  7. Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    In the same Google Sheets outline where I keep all these notes, I have a list of characters and descriptions of them. There is also a column for their birthdays.

    -The Greatest Gift-

  8. Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    To explain one note; I have a headcanon that Robbie's past involves a theatre. Nothing surprising, I think.

    -Dancing Dreams-

    The toothbrush shoots out of a small yellow hole to the top left of...
  9. Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    My original plan was to watch most of the Season 1 Episodes in order, so I could work out and get a feel for how Robbie's feelings for Sportacus grew in a slow burn. Only now I feel I won't have the...
  10. Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    Right now I'm watching all the episodes I consider most important in case something happens.

    "Little Pink Riding Hood" probably scared Rin (the airship) the most because of what Robbie Rotten was...
  11. Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    Apology accepted, Glitch. I understand why you did it. I just pray nothing happens to Bado Innos... I can hope.

    Let me tell you more about Rin. (Responsive Intelligent Network) July this year I...
  12. Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    Good idea Pooky, but there are times where I do discuss FanFiction, such as when I mention headcanons or OCs I've come up with, like Rin for instance.

    Also, I need to preface this next set of...
  13. Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    Cry Dinosaur

    "Light!" lights up lights on the floor one by one. Sportacus presses a little grey button in the wall that makes a high "Bing!". This starts a stopwatch on Rin's communication pod...
  14. Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    Already doing that just like you did, LazyPooky.

    The Last Sports Candy

    "You need more sports candy." Rin. Why does she say this? Has he not eaten in a while? Does she know his energy or blood...
  15. Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    Hey thanks Pooky! I'll try and do the same for the rest.

    I have another one for you;

    Rockin' Robbie

    "I love sports candy! And I love to move!" Nothing new, why am I writing this down.
  16. Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    At long last, another one.
    As you will see, I'm quite peeved about that picture of Robbie's mother, because I had my own ideas and designs for her. It was Robbie's dad who had the initials "RR" and...
  17. Re: What if We Are Number One never became a meme?

    So much of the past few years would be different, that's for sure. I almost don't want to think about it.
    If WANO was not a meme and I heard that Stefan Karl had died, I'd be a bit sad, but probably...
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    Sticky: Re: LazyTown Project ideas

    Whatchu writing Matt?

    As for me, I still need to finish my fanfic.
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    Re: LazyTown Curiosities

    Lol I didn't notice!
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    Re: Disguises you don't get to see?

    Remember that leaked dance teacher disguise from the Lazy Dance? It's a shame we never got to see that episode, it looked great!
  21. Re: LazyTown Season 1 Japanese Subbed found

    Sugoi desu ne!! Arigatou gozaimasu! (Incredible, right! Thank you very much!)
  22. Re: When is Sportacus's birthday, and what year was he born?

    If you ask me, according to my headcanons, he moved to Lazy Town when he was 25 and was born on the 10th of April. He seems like someone who'd have a spring birthday.
    But 10th October...
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    Re: What Sportacus move can you do...

    I can dab, of course.
    Also the splits, but only a "box splits" (Is that what it's called?), and thanks to my uni's gymnastics club, I can do a handstand and a cartwheel.
  24. Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    Headcanon; Nausikaa is Sportacus's mother. She designed his airship, Rin, and a bunch of other gadgets too. I'm not completely sure what constitutes "Rin" yet, sorry.

    Let's Go To The Moon

  25. Re: Fanfiction Research: Episode Notes

    First post of the year!

    I know these posts are all very wordy and blocky. Sorry. I had an idea of having each note on a separate line, but that would be a lot of scrolling. What to do.

    In the...
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