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  1. Re: Alternate ideas for THE LazyTown meme song if WANO wasn't chosn

    How many times do we keep having to tell people who view the LazyTown YouTube around 2017 (along with the management) that the REAL Pablo sings We Love Sportscandy, not Robbie? He's trying to give...
  2. The version of Surprise Santa with Good To Be Bad might've been a DVD-only re-edit?

    Unless there is proof that the original Nick Jr. broadcast included the altered scene structure to easily fit Good To Be Bad into the plot (one Spanish dub notably used this version instead), I came...
  3. Alternate ideas for THE LazyTown meme song if WANO wasn't chosn

    It's always confused me, how did We Are Number One, the song from the series' sorta-finale episode (the ending featured Robbie blasting to the moon by the device he tried to use to send Sportacus out...
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    Elvis Presley sings Bing Bang

    No words needed.
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    "The Lazy Game"

    The Lazy Genie just got uploaded officially onto YouTube, but then it gets weirder.

    1. The episode name is called "The Lazy Game"
    2. The video title includes "Stingy Wishes/Makes A Wish" because...
  6. Any reason why the official LazyTown YT only have access to UK dubs of some episodes?

    They're uploading seasons 3 and 4 now, and it seems they only have access to the UK dubbed episodes for much of the "revived era".
    Are there any other cases, and if it affects seasons 1 and 2 maybe...
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    Re: Thoughts on the British dub?

    It makes the food a TREAT
  8. LazyTown Live Australia (2009/2011)

    The 2009 one was simply "The Show With Go!", which might be a adaption of the first LT Live show:

    The 2011 one was a Christmas one:...
  9. Re: Why the Season 4 CD is never coming out... Some proper research

    What I originally stated here should've been another thread.
  10. Re: Season 4 CD

    Because I haven't posted it yet, here's my simple analysis on why the CD is never come out, being an Australian.
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    Re: Lazytown's Nick Jr Flag

    Nick Jr. only got the rights to air Season 1 of LT, so it seems crazy unless someone can imagine what would happen if they actually aired Season 2...
  12. Has anyone noticed that the UK English S1-2 voice for Stingy sound a bit Scottish?

    Very posh indeed.

    (the UK English thread seems to have disappeared)
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    Re: Unpopular opinions on LazyTown

    You can easily put the S3 songs (from the "Here We Go" CD) into a editor and insert the instrumental versions to replace the "dance-teaching" parts and there you go
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    Sticky: Re: LazyTown Merchandise

    No "I Love Christmas"?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Sealed "Dancing Dreams" DVD:...
  15. Re: Why the Season 4 CD is never coming out... Some proper research

    I'm pretty sure that was a cuck-up. The ABC were supplied the US English version of LazyTown back in the day, and they were also on the DVDs.
  16. Why the Season 4 CD is never coming out... Some proper research

    It was 2013, when the ABC (the Australian one) got rights to air Season 3. They had previously aired Season 1 in 2007 and Season 2 in 2009 (both thankfully undubbed from the original US English), so...
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    English name confusion

    We regually call the Latibaer plays as "Let's Go LazyTown!" and "Robbie Rotten in LazyTown". But however, the English (pre-2005) LazyTown site states they are "Go, Go LazyTown!" and "Robbie Rotten...
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    Re: Unpopular opinions on LazyTown

    Remember when I use to think every single LT song was of the "uptempo (techno-ish) and energetic" kind, and that meant most of the S1 songs?
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    Re: LazyTown is on HBO!

    So it seems LazyTown (the Julianna era only) is going from place-to-place now... Possible hint of a revival?
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    Re: LazyTown on Apple TV

    They only have the original-era (not Chloe-era) seasons there, interesting...

    P.S Since the Apple TV service combines all popular streaming and catch-up services, this is coming from a Prime Video...
  21. Giggle and Hoot and Friends tour with Sportacus and Stephanie appearing (2013)

    This is from Australia, and Giggle and Hoot is ABC Kids' closest thing to a channel host. They've toured a few times with guests (but went with a average tour in 2018), and for the first one (in...
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    Unpopular opinions on LazyTown

    Post opinions on LazyTown that no one else thinks otherwise.

    - - - Updated - - -

    The ending "Robbie's Dream Team", where Robbie accidently gets sent to the moon via something previously used to...
  23. Bing Bang (Time To Dance) official Instrumental on CD?

    I recall reading a post from a major user about them getting into contact with the Bing Bang single mix's producer just to get the official instrumental, but it never happened. Then I saw this...
  24. Theories over the storyboards (Pilot Episode)

    The audio of these shorts seen to be finished and completed, but weirdly the visuals are a mixture of storyboards and filmed content. This is coming from Stephanie's early actress' private VHS, so...
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    Re: Lazy Dreams...

    I just remembered a dream back in 2017 (perhaps my only LazyTown dream), where I imagined that Cooking By The Book, Techno Generation and It's Mine were revealed to be included on Just Dance 2018,...
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