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  1. Re: LazyTown Stephanie making TikToks in costume - Chloe Lang

  2. Re: Alternate ideas for THE LazyTown meme song if WANO wasn't chosn

    Can be songs with "sportscandy"
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    Re: Your favourite instrumental LazyTown songs

    Mine is Give your friends a surprise (Life can be). I always listen it on my phone
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    Re: Hip Hop Homeroom Math

  5. I created a Lazytown stickers pack for WhatsApp and iMessage

    To obtain the pack download the app
  6. Re: Sometimes I kinda wish that LazyTown started to get popular again...

    "If you can dream it you can do it" said Walt Disney, why not achieve it together? Also as an autistic I have mixed feelings despite what happened in the last two years with LT, I would even like to...
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    Re: LazyTown: The Next Generation

    the idea can be complemented with a story about Number 9
  8. Re: So, how old were you when you got into LazyTown?

    Vid link from Instagram
  9. Re: LazyTown 15th Anniversary

    14 years, and for who wants know, an explanation about how I entered to the fandom:
  10. Re: Project start advice - Homage to Stefan Karl

    Francis and Lihi are chosen for the secondary voices to my adaptation of the song. The video is available 21/07 00:00 #ISL
  11. Re: Project start advice - Homage to Stefan Karl

    The idea is create a collaborative animated video with the mentioned song. Thank to the ideas of my WhatsApp group and many Facebook fanpages I admin, as example the new characters created by them,...
  12. Project start advice - Homage to Stefan Karl and Sarah Porter

    Collective creation
    Creation type: video
    Basic characteristics:
    animations, video recordings and music to pay homage to Stefan Karl and Sarah Porter. The song to interpret is "Sportscandy (is...
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    Sign the petition for the prequel movie

    A recent petition is published a month ago, someone interested?
  14. Re: A Message from the LazyTown: The Fan Series Team

    Can you help us with the petition for a prequel while.
  15. Re: What is your favorite LazyTown episode of all time?

    Greatest hits of Lazytown
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    Sticky: Re: LazyTown Merchandise

    I agree!
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    Where is everyone from?

    Ibagué, musical city of Colombia!
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    Re: New series petition

    I completely agree with the idea of an animates series. I remember a tweet of an account about LT in latin spanish, promising season 5, cook show and movie (I do not remember the date of the tweet)
  19. Re: World’s Biggest Lazy Town Fan On A Pilgrimage To Iceland

    I could be this guy
  20. Some covers with Miracle are available on...

    Some covers with Miracle are available on and GLMedia.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I made the animation, although to the beginning is really basic. I hope enhance
  21. Re: HELP!! Animators/Artists needed for Series 5 (or whatever we're going to call it)

    You need me? I can be able for this
  22. Re: If a Lazytown S5 was made by the people who own LZT, what would be your reaction?

    I would be so excited that I would organize a party with my friends... Also I would contact to the public TV of my country to invite Magnus and Chloe to my city and have a meet and greet. I'd like...
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    Re: Hey you? Wanna be a voice actor?

    Yeah! I wanna be part of this
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    Re: Favorite S1 song?

    almost all the songs, specially Teamwork, The mine song, Twenty times, Bing bang, Always a way and Anything can happen
  25. Re: So, how old were you when you got into LazyTown?

    My first time is in 2005, I was 14 years old when LT is starting on Discovery Kids Latin América.
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