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    Re: How do I send fan message to LazyTown

    Tweet him, he isn't very active on Twitter though.
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    Re: General Posts about the episodes Season 4

    I love Season 4, it is so much fun and the plots are interesting and the songs are GREAT.

    The plots are so much more farfetched than the early seasons though, like a palace appearing from nowhere,...
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    Why was Shelby Young only in the pilot?

    Why was Shelby Young only in the pilot? Why wasn't she used in the actual show?

    Also, why did Julianna leave? Was she too old to play the role or did she want to move on?
  4. Re: Does Pixel watch anything on TV? I know he has a TV.

    He watches the citizens of LazyTown through CCTV :D
  5. Re: What would you do if you suddenly turned into Trixie?

    Scream and scream some more that a male adult human has become a child female puppet.

    I'd make the most of singing some LazyTown songs though and it would be cool to meet Sportacus
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    Who should be number 11?

    Who do you think should be super hero number 11?

    I think it should be Stephanie or Ziggy, or perhaps both of them together.

  7. Re: Any LazyTown fans that break the morale/message of LazyTown?

    I can't exercise at the moment due to an illness I have so I can't live up to that aspect right now.

    I used to exercise though, well I had periods of exercising for a while and then not :P
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    LazyTown Music Gone From Spotify (UK)

    All LazyTown music has gone from Spotify U.K. and it has been for a while. Now all we have is Bing Bang and No One Is Lazy In Lazy Town from a compilation album.

    Does anyone know why it has gone?...
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    Re: Mystery of the Pyramid: an unfitting finale?

    I just saw this episode for the first time and I absolutely adore it and Go Explore is one of the best ever LazyTown songs.

    I had never seen any Chloe episodes til now but this was really good.
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    Re: About Stephanie's Parents...

    For me, I think that she liked it so much she decided to stay, or her parents thought it would be good for her there or there could be an issue why she canít return home
  11. Why Are The Other Characters So Nice To Robbie?

    Why is everybody so nice to Robbie?

    Ok, I get that they make fun of him sometimes but Sportacus has saved Robbie's life multiple times and rescues him all the time, even though Robbie has tried to...
  12. Re: Why the Season 4 CD is never coming out... Some proper research

    Itís a shame, I really wish there were CDs for the later seasons
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    Re: Thoughts on the British dub?

    I like the British version, I am British and it is what I watched when it aired.
  14. Re: LazyTown Stephanie making TikToks in costume - Chloe Lang

    This is awesome, omg I love the one to Savage :hey:
  15. Re: If you visited LazyTown for a day, which character would you choose to hang out w

    I'd hang out with Sportacus definitely!

    From the kids, I would say Ziggy.
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    Sticky: Poll: Re: Why do you like LazyTown?

    It's not really one particular person I like. I enjoy the music and the storylines and I find it fun and enjoyable to watch.
  17. Re: Has Anyone Ever Been Mean To You For Liking LazyTown?

    Thanks for your reply (and the other replies in this thread)

    Some one was actually making mean comments about me earlier today in a Discord server when they saw that I had listened to LazyTown...
  18. Has Anyone Ever Been Mean To You For Liking LazyTown?

    Has anybody ever been mean to you for liking LazyTown? If so, how did you react?
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    Re: What's your favorite LazyTown song, and why?

    Itís hard to pick one song but overall I would probably say Cooking By The Book.

    I liked reading through this thread as it made me feel less alone and less like a freak for liking LazyTown.
  20. Re: Did anyone actually cry when they heard Stefan Karl died?

    I can't remember if I cried, I don't think so but I felt upset and it is a great loss to the world.
  21. Re: If a Lazytown S5 was made by the people who own LZT, what would be your reaction?

    Yessss, I'd be down for it but it would be sad not having Robbie Rotten, or at least the Robbie Rotten we all know and love.
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    Re: So, how old were you when you got into LazyTown?

    I was about 14 when I got into it and I still love all the music.

    When I was learning Spanish earlier this year, I was watching some episodes in Spanish to practice my listening skills.

    I'm 28...
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    Re: What DONT you Like About Lazytown?

    The fact that it stopped :(
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    Sticky: LazyTown International

    Lol, the start of that sounds like a :fap: :fap: :shlick:
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    Re: Magnus Scheving writing The Sun's Health Column...

    Ok, by the way, what is your LJ?
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