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    Sticky: Re: Rest in Peace, Stefan Karl

    Omg this is very sad news. Rest in peace. :(
  2. Re: Why are there so many meme throwbacks in LazyTown's YouTube channel?

    The videos are simple and easy to pump out with no effort.

    I wouldn't doubt that bot theory.
    It's definitely possible, because I've programmed it myself. Simply select some random songs,...
  3. Re: The Glitchtastic Game (PC fangame based on the LazyTown community!)

    The Glitchtastic Game v2.0 UPDATE
    I've released a new 2.0 update to The Glitchtastic Game!
    This update adds weekly new levels along with a bunch of bugfixes and extra features.
    Check out the...
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    Re: CD & DVD Collection

    I present to you my impressive collection...

    Cost £1 in the charity shop. Money well spent.
  5. Re: The Glitchtastic Game (PC fangame based on the LazyTown community!)

    Thank you! If you do decide to play it, I hope you have fun.

    I certainly could make a sort of spinoff sequel like that - maybe it'd be fun! Thanks for the suggestion. :)
  6. The Glitchtastic Game (PC fangame based on the LazyTown community!)

    The Glitchtastic Game
    Download the game here!

    Official Release Trailer:

    The Glitchtastic Game is a project I've been working on since early...
  7. Re: What are your favorite episodes for each LazyTown season and why?

    Season One: Ziggy's Alien - ziggy is so cute! and galaxy is one of the best lazytown songs ever - plus robbie as an alien is rather amusing
    Season Two: Dancing Dreams - ziggy and steph are so cute!...
  8. Re: If you woke up as any LazyTown character, who would you want it to be?

    I would like to wake up as the fan-favourite character, Airship A.I. There are many reasons in which she is the character I would like to rise from slumber as, however I have decided to take time out...
  9. Re: How many LazyTown episodes you havenít seen yet?

    I've seen every single episode at least once, and some of them multiple times.

    dance, peasants
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    LazyTown ships

    Sportarobbie is probably such a popular ship because Sportacus and Robbie are the only human adults in LazyTown.

    No one wants to ship puppets.
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    Re: Thoughts on the British dub?

    Fun fact though, Julie Westwood didn't have to fake it - she is British! She even puppeteers Tula in The Hoobs.
    Though her Pixel voice is still atrocious. It's the worst voice in the British dub for...
  12. Re: What if We Are Number One never became a meme?

    I would've certainly not opened my channel were it not for WANO. I loved LazyTown when I was younger, but until the memes rolled around, I hadn't seen the show for a very long time. In fact, it never...
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    Re: DHX Media Puts Itself Up for Sale

    This could be bad. DHX Media may claim videos, sure, but that's it.
    They seem happy to have literal entire episodes of the show available publicly and freely on YouTube, as long as they receive the...
  14. Re: What's your favorite LazyTown episode, and why?

    Dancing Dreams is definitely my favourite episode. There are some good jokes ("Your cousin Tessie has pink hair"), and Robbie's disguise is hilarious. Plus, I love the played-straight emotion when...
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    Re: Go green: possible drug reference???

    I wonder if Ziggy's uncle actually is called Tom Chong or if he just made that up to fit the song.
    We need to ask Magnus about this
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    Re: (Here We Go) x 20

    Woah, that was brilliant!
    Of all the songs to mashup, I certainly wouldn't've expected Here We Go and Twenty Times Time to make a great pairing, but here it is. I love the little breaks for "Break...
  17. Thread: Best Dubs!

    by Bonzorio

    Re: Best Dubs!

    This is an unpopular opinion, I'm sure, but my favourite dub is the British one.
    Not only did I grow up with that version, I also simply prefer the voices because I feel they suit the characters....
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    Re: Future Sportacuses

    I personally wouldn't want Stephanie to be the next Sportacus. I imagine her following a path to do with her talent in dancing.
    I'd love it if Ziggy would be the next Sportacus. He clearly looks up...
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    Re: LazyTown Forever

    Truly amazing. I'll be honest, from the Guide Vocals I didn't have high hopes, but this blew me away. That was really great, probably one of my favourite LazyTown songs. Loved the little jingles like...
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    Re: LazyTown Iconified?

    Robbie or Ziggy imitating one of Sportacus's moves and failing miserably.
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    Re: Official Happy Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday, StefŠn!!
    Hopefully the Birthday Fairy leaves something nice.
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    Favourite LazyTown quote(s)?

    From LazyTown Extra, I love Stingy's "can I have the air inside them?" when he receives Milford's arm-bands.
    Of course Stingy would be interested in owning air.
  23. Jodi Eichelberger Interview With

    Fantastic interview, Stingy :)
    Interesting questions and I loved Stingy's surprise appearance. Jodi did a super job answering!!

    Really appreciate you doing this.
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    Re: The Perfect LazyTown Song?

    Probably a song in a similar music style to Playing On The Playground, Go Step Go or Galaxy, but with at least a tiny bit for every character, a la Friends. I also love the big finale in Friends (or...
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    Re: Resources wanted

    You can easily find instrumentals to all the S1-3 songs of LazyTown on YouTube.

    Check out this channel:
    I do believe it is going through...
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