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    Re: New Magnus Scheving Radio Interview

    Yeh, really! I wonder if there's anyone about who could post the text of what they CAN hear?
  2. Re: Help!


    I tried the megaupload file, and while it may be great for saving to a PC, it's not really practical for a public library computer. Is there any way to upload the Stefan songs (especially...
  3. Re: Interview Questions for Jodi Eichelberger and Julie Westwood

    For Jodi: In real life, are you stingy like Stingy?

    For Julie: Did you enjoy singing the song from "Secret Agent Zero", and do you do any other songs?
  4. Re: Help!

    There is[/quote] is not very good, re-directs to weird ads.
    You could try
  5. Re: Help!

    So would I. Never heard that one. This stuff is very hard to find. That's why i got so mad at losing the mp3 of Reykjavik. I'm hoping someone here still has it...
  6. Help! Stefan Karl and Studmenn's Reykjavik song.


    Could someone please pm me with the mp3 file of Stefan and Studmenn's Reykjavik song? I lost the original :(
  7. Re: Thread For Pics Of Stefan (not as Robbie)

    gem25, I can't open those attachments :( any chance of posting them as jpegs?
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