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    Published on 24th August 2004 11:26  Number of Views: 2038 
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    "I had never been to Europe before I came to Iceland", says Julianna Rose Mauriello who plays Stephanie in the TV series LazyTown on the TV station Nick Junior where it's currently shown. "It was snowing when I arrived in January but it ...
    Published on 14th July 2004 15:46  Number of Views: 3895 
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    Written by Ken Pontac
    Iceland, July 14, 2004

    Holy Christ! I’m in Iceland!

    The sun shines all the time here, and the hot water from the tap smells like a fart from a sourstomached old man who’s eaten too many pickled eggs. The signage is incomprehensible, people’s names are unpronounceable, and the money looks like panels from a comic book regaling tales of stern, bearded men wearing odd hats and holding ponderous tomes.
    Published on 5th December 2002 12:05  Number of Views: 4245 
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    Written by Inga Rún Sigurðardóttir
    MBL - Fólk í fréttum 2002

    Latibær has a new look and townspeople have got American names and looks. Inga Rún Sigurðardóttir talked with Ágúst Frey Ingason, Secretary General, about the expansion.

    Life and animation are around Latabæ these days, and perhaps Americans may not have to wait long for a chance to get acquainted with the Sports, Solla Stare, Gogga Mega and Glanna Crime, or Sportacus, Stephanie, Pixel and Robbie Rotten, as they are called in English. ...
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