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    Describtion of the Latibaer Books
    Kristjánsdótter, Dagný (18 January 2011). "PART II: Filmic Translations Chapter 9: Sportacus Saves the Day!". In Weldy, Lance. Crossing Textual Boundaries in International Children's Literature. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. p. 137.

    Áfram Latibaer!

    In the first book, Áfram Latibaer!' (1) (Go LazyTown!), "the athletic elf," a forerunner to Sportacus, comes to LazyTown. The children there are in bad shape due to lack of exercise, computer games, and watching television. They are either overweight or too skinny and are sick in body and soul. The mayor summons the elf because all villages in the country have to hold a sports festival for children, but LazyTown cannot compete in any area, and it is in a crisis. The athletic elf shows the children that they can lead a better and more enjoyable life with nutritious food and lots of exercise and games. He runs about distributing advice and reminder notes, and the children welcome these, echoing the didactic tales of the eighteenth century in which the student declares that he has now understood the error of his ways and thanks the teacher with many fair words for having shown him the proper way. ...
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    Getlazy in association with LazyTown LiveJournal, December 2007

    Question 1: "We have noticed that Julianna who plays Stephanie is growing up rather quickly and seems to be a tall girl now. Will you carry on using the current ...
    Published on 14th August 2006 11:21
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    Written by John Scheerhout
    Greater Manchester News, August 14th, 2006

    DOZENS of children were at the popular stage show during the Sky festival that took over the city center this long weekend (11-13 August, 2006)

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    Nicksplat, March 13th, 2006

    1. How do you manage to juggle it all – medal-winning athlete, TV producer, writer? Do you focus on different things at different times? What is your motivation?
    To be honest, ...
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