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LazyTown: The Next Generation

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Hi! If you don't Know me, I'm LazyTown's Biggest #1 fan ever! I have seen the show since 2017! I've been writing new LazyTown scripts! They can be found here:
Anyways, I've made articles for LazyTown: The Next Generation. So see episode articles, click on the Links under Series 5 or 6! Plus, I made a new character! It's Valerie! Observe:Click image for larger version. 

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Yeah, Of course I seen her life performance of Ninja Re Bang Bang which reminded me of the girl of my dreams "Stephanie". When I found out that Kyary Pamyu Pamyu was the one in the performance looking like Stephanie, I was like she's the perfect fit for Valerie. The only thing missing in the Valerie image is that she wears Candy Hairclips and she doesn't have leggings. Plus, I was thinking, The LazyTown Movie! Link to the Idea:
And for the record, I understand your sad about Stefan's death, but I found someone like him! His name is Justin Theroux! And another thing, The designs of Stephanie, Sportacus and Robbie will change. Stephanie will have a two piece dress instead of one. Sportacus will have golden armor and a 20 on his chest. Most of all, Robbie's hairstyle will change. That's all I want to say! Don't forget to check out my cover for Ninja Re Bang Bang: