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Making Lazytown in Minecraft

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Hi, recently I wanted to make entire Lazytown in minecraft. Sound hard you might think, well I can show you some pic I did all alone with the help of this post I saw on this forum
I imediatly get to work and here some pic of my server

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Name:	unknown (2).png 
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Name:	unknown (1).png 
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ID:	7141

I might use some help indeed ^^ I wanted to share this big project with you, I upload my progretion on my YT channel in live.


  1. Glitchtastic's Avatar
    Looks Great So far!
  2. un83s0u3's Avatar
    M.... I'm such a weird person because I stopped a little with this server and started to wrote more and more fanfics xD and expecially one who make me saw Lazytown in a different way Oo now I think I'm scared or not I don't really know my corrupted mind netheir Maybe I should someday continu this server I also had a big project video but I will not tell more about it to long to explain now I just have to go to write more fanfics about I don't know my friends..... and Lazytown Oo and oh Glitchastic are you the man who spam my YT everyday with new videos xD I don't really care I love your videos