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What keeps you interested in Lazy Town?

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This question has been on my mind for a while. I was wondering what keeps everyone interested in this series? I mean the show is targeted mainly at a younger audience. Me personally I love the music and seeing what goes on behind the scenes. I also like Mayor Meanswell,Sportacus,Stephanie and Robbie those are my favorite characters. Also Being a voice actor I love to imitate other voices as well as come up with my own. I been told I can do a pretty good impression of the mayor. But I am getting off topic. What keeps you guys interested in this series?
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  1. boblbee's Avatar
    It's sort of difficult for me to maintain long-term interest in the show now, personally. I love it, but with no new content being released, it's easy for it to get stale.

    After a while, a LazyTown song will pop up in my playlist, and I'll smile and pop over. Also, fan remixes of songs do a lot to keep things fresh, so if you've ever pumped one of those out, thanks a bunch.
  2. puppylover416's Avatar
    I like the songs of LazyTown. It's also made me want to learn Icelandic!