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Ana Muriel

Script for Magnús's Birthday Project 2016

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Length: 5 minutes.
Written by: Ana Sumer.
Written in English, but it's not my first language. If you speak English as your first language, feel free to make changes.[/B]

The morning appears in the horizon [the music of the transition to night and morning or any transition appears], you see the town and the Sun. Then the Airship appears and Sportacus wakes up on his typical way [the music continues]. He takes a look of the calendar and then he sees "Monday, 7th November 2016". He remembers that that week is important for him, but doesn't know why.

- Airship?!
- Yes, Sportacus?
- I saw the calendar and today is Monday 7th November, I think this week is going to happen something important, but I can't remember what thing is, could you tell me please?
- Don't you really don't know? I will give you a clue... Thursday is the key day.
- Aaaah – said while he is doing his typical gesture of raise his finger -, I think I know what it is! I will tell the guys! - he goes to the door – Door! – the door is open, he jumps and goes to the town [note: I wanted to write he jumps to one of his equipment that appeared on S1 when he opens the door, but I can't remember the name in English].

The kids are playing in the park and he appears.

- Hey guys!
- Hey Sportacus! – said at the same time.
- Do you know what day is today?
- Hmmm... Monday 7th November? – answered Trixie a bit surprised by the question.
- Yes! But what will happen this week? Nobody? This Thursday is our creator's birthday!
- What? – asked Stingy.
- Oh yes! That's true! – an excited Stephanie said – I forgot it!
- We could make a birthday's song! – Trixie said.
- Yeah! Go to my house and we will think all together what we can do – Pixel said.
- I will tell to my uncle and Bessie. – Stephanie said.
- Good idea! I will tell Robbie. – Sportacus said.
- Robbie – said all at the same time.
- Why not, he is part of us too. See you later!

Stephanie goes to Town Hall and talks with her uncle Milford and Bessie.

- Hey uncle Milford!
- Hey Stephanie, what's up?
- We decided to make something special this week and we want to know if you want to participate.
- Oh! Really?! What is that about?
Sportacus goes to Robbie's house and knocks the door.

- Rooobbieee! Open the dooor!
- What's up?
- Do you know what day is today?
- I don't know and I don't care.
- Oh come on Robbie! This week is our creator's birthday!
- OK, I will come back to sleep. Good day!
- Come on Robbie! Why are you doing this?
- Are you kidding me? – he goes out – He created me as the villain, you always win.
- You are not so bad person Robbie, you are a good person. But the story needs a hero and a villain, and you are a good villain.
- Really?
- Aha.
- Mmm... OK, I will help you. What I need to do?
- Accompany me to Pixel's house. We will make a song for the creator.

They go to Pixel's house. Everybody is on Pixel's bedroom.

- We are here! – Sportacus said – How is everything going?
- Me are making the music right now while Stephanie is writing the lyrics – Trixie said.
- Fabulous! This is going to be great!
- Yeah! – all said at the same time.

Again, the sun appears in the sky. Its Thursday 10th November, everybody appears in the park ready for the song.

After the song they have a cake on their hands [two options: Happy Birthday on the top of the video or 52 years old in the cake] while the song is finishing. The video turns black [while we listen the music of the beginning] and then while the credits appear we appear making the voices and finally I appear saying my message and introducing you for your audio/video messages. Or I appear in the end.

A second option is we appear saying our message and make a Making Of video with our voices and we record that moments. I talk about why I decided to make this, your help, a video from music composer, 2D Animation maker, etc.

If you want to change something feel free to do it and we will see if it is good.


  1. boredjedi's Avatar
    Some writing fixes.

    - "I saw the calendar and today is Monday 7th November. I think this week is something important but I can't remember what it is. Do you happen to remember?"

    - "You don't remember?" Sportacus shrugs shaking his head. "I will give you a clue... On Thursday someone is going to feel older."

    - "Aaaah," he says while doing his typical raised finger gesture. "I think I know what it is! I will tell the kids!" ..............
  2. Ana Muriel's Avatar
    Thank you
  3. fanderson's Avatar
    Great idea! Thank you for the scripts
  4. LazyPixel's Avatar
    how I can help?