• Julianna and Magnús together again in a Live Show in UK

    Here are the questions and answers from the web chat

    Julianna, how on earth do you manage to stay so smiley and happy? Do you ever feel like kicking Ziggy in the head and eating a bar of chocolate? And do you have a crush on magnus too?

    Julianna:Hi there! Well, to answer honestly, at times it does get a bit tiring to be so happy and smiley all the time. Most of the time it's a lot of fun to play such a happy character though. Every once in a while I allow myself a chocolate bar, and I would never ever kick Ziggy. And no, I do not have a crush on Magnus

    A question for Julianna:
    Given the opportunity, would you like to study abroad—in England or anywhere else in Europe?

    Do you prefer your hair long or short?

    Is it true that you are a fan of Audrey Hepburn and even have a dog named after her? Is there any role of hers you would have loved to play?

    A question to both Magnus and Julianna:

    Did they expect that LazyTown would become really popular not just among kids but also with an older audience? What do they think about that?

    Julianna:Hi Ernest,

    First of all, I have definitely considered studying abroad. In fact, I spent the summer in Paris studying french. As for my hair, it's more manageable short but I must say I miss my long hair and plan on growing it out again. I am a big fan of Audrey Hepburn, among others. As for your last question, I have certainly been surprised by the older fan base, but I'm glad parents are enjoying the show along with their kids.


    Magnus:Yes and No. We knew the show was excellent quality and a lot of parents have told us that they can watch it with their kids so we think that's great. And even in some countries it has been on a Friday night at 8pm, in between Lost and Desperate Housewives in ratings so we know that lots of adults are watching it when their kids are asleep! (You know kids go to sleep at 8.08, right?)

    What prompted the world of 'sportacus', and which is your favourite co-star? We quite like Robbie Rotten, mainly for his mad hair and tight trousers.

    Magnus:Sportacus is a super hero but he's slightly above average hero. He has no super powers and everything he does is do-able. Kids can imitate him and I wanted a role model that would motivate kids to lead healthier lifestyle choices.
    I love all my co-stars. They have different skills and that is what makes each of them so interesting and fun to be with.

    Hi Magnus, Julianna
    Did you both do all your own stunts?
    What physical activity on the show did you find hardest or most daunting?

    Juliana, what do you plan to do in the future (I'm guessing you're late-teenage now)?

    Magnus:I don't do all my stunts but I do alot of it. The most difficult part is that my muscles had to be always warm while we were filming so we didn't get hurt.

    Julianna:Nearly, except for the super dangerous stuff. The most difficult part for me is just how tiring the show can get, working and moving like that all day long, and always being ready to go on set at any minute. I also had a bit of trouble with some of the more sporty things, since I'm more into dancing than sports.

    Hello Julianna! Hello Magnús!
    Julianna, what was your favourite Stephanie outfit?

    Magnús, is there anyone you would like to meet who you haven't met yet?

    Love you both, keep up the good work

    Magnus:I'd like to meet Barack Obama. I'd really like to meet Steve Jobs and Richard Branson too. It would be great to meet Melinda Gates too. She's doing some amazing work around the world and I believe that we could change the world together.

    Magnus, my husband has just told me what I suspect is a big fat lie. He says your friend dared you to become a world champion at a sport so you chose aerobics for a laugh, and then became 'sportacus'. Is this true? A dare? I think the only dares I'm willing to do involve alcohol.

    Magnus:Yes, it's true that I made a bet with my friend that we had to choose a sport for one another that we didn't know anything about and we had to succeed in three years. He chose for me aerobic competition and I chose for him snooker. In three years I became European Champion and Gold Medallist and he was Icelandic champion.

    Question from my YD to both of you is whats your favourite sports candy?

    Julianna:I absolutely love mango and cantaloupe! I eat apples almost every day though.

    Magnus:I love kiwi, banana and apples and I eat them every, single day. I love celery too.

    A few questions for Magnus:
    Any news about a new season or the movie? Blu-ray release? When was 'Go Step Go' recorded? Are there going to be any other new songs? If yes, can you tell us anything about them?

    Magnus:At the moment we're doing some filming for new LazyTown shows and those should be on the television in the next twelve months. Go Step Go was recorded three weeks ago and has its world premier tomorrow in Nottingham, UK. Mani is always writing new songs so look out for a new LazyTown CD sometime soon. The new songs are really upbeat and fun and we're trying to work with a symphony orchestra to make an orchestral version of the LazyTown hit songs.

    hi magnus
    my son loves lazytown it ll he talks about it and he trying to do push ups and copy everything you do what advice would you give him because he says he going to be sportacus when he a big boy

    Magnus:I'm always on the look out for new Sportacus, for example no. 11. So, my advice to him, would be to keep on practising those push ups every day, be careful, drink lots of water, eat sports candy every day and go to sleep at 8.08 and he'll be ready by the time he's a grown-up.

    If it's not too late, I've compiled some questions for Julianna:
    What have you been doing lately, and what are your plans for the future? The recent press release said you are pursuing a dance major. Do you want be a dancer in a dance company or a choreographer or teach dance? What's your favorite dance genre? Do you still take singing and acting lessons? In one of your interviews you said that someday you wanted to be in the movies; do you still want to? What about musicals (since you've been in a number of them already)?

    Can you still speak Icelandic? Do you know any other languages besides Icelandic and English? When was the last time you've been to Europe, and which country? What's your favorite music genre? What about books, movies, TV shows (if you have time for TV!)? Any interesting hobbies?

    What's your favorite LazyTown episode, song, dance, puppet? Did you do any of your stunts yourself? Are you going to be in the third season or the LazyTown movie? Do you ever watch LazyTown these days? Do you have it on DVD? Do you get a lot of fan mail? Do people often recognize you on the street? LazyTown hasn't been your only acting job; what's your favorite role besides Stephanie?

    And a few questions for Magnus:

    Any news about a new season or the movie? Blu-ray release? When was 'Go Step Go' recorded? Are there going to be any other new songs? If yes, can you tell us anything about them?

    Julianna:Hi there!

    Well, as for my studies, no I am not pursuing a degree in dance. That press release is incorrect. I'm still keeping up with dance, but it certainly won't be my major. I am currently at university in the US.

    I can still speak some Icelandic, though I'm afraid I've forgotten some. I speak French as well. I'm actually in the UK right now working on promotions, a live show, and hospital visits.

    I mostly like indie/alternative music, and some pop, folk, jazz, hip hop..... ummm, I like lots of different types of music.

    It's difficult to choose favorites, and there are so many episodes and songs to choose from!

    Thanks for posting!


    My son loves Lazytown, and having just Googled to see what Magnus looks like without the costume, I love it too!

    I'd like to know how/why you came up with the idea of using actors for some characters and graphics for others. Does this work out cheaper or more expensive? How does it actually work? Are there any "behind the scenes" films to show the process?

    I'd also like to know what age-group it's aimed at primarily.

    What are the long-terms plans re:Julianna's role? So far Julianna doesn't seem to have changed, but as she gets older are there plans to introduce a new actress to take on the role?

    And finally, not sure if I'm allowed to ask this, but I read on Wikipedia that Magnus has two grandchildren, and I couldn't believe that a grandad can look like that! Is it true, and if so how old are the grandchildren?

    Magnus:The reason why we use live actors was because kids want to imitate live characters and not costume characters. They don't jump from the sofa and say 'I'm Mickey Mouse' even if they love it. So live characters was important for me because when you see Sportacus do the stunts or Stephanie do all the dancing, it's more exciting for the kids if it's real.

    The age group the show is aimed at varies from country to country. In the UK, we know we have mainly viewers aged 3-6, but in Spain and Portugal it's slightly older and in Mexico we have viewers as old as 10. And there are loads of grown-ups who like LazyTown too so I would say that it's really for everybody.

    We don't have a behind-the-scenes movie although we have all the raw footage and we are currently putting something together.

    Hello Julianna! Hello Magnús!
    Julianna, what was your favourite Stephanie outfit?

    Magnús, is there anyone you would like to meet who you haven't met yet?

    Love you both, keep up the good work

    Julianna:I just adore the costumes for the show, and love getting to dress up in new outfits that fit the theme of the episode. I loved my little school uniform for "School Scam" and the girl scout outfit in "Lazy Scouts" was also adorable. My all time favorite was the Rock n Roll episode when I got to wear a 50s style poodle skirt.

    Hello to you both!
    I asked my son and daughter for questions and this is what they came up with:

    Why are you so sporty? and

    What is the significance of the number 10? (ok so he didn't phrase it exactly like that!)

    Magnus:Ten is a great number because you have two athletes who were both number 10 - Maradona and Pele but the reason that sportacus is 10 is because we have already written about Sportacus no. 1 and Sportacus no. 11 so eventually there will be shows about them too. Sportacus is sporty because I've always been very active and playing Sportacus keeps me very fit and meeting the kids all around the world keeps me very healthy. I'm lucky to be playing someone so sporty and that's a big bonus of my job.
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