• Exclusive Interview with Julianna Rose Mauriello (Stephanie of LazyTown)

    Nicksplat, March 20th, 2006

    1. How old are you? You surely must be older than the 8-year-old character you play on the show? Do you have any difficulties playing a 8 year old?
    I am 14, and turning 15 on May 26th. Sometimes it is difficult being a teenager and playing a child, but I try to bring parts of my childhood to the character.

    2. What?s the laziest thing you?ve ever done? What is your most unhealthy habit indulgence?
    The laziest thing that I can remember doing is staying inside for a whole day. My most unhealthy indulgence is candy! I have a pretty bad sweet tooth and I love candy, but I try to balance out the good foods and the bad foods!

    3. How do you like your bright pink hair? Why do you have to have it on you? Do you get recognized in the streets when you?re not wearing your pink hair?
    I do like my pink hair very much. The color is fabulous and the style is so cute. Sometimes the wig gets hot and itchy which is so annoying, but the character?s main trait is her pink hair so I must wear it.

    4. What would you do if you were Mayor Meanswell? What are the first couple of things you?ll change?
    Well, first I would make a list of things I could do to help make LazyTown a better place and I would take charge in my responsibility as mayor. I would try to get in shape and help the kids to make better choices. I would also try to be less gullible. One thing I wouldn?t change would be the mayor?s sense of humor, he really cracks me up!

    5. If you were stuck with just one of the following LazyTown kids for a day, who would it be ? Ziggy (who loves candy just a little too much), Stingy (who can?t seem to share), Pixel (who is glued to video games) or Trixie (who has trouble following rules)? Why?
    That is a hard choice but I would have to choose Pixel, because he is very calm and cool and we always have fun together.

    6. Can you describe a ?typical? day on the set of LazyTown?
    I go into the make-up chair one hour before my call. I get make up, hair, and costume all done up and then I sometimes have a bit of breakfast. We start filming, and go until around lunchtime. I am not used in every shot so when I have breaks I go in my room and do schoolwork. After lunch we go back work, I go on and off set a normal day. When we wrap for the day I go home and relax or go swimming or maybe to the movies.

    7. In what way are you like Stephanie? In what way are you different?
    Stephanie and I are very optimistic, clever, and active. I am older than Stephanie so I have more teenage qualities, she is just a little kid. I feel I bring a lot of myself to the character, so there are moments in the show when you can really see my personality come through which is sometimes good and sometimes not so good!

    8. Personally, how healthy and active are you? Do you diet, exercise and play sports?
    I dance and take gymnastics so that is definitely equivalent to playing a sport. I don?t really diet but I do eat very healthy food?most of the time. I am very active all the time and have a lot of energy! I do my very best to stay healthy.

    9. Do you think that what you do ? encouraging young kids to be physically active ? is important? Why? What would you say to kids who live on nothing but fast food and soda, and who do nothing but play video games or watch TV all day?
    I think LazyTown has a great message and it is very important for kids to understand the bad effects of unhealthy foods and not exercising. I am so happy and honored to be on a show that helps educate and motivate kids to make good choices. I would encourage all kids to eat good nutritious food and go to sleep on time, to stay fit and be kind to others! All these things are such important lessons for young kids and I am proud to be on a show that has such a positive message.

    10. What advice do you have for kids who want to follow your footsteps?
    In what sense? My footsteps as Stephanie, or as an actress? Either way I would encourage kids to make good choices, don?t get forced into things due to peer pressure, lead a healthy and safe life, and excel in the things you love. You can be great at anything, as long as you like doing it.
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