• The worst thing you can do is tell no one about bullying

    LAUGARDAGUR, May 14, 2011

    Interview Stefán Karl Stefánsson [google translation]

    Most children know the actor Stefán Karl Stefánsson, if not as himself at least as Robbie Rotten. Stephen Karl lives in the United States, plays The Grinch there, has four children and sometimes misses Iceland and working in Latabæ.

    Where do you live now?
    "In Los Angeles, California, USA."
    Do you miss Iceland?
    "Yes, sometimes I miss Iceland. Especially in the summer, I was so fond of fishing and being in the wild. "

    The news has told us you have played How the Grinch Stole Christmas - what was the fun part of it and what was the hardest?
    "Yes, that's right. What's the fun part of it is that when I was little my dad and my mom read the story for me and now I say the same story in front of hundreds of thousands of children and their families in the United States. What can be difficult is that I play the show 15 times a week in 5 different cities so I have to travel a lot and I'm away from the family. "

    Do you have many children?
    "I have four lovely children. Bríet, 15 years old, Elina, 9 years old, Juliet, 4 years old and Thorstein, 3 years old. "

    There is an effort going on in Iceland against bullying. You have long fought bullying. What can you do to stop bullying?
    "It is great to hear that there is an ongoing effort. In fact, I think we should always be in action, it's an eternal task for us to be as we are, by ourselves. The best way to stop bullying is to say that. Talk to their parents and the teacher, the principal and those who are older and have responsibility. Then they act properly and can help both the victim and the bully at the same time. You can also visit the homepage regnbogaborn.is and more good sites and get information on further assistance. The worst thing you can do is to tell no one. "

    Do you miss Robbie Rotten, Stephanie and Sportacus?
    "I miss working in LazyTown and often think about how fun it was to work with these great people. Stephanie and Sportacus are my good friends and I'm so lucky I know Robbie Rotten very well too. But it's also a good idea for anyone who misses them to just put the DVD into your device, and you'll be right up to it. "

    Are you always exercising to play? How do you practice?
    "The best exercise is working to be an actor. However, it's important for actors to keep fit, exercise, eat a good meal, read a lot and watch what is happening in life. Go to the theater, watch movies, especially Icelandic and those closest to you. The funniest exercise is to watch the people around, young as a kid, and see how life goes on. "

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