• Latibær heading out into the world

    Written by Inga Rún Sigurðardóttir
    MBL - Fólk í fréttum 2002

    Latibær has a new look and townspeople have got American names and looks. Inga Rún Sigurðardóttir talked with Ágúst Frey Ingason, Secretary General, about the expansion.

    Life and animation are around Latabæ these days, and perhaps Americans may not have to wait long for a chance to get acquainted with the Sports, Solla Stare, Gogga Mega and Glanna Crime, or Sportacus, Stephanie, Pixel and Robbie Rotten, as they are called in English.

    The company Latibær has made a so-called "pilot" or introductory part of Magnús Scheving's creation of brides, gamers and three-dimensional cartoon worlds.

    Magnús is himself in the role of the sporting adventure, which is now more superhero than elf, and Stefán Karl Stefánsson plays Glanna crime in the presentation. Solla stiffness is also made of flesh and blood, but other characters are bride.

    Have made a presentation
    It is hoped that a series of series will be produced according to the idea, but Magnús does not intend to take on the role of the sporting event if it is to happen.

    "The next step is to bring this package to television stations," says Ágúst Freyr Ingason, managing director of the company. Furthermore, a special book, "show bible", has been introduced, where the ideology of Latabæjar is further described.

    The content will be introduced to major children's TV channels in the United States and the UK. "This process is starting now," explains Ágúst, saying that it could therefore take half a year to reach a conclusion from the discussions with the television stations.

    "We have great faith in the fact that this is the head for people," he says, apparently positive messages. Latabæjar have a great deal in the debate about childhood obesity and little movement that has gone high recently.

    "There is also a lot going on in Latabæ, although there is no violence. The message of moving and eating healthy food is dominant," says Ágúst, explaining that there are many issues that concern child raising.

    Far ahead of health issues
    "There are TV shows that deal with some of these things, but what we have in excess of others is to take on health issues, because we are far ahead of others," emphasizes Ágúst, saying that comparable content does not exist in the United States.

    He adds that the message at Latabæ is also not too obvious. "He comes forth without the children realizing it. They have chosen. This is no preaching or extreme."

    The first books about Latabæ were published in 1995, giving local residents a good time to develop. "This work now has been running for almost a year, but from February this year it has been done with full weight."

    The British company Artem made a bride of Gogga mega, who is now dark on the skin, and Sigga cutie, who has become even sweeter. "We have made the best of the others so it is possible to realize how the brides look like," says Ágúst, but the bride is expensive.

    Author from Sesame Street
    He says that head focus has been placed on making selection materials and finding the right colleagues. For example, Norman Stiles is the main author of the episodes. "He was the lead author of the renowned Sesame Street children for nearly two decades and received 11 Emmy prizes for his work," says Ágúst.

    The people of Latabar have not forgotten their Icelandic friends, but Radio Latibær is in full swing and come to Christmas. "This is one of the few radio stations for children in the world," says Ágúst, but those who want to get acquainted with the Latabians will be able to set FM 102.2.

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