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    Published on 24th July 2014 13:26  Number of Views: 8376 
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    Written by Andrew Kaggwa
    The Observer, Uganda

    As a child, you will always have a favourite superhero; these are usually TV or movie characters, the likes of Fantastic Four, Spiderman, Mutant X, Ben 10 and the Power Puff Girls, among others. Superheroes become part of children’s lives as they continuously identify with the fight between good and evil. ...
    Published on 23rd October 2013 13:05  Number of Views: 8252 
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    Written by Mark Valenti
    October 23, 2013

    Inspired by the legendary Jim Henson as a child, David Matthew Feldman has devoted his entire career to the art of puppetry. From his formative years at The Puppet Company in New York, to his earliest television work on PBS’s Between the Lions, David has given life to dozens of characters to the delight of audiences both young and old. His stint as the excitable Mayor Milford Meanswell in the hit series LazyTown has propelled him to international stardom. And most recently, David has co-created a new PBS series, Oh Noah! ...
    Published on 1st June 2013 06:07  Number of Views: 4969 
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    DPA Microphones 2008 – 2013

    Award-winning children’s TV programme LazyTown is using DPA miniature microphones to capture the show’s dialogue.

    LazyTown Entertainment in Iceland is using DPA miniature microphones to capture the audio for the multi-award winning LazyTown pre-school television show, which is now shooting its fourth series in Iceland. ...

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