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    Published on 28th October 2008 14:55  Number of Views: 65 
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    Written by Maria Suurballe
    Play The Game Magazine. October 28, 2008

    The Icelandic fitness champion, filmmaker and creator of LazyTown, Magnús Scheving, has convinced children around the world to pick fruit and water instead of chocolate and soda water. The recipe is the idea of LazyTown, the ingredients are a combination of play and positive stimulus.

    For more than ten years, Magnús Scheving has literally jumped and hopped around in Icelandic schools, and he has made handstands and back handsprings in all the kindergartens of the saga island. All in order to teach Icelandic kids and their families a more healthy and active lifestyle. Children run, they jump, they bend, and they move without thinking about it. ...
    Published on 27th October 2008 13:55  Number of Views: 31 
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    This Is Lancashire. 27th October 2008

    The Bolton actress behind Bessie BusyBody in the hit children’s TV show LazyTown has been particularly busy for the past few months. Julie Westwood, who both voices and operates the puppet character in the popular C-Beebies series, has been spending her spare time during the national LazyTown tour arranging for the opening of a new gallery in the town centre.

    Her biggest challenge has been hunting for the artwork to fill it. ...
    Published on 13th April 2008 17:47  Number of Views: 29 
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    Written by John Gaudiosi
    Unreal Technology 2008

    Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3 (UE3) has already taken hold of the videogame industry, powering top games from game publishers like Electronic Arts, Sega, Midway Games, Capcom, Activision, and Sony Online Entertainment. Now, Hollywood can take notice, as the children's hit TV series, "LazyTown," is the first show utilizing the same powerful game technology to breathe life into its blend of live action, puppetry and computer-generated content. Produced and occasionally directed by Dutch television and film maker Raymond P. Le Gué, "LazyTown" currently airs around the world, including on Nickelodeon and Noggin in the U.S. ...
    Published on 7th March 2008 13:36  Number of Views: 53 
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    The Bolton News. 7th March 2008

    For actress Julie Westwood, the trip from Bolton to Iceland is a familiar one. The TV star has just packed her bags and will today embark on the annual journey, which will see her become one of the most popular characters on children's TV. Since 2004, she has played Bessie Busybody in the hit C-Beebies TV show LazyTown. Every year, she spends time in studios just outside Reykjavik where the hit show is created.

    Julie is both the voice, played with a mid-American drawl, and the operator behind the character in the international series which combines computer generated images, puppets and live characters. "It's all great fun", she explained, just prior to her latest seven-week filming trip, "and I just love Iceland - it's fabulous!" ...
    by Published on 26th October 2007 10:15  Number of Views: 1674 
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    LazyTown Live! in the UK 2007

    An Icelandic export created by Magnus Scheving, children’s TV series LazyTown has become hugely popular in the UK during the last year or so. The characters of above average super hero Sportacus and his ever so pink singing and dancing friend Stephanie have cleverly captured the imaginations of both boys and girls, hence the oodles of costumed mini-versions present at the Apollo. ...
    Published on 5th July 2007 12:58  Number of Views: 64 
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    Written by Kebo
    AVID, July 5, 2007

    For those adults struggling to convince their children that fitness can be fun, the idea that television can be part of the solution seems unlikely.

    And yet, LazyTown , one of the fastest selling children’s programs in history, is doing just that. Syndicated to 103 countries in a mere 18 months, LazyTown is reaching a global audience with an entertaining yet educational message about the importance of exercise and nutrition. ...
    Published on 2nd April 2007 14:19  Number of Views: 37 
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    Band Pro. April 2007

    "For LazyTown, we needed lenses that would pump the image as little as possible while pulling the focus", explains cinematographer Tómas Örn Tómasson. "We also needed sharp, high resolution lenses for a good, high quality key when we shoot on green screen. The Zeiss DigiPrimes were perfect." ...

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