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  1. How do I change my profile?

    I have a pic of Robbie that I want to set it as my profile. How do I do it?
  2. LazyTown Fanfiction for your Perusal

    Quote Originally Posted by AnnGry View Post
    Hello! I hope some self-promotion is not too much in poor taste.

    Recently my love for LazyTown was rekindled. After watching all of the episodes, the original stage plays, and even getting to see the peculiar pilot reel, it inspired an idea in me that I have not really seen done before. I am exploring this idea in writing a fanfiction story. No pairings, nothing hopefully too out of character. It's as close to watching new episodes as I can get for myself.

    If you are
  3. How old is too old to play Stephanie?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sportsicus View Post
    Hi guys! i was just wondering.... i am 19, am i too old to play as Stephanie if say, the show was looking for a girl to play her????? i really, really want to perform in Lazytown, and the easiest way is probably as our favorite pink haired friend there.
  4. What keeps you interested in Lazy Town?

    Quote Originally Posted by megadjmatt25 View Post
    This question has been on my mind for a while. I was wondering what keeps everyone interested in this series? I mean the show is targeted mainly at a younger audience. Me personally I love the music and seeing what goes on behind the scenes. I also like Mayor Meanswell,Sportacus,Stephanie and Robbie those are my favorite characters. Also Being a voice actor I love to imitate other voices as well as come up with my own. I been told I can do a pretty good impression of the mayor. But I am getting
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  5. Translating Latibaer

    Quote Originally Posted by Stingy View Post
    Áfram Latibær is now available with English subtitles.

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