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  1. Glanni GlŠpur Ý LatabŠ fully translated to English

    [QUOTE=Stingy;87229]The thread has almost been open for 10 years, but hey, we got it done, right? Watch Glanni GlŠpur Ý LatabŠ fully translated to English below:

    LazyTown , Projects
  2. Script for Magn˙s's Birthday Project 2016

    Length: 5 minutes.
    Written by: Ana Sumer.
    Written in English, but it's not my first language. If you speak English as your first language, feel free to make changes.[/B]

    The morning appears in the horizon [the music of the transition to night and morning or any transition appears], you see the town and the Sun. Then the Airship appears and Sportacus wakes up on his typical way [the music continues]. He takes a look of the calendar and then he sees "Monday, 7th November ...
  3. LazyTown Pilot Episode

    [QUOTE=LazyPooky;85794]The full Pilot episode is uploaded by Shelby. Funny to see animations between the live acts.

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