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  1. What keeps you interested in Lazy Town?

    [QUOTE=megadjmatt25;86643]This question has been on my mind for a while. I was wondering what keeps everyone interested in this series? I mean the show is targeted mainly at a younger audience. Me personally I love the music and seeing what goes on behind the scenes. I also like Mayor Meanswell,Sportacus,Stephanie and Robbie those are my favorite characters. Also Being a voice actor I love to imitate other voices as well as come up with my own. I been told I can do a pretty good impression of the ...
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  2. Translating Latibaer

    [QUOTE=Stingy;88231]Áfram Latibær is now available with English subtitles.

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  3. Stefan Karl Doing a Reddit AMA

    [QUOTE=Stingy;88092]The title says it all. Head over to Reddit to ask him your questions:

    "My short bio: Many of you know me from my role as Robbie Rotten from LazyTown. Others may have seen me playing the Grinch in the nationwide touring show. I've recently undergone major cancer surgery. I wanted to talk to you directly and let you ask me about my fight, my shows -- ...
  4. Stefan Karl Diagnosed With Cancer

    [QUOTE=Stingy;87897]As you can see below from Mark Valenti, Stefan has been diagnosed with cancer. A GoFundMe page has been set up if you would like to show your support by donating to his recovery fund. I implore you to do so if you can, and hope you will spread the word to LazyTown fans that maybe don't use this site.


    Stefan says:

    " As Robbie Rotten on LazyTown, has ...
  5. We Are Number One memes

    [QUOTE=LazyPooky;87850]There are probably a lot more but here is a one set of different We Are Number One versions.



    Fun stuff
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