Season 1 Contains 34 episodes
Episode 1
Welcome To Lazytown
When Stephanie arrives for the summer to stay with her uncle, she meets the kids of LazyTown and hears all about Sportacus, their very own superhero.
Episode 2
Dr. Rottenstein
While the kids are growing vegetable gardens, Robbie disguises himself as a doctor and declares the town under quarantine from Spotty Vegetitus.
Episode 3
Sports Day
Robbie tries to rig a race by slipping Sportacus a candy apple, which causes a complete sugar meltdown. Can the kids compete against Robbie alone?
Episode 4
Hero for a Day
Ziggy wants to be a hero just like Sportacus, but he keeps messing things up -- especially a clubhouse the other kids are trying to make.
Episode 5
Robbie tricks Sportacus into putting on a pair of radio-controlled boots, making it all but impossible for him to function as a superhero.
Episode 6
The kids are playing pirate when 'real' pirate Rottenbeard (aka Robbie Rotten in disguise) sails into town and takes the kids on a fake treasure hunt.
Episode 7
Cry Dinosaur
Stephanie, Stingy and Ziggy are having their first campout -- but Ziggy's afraid there are dinosaurs lurking in the darkness.
Episode 8
Crystal Caper
When Sportacus accidentally loses his crystal, Robbie turns in a fake one to get the reward, which is one free wish -- to banish Sportacus forever.
Episode 9
Sleepless in Lazytown
Robbie hatches a plan to deprive Sportacus of sleep by creating a 'noisy ball' that keeps him awake all night and drains his energy.
Episode 10
Lazy Scouts
Robbie dresses up as a scout master to teach the kids how to be the laziest Lazy Scouts of all time. But then a giant windstorm hits LazyTown!
Episode 11
My Treehouse
The residents of LazyTown team up to win a treehouse-building competition, but Stingy claims to have built it all by himself.
Episode 12
Swiped Sweets
When Bessie's birthday cake goes missing, all the evidence -- supplied by detective Sherlock Foams (aka Robbie in disguise) -- points to Sportacus.
Episode 13
Happy Brush Day
It's Ziggy's birthday, and all he wants is taffy. But there's trouble when he gets an automated voice-activated taffy shooter from a disguised Robbie.
Episode 14
Pixel has built a Web site with everyone in LazyTown in it -- except for Robbie Rotten, who's out to crash Pixel's Internet.
Episode 15
When Robbie disguises himself as Sportacus to make the kids do unhealthy things, a suspicious Stephanie is afraid to speak up.
Episode 16
The Laziest Town
LazyTown will be named the Laziest Town in the World unless they can generate enough activity to raise the energy meter by the end of the day.
Episode 17
Soccer Sucker
Robbie climbs inside a soccer-playing robot and challenges Sportacus to a match -- and if Sportacus loses, he'll have to leave LazyTown forever.
Episode 18
Dear Diary
Stephanie's faced with a group of angry friends when Robbie Rotten writes some nasty notes on pink paper for Trixie and the others to find.
Episode 19
Miss Roberta
While Stephanie plans a thank-you party for Sportacus, Robbie Rotten poses as an expert in manners and teaches the kids how to misbehave even more.
Episode 20
Sportscandy Festival
During the town's Sports Candy Festival, Robbie dresses up as different fruits and vegetables to scare the kids into eating unhealthy foods.
Episode 21
LazyTown's New Superhero: Part 1
Stephanie and the other kids of LazyTown give Sportacus a day off as thanks for his good deeds.
Episode 21
Lazytown's New Superhero: Part 1 & 2
Stephanie and the LazyTown kids decide to repay Sportacus for all of his heroics by giving him a day off -- with Stephanie taking over as hero.
Episode 22
LazyTown's New Superhero: Part 2
With Sportacus enjoying a day off, Robbie's robot dog is running amok. Can Sportastephanie put a stop to the mechanical mayhem?
Episode 23
Remote Control
Pixel creates a device that does everything for him. But there's trouble when Robbie Rotten steals it and starts controlling Sportacus.
Episode 24
Secret Agent Zero
When Robbie tricks the LazyTowners into believing he's won the mayoral election, Mayor Meanswell teams with Sportacus to find out how Robbie cheated.
Episode 25
Sportacus Who?
Robbie Rotten invents a memory-sucking device that makes Sportacus lose his memory. But when Robbie gets into danger, he begs Sportacus to help him.
Episode 26
Zap It!
Pixel builds a machine that makes things vanish, thinking that he can help his friends get out of chores the easy way -- by not doing them.
Episode 27
Records Day
The LazyTown kids plan to set an active world record, which jeopardizes Robbie's plan to set a record for World's Laziest Town.
Episode 28
Ziggy's Alien
While Ziggy tries to play outer space with the other kids, Robbie Rotten poses as an alien named Zobby and tries to make the kids do his bidding.
Episode 29
Play Day
While on a mission to break up the LazyTown kids' fun on Play Day, Robbie gets into serious trouble and has to rely on Sportacus.
Episode 30
Prince Stingy
After convincing Stingy he's the prince of LazyTown, Robbie tells the LazyTowners they can't be active, saying that it's an order from the prince.
Episode 31
Robbie's Greatest Misses
In a desperate bid to get rid of Sportacus, Robbie Rotten devises the ultimate plan: to use all of his evil inventions against him at the same time.
Episode 32
Dancing Duel
There's a dance competition under way in LazyTown. Robbie doesn't want Stephanie to win, so he creates a robot dancing girl to compete against her.
Episode 32
Lazytown's Greatest Hits
In this music-themed episode, Stephanie and Ziggy visit everyone in LazyTown to find out what their favorite LazyTown songs are.
Season 2 Contains 18 episodes
Episode 1
Haunted Castle
The mayor warns the kids to stay away from an old, unsafe castle, but Trixie ignores the warning and convinces the kids to join her inside.
Episode 2
Rockin Robbie
Robbie pretends to be a famous rock singer so he can convince the LazyTown kids to be lazy, and demand that Sportacus leave LazyTown forever.
Episode 3
Little Sportacus
Hoping to 'retrain' Sportacus the rotten way, Robbie uses a device to turn him into a 10-year-old boy. Can Stephanie bring the hero back to adulthood?
Episode 4
Trash Trouble
When Robbie creates a giant trash cannon to shoot trash all over town, it's up to Sportacus to save the LazyTowners from being buried in rubbish.
Episode 5
Double Trouble
With the mayor away for the weekend, Robbie sets out to change all of LazyTown's rules -- and order Sportacus to leave forever.
Episode 6
Lazytown Circus
When the LazyTown kids decide to put on their very own circus, Robbie poses as a ringmaster and tries to get rid of Sportacus.
Episode 7
Friends Forever
Stephanie creates a cool Play Park for her friends, but they're lured away by Robbie's candies -- and a thrill ride. Can Stephanie win them back?
Episode 8
Pixel TV
Pixel sets up LazyTown TV so all the LazyTowners can create their own programs. But Robbie isn't a fan of all the healthy and happy programming.
Episode 9
School Scam
When Robbie poses as a teacher at the LazyTown school to stop the kids from learning new things, his lessons turn the school upside down.
Episode 10
Birthday Surprise!
When the LazyTown kids get into an argument, Robbie builds a giant wall that will make it impossible for them to play together.
Episode 11
Lazytown Goes Digital
Pixel's convinced that technology can solve any problem. But when Robbie shows up and 'wires' everything, LazyTown is turned upside down.
Episode 12
Lazy Rockets
Robbie enters the LazyTown car race to prove that he's the fastest one in town. But he cheats by sabotaging the kids' cars and using a turbo engine.
Episode 13
The Lazy Genie
Robbie Rotten is visited by a magical genie who grants him three wishes. But Robbie's wishes are all designed to make LazyTown lazy again.
Episode 14
Dancing Dreams
When Stephanie and Ziggy open a dance school, Robbie poses as the head of a famous dance academy and invites Stephanie to join him far, far away.
Episode 15
Sportacus Saves the Toys
Robbie invents a machine that pulls toys away from kids. After luring Sportacus out of the country, he takes away all of the toys in LazyTown!
Episode 16
Once Upon a Time
Pixel invents a device that lets the kids jump into their favorite fairy tales, prompting Robbie to jump in, too, and try to alter the happy endings.
Episode 17
Snow Monster
Robbie poses as a snow monster to keep the kids from playing outside in the snow but gets in trouble when he ignores the signs near a frozen lake.
Episode 18
Energy Book
When Robbie hears that Sportacus is showing the kids how to use an Energy Book, he tries his best to lure them into bad behaviors.
Season 3 Contains 13 episodes
Episode 1
Sportacus is challenged by a new robot superhero, Roboticus, and needs to use all of his strength and SportsCandy to defeat him.
Episode 2
The Greatest Gift
It's Ziggy's birthday, and everyone in LazyTown is excited to throw him a surprise party.
Episode 3
Little Pink Riding Hood
Stephanie meets many challenges that she must overcome, but with help from her friends, anything is possible.
Episode 4
The Scavenger Hunt
The Mayor organizes a scavenger hunt and gives scavenger hunt cards to all the kids. Robbie Rotten finds an opportunity to switch the cards.
Episode 5
Who's Who?
Dancing fever has hit LazyTown, but suddenly another Stephanie shows up! To find out who's who, the kids decide to stage a dance-off.
Episode 6
The Purple Panther: Part 1
It's the grand opening of the new LazyTown Museum, and the kids are excited to learn more about LazyTown's history.
Episode 7
The Purple Panther: Part 2
When Sportacus's crystal goes missing, he and the kids have to work together to solve the mystery.
Episode 8
The Blue Knight
When the Purple Knight shows up and decides to use his dragon to take all the SportsCandy from LazyTown, the kids have to stop him.
Episode 9
The First Day of Summer
It's the first day of summer in LazyTown, and everyone is going to the beach to celebrate.
Episode 10
Chef Rottenfood
Mayor Meanswell wants to cook a healthy meal for his friend Ms. Busybody, but he just can't seem to get it right.
Episode 11
Breakfast at Stephanie's
When Robbie finds an invisibility helmet that Pixel invented, he realizes that he can use it to prevent Sportacus from doing his SuperMoves.
Episode 12
The Lazy Cup
The Lazy Cup soccer tournament is taking place in LazyTown, and the winner gets a golden trophy and a wish!
Episode 13
The Holiday Spirit
It's the holiday season, and the kids are very excited to get presents from Santa Claus. But to everyone's surprise, Santa shows up empty-handed.
Season 4 Contains 13 episodes
Episode 1
Let's Go To The Moon
After discovering Sportacus' new device that converts energy spent playing into the number of steps, the children imagine flying to the moon.
Episode 2
The Last SportsCandy
Robbie the Villain travels back in time to look for the city tree planter in order to bring him back to Lazy Town today.
Episode 3
Secret Friend Day
The children decide to have fun without Sportacus, but Trixie becomes a victim of a misunderstanding and, feeling angry, she leaves Lazy Town.
Episode 4
The New Kid in Town
Robbie decides to make Pinocchio come out of his book in order to persuade children to eat super sugary lollipops.
Episode 5
The Last Day Of School
Determined to get his diploma as worst villain in the world, Robbie disguises himself and settles into school in Lazy Town.
Episode 6
Princess Stephanie
Once more Robbie will do anything to prevent the children from having fun. He decides to capture Stephanie and lock her up in the princess' palace.
Episode 7
Ziggy's Talking Teddy
As the children play basketball, Robbie the Villain pretends to be a famous player. He organizes a competition. The winner's wish will be granted.
Episode 8
The Wizard of LazyTown
When Robbie, disguised as a wizard, invents a potion so that all city residents become lazy, Stephanie and Sportacus decide to take action.
Episode 9
The Baby Troll
After hearing Mr. Mayor's story about the trolls of Lazy Town during Stephanie's pyjama party, Trixie decides to go meet them.
Episode 10
Fortune Teller
Based on Stingy's performance, Robbie the Villain dresses up as a fortune teller with the hope of making Sportacus disappear and finally have peace.
Episode 11
Ghost Stoppers
Today Trixie disguises herself as a ghost in order to play tricks on her friends and frighten Ziggy.
Episode 12
Robbie's Dream Team
In playing spies, Stephanie and Stingy discover Robbie's suspicious behavior and offer to help, but he refuses and continues his diabolical plan.
Episode 13
The Mystery Of The Pyramid
Robbie the Villain decides to entrap Sportacus and lock him in a pyramid to get rid of him once and for all.